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Most of us do little at the back end of the Celtic FC Foundation, but today, on World Down Syndrome Day, Sky Sports broadcast a video on what your Foundation is doing through its Ability Counts programme.

The Foundation started Ability Counts in 2010 to aid children people with Down syndrome but has recently been extended to cater for young people with autism and adults with Down syndrome. Sky show Alex O’Donnell (above), who works as a tour guide at Celtic Park.

There is a message in this for all of us. Ability Counts promotes inclusion among people who have often been excluded. They run weekly football coaching and dance sessions, and further events across the year.

You are asked to support the work of the Foundation so often, and thank you to all who do, but you will never know the stories behind all the lives you improve.  Your Foundation is doing incredible work, not only in the most impoverished places on earth, but

Keep up the great work – and check out the Sky video, you’ll be glad you did .

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  1. Tony Donnelly – really sorry to hear about your mum. Remember her fondly and be strong.

  2. In the `Rodgers` International Wish ` article ( at the side of this page), is that Madden to whom Brendan seems to be pointing out something?




  3. Worthy of another re-post, I feel:


    Re-post as requested by Masty earlier:




    MASTY on 21ST MARCH 2017 9:19 AM








    Can I thank you all for the touching condolences from each and every one of you on behalf of my close friend Tony Donnelly,




    I know he would be thankful of the lovely words spoken.




    Annie was a great wee lady about 4 feet 11 in her socks, she loved the Celtic and Neil Lennon with an absolute passion .




    Many a tv remote got launched at the telly when tanner and his ilk said anything untoward about them both.




    Tony will be back in his own time, and I know he will take comfort from all the kind words, thank you again on behalf of the entire Donnelly clan.

  4. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Condolences to TD67 and family from Beal Feirste.



    Celtic to the core.




  5. Goals For Shay 2 entrants – a magnificent 51 entries in the first 36 hours and you should all now have received 2 emails back detailing the payment options and rules.



    Keep the entries coming – it all kicks off on 31 March. Just send a ‘can I play, please’ email to cqnpredictor@gmail.com and we will get back to you within a couple of days.



    Work calling…

  6. Cold and wet down here in leafy Cheshire. Time to get the shoulder to the wheel again and hopefully home tonight


    Take care everyone. HH

  7. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day



    ineffable /ɪnˈɛfəbəl/ 





    1. incapable of being expressed or described in words; inexpressible: 


    2. not to be spoken because of its sacredness; unutterable:


    3. too great or intense to be expressed in words; unutterable 


    4. indescribable; indefinable 



    Derived Forms 


    ineffability, ineffableness, noun


    ineffably, adverb



    Word Origin and History for ineffable




    late 14c., from Old French ineffable (14c.) or directly from Latin ineffabilis”unutterable,” from in- “not, opposite of” (see in- (1)) + effabilis”speakable,” from effari “utter,” from ex- “out” (see ex-) + fari “speak” (see fame (n.)). Plural noun ineffables was, for a time, a jocular euphemism for “trousers” (1823). Related: Ineffably.





  8. My wonderful squad and I enjoyed a beautiful day out at the seaside yesterday. We enjoyed the best fish and chips in the best chip shop and tasted the best ice cream available to man. It was a wee bit of a journey but Mr Park sent us his son on the best bus ever built to drive us like we’ve never been driven. It was a wonderful experience. Morecombe is just as beautiful as the song says. We sang Morecombe Fair all the way home on our amazing bus.



    The team decided to have to of the worlds best ever training sessions while in Morecombe. I had been prepared to allow them a days rest to re-energise but as they are the greatest men in history ever to have played football ever the thought of a rest day was unacceptable to them. So it was blue and orange cones out on the bay as I say on the dock in awe watching them, not one instruction required. I did sneak off though to watch Morecombe’s defeat to Accrington Stanley. I must admit Accrington Stanley are probably the second best team in the world with the second best squad behind the Champions of Europe Elect.



    Il give an example of how good my players are just to highlight to you our superiority. Andy Halliday even while training hard and non stop is so good that he was able to auto correct his brothers tweets yesterday while still managing to keep 100% focus on his training. What a player and outstanding sibling Andy is.



    I will meet with King David today, I am feeling so shivery like I have cold shoulders. But it’s just excitement of meeting the greatest man every born. I look forward to confirmation of the budget I do not need to improve my team that does not require improving. We will enjoy my listening over the best afternoon tea of all the teas ever cooked and baked in time. Oh I cannot stop shivering with the most excitement anyone anywhere has ever experienced. My excitement cannot be curtailed even with a warm blanket over my shoulders.



    The King David and I.



    Could I ever have imagined it in my wildest dreams.



    Pray with me.

  9. AuroraBorealis79 on

    I have met a few ineffable women in my day.



    Mind you, 12 pints changed that.

  10. Petec



    It can take a bit of sifting through various threads on many sites to find someone that has had what sounds like the same symptoms as yourself but it can be worth doing to perhaps avoid a hefty bill from a garage.



    Good luck with it.




  11. ‘Strachan has said striker Leigh Griffiths is the only one of six Celtic players in the squad who will be considered for Wednesday’s friendly, which means midfielder Stuart Armstrong will need to wait for his debut.’





  12. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    TOMMOCELT on 21ST MARCH 2017 7:44 PM



    It’s just up the road from me looks a really good place from the outside and I’ve had a few friends stay at it with no complaints.




  13. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Re St Mary’s stated glass windows, thanks for all the feedback and ideas; with the exception of Turkeybhoy’s banal comments.



    I will get rolling on this over the next few days and will be in touch with those that have offered help on here or by e-mail!





  14. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HH to TD67 – welcome to a club you would rather not be a member of.



    Lost my mum suddenly – was about to type ‘last year’, but it was actually the year before – feels like yesterday.



    HH pal.




  15. TheTimReaper



    Used to love it when one of our players was in the national team when i was a youngster……now im happier if they aint involved at all!


    It would be good to see Griff involved to perhap get his match sharpness up a bit though if it has waned.


    As for Broony, Stretch etc, id rather they got a break.

  16. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Reading that renowned Internationalist/Globalist David Rockerfeller passed away the other day aged 101.



    People are saying that he had seven heart transplants also liver and kidney transplants throughout his lifetime.



    Difficult to believe this to be true.




  17. The Tim Reaper.. Great news, Griff needs games, others need a rest, but not too much. Win win.

  18. South Of Tunis on

    16 ROADS @10 51 .



    ” People are saying ” .



    Fake news / fake history peddled to those that want to believe absolute guff that supports their worldview . . Poor man in rust belt America cant get heart treatment while a mega rich cosmpolitan Jew can get 7 heart transplants . Vote Trump !!

  19. AURORABOREALIS79 on 22ND MARCH 2017 9:01 AM





    You mean you fell asleep ;-)

  20. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    SOT – I’ve been reading about these individuals for years,long before President Trump ran for office.



    Fake news is a term that was first used to describe the mainstream media by the way.



    Alternative news sources – similar to the reason why people read this website for Celtic news as opposed to the Daily Record.

  21. AuroraBorealis79 on 22nd March 2017 9:01 am



    I have met a few ineffable women in my day.



    Mind you, 12 pints changed that.










  22. JJ



    Jobo I believe.



    I have fallen off the 33 degrees of passion scale since Wally did walking away without recourse from RSFA.



    I couldn’t give a monkeys gonnad about the RSFA national team.




  23. South Of Tunis on

    16 ROADS .



    The 7 heart transplants guff first appeared in a fake news outlet associated with the delightful Steve Bannon ——— the fascist guy that looks like a jakey who has just woken up on a parkbench to learn that his ex has decreed that he can longer see their children . . Senior Counsellor to The Donald .



    Hey Ho — back to the diggin

  24. MWD


    I suppose I retain a pygmy marmoset`s gonad of interest in the RSFA national team in the occasional game but that interest is without passion. My support of `Scotland` is confined to usually wanting some individuals to win in their chosen field…….particularly if they are Celtic supporters.




  25. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    SOT – I’ve never heard tell of Steve Bannon,I’ll take your word for it though.



    Also, I did state that I found it difficult to believe that David Rockerfeller had seven heart transplants.



    Why people make these stories up is beyond my comprehension.



    Facts not conspiracy theories.




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