Fixture symmetry, transfer speculation caution


A quick check of the fixture list reveals that St Mirren are the first scheduled visitors to Celtic Park after 10 August, the date Clinical Director, Jason Leitch, said he hopes to allow capacity crowds into football stadiums.  St Mirren were the last visitors to play in front of supporters at Celtic Park, on 7 March 2020, which will be satisfying, for those who like their fixtures with a bit of symmetry.

Olivier Ntcham’s hopes to earn a rewarding contract appear to hinge on Celtic providing the player with a free transfer, one year before the end of his current agreement.  Deals like this were once regarded as rewards for players who gave the bulk of their career to a club.  Subsidising Olivier’s potential wages from AEK would be an extraordinarily generous move by Celtic.

The player really needs some football next season, if not, he will be 26 when his contract expires, having played very little football for two years.  I would rather pay him to remain the squad (with strict instructions to stay out of the Celtic penalty box) than lose him for free.

It’s great to see reports of talented young players on their way to Celtic, but we all know the script when it comes to transfers.  Confirmative press stories mean nothing, just ask Celtic boss, Eddie Howe.  If a player is on Celtic’s radar, he will be on a few others.

Speaking of Howe, his phone will have gone a bit quiet since four weeks ago.  He rejected Celtic within a day of Real Madrid sounding out their new boss, Carlo Ancelotti, then manager of his boyhood club, Everton.  Everton and Crystal Palace are both trying hard to appoint a manager who is not Howe, although he remains on both clubs’ lists.  Southampton and Newcastle retained their managers, against earlier expectations.

Shay Logan, weeks after posting the message, “You can’t polish a turd” below a photo of Scott Brown in an Aberdeen shirt, was arrested and charged with an offence under the Proceeds of Crime Act.  He remains as classy as ever.

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  1. Scores! Cuts in from the left after a mazy dribble pings into the top right hand corner😉

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hilarious Pablo.






    All of us should refrain from interacting with, responding to, thinking of those with “Nae Class”.



    Thoroughly enjoyed the “Big Jimmy driven” discussion this morning.



    Good fun.



    And if some of our individual memories are not 100% accurate?



    So what? It’s only a blog.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything






    We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE

  3. Disappointed that we are getting stuck with Ntcham, his contributions on the pitch have been fleeting to say the least.



    Shay Logan probably best ignored, an arrogant non entity.

  4. celticforever on

    couldnt have happened to a nice person Shay NOT




  5. Didn’t Johnny Doyle score for Ayr United in a win against the huns? Seem to recall that and thought he got a hat trick (that part can’t be right?). I think we were away to Aberdeen or Dundee that day. Then again, I might be talking shite.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    MARTIM1980 on 28TH JUNE 2021 12:06 PM



    That was some goal well done 👏👏👏👏👏

  7. garygillespieshamstring on




    I’m sure he did. Seem to remember complaints of him taunting them with his crucifix as well.

  8. squire danaher on




    I take the point re: Ntcham.



    IMO Mr Postecoglou will have earned his wages if he ever gets a shift out of our laid-back friend.



    My views on him are well known but I am conscious that criticism on this blog of Monsieur Ntcham leaves one open to being charged with racism by The Thought Police.



    Despite the fact I have been equally condemnatory of Mr Rogic’s levels of application.

  9. Don’t think I’ll register for reduced attendance games.


    I’ll take Jason Leitch at his word.



    Shay Logan, Celtic troll. Karma.




  10. Paul67



    The Olivier Ntcham ‘freebie’ to AEK has been floating around the net for weeks.



    Marseille didn’t want to buy, but that doesn’t put the free transfer tag on Ntcham and AEK will pony up a fee or the bold bhoy will be reluctantly dragged back to Lennoxtown for the 3rd summer in a row.



    We’re already due money back from the Greek club.

  11. Signing some younger talent worthwhile, especially if the system is to be energetic….

  12. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 28TH JUNE 2021 12:24 PM



    Cheers! Got booked for the celebration😉 🍀

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So, looks like the Wales Against The World thing didn’t work out too well. A triumph for quality coaching over grievance. Who’d have thought!


    “Southampton and Newcastle retained their managers, against earlier expectations”



  14. There will be changes aplenty to football in the not too distant future after the acceptance of VAR running(ruining) the game.



    How long before we see players able to come off for a break and re-enter the field of play at any time? Twenty-two players readily available in all games. At the moment we have a sixteen player game – so is it just around the corner? Players currently wear performance monitors, so a ‘chip’ to ensure that no team can have more than eleven on the pitch at any one time could be easily checked – no need to constantly stop the game for substitutions. Sin-bins are also surely a given, apparently UEFA are considering it at the moment.



    What I would like to see pioneered in Scotland is decisive results in all games, e.g. penalties at the end of every drawn match, i.e. no drawn matches. It would add excitement and could make the competitions more competitive.



    OK, it might encourage smaller teams to ‘shut up shop’ – but they do that anyway.

  15. Jhb


    Don’t fancy any of that. What next ? Special teams, cheer leaders – I’ve said it before 30mins each way ball in play – the time taken by var alone is scandalous.

  16. Good to see the msm, English and Jackson, shitting themselves over the fans media meeting last week. By and large, it was an excellent meeting and the questions were very professionally put to Ange and Dom. I hope we’ll see more of this during the season.

  17. Of course we play the new club at their midden the week after – coincidence I think not.

  18. Ntcham being kept .a non trying player who no one else wants .,range wanting to keep ajer fair play he was a tryer for us .but a want away .,Christie another want away still with us .eduaward if we were going to see the eddy we know is in there ,keep .if not get rid another want away non tryer . We still have our poor goalies , our sick note mj winger .no steel in the middle of the park ,no steel in defence .and big julienne due back, softer than putty he is . Looks like its as you were . I was looking for a clear out ( ) as were many more on here . Kinda knew it wouldn’t happen .

  19. whitedoghunch on



    did you know David Murray who lived a couple doors down from you


    Many mentions in


    ‘homage to caledonia’


    SNP added to his name may help youu research


    love and thoughts siempre shit Catalan sempre





  20. I’ll probably get pelters for this but after watching the “Meet the Fans” meet with Dom and Ange I honestly felt positive even though they actually didn’t really say anything that worthwhile. It was platitudes and public relations because that’s all it can be – you can’t really say anything interesting about players and (ex)colleagues in these kind of forums. If you listen carefully the answers weren’t exactly spot on, they were diplomatic. And that’s all they can be. That’s why the fan forums are so important. We lack first hand knowledge of what goes on in the dressing room, between players and coaches and of the scouting but sometimes there’s still a lot that can be said about what’s going on on the field. Demanding better is what we can do and their willingness to listen and respond will be what decides whether the fan forums continue or not. CL may have come a bit too soon unless new signings are within UK with no need to quarantine but most of the talk at the moment is about overseas players. We need a goalie, a striker, and a centre back urgently and a couple of proper wing backs.

  21. If it is true that Ange likes to bring through young talent, lets hope some of young guys are given a chance.


    And why the need to be looking for a centre half, and then let Jach Hendry leave.







  22. Schummi


    Hendry was loaned out with an option for them to buy – after that it wasn’t our decision

  23. i think ALL players should be kept until ange has a look at them close up. Remember if your manager / employers are a shambles and you are being played out of position. coaching and tactics non existent then who wouldnt look for a way out?


    Keep them all. im sure a couple will need to go to fund ange,s new signings but we have to make sure we are not cutting off our noses to spite our face

  24. Good to hear Ange say that we’re actively working hard on the squad with deals imment. Problem being we’ve many areas of the squad to be addressed, starting at number 1 through to number 11.

  25. IniquitousIV on

    GENE @ 1:21


    Agree with you re time ball is in play, but the potential that this will be exacerbated is all too real, as it is being pushed by advertisers and sponsors.



    Take American football, for example, a game with multiple referees (7).


    The game consists of 4 X 15 minute quarters, but lasts between 3 and 4 hours. All games are televised, with switches to adverts during breaks in play, time outs called by either team, or even so-called TV timeouts if the teams are not obliging in calling them.



    Many running plays last a few seconds. “A yard and and a cloud of dust.”


    Quarterbacks can expend as much as they wish of their available time before throwing or passing to a running back. Astonishingly, a stopwatch used during several games a few years ago demonstrated that, for a three hour game, the ball was in play for about 8 minutes. This of course leaves oodles of time for fans to eat and drink, or buy T-shirts, sweatshirts and other team paraphernalia, which suits the owners.



    Having been to a few, at both the college and professional level, just for the experience, I noted that almost no one stayed in their seat for the entire game. At one game, in Detroit, in one of the Club box suites, I noted that hardly anyone even watched the game, either chatting amongst themselves, or watching one of the other NFL games being shown simultaneously on overhead TV screens.



    At the outset of Major League Soccer in the States, sponsors scoffed at the low number of goals per game, and pressed FIFA for all sorts of ridiculous rule changes, including timeouts, larger goals, higher points for goals from different distances, elimination of draws by players running at the goalie from the halfway line, and several others. They were largely unsuccessful, but I am sure they will eventually try again.



    VAR has already inured fans to interruptions, and the trend is for longer games, more stoppages, more adverts, disruptions to continuity and less time for the ball to be in play.



    I don’t think we would stray into the realms of 3 hour games with sponsor interruptions.


    We need to do something about the time lost in games to unnecessary prolonged stoppages and players taking the pee

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