Frame Agency and the SFA


17:06 Edit of this earlier article:

I’ve heard from Ewing Grahame at The Times, who tells me Darryl Broadfoot did not leak the Celtic-SFA letter from 2012, which I believe to be true.

My journalist source has some questions to answer.

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  1. Fraud Agency.I am with Bill Hicks on @pr and Marketing’ its shite,these fraudsters think they are tell in us how to run our game.




  2. Greetings from scorching Crete. Looking forward to the game tonight in the Anfield Bar, thanks to a fellow Tim living here. Looks like we are heading towards the end game, sooner rather than later I trust.



  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Maybe someone at the SFA could explain why having a review which would surely clear themselves and Rangers of any wrongdoing would be “damaging to the image of the game in Scotland”?


    Answers on the back of a shredded side-letter…..

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Broadfoot has been a regular on MacIntyre’s programme recently.


    They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep…..

  5. Loving the work Bhoys, Keep at em Paul.



    We are seeing desperate men out of their depths, the only way out a lie is to lie some more and eventually it falls apart.



    Their House of Usher or house of pish** is coming down.





  6. i understand the importance of the issues being highlighted but it’s a match day, in about 3 & a half hours we have a game to play, when will the fitbaw chat break out.


    Games interspersed with European ties are always dodgy, between resting players & trying to avoid injuries, every game is a potential banana skin.


    We don’t want to give Sevco any glimmer of encouragement, after dropping points last time out, a win is a must tonight, am I the only Tim on the planet feeling a tad nervous about the game.

  7. BBC just announced no more investigations over Saville as raking over these coals not in anyone’s best interest- or maybe not.


    Just desserts about to be delivered bigtime, methinks and mehopes.


    Trust bhoys are focused on a good win and performance tonight, in that order would happily suffice.

  8. CorkCelt



    well Said


































    Rest Griff to bench


    Paddy too


    Jozo out as pitch is plastic


    just have to watch the surface



    missed out some am sure bnut come on the hoops:



    Corkcelt hope your well :-)




  9. Looking forward to the game, Good to see some new faces and some not so new. :)



    Bring it………………….




  10. We’ve been framed before………………



    for the guid o’ scoddish foo’oball……………………




  11. Corkcelt,



    The game tonight will take care of itself. I’m not nervous in the slightest, apart from the pitch aspect.



    Although this is a welcome back to “real” football the game on Tuesday will be foremost in most minds. My main concern is that we come though with no injuries.


    In saying that I’ve already had a few swallies as a warm up.




  12. Another thing–see when a Sevco, Norwegian Blue, Basket of assets FC supporter asks about ref decisions, ask for directions to a Utube compilation of decisions against them. Then ask for the same as regards Hearts, Hibs, Dundee Utd, Celtic—-even wee diddy clubs. Watch his coupon before you fall about the place laughing.

  13. I think we might see some young defenders tonight, but Simunovic needs game time too.








    Ralston, Simonovic, Lustig/Bitton, Tierney


    Brown, Ntcham,




    Forrest Edouard Sinclair



    If Simunovic not risked on the plastic Miller at left back and Tierney one in.



    Roberts on the bench. no need to risk Dembele on this pitch.

  14. An Tearmann, I’m in good form, thanks for asking, will be in the BV pre game on Tuesday, looking forward to meeting some old & new CQN faces.


    I don’t even expect Griff to make the bench, so imo it will be Odds On or maybe Paddy Roberts to lead the line.


    I think it might be Gordon, with Calvin & Mikel the fulls, KT & Ajer centre halves, Brooney, Oliver, Stuart, Sincy & Jonny with Odds On, odds on to lead the line.

  15. ART OF WAR on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2017 1:34 PM



    It took Fergus 3 years to get an independent inquiry. Once the facts were out Farry was fired for ‘gross misconduct’. Once the process started it was all over very quickly.



    *aye but that fckr Bryson is still there. Now we have dungcaster, raygun and big hauns, all with the same common bond further ruining the game, not that this will bother the little englanders that congregate on the copland road end. The Ayrshire steptoe also husnae a leg tae stand on, nae pun intended.



    primrose-ure and the lonesome boatman will be roasting in hell for what they have done to Scottish society, all in their pursuit of money.

  16. We can work ourselves up into a frenzy of indignation but deep down we all know that absolutely nothing is going to happen, eventually it will all blow over and in 5 years time or so the whole liquidation ebt sfa shebang will be become known as ‘the banter years’. Its Scotland we play our football in so no point living in denial – we all know who runs the show here.

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wouldn’t make too many changes tonight – a win is vital to be in the right frame of mind for Tuesday. Maybe give Brown a rest.


    Obviously no point in risking Griffiths or Dembele. Is Edouard ready? If not I’d maybe try a front two of Sinclair and either Roberts or Forrest in a 3-5-2.


    2-0 us!

  18. Ajer for tonight.


    Played on Killie’s plastic pitch.


    Is clearly good enough.


    His young joints will withstand the the stresses and strains.


    Jozo on bench with. 30 minute run out at end.


    You know it makes sense.

  19. Auldheid. From the last post can you confirm that Celtic have now officially taken up res12? That was my conclusion from your response.



    Regardless of the leak (I don’t believe it’s the sfa because they just want to bury all this) Celtic must now show courage and leadership to drive against. The corruption.



    There is no other option.



    It will unite us and drive us. And it will be Succesful.



    Do they have the courage?

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Paul – re your journalist source, don’t sweat it.



    You know the old joke ….



    What does a journalist do when he doesn’t have credible information?



    He takes the kids to school and goes to work.



    Hail hail



    Its going to get interesting.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good points made about Broadfoot and Shortbread.



    Lover boy has been on the radio more often in the last three weeks than the previous three years.



    Another clear failing in the editorial control at BBC Sport Scotland

  22. Good evening all, just 2 hours to kick off and this bhoy can’t wait.



    Jobo’s team for tonight –





    Ralston, Ajer, Tierney, Miller


    Brown, Ntcham


    Forest, McGregor, Sinclair





    Subs: De Vries, Bitton, Simunovic, Armstrong, Roberts, Dembele, Aitchison

  23. As we have no idea as to what Brendan is thinking, I won’t attempt to pick tonights team, but I disagree with those who say our players need game time, I agree they need to up their sharpness, but our training will give them all the sharpness they need, much better that risking them on third rate plastic pitches and having to play against hammer throwers who and given carte blanche to kick the ef out of us by the cheats with the whistle.


    Just my thots on things.

  24. I have just caught up with the sfa statement. If it isn’t dealt with the game is dead.



    End of.

  25. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So – a letter between Celtic and the SFA was leaked and it wasn’t Celtic who leaked it?


    Let’s think………

  26. Corkcelt



    I’d be very surprised if the front 4 doesn’t resemble something like McGregor, Roberts Edouard, Sinclair. All fresh and ready to go.



    Armstrong is looking back to his best and at the moment for me peak Armstrong is better than peak Ntcham, though he could go with him and rest Brown in what would be a very attacking midfield.



    I was hoping Boyata would play a part but didn’t hear him mentioned in the press conference so assume he’s out, but he did indicate Jozo would play on the plastic so whoever partners him is almost certainly going to play there against psg. Full backs is anyones guess.



    Got a game every 3 or 4 days now for a few weeks so looking forward to getting some players back from injury and see what the best 11 can do.

  27. TET,


    i would go with our strongest available team tonight,


    try get the game sewn up early and then sub some of those who have


    been involved in internationals

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