Give me someone with a point to prove


This ‘Dundee United period’ of our history will be remembered for years, but despite Sunday’s Cup Final win, the fondness of the memory is yet to be established.  If we drop the ball tonight, the League Cup will look like little more than the consolation prize.

It’s been a while since we’ve had to play an important game without Stefan Johansen.  Add this to the fact that we are also without our two recent recruits from United and you have the makings of an experimental midfield.  Given a choice, I’d prefer to have a player with a point to prove than someone marking time.

Billy Beane has appointed official adviser at AZ Alkmaar. Former Oakland Atheltics’ (baseball team) general manager who was the inspiration for Michael Lewis book, Moneyball, will be cutting his teeth in Dutch football. Like the Oakland A’s, Alkmaar have to figure out a way to compete against teams with greater resources.

The lesson from Moneyball is seldom understood. It’s not about buying low and selling high, or imposing some-or-other financial prudence, it’s about measuring things which are really important in the game but not yet being measured.

Moneyball tactics from three years ago are not Moneyball tactics anymore, perpetual innovation is the lesson. Good luck to AZ.

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  1. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on



    16:13 on


    18 March, 2015


    “There’s a buzz about the place”



    Paul McStay







  2. 16 roads – Celtic über alles…



    It is a well known fact that Lenny used to read CQN, when he was manager of the club.



    Maybe he posted as well.






    I know you’re jesting but –



    I used to write articles for a non sports related site. After one had gone live, i used to write in the comments section, something along the lines that this was a pile of rubbish.



    This had 2 benefits –



    The people who did think it was rubbish didn’t bother saying so as somebody seemed to have done it for them.



    Others would defend me saying that they had enjoyed the article.



    Maybe Lenny did similar.

  3. Bhoys – am I correct in saying that tonight’s replay will go to XT and pens if no result in 90mins?

  4. South Of Tunis on

    Ernie Lynch.



    Last thread..



    No danger of getting you wrong.No sympathy desired or expected.Days and days of continuous rain bug me .A wee moan does me good. I promise not to moan about the soon come months and months of sunshine and no rain.

  5. Geordie Munro on

    “Bhoys – am I correct in saying that tonight’s replay will go to XT and pens if no result in 90mins?”









    Although I think Burnley thinks it is decided by scream-o-meter :))

  6. glasgowdave



    14:05 on 18 March, 2015



    ‘The clock is ticking and this time Rangers’ very existence is at stake.’







    That’s what they said last time when the CVA was up for approval.



    And as far as the hun oards are concerned they emerged from that debacle as the same club so it will be difficult to convince them it will be any different this time.

  7. TBB 15.26



    Better to get yer photie wi’ the big cup on the blog than getting yer name typed on the bottom of a page of the annual. No’ that it bothered me no’ getting my name in the annual like.







  8. Good early evening friends



    Housework – short run – dinner – CQN Corner – Quarter Final – treble still on




  9. South Of Tunis on

    Brass necked people –



    Big cheese Rube suit on the tele – mightily offended that a big cheese Borussia Dortmund suit has opined that Rube are not big fans of that fair play thing.

  10. The dice was really loaded against Dundee Utd on Sunday being denuded of some of their best players for various reasons in what was a poor Cup final. Great to win the first trophy of the season but I did not think Celtic played well having expected to see a lot better on the superb playing surface that was Hampden Park last Sunday.



    The much criticised Anthony Stokes who reserves his best form for finals was easily Celtic’s best player. Let’s hope he can produce that quality for the rest of the season – he is one of our most skillful players. Interesting to hear John Mullane a Waterford hurling legend on an RTE sports programme on Monday evening quizzing why Scott Browne escaped censure form Ronny after his drunken escapade just as Stokes had suffered before the Milan game.



    Pity we can’t see the game on TV to-night, will have to settlef for Barca and in the Champions League, no bad thing I suppose.

  11. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on




    16:23 on 18 March, 2015






    I wasn’t jesting mate.



    Not trying to suggest for a suggestion that Lenny read CQN 24/7, however he did read this forum quite a bit apparently.



    That was good thinking on your part in relation to your own work by the way.




  12. Thinking on the silence from the SFA on the current fiasco down Ibrokes way, singing banned songs en mass and the banner displayed the other night – is it possible that D King and co would be happy for the SFA to fine them then they could claim that “Scottish football” did them in again(?) and forced them into bankruptcy




  13. Tickets sorted (Burnley78 will be pleased :-)



    Shambles Celtic, get it sorted.



    2-1 Celtic.

  14. South Of Tunis on

    Modern life.



    Pal in Palermo reports the sad sight of Muslims disappearing from the streets of Palermo as news filtered through re the terrorist attacks in Tunis.

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    It is interesting in as much as the new custodians over at Ibrokes dont appear to have done to much other than putting there acting manager on gardening leave and employing the mullet as there current manager.They are now paying 3 managers 2 ex and one current hardly the way to cut costs and still cant buy a win.I understand to make change takes time and money two things that they might not have as they limp towards the precipice.H.H.

  16. Mike, I’m thinking 2-0 after 20 minutes. Don’t know why,


    but I’m feeling we’ll overrun them tonight . . . here’s hoping anyway!




  17. Hamilton Tim



    Sorry. Did I mention tonight is a huge game for our club ?



    Seriously hopefully the tickets have the celebratory bonus we all enjoy when we get it.

  18. squire danaher on

    south of tunis



    Ha ha



    Yes that Juventus are world famous for their eternal Corinthian spirit and sense of fair play



    Ye cudny gie them a red neck wi a blowtorch.

  19. Ps many thanks to Lionroars67 who very kindly dropped his ST off with the Minx just in case I didn’t get ticket sorted.

  20. squire danaher on

    Hankray 16:49



    I’m happy with the hurling guy stickin to hurling and RD disciplining Celtic players as he sees fit.



    In a basic fitness drill who would your money be on, Broon or Stokes ??



    I’d back a hungover Broon against A fully fit Stokes any time.

  21. burnley78



    I’d have battered down the doors to get in tonight if it hadn’t been sorted :-)



    Really poor from Celtic though, this shouldn’t be happening.

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    That’s a year now and he’s still going on about not having his moniker in the CQN annual.

  23. South Of Tunis on

    squire danaher.



    Yes – poor Rube think the dastardly Germans are trying to influence the Match Officials…Mmmm

  24. Geordie Munro



    16:33 on 18 March, 2015



    “Bhoys – am I correct in saying that tonight’s replay will go to XT and pens if no result in 90mins?”









    Although I think Burnley thinks it is decided by scream-o-meter :))






    Lulz, very good.

  25. charles kickham on

    Had a look at the photos from Friday night and I think it’s scandalous that there are some young looking guys at the event :-) I thought it was for grumpy old men only

  26. The Battered Bunnet 15.45



    The trick is to get the DD legacy issue on to the agenda.



    I’ll use your suggestion to gauge interest.



    Had a quick look at TV article. Some good ideas but surely summer football gives football content to TV companies looking for such?



    In summer I played football morning noon and night so I don’t go with idea of kids losing interest.



    A Scottish summer is ideal for football. Just like winter but not so cold.