Hearts resentment reservoir


If you do not have a knot in your stomach, you should.  Hearts managed to relegate themselves last season through inept performances against teams clearly below them in the food chain.  They upped their game against Hibs and (especially) Newco, posing questions that the Budgeocracy has yet to consider.  On Sunday, we face a team of usually-can’t-be-bothereds with a grudge.

In October, they started their Championship campaign by putting six goals past Dundee, whom they blame for siding with Peter Lawwell in the discussions that determined how last season’s league campaign would end.  Then they beat Hibs, who they can always be bothered to play, in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

The new stands at Tynecastle act as a reservoir of resentment and Celtic are top of their list.  Who else, other than their players, either managers, or the insightful new broom that was going to show football how it’s done in the business world, is there to blame for their relegation than Celtic.

And then there’s Eddie.  You and I didn’t really discuss this at the time.  A photo circulated showing the keeper took him out, but that was ‘fake news’ as it was not of the penalty incident in the 2019 final.  Hand on heart; I think we got away with one then.  A goal down in the second half, Odsonne Edouard took control; before you knew it, you were celebrating a Treble Treble.

I do not respect Heart of Midlothian FC whatsoever, but I respect any opponent who can so readily cultivate the unifying resentment that can produce results like the 4-0 that ended Celtic’s world record 69 domestic games unbeaten.  This is a proper team, better than most in the Premiership and more than capable of winning on Sunday.  If we are one inch less prepared than them, we will lose.

Before the Lille and Kilmarnock wins I saw a shroud of defeat ahead at Hampden.  We may have turned it around just in time, but for now, the stomach remains knotted.

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  1. Pity.


    But obviously they are going off the boil a bit,


    Beat them at the BigotDome and it’s game on.

  2. Really hoping Motherwell could hold out but to be fair, there looks like a bit of straw-clutching at the moment. Is Sevco falling behind now a cause for celebration?



    It was great to see them get knocked out of a cup and we can make it an even better week by making history but in the league, it’s as you were. We probably need to win the three remaining games against them.

  3. Trivia:


    1962 All Ireland final ( first to be televised) B. McMahon scored in 34 seconds for Kerry.

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    Government making up a “new type of covid” out so they can backtrack on their Xmas plans




    the xmas plans were an utter disgrace anyway and an insult to those who are losing their lives and jobs the longer this continues



    the 4 parts of the (soon to be defunct) uk were agreeing to the original ridiculous xmas plans at the same time they were putting in place plans for a post xmas lockdown because of increased transmission



    how the fk does that make any sense?



    surely there must have been some legal method to prevent governments bringing in such reckless plans, they would leave themselves open to facilitating the spread of the virus purely to allow families to congregate (copyright P67) indoors to stuff their faces with turkey and swap shitey presents they dont want anyway



    luckily it looks like they are backtracking quickstyle






    Talk Nazi fascists want to see a “bring out yer dead” scenario. Fascist filth should be tracked and traced alright.

  6. Classic example of the perfect storm this season, for me, if sevco’s fans were at i-broke today 1-0 down at half time- they would have abused them and some players would wonder why they are busting a gut for them. No fans, has imho helped them this season, the absence of our support adversely affects us.



    Never-the-less today would have been a bonus, should have lost points.



    We’ve just got to be up for the cup tomorrow and take it one game at a time thereafter🍀

  7. Awful lot of whistling in the dark on CQN,


    Let us accept that ten has gone.


    Move on and root out reasons that brought it to this.

  8. I am still not giving up on ten, remain realistic but as a supporter and maybe just my mentality- it’s not over 😉🍀

  9. QUONNO on 19TH DECEMBER 2020 5:54 PM





    ‘Let us accept that ten has gone.’






    It hasn’t gone yet.

  10. lets all do the huddle on

    Awful lot of whistling in the dark on CQN,



    Let us accept that ten has gone.



    Move on and root out reasons that brought it to this.




    i was all doom and gloom a couple of weeks ago and i could see zero chance of us winning the league



    i now see a very small chink of light since then, both in our performances and the fact that teams are actually scoring against the hun now



    so i will cling to that for a while



    but i agree it shouldnt deflect from the reasons how we ended up in this predicament in the first place