Hitler, HMRC and how we were all played yesterday


Do you know the story of the Hitler Diaries?  A shamelessly brilliant German got into the business of selling forged (and some genuine) Nazi memorabilia to sympathisers.  In the 1980s, his masterstroke was to handwrite 60 volumes of, largely mundane, diaries, which he claimed were the personal memoirs of Adolf Hitler.  He sold them for millions.

The Times was the first UK publication to verify the authenticity of the diaries, paving the way for their publication by their sister paper, the Sunday Times.  Both papers had a bit of form in this area, promoting and buying rights to fake Mussolini diaries.  The Hitler Diaries were a sensation when the Sunday Times ran them, at the time, it was regarded as the story of the decade.

Within weeks, the world knew the diaries were fake and wondered how the Times group could so easily be duped, after falsely promoting yet another fascist dictator’s documents.

An entertaining dramatisation of these events, Selling Hitler, was broadcast in 1991, which portrayed Nazi sympathisers and a few historians as gullible fools, but it reserved a different verdict to the Sunday Times.

The newspaper paid £750k for UK rights to fake documents.  On the surface, this looks ridiculous, but the point the TV dramatization made was that the authenticity of the ‘news’ was neither-here-nor-there, enough people bought the newspaper to make the exercise an overwhelming commercial success.

You and I may think The Times made a fool of themselves yesterday by getting a story so wrong, that HMRC took to Twitter last night to protest, “As widely reported today and to clarify: HMRC won against Rangers’ tax avoidance in the Supreme Court, and did not miscalculate anything”.

But we are missing the point.  The Times newspapers know that the authenticity of the story stands independent of its commercial viability.  Their story yesterday was a commercial success, perhaps their biggest in Scotland for years.  Fake news has been successful news for Times publications since they bought the Mussolini diaries in 1968 and nothing has changed since.

And yes, gullible loons are still prepared to believe any revisionist nonsense. The truth is, Hitler, Mussolini and Rangers were each solely responsible for their own destruction, no matter what Times Group newspapers erroneously imply.

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  1. MADRARUA on 16TH NOVEMBER 2019 12:18 PM


    The best laugh as the HMS Hun sank beneath the waves was surely the interview with the Porn Producer.



    Thats when it became hillarious










  2. Developing story:


    Reports are coming in that BDO have approached RFCIL’s creditors and advised them that they are required to repay all the money that they didn’t receive back to the defaulting club. They have also been advised that 7 years’ interest will also be due.


    On hearing this news the colour drained from the face painter’s palette. 😉

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    This from Geeza Break @ 9:43 last night





    Having a discussion with a Sevconian about anything to do with the demise of RFCil (or Sevco FC) is like discussing Quantum Mechanics with your dog.



    It is utterly futile and garners the same response no matter what you say.



    Just like my dog, if they hear the right words, not that they know what they mean, they get all excited and agitated.





    Says it all.



    Save your breath.



    Hail hail

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    My favourite was all the Tims pledging money to their fighting fund. Some of the names used were truly hilarious. Wish I could find it. 😂😂.

  5. bigrailroadblues on

    And some of the dough ended up in a children’s entertainers account. A fecking clown.😂😂 hahahaha my aching sides.🥳🤡🤣

  6. Neil should have told Clarke, 45 minutes over the 2 games, for any Celtic player, far too many important games coming up,guys should be resting rather than playing for this mob.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bada – thanks for update on Celts playing today.



    Having scanned the BBC website my standard three minutes of interest in the national team fixture is now over.



    40% of outfield from one club. (No mention)



    This club playing a game every 3½ days over next two months.



    Instead I was subjected to the cringe worthy bumming up of a bang average Sevco midfielder.



    Roll on next weekend. Back to the rugby.



    Hail hail

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    CorkCelt @ 9:14 last night.



    Really good post re Kennedy’s injury …



    LEST WE FORGET (1) …..



    “It wasn’t a tackle he (Kennedy) needed to make”



    The above, verbatim, was the initial reaction of Sky’s co-commentator, David Provan.



    Insinuation – John’s fault.



    LEST WE FORGET (2) …



    The despicable DR subsequently ran a “Viorel Ganea : My Agony” piece.

  9. guyfawkesforeverahero,



    There is a history still to be written re that 1893-97 period, if the writer could get access to all the documents, letters etc of the time. Obviously it worked in terms of football success in the following years, right up to the end of WWI, (though the twenty year period between the wars poses some questions), but how much did we lose when we lost Brother Walfrid to East London?

  10. Good morning, Tims everywhere.




    I’m looking for some help gaining two tickets (or 1) for the final on the 8th. I know I know…


    I just booked time off work and will fly home in time for the game.


    I wont be able to pay the mental corporate prices but I am happy to pay.


    Any help would be much appreciated.



    St Stivs -any thoughts?




  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Now I wonder how long our bhoys are to stay on the park next half, lot of games coming up. Would take the hun off, not to rest him but because he’s crap

  12. Henrik Larsson is the best football player I’ve ever seen playing live, and I’ve seen the Lisbon lions playing live. However, wish he would keep this kind of stuff to himself…



    “I was offered the Celtic job once, I was manager of Falkenberg. I had a meeting with the owner and another member of the board – and they wanted me. But I saw some things. I asked them a few questions about different things and I wasn’t really pleased with the answers I got.”



    Care to elaborate Henrik? Surprised he wasn’t asked to clarify.

  13. GREENPINATA on 16TH NOVEMBER 2019 3:06 PM


    Hello Big Jimmy,







    If u are about, we are in Merchant City having a swally.







    Sorry, but I am still unwell and I cant drink anyway cos of all the medication.


    Thanks so much for the offer…maybe in a few weeks ?



  14. I like to think I understand the Laws if the Game and keep abreast of any changes and directives. But I genuinely don’t have a clue what the referee in the Scotland game will write for the booking he gave to Calum McGregor.



    Of course, ungentlemanly conduct can cover anything and everything, but seriously… which Law did Calum contravene?



    “Kicking the ball away” isn’t an offence but has become synonymous with a booking in that it is usually combined with some sort of time wasting tactic.



    But the thing is, Calum did the exact opposite of kicking the ball AWAY because he passed it straight to the guy who was taking the corner.



    Not to mention that there is no onus on Calum or any other Scotland player to get the second ball off the pitch. The referee indicated the he could have put out at a nearer point. But so what? There is no Law which states that.



    Now, the ref was a galloot the whole game, but that one really annoys me.

  15. “Kicking the ball away” isn’t an offence but has become synonymous with a booking in that it is usually combined with some sort of time wasting tactic.



    Or dissent.

  16. BHOYLO83 on 16TH NOVEMBER 2019 4:29 PM


    For anyone whi watched the Scotland game, how did Taylor play?






    Played well, helped set up the second goal along with jamsie.

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