How not to stage a flashmob protest


If you’re going to stage a protest it’s better to make sure that it registers where it counts.  Turning up at a Sports Direct till with a pile of tracksuits, then only offering £1 for their purchase, might echo the transaction Mike Ashley completed for the naming rights of Ibrox, but if the tycoon even gets to hear about the so-called flashmob protest he’s likely to pity the forsaken attempt to undermine him.

Ashley has invested around a couple of million in Newco Rangers but it’s pin money for him, which he can easily afford to gamble with.  He is also not afflicted with any emotional attachment to Newco, or pretty much anything else, it seems.  In short, this is a guy ‘Rangers’ fans can’t lay a glove on.  They would be far better to figure this out and start to deal with the reality than provoke an unwelcome response.

Neither Ashley nor the Easdale brothers strike me as people who will be easily cowed or bullied into forgoing the rights they have purchased, while others, including thousands of fans, kept their hands in their pockets.  The many genuine fans who are distraught at the humiliating mess Newco has become have been led up the garden path by would-be sages.


The world is paying a little more attention than usual to the many problems in Africa at the moment but I heard one authoritative voice last week suggest that ebloa is only around the third or fourth most severe problem the continent faces.

But, things are getting better in large swathes of the continent, thanks to improving governance in some areas, better infrastructure, more widely available healthcare, and more children, especially girls, given access to education.

20 people from Celtic Foundation are in Malawi building classrooms and toilets at the moment, while CQN’ers built three school kitchens there this year (more on the soon), but sometimes these many parallel developments conflict.

One such occasion is the John Bande Foundation School in Blantyre, Malawi, which through Mary’s Meals is supported by the Noreen Davies Hikers & Bikers, a group of people from Lanarkshire and Glasgow.  The Hikers and Bikers support a feeding programme at the school, which makes it possible for kids to attempt the school, instead of working for food.  It’s a mature project but the recent building of a motorway right on the edge of the school property has made the building dangerous; learning and feeding is no longer possible.

The Noreen Davies people are raising money to erect three new buildings.  You can read more of the story here, with pictures of the school and road.  If you can give them a £1 or two, do so here.

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  1. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar on

    Pfayr how you doing mate. Yes Springboig spent 10 good years there. Tony Shepherd Dougie Bell also worked there mate. Worthwhile work.







  2. Delaneys Dunky on

    Mighty Tim



    Big Colin would always talk up Celtic when I met him. I oftened wondered if he was a Tim? Like Tam.

  3. eddieinkirkmichael on

    I really wanted to go out yesterday and meet all you CQNers , some I’ve met before and some I was loking to meet.


    As it’s half term or something, the schools ar off next week so the wife decided we were off to the caravan at Hunters Quay in Dunoon. I had forgot that we were going there on the same weekend as the hootenanny and was dissapointed to have missed meeting up with you all.


    Isobel(the missus) said don’t worry about it, go along and meet your mates and catch the last ferry to Dunoon. I decided to spend the day with the family, as I think most of you would also do. Imagine my joy though when trying to learn Jayden, my oldest grandson, how to ride a bike and he managed to do it. I was almost in tears, this was a special moment for Jayden, his younger sister and brother have been riding their bikes for about 6 months now and you could see how much it meant to him to be able to ride his bike with his brother and sister.



    Jayden was born 13 weeks premature and has a condition called Dyspraxia, it affects his motor coordination as well as other simple everyday tasks, like putting his shoes on the right foot.



    I am one happy Papa this evening. I may not be the richest guy in the world but my god I have the biggest smile in the whole wide world tonight.

  4. Dallas Dallas



    Davie Hay talks about that tactical change – think it was a double substitution. He wanted the Bear to run at them.



    Amazing how well Dundee United did against us in the eighties. Not that day or three years later thankfully.

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    you wear your heart on your sleeve and you are a great bhoy..



    hail hail

  6. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Mighty Tim



    My brother was the science teacher there …he was fresh out of teaching school ….he was there from about 1994/5 for a few years ..

  7. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar on

    Delaneys dunky not a tim but honest about things. Always said his old man never allowed bigotry in their house when growing up. Genuine lovely big guy sadly missed.







  8. ryecatcher



    20:53 on 12 October, 2014



    Colin McAdam was never a great player but he was a nice guy… was and is his brother Tom.



    Nicest Deadclub player I ever met was Ian Redford . Absolute gentleman and gone too soon.




    Worked as a coach with a few guys who became DeidClub main players. The nicest guy of the lot was Ally Dawson – a future DeidClub captain, but a real gentleman, even as a youngster. A Rangers’ man, but not the ‘nasty’ type, just a guy who loved his football.

  9. Evening Celts


    Hope all who attended had a great day yesterday . It’s easy when in the company of


    other celts.hope youz all had a great day.


    I will make the next one .:-)


    Bmcuw take a bow.:-)





    Back to Celtic issues


    This is a good essay on living wage from The shamrock.





    Get it read, pass to other Celts and sign the petition.



    Take it easy Celts.:-)



  10. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar on

    Pfayr not sure if your brother was there when I started in 2000. My younger brother will know him think he started about same time.







  11. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Blantyre, Archie McPherson, during his commentary, shared your optimism that Provan would score from that free kick.



    Delaney’s, it was chaotic trying to get into the 85 final. Not helped by the polis searching people for booze on the way in.



    Everton beat Rapid the previous Wednesday and I saw the Clash at Dukes bar on the Thursday, it was a brilliant week.

  12. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Paddy McGhee, I salute you, took the fight to the enemy.



    “You were lucky today but rememember we only need to be lucky once,you need to be lucky always !

  13. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar on

    Eddie you done the right thing. Hootenany will come around again BMCUW will make sure of that. Seeing Jayden ride his bike for the first time will stay with you forever.


    Hail Hail to Jayden.


    I also missed it as initially thought wife would be getting over her operation. As this never happened my son and 2 daughters thought it would be nice to have a family night me Mrs kids and partners and my baby grandson I had a great night.


    Funny thing is I mentioned to her today that it seemed the bhoys had a great day and night and that some had there wives with them and she pipes up well you could have taken me but you always say it’s a bhoys day out. Think I kinda dropped myself in it to take her to the next one.







  14. BGX @21:16 on 12 October, 2014



    a question..


    .do the best players allways make it…i dont think they do



    Depends on what you mean by the best players of course. I coached youth players at a pretty good level and I know that the ‘best’ youths don’t always make it. Graham Sharp eventually played for Everton and Scotland, but at 14 years old he was WAY behind the best player in his youth team at Eastercraigs. The difference with Graham was that he listened to everything he was told and tried to improve himself every session.



    At a personal level I played against a guy called Tony ????? (not giving any more) who was a fantastic youth player with Celtic during the Stein years. During a slack time in one game he asked me where the drink/women/fights were in Hamilton? I was gobsmacked that this guy even THOUGHT about such stuff – I had only recently been dumped by Spurs and was hurting so much I couldn’t believe that a guy with that talent good talk such sh*t!

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Bill livingstone(god rest him) asked that you lern from your mistakes and don’t do it again, wonderful man…

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    An Tearmann


    21:44 on


    12 October, 2014



    Which other organisations or employers are being targeted by the ” living wage” initiative ?



    Other football clubs,supermarkets,cinemas,pubs,shops,private companies,public companies….etc..etc..

  17. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Winning Captains, I can now recognise that Dundee United in the late seventies and up to around 1987, were a very good team.



    They had a lot of players who played well for them as well as very good players like Sturrock, Payne, Narey, Hegarty & Bannon.



    The 3 nil thumping they gave us at Celtic Park in a league cup semi in late 1980 was one of the best performances against us by a Scottish team, they tore us apart.



    The dour faced McLean after the game was glowing in his praise of how we kept on supporting our team despite getting humped.

  18. MT,



    Hope all goes well with your lovely wife, the CQN table was a great night due to your help and family.


    As you say there is plenty more nights out ahead of us.HH

  19. Emeraldbee…thats what i was saying…i had a pal…played with Kilstyh..flying machine left winger…but loved the booze….think how many players been lost with that say attitude…Pat mc mahon..who played with us was some player..went to Villa..then what?..


    We had a player back then Tony mc Bride…never made it….Crazy..

  20. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate all your thanks and well wishes.



    This blog, while sometimes it can be infuriating, is a place I come to wallow in all that is Celtic,


    Celtic, for me, isn’t just about the team or the PLC. It’s much more than that, it’s us, the fans. We are Celtic . without us there is no Celtic, unfortunately those who run Celtic at the present time don’t understand that.