Implicit backing for Neil after a long 48 hours


It was a long 48 hours before yesterday’s statement from chief exec, Peter Lawwell.  He explicitly acknowledged “hurt, disappointment and frustration following the team’s recent results”, but the implicit backing was there for “Neil, the players and the backroom staff”.

I have been critical of Neil’s decision in recent weeks, team plans change every hour but we do not appear to know how fix the fundamental problem.  What actually is wrong? is a harder question to answer than it appears.  It was not playing three at the back (or four), nor was choosing one player over another.  If only it was as simple as a solitary scapegoat in the team.  There is bigger question: Is the problem actually the manager?

It could be.  Responsibility to fix team structure certainly lies with Neil, but there are doubtlessly other things going on that few of us are aware of.  Neil carries the can, but he would be gone if the board thought that was all there is to the story.

Winning the league is going to take a huge effort this month and successful recruitment next month.  Having been denied the opportunity to scout players during the spring and summer, a great deal of work has gone into preparing for January.  Do the club have faith in this work?  Would another manager ‘put his name’ to those targets blind?

Your recruitment strategy goes out the door with the manager.  My suspicion is the club weigh the need for squad additions higher than changing the manager.  These are the questions that separate those who are paid the big bucks from those who write blogs.  Thankfully……

Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles, is available now.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

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  1. Paul67 header is disappointing



    But hey it’s his blog , can see the frustrations from many a blogger


    I used to think that Mr Brennan was the voice of the fans , he even had some spells on tv and he sounded good and very professional


    CQN is very addictive , gives fans opportunity to chat , us overseas bhoys used it a lot



    I am not surprised with his lead here , he has made his made and for reasons unknown he had loyalty to Peter Lawwell and I suppose if we don’t like it we can just not login



    I still check for news and chat once every few days



    But the mantle in the “ voice of the fans” is something that has passed mr Brennan by


    With his loyalty. This mantle of course has been picked up by Paul John Dykes of a Celtic state of mind podcast , this new voice changed his cites on Neil and Peter Lawell recently and I have to hand it to him


    A Celtic state of mind is now the new CQN


    , i listen every day



    But we can still post here as easier to chat on a blog than a podcast

  2. The Battered Bunnet on




    Knowing Paul, he’d utterly cringe as the idea that he is or ever was “the voice of the fans”. He’s not even the voice of the Brennans. He’s a Celtic supporter, much like the rest of us.

  3. DAVID66



    I was moderated too.



    Yesterday I spent just about all day on here defending PAUL and the blog.



    The chump has had his arse kicked on SC so it wasn’t a completely wasted day.



    In future I won’t respond to posts by plonkers.




    Some good points but they are based on the idea that Lennon had complete control of the signings. If that’s the case, he has to take the flak for wasting millions on players he won’t put in the team regularly or at all. Was he responsible for Turnbull? Then why not play him? Soro? Klimala?



    Of course, I don’t have inside knowledge but this, along with Rodgers’ comments on Shved suggests the manager doesn’t choose his signings. If that’s the case then I don’t see why. change of manager should affect transfer policy.

  5. My friends in Celtic,



    I agree 100% with Jobo. I’m really looking forward to the game tonight.



    As posted a few days ago, my starting team would be :-




    Taylor, Welsh, Frimpong, Laxalt.


    Soro, Turnbull, Brown, Henderson


    Griffiths Kimala.



    Now I realise the starting shape could be problematic, but could it be worse than what we have witnessed.?


    Our ” superstars ” would be on the bench and ultimately our manager would decide if they were worthy of a Celtic shirt.



    Change is inevitable and desirable; Neil Lennon will go, but at a time his earned legendary status deserves.



    At this time, be on the right side of a great Celtic history and support the bhoys. Demonstrate we support through adversity and not just when we are creating history.



    HH to all and COYBIG.

  6. The battered Bunnet



    Indeed I was wrong , I really thought he would of been


    As just a normal Celtic fan we all come in different sizes , colours , political views and values , but there does seem to be a question why he doesn’t even Hint of any sort of failure from Peter ,


    which seems very strange and very Comical Ali

  7. AIPPLE on 2ND DECEMBER 2020 11:53 PM



    Thanks for the article.



    And for anyone that’s interested, here’s a link to a (free) book by Bob Altemeyer, a psychology professor in the states who has spent his life studying authoritarians and especially their followers. He developed the RWA test (Right Wing Authoritarian) and while the topic sounds heavy he writes in an accessible manner.




  8. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    2 great posts last night responding to Paul’s speculative article why board would want to keep NL on.



    CORNELIUS @ 8:34pm









    100% with Roberttressel post – fans would rather see a team properly organised than clamour for new signings in January.



    January spending is a flawed argument given what we have seen past 4 months on the pitch. Sounds like a squirrel to deflect from lack of strategic planning at board level.

  9. DAVID66- not been red carded mate,wasn’t on a lot yesterday, I advised the guy to take his 5 day argument/trolling to the previous article and fill his boots,he came back with the usual, he’s close to getting punted off another site,for the same nonsense, not happy unless he’s baiting someone, have a good day HH

  10. Good morning from a wet match day here in North Staffs.


    Rest broonie, Callum and Ryan



    Play 5-4-1

  11. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Also, can somebody at CP tell NL and the players to do their talking on the pitch!



    Getting fed up with these pressers & been told this team will click…….any year now :0

  12. Seems to be the plan that there will be new signings in Janaury, as I said before, I wouldnt allow the scouts manager or club to spend another penny on players, show you can coach, send out a team with a plan, bringing more into what we are already doing at the moment will improve nothing.

  13. YORKBHOY on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 8:38 AM


    ‘There does seem to be any article criticising rangers also has to have a bit of a dig at Celtic even though it is irrelevant to the inquiry.














    ‘The club was ordered to pay damages of just over £26,000.’……



    ‘ the company that now owns Rangers is different from the one that was running the club in 1971’






    The defender that was ordered to pay damages by the court was a limited company, not a club.



    And that was because there was no ‘club’, separate from the limited company.



    The club was the company. The company was the club.



    That company no longer exists. It was liquidated.

  14. At least I’ll be able to watch the game tonight it’s on the BT Sports ( channel 410) at 5.30 tonight.

  15. Some people on this site didn’t want David Moyes as manager. He is doing all right at west ham.

  16. Jobo…..I too am looking forward to tonights game, in fact I am looking forward to tonight in general.



    I am however not looking forward to 12.00am….. It’s (my third) colonoscopy time……a case I suppose of GIRUM….get it right up me!





    Hope the consultant has washed his hands !



    Hail Hail




  17. Westcraigs – Indeed. An awful lot of people sneered at Gerrard but he’s not doing badly – like it or not.

  18. Tonight’s….his/her hands…..I may be a bit nervous.



    Can’t find ma glasses….I think I know where they might be😷



    Hail Hail




  19. If I was a sevco supporter I would want the status quo at celtic. When Neil gets a vote of confidence from the opposition you know something is wrong. All the sevco men in the media don’t want change.



    Remember “Greig must stay” Greig was gone shortly after.

  20. BB – I wasn’t sure if it was you or Philbhoy that had a spat with Chumpbhoy.






    Philbhoy I seen that as I went on to the other site and seen he started there as well.



    The guy has issues.






    D :)










    Knowing Paul, he’d utterly cringe as the idea that he is or ever was “the voice of the fans”.








    My assumption has always been that he was intended to be the voice to the fans from the the board aka Peter Lawwell.



    Hence the need for a long spoon and copious amounts of salt.

  22. Geebee 1978 said earlier on:



    “Of course, I don’t have inside knowledge..”



    I would be interested in the outcome If more posters considered this before making a point.

  23. WESTCRAIGS on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 10:16 AM



    Noses have been turned up on this site about quite a few managers who’d be a big step up from what we have now….

  24. HOT SMOKED on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 10:43 AM



    True. I think it’s important to clarify that it’s my personal opinion and not something that I or others should view as fact.

  25. Geebee


    I agree. Opinion on here is often worded as fact and, for me, it immediately lessens any impact it might otherwise have had.



    Wee bit slippy for cycling so Caroline and I off for a seaside walk instead.


    Cheerio for now.

  26. At this point, almost any manager out there would be a step up.



    That is not intended flippantly; what the club needs right now is fresh thinking. These players need to be liberated and allowed to play expressively again.



    I think just about any new boss would get better performances out of them at the moment … the whole club feels as if it’s plodding along right now, like someone carrying the weight of the world. The board is crazy to think that will change without remedial action.



    Jack Ross? I’d have said absolutely not. Nothing in his career justifies it, and as a long term appointment it wouldn’t do at all. But could he improve the team in the here and now? Absolutely.

  27. JAMES FORREST on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 11:00 AM



    Is Jack Ross an elite manager? Certainly not.



    Is he better than Slippy G? I would say yes.



    Wouldn’t get the pulses racing and I’m by no means putting his name out there but we’re at the stage where anything is better than nothing.

  28. I truly wish Rod Stewart would go back to what he is good at, ie living off his fans, and to leave Celtic alone.

  29. GEEBEE1978:



    Totally agree. The change is what the whole club needs more than a big name right now.



    This is why I don’t balk at the idea of a Keane-O’Neill partnership to the end of the season … and MON as director of football is an attractive proposition anyway.



    One of the problems here – and you see this in industry as well, with Apple being the notable success story in opposition, as someone pointed out today to Nokia – is that we have accountants poking theiir noses into areas where they don’t belong.



    The best thing that Apple has ever done is put engineers and creative thinkers in charge of product development and manufacturing … at Celtic it’s about time the football people were left in sole charge of the football. Lawwell has no qualifications or background in the game … yet he gets to impose players on the managers. It’s absolutely bonkers.

  30. The sad thing about tonight for me is the likely damage continues.



    Neil puts faith in players and systems he can’t get a tune out of.


    Players unlikely to respond to his systemic failings again and we lose, hopefully not heavily but a possibility.


    Celtic fans turn it up another notch in exasperation/frustration.


    Board say nothing. Human shield Neil looks distraught but says all the same things in post match.


    Sunday becomes a game with incredibly heightened backdrop – police presence at Celtic Park probably….fan demos, etc



    So bloody avoidable if we hadn’t fallen asleep at the wheel.




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