Inadequate Two-Bob Hardmen


I’ve watched the after-match video from last night’s Rangers Women-Celtic Women game several times, showing Celtic Women’s manager, Fran Alonso being attacked from behind by an opposition coach.

What happened is consistent with the Two-Bob Hardmen who pace the lines at kids, non-league and now apparently, women’s games.  The most common target is the referee, who is very much on his own, but commonly involves opposition coaches, players and even their own team’s players.

There is an ocean of inadequacy masquerading as aggression in the grassroots game, last night’s incident was an example.  We have yet to hear from the police and football authorities, who I expect to act in due course, to look away would be a betrayal of those who work at games away from the TV cameras.  You can be assured that Michael Nicholson would dismiss such an offender from Celtic without the inappropriate delay across the city.

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  1. Happy Tuesday from Louisville all.



    We had better see a lengthy ban for the nutter from the Huns coaching team.




  2. Paul 67,



    Totally agree what you say.



    However I thought you could have mentioned the 100th minute goal from our Ghirls live on Sky’s main football channels.


    It’s not just the mens team that never stops.




  3. Huns showing their true class, as ever.



    I see more to it than two bob hardmen.




  4. Man assaulted at his workplace. Take everything else out of it and that is the bare fact. Where are the Police?

  5. the long wait is over on

    If that video from last night doesn’t show an assault which should be the subject of a criminal charge I don’t know what does.

  6. the long wait is over – Exactly.


    Over 3000 people in the crowd and a large TV audience – will this be Neil Lennon at Swinecastle II?


    Where are the custodians of our club who will speak up about the unprovoked assault on an employee?

  7. That was a shocker of a vid on the video.


    Police investigating.



    Celtic will remain meek publically


    Livud behind scenes tho i dont quite know if it will go in a dossier.


    Criminal fc wont act,waiting for dossier/file to go


    Its in there somewhere


    Batteries thrown at players file


    Bottles skiting of staff heads file


    Abuse coming of bus at Criminal fcfile


    There might even be a file on Criminal fc itself


    Our own part redacted of course.


    Yeh i heard Neynar and Messi are signing.


    Whats not to believe about them




  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    A most excellent point, Paul, but I think this game was on TV and attempting to showcase a product looking to taken seriously.



    I’d be shocked, disgusted and embarrassed if that were a Celtic employee, but rather oddly the fact he was a ‘Rangers’ coach doesn’t surprise me at all. Behaviour like that is in their nature and deeply embedded within the kulture of their klub.



    Let’s see what happens. Perhaps the new First Minister will convene a summit, but as. I noted this morning, Doncaster’s Monster is clearly alive and well.

  9. Have the huns publicly apologised to Fran and suspended the assailant pending internal disciplinary procedures ?



    Of course not…

  10. It’s almost 1pm and I’m not aware of any action from ibrox.


    Conscious there may well be a criminal investigation though, as a minimum, I’d expect “we have suspended the individual, pending a full investigation taking place.”


    Anything less is a shocking dereliction of duty from the sevco custodians

  11. Nothing will happen, like the lack of protection to players, fans and staff at the Bigotdome.



    And compounded by the fact that a lot of the crowd were young girls we want to attract and retain into the game in the future. What a terrible show of toxic maxculinity. Will the wider footballing world and women’s game in Scotland have anything to say ?







  12. Celtic have described an attack on coach Fran Alonso as a “hugely concerning incident”.



    The Parkhead club have spoken out after the controversial scenes at the end of their SWPL 1 derby with Rangers. Ibrox coach Craig McPherson appeared to headbutt Alonso in a fiery end to the fixture with the Celtic women boss also stating he was called “a little rat” after the confrontation which has subsequently been condemned across the game in the aftermath. A Celtic spokesperson commented: “Clearly this is a hugely concerning incident, falling well below any acceptable standard.



    “We understand the matter is now being investigated and it will be up to all relevant authorities to take any appropriate action.” A Police Scotland spokesperson also confirmed that they would be looking into the scenes: “We have received a report regarding an incident at Broadwood Stadium on the evening of Monday, 27 March, 2023. Enquiries to establish any criminality are at an early stage.”

  13. The punishment or lack of for the assailant will depend on where he is in the pecking order of brotherhood, Scotland as a whole couldn’t care less that a Celtic employee was assaulted.


    I would suggest all Celtic employees to be on their best behaviour this weekend as the whataboutery brigade will be on the look out

  14. the long wait is over on

    MARKIEBHOY on 28TH MARCH 2023 12:35 PM



    At least with NL at Tynecastle the boy was charged.



    That he was acquitted was, IIRC , attributed to the fact that the sheriff failed to advise/ charge the jury that if they failed to find the accused guilty of aggravated assault ( ie they weren’t convinced the accused had also called NL a Fenian B or the like) they could still convict him of simple assault so when they weren’t persuaded he had called him that or the like they just acquitted. Crazy.



    Interesting to see how this pans out.




    Fat Sally has already started the whatabouterry by mentioning that Slippy Gee was pelted with objects at Anfield.



    ‘A bad few days for rangers and Celtic.’




  16. Garngad to Croy on

    “Move along Timmy nothing to see here”



    What we witnessed last night highlights all that is wrong with the SFA’s coaching set up. There is probably a who can shout and scream like a loony coaching badge available on the SFA course , proudly displayed in places like Greenock Morton and Inverness . (Billy & Dougie)

  17. glendalystonsils on

    AN TEARMANN on 28TH MARCH 2023 12:57 PM



    Green lights!?


    That’s the Aurora added to the zombies banned list .

  18. CONEYBHOY on 28TH MARCH 2023 1:41 PM


    Garygillespiehamstring 12.32







    That Polish lads girlfriend is a wee smasher





    EYES AFF…I saw her first !





  19. BRRB…..Wherever you are…?


    The WINNER of the First Race at Huntingdon Today at 1.30…..has Won at the odds of 3/1 FAV.



    I KNEW that I had backed it earlier this morning, but what I did NOT realise until I checked my Bet after the Race, was that I had the 10/1 that was available this morning. Thats a nice wee surprise.





    Have a GREAT Birthday Mate.



  20. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Tennents Bar. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. 👍

  21. GlenDalysTonsils



    Haha :-)) they wid tae,if no thull march oan hamdun;-)



    Hail Hail

  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I fully expect the polis to approach Alonso and ask if he wants his assailant charged with assault.


    That way they put pressure on Alonso and can wash their hands of any blame for bringing any charges against the thug.

  23. The hun was lucky in that Alonso was walking away and he did not fully connect so it does not look excessive

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