Inexplicable Gerrard on bottle and dropping out title race


As 2019 started, so did 2020.  Newco ended 2018 by beating Celtic and carrying momentum going into the winter break, but a 2-1 defeat on their first away game after the break gave Celtic the upper hand, which they would not relinquish.  Newco did equally well by beating Celtic at the close of 2019, but yesterday went down 2-1 to (still) bottom of the table Hearts, their first away game since the break

It is not that Newco did anything wrong during the break and its certainly not, as Gerrard suggested, “eight players…..were passengers”.  It takes a team to win a game but it takes a squad to win the league.  Injuries and suspensions are only part of the story; players become jaded and opponents learn how to play them, all of which means sometimes you need a deep squad, even to play teams at the bottom of the table.

On Saturday, Celtic kept a clean sheet without three of their first-choice back four.  They did not look comfortable defensively, but they had enough to get the job done.  It is this second, and sometimes, third, tier of player that gets you through the winter months.

I could not believe Gerrard’s more general comments after the game.  Instead of putting some perspective on a defeat after an impressive run of wins, he raised the spectre of slipping out of contention, “We need to avoid that level of performance from now until the end of the season otherwise we might not be in a title race never mind competing for the league.”

Can you imagine what this does to players’ confidence?  He added, “I still think we have the bottle.”  He THINKS they have the bottle!  The last thing a player should hear from his manager is talk about bottle in a title run.  Let others do their best to infect your club with poisonous words like this, a manager needs to contain setbacks, not turn mention of an innocuous container into a Molotov cocktail.

He has never won a league and with comments like that, no wonder.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Glendaly – 3½ years works for me.



    Although in the final year of his contract his transfer value may slip back from £55m.



    So Aberdeen’s alleged woes were amplified by BBC Sport Scotland tonight?



    The Dons are next in action at the weekend.



    Their opponents will be boosted by this report.



    Can’t seem to recall who they are.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  2. Whitedoghunch


    “ Was like agame of Kerbie”


    My two younger brothers and myself used to kick the hell out of a plastic ball in the close. We two older ones would gang up on our youngest brother, who was the only one of us who could play at a decent level. He was the only one who played professionally for a while.


    Yesterday was reminiscent of that.

  3. Had a wee look at yesterday’s stats on BBC


    Hearts had more possession and more shots on target.


    I guess they were aided by 8 Sevco players not turning up.

  4. FAIRHILL BHOY on 27TH JANUARY 2020 8:58 PM


    Is that us signed another player to warm the bench



    only if he shows up well at Lennoxtown



  5. glendalystonsils on

    Back to Basics



    Aberdeen’s alleged woes are not half as bad as Hearts genuine woes were before going into yesterday’s game and look what happened .


    A similar result for the huns on saturday and there will only be one shower with woes.

  6. Soro.When will we see him?.Who of his favourites( rightly so ),will he leave out.


    Don’t shoot the messenger.

  7. Turkeybhoy



    Said that today. Winding down Brown at this stage won’t happen under Neil. CBN’s analysis a few weeks back showed that our captain’s powers are diminishign with age.



    For the record, I’m a big fan of Scott but I’m a bigger fan of Celtic.

  8. Rabid Jock journo,”Where would your dream move be to”Soro”Well at the moment I just want to play for Celtic”


    Rabid Jock Journo,”H,mm,what is your favourite English team”Soro,”Liverpool,”.Would you like to play for them someday”.Off course”


    For the more innocent among us,this is how its done.

  9. Jinkyredstar @6:46,



    I’ve just listened back to the Radio Scotland fitba show from this evening. The Hearts v Huns game was the first thing they spoke about. In fact over a third of the show was spent on it…



    Maybe listen from the start in future :)

  10. Majestic



    He may have been talking about BBC Scotland main tv news programme tonight Reporting Scotland where no mention of the weekends game was made but a reference to Aberdeen’s draw with St Mirren and how their manager is under pressure was the only one that was mentioned




    🍀🍀🍀 X 🍀🍀🍀

  11. Remember you used to hear that word “crisis” from the journo guys out there….when the team was doing not so good……the manager has lost the dressing room……me thinks it could make a resurgence….

  12. Sometimes I really wonder if all those that despise the SMSM,and swear they never bread the Rags,are not telling Porkies.

  13. We are in a neck and neck title race .


    The likelihood is that the lead go back and forth .


    It is vital that we sign a left back at least.




  14. TinyTim,



    We’ve bought 2 this year and the manager seems to trust Hayes in there too.



    We ain’t buying another LB.

  15. Majestic


    I was referring to Reporting Scotland on TV – maybe sit up straight and pay attention😀

  16. Tiny Tim,



    Eh,?,to replace who?.The excellent Taylor,with tons of improvement in him,as KT had,or the rumbustious Boli,who would most likely be terrific in a3_5_3 formation.Or a replacement for both.


    Pray tell

  17. Did BBC Scotland or STV notice that Celtic spent a couple of million today ?


    Strange Scottish clubs spending money no longer gets a mention

  18. Turkeybhoy


    I am told the Celtic coaching team, do Not rate Bolingoli or Taylor


    Hence Jonny Hayes is playing

  19. NORRIEM on 27TH JANUARY 2020 10:12 PM





    I am told the Celtic coaching team, do Not rate Bolingoli or Taylor


    Hence Jonny Hayes is playing




    I have also heard this,do not understand who, or why, Taylor was signed,never a stand out playing against us.


    Same with Boli ,very average.

  20. norriem@10:12pm



    if true we are throwlng money down the toilet.



    so who is recommending those players.

  21. Jinky, as my report cards used to say I ‘must try harder’ :)



    Re Bolingoli, did we not hear that he wasn’t fancied after one of his early games – a Euro game maybe? He was then dropped for the rangers game and then got a run of games before only losing his place through injury.



    I’d take any rumour with a pinch of salt.

  22. So “with your long blonde hair and your eyes of blue” wants to play for L’pool, he has more chance than that kent kent.

  23. Turkey bhoy



    Because neither Taylor Bolingoli or Hayes are good enough.



    It would appear Lenny thinks the same as me when he plays a left winger at left back .



  24. Good morning CQN from a dark, cold and lightly snow covered Garngad



    Welcome Ismail Soro.



    Let’s not get carried away with the ” I want to play for Liverpool one day” quote. Ismail work hard and show your worth and see what happens.



    Why the hell are we supposedly wanting another winger?? I suppose if Lenny wants a winger he must feel he needs one.



    Get another 2-3 in Lenny, Big Vic is still available 😂






    D. :)

  25. Assistance required….



    My old man is 88 and understandably has difficulty negotiating steps to get to and from his seat.


    He also has issues with having to walk for ages to and from the car (he usually gets a lift to the match from my cousin).


    He is thinking of packing in going to games as it is all getting too hard for him. The family are concerned since Celtic is the one thing in his life which he gets out and about for and has enjoyed for his whole life.



    I can’t do much to help since I live in Australia.



    If you have any ideas on how to and who can help, please let me know.


    Many thanks.

  26. I know youtube isnt the best gauge of how good a player actually is


    but hopefully on this occasion what I have seen of Soro on youtube


    points to a very decent player.



    Hopefully that is the case this time

  27. Good morning, friends, from a cold, frosty, lightly snow covered East Kilbride. Welcome to Celtic Ismail Soro, Soro, Soro, a fox so cunning and free ;-)

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