Inexplicable Gerrard on bottle and dropping out title race


As 2019 started, so did 2020.  Newco ended 2018 by beating Celtic and carrying momentum going into the winter break, but a 2-1 defeat on their first away game after the break gave Celtic the upper hand, which they would not relinquish.  Newco did equally well by beating Celtic at the close of 2019, but yesterday went down 2-1 to (still) bottom of the table Hearts, their first away game since the break

It is not that Newco did anything wrong during the break and its certainly not, as Gerrard suggested, “eight players…..were passengers”.  It takes a team to win a game but it takes a squad to win the league.  Injuries and suspensions are only part of the story; players become jaded and opponents learn how to play them, all of which means sometimes you need a deep squad, even to play teams at the bottom of the table.

On Saturday, Celtic kept a clean sheet without three of their first-choice back four.  They did not look comfortable defensively, but they had enough to get the job done.  It is this second, and sometimes, third, tier of player that gets you through the winter months.

I could not believe Gerrard’s more general comments after the game.  Instead of putting some perspective on a defeat after an impressive run of wins, he raised the spectre of slipping out of contention, “We need to avoid that level of performance from now until the end of the season otherwise we might not be in a title race never mind competing for the league.”

Can you imagine what this does to players’ confidence?  He added, “I still think we have the bottle.”  He THINKS they have the bottle!  The last thing a player should hear from his manager is talk about bottle in a title run.  Let others do their best to infect your club with poisonous words like this, a manager needs to contain setbacks, not turn mention of an innocuous container into a Molotov cocktail.

He has never won a league and with comments like that, no wonder.

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  1. TIMALOY29



    As things stand they’re still ok. If they drop points again before us, I think that will be or should be an insurmountable lead for us.



    If I were a Sevco fan I’d be worried about the manner of the performance yesterday more so than the damage it imposed.



    I thought they were awful and had Celtic put in a performance like that, I’d be seriously worried.

  2. AN DUN on 27TH JANUARY 2020 1:50 PM



    As things stand they’re still ok. If they drop points again before us, I think that will be or should be an insurmountable lead for us.



    If I were a Sevco fan I’d be worried about the manner of the performance yesterday more so than the damage it imposed.



    I thought they were awful and had Celtic put in a performance like that, I’d be seriously worried.





    Their finishing should worry them. Kent & Aribo both missed big chances.



    Defoe beat the offside trap but his shot was still blocked cause he’s so bloody slow. You’d question why the club are so keen to give him a new deal.



    Shows they are very reliant on Morelos.

  3. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    !!BADA BING!! on 27TH JANUARY 2020 2:11 PM


    Boyce was well offside….





    Well Cadete wasn’t, so all evens out in the end… or 22/23 years later… ;)




  4. watched thems game yesterday the jam tarts played the way thems played against us , high tempo and in their faces , also thought the new jam tarts player who to me looked like boyata’s wee brother played very well in the first half in midfield until he moved to left back in the second half.

  5. Loved the gloating yesterday and we should enjoy it when our ‘rivals’ slip up. That’s the fitba business – entertainment!



    Today I hope Neil Lennon’s first words at reading we’re along the lines of ‘I don’t want to hear about yesterday’s result get your minds on st Johnstone’



    If we are totally focussed on each game then we will have a bigger lead by the time we play our next home game. I am convinced that slippy was not at the mind games. He was speaking as he always does in defeat – gut instinct. Look at the body language.



    Contrast with NL who took flak for saying we deserved a draw against them in December and who poured scorn on the idea of our demise. That’s how you respond to defeat in a big game. I also noticed his interactions with our players after the killie game. Not much sign of the ‘lost dressing room’ nonsense that was doing the rounds a few weeks back.



    Total focus and a dose of belief required.

  6. It’s nice to have won back to back league games knowing we have so many to return from injury.



    Christie will be back Wednesday. Bitton & Elyounoussi are not far away and maybe will be available for Accies on Saturday.



    Elhamed & Frimpong’s injuries not as bad as first believed. Should also be back shortly.



    Dare I say it, Celtic aren’t far from full stregnth

  7. Boyce offside goal was well offside, no debate. I also thought Flanagan and Jack were both yellows not red.


    However, McClean was definitely at the cheating, any close call was going Sevcos way and when Hearts were holding on after going in front it was blatant, certain refs are definitely on message, which makes it all the sweeter to see them lose.

  8. SID on 27TH JANUARY 2020 3:12 PM



    You know what’s mad… the huns are saying Kevin Clancy is helping us win the league



    The same guy who denied two stonewall penalties at Hibs and allowed an onside goal against us

  9. Refs and Hun Goalie…


    I find the Hun goalie McGregor to be a vile Reptile at the best of times given his violent behaviour since he came back however, what is also Evident is his “Time Wasting”, whenever the Huns are in front in any game.



    I am fully aware that “Time Wasting” goes on with every team, especially those teams who are ahead in a match or if some wee Team are holding Celtic at 0-0 or 1-1 etc …but McGregor is at in EVERY game that the Huns are ahead in. In fact, I think he has deliberately wasted time during games against Celtic when it is 0-0 etc ?


    His Cheating goes from taking a Goal Kick from the OPPOSITE side of the goal from where the ball went out, to ensuring that he dives and lies on the ground for some time with the ball in his grasp, both of which are viewed as being “Legal”, although it should be perfectly clear to EVERY ref that this is just deliberate “Time wasting”, and he gets away with it every time.


    However, like yesterday when it was 1-1 and 2-1 to hearts, McGregor couldnt kick the ball up the park quick enough…surprise surprise. He took goal kicks from the nearest spot and also managed to collect a cross or shot and throw or kick it up the park WITHOUT diving onto the ground …simply because the Huns werent winning any more.



    He is a complete and total Scumbag who is a disgrace to his profession in every way and the worst part of it is for me ..is that he is a very good Goal Keeper..no doubts, but the Refs in this country SHOULD be “Carding” this Chump every time…but we all know that they wont !


    Cheatin Bassa’s.



  10. Just in case people were wondering what’s out there in the market…Leeds United just signed Jean-Kevin Augustin on loan from RB Leipzig for £1.4 million. They have an option to buy for £14 million.



    Augustin spent the first half of this season on loan at Monaco where he failed to score in 10 league appearances.



    Last season in the Bundesliga he scored 3 goals in 17 appearances.


    His best season was 17/18 when he scored 12 goals in 37 games.



    So he’s similar to Edouard in that he came through at PSG and was sold to Leipzig for £14 million. Good first season. Poor since then.


    But he’ll still cost you an arm and a leg.

  11. Paul 67


    That seems like way too much analysing of slippy’s post match comments.



    Personally I think his comments will have little baring on the Sevco players. 90% of them will probably be none the wiser as to what he said post match.



    It was a great result for Hearts, a good result for Celtic.



    The perspective is, there will be bumps in the road for both teams between now and season finish.



    The end.

  12. Team for wednesday mehopes…






























  13. Zidane, Guardiola, Cruyff, McNeill would, like Gerrard, get tremendous respect from their players due to what they achieved as players. Lenny also has this advantage and it is hard to come by these days with greater division between journeymen coaches and their star players. That’s why I tend to agree with an earlier poster who suggested Mr G is quite capable of appearing to say one thing but has another strategy He is quite media savvy. For me the Hearts necessity was the factor yesterday and it was an even game , but with more chances for les bleus. Ross county could have put away some of their chances too so the title race is really as it was with everything to play for as the old time commentators used to say.

  14. Delighted as we all are by sevco dropping three points . Let’s not hide from the fact that in the first half on Saturday our own blemishes got an airing particularly in defence . I pointed out last week ( along with a few others ) that we must tighten up in our wing back areas , yes we have Elhamed to come back which is a blessing , but what about on the left , the options we have as far as I’m concerned are too wee , Johnny Hayes I like , but I don’t think the BHOY is a left back , we signed a Scottish international left back ,nowhere to be seen ,by t also small made . Bolingoli yes taller . And I’m sorry to say this , not good enough imho . Centre half ok for me if we can get and keep them fit . Soro what I have read and seen on videos will compliment our captain well , we need battlers especially when we play them . Up front with eddy we always will be a danger .but again we need our forwards to show up , something a few haven’t done for a while against them . I’m surprised by Lenny being the type of combative player he was , picking guys that are prone to hiding . But guys that’s my take on things ,no doubt it won’t be agreeable to many . HH

  15. Beaton officiates on Wednesday?




    The thing aboot’ oor Mr Beaton


    Is that if he starts his cheatin’


    Then Griff will score four


    French Eddie, two more


    Bellshills Croon bar will be greetin’









    “Debt free, no EBTS, clean money in and out, with income tax and VAT.”



    Thought you were about to burst into the “Only Fools and Horses” theme tune there. 

  17. Gene



    Jamesey and Christie….



    Jamesey loves playing the Saints. I don;t envisage much backtracking…..all systems forward.

  18. Sure i read wee Fringpong and El hammed can both play left back



    Not sure about in a back 4 but a back 5 ?



    None of the left backs have covered me in optimism even Taylor



    Accies game he was dire going forward BUT did have a last ditch tackle which maybe what we want from our left back

  19. glendalystonsils on

    The lesser spotted Soro has landed , blown off course by high winds en route to Liverpool .;-)))

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Some reports suggesting (I know , I know) we are looking at Peterborough striker Ivan Toney (no , me Neither).


    Anyway , had a look at one of these articles and photos of the guy show him playing with socks half down and NAE SHINPADS! Has he not heard about Scottish fitba !

  21. glendalystonsils on




    To be fair , I read the interview in the CQN article and , besides being a bit naive about leading questions , he does sound excited and delighted to be coming to Celtic.

  22. Will Soro get a game that means breaking up the Brown / Callum axis in midfield?




  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Personally wouldn’t have a problem with Soto being a first team Liverpool player in 2½ years time.



    I admire his ambition

  24. glendalystonsils on

    Back to Basics – Glass Half Full



    Make that 3and a half years time and £40 million!

  25. By: Newsroom Staff on 27 Jan, 2020 17:01



    CELTIC are delighted to have completed the signing of Ismaila Soro, who has joined the Scottish champions on a four-and-a-half year deal.


    The Ivorian midfielder has moved from Israeli side, Bnei Yehuda, where he played for the past couple of years.


    And the new Bhoy will link up with his new team-mates at Lennoxtown tomorrow (Tuesday) to begin training with Neil Lennon’s squad. Ismaila Soro is the club’s second signing of the January transfer window following the arrival of Polish striker, Patryk Klimala.

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