International retirement would be no hardship


The largest impediment to Celtic building up a sustainable run of form is the incessant games players are faced with.  They will have competed in 14 European games by mid-December, with only Newco in Scotland doing anything similar.  Uniquely here for Celtic players, the demands of international football mean that these breaks are often more onerous, not less – ask Tom Rogic.

Scott Brown has retired from the international game but the rest of the first choice regulars are busy every international break. Of the more fringe players, Jozo Simunovic’s vacillations between Croatia and Bosnia have left him with time to rest those knees, while Scott Sinclair only represented England at youth level.

I’m not sure what work Leigh Griffiths needs to do on his fitness but hard training sessions are not permitted during spells when the team is playing seven or eight games per month.  Dropping out of the Scotland setup will allow Leigh a full week of endurance and cardio work, his first since preseason, instead of being untaxed as a squad player for Alex McLeish’s Scotland side.

Leigh has nothing to prove at international level but at 28, he knows the most important thing in his professional life is to continue scoring goals for Celtic.  International retirement would be no hardship.

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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The sheer irony of McLeish of all people having a go at Griffiths.


    The guy who spent a full ten months in the job before jumping ship!


    Somehow manages to weasel himself back in (friends in high places, Alex? or should that be low!) when nobody else would touch him with a bargepole after a string of failures and all that is forgotten.


    So that’s how difficult it is to get back. I mean, you can even get a “lifetime ban” and still come back!


    Care to explain that one, Alex? No, thought not.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    I would be happy if all our players withdrew until this clown is gone from the Scotland post anyway……..

  3. Good afternoon from a soaked North Glasgow



    God bless wee Daniel.



    Feck Scotland. LG has done right thing.



    D :)

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I think Leigh wants to play for Scotland. I think a decent national team manager would bring the best out of him.


    Michael Stewart was on sportsound last night – reckoned Griff got dug out by the coaching staff after the Belgium game.


    So, serial failure McLeish plays two left backs and no right backs. The closest thing you have to a right back is a guy who plays left wing for his club! Oh, and you just happen to be up against the best left winger and hottest player on the planet! Unsurprisingly you get ripped to shreds and it’s all Leigh Griffiths’ fault?


    The guy is beyond clueless. Not good enough for the mighty league of Egypt, but good enough for the Strong Rangers Association.

  5. What is the Stars on

    God bless Peter Lawwell keeping the green flag flying despite the malcontents begrudgers and naysayers

  6. Daughter just off phone Daniel Bhoy on way back to recovery room :)))))))))))))))))


    Operation seemingly went well may be a few wee long term probs but maybe not.


    Thank each and every one of you for your kind wishes and prayers.




    Let The People Sing



  7. Onwards and Upwards now for wee Daniel Bhoy ???



    And getting spoiled by his Granda Leftclicktic ?

  8. cyril horne 7-1.





    Eleven football players of Celtic Football Club did more in 90 minutes at Hampden Park on Saturday for the good of football than officialdom, in whose hands the destiny of the game lies, has done in years and years. For with a display of such grandeur as has rarely graced the great vast ground they proved conclusively the value of concentration on discipline and on the arts and crafts of the game to the exclusion of the so-called power-play which has been a disfiguring weakness in the sport, but which has frequently been accredited through the awarding of international honours to the strong-men, “So devastating an effect had Fernie… this wonderful footballer” “Not since their brilliant Coronation Cup days at Hampden have Celtic played football of such quality.” “Valentine… a forlorn, bewitched figure…. repeatedly beaten in the air and on the ground in a variety of ways, and the disintegration of Rangers’ defence undoubtedly stemmed from McPhail’s mastery.” “[Mochan’s] pace and penetrative dribbling… had Shearer in a dreadful dither almost from the first kick of the ball.” “In the first 20 minutes Celtic might have scored at least four goals…” “…Evans, throughout a centre half of absolute competence.” “Soon Fernie was travelling half the length of the field again and running his opponents into the ground…” “…Fallon again reduced the ill-supported Scott to a hapless young man…””Never have I seen Rangers so outclassed in half-back play; Fernie, Evans, and Peacock were, each in his own distinguished way, tremendous players in everything but bootyliciousn and bulk. No one Celt, however, did not but contribute handsomely to the team’s glorious day.” “Perhaps only Fernie of all footballers in Scotland could have emulated Tully’s first-half feat of ball manipulation which enabled him to outwit Baird, Davis, Valentine, and Caldow. Then as his team-mates poised themselves for the chip back from the goal-line, Tully struck like lightning and the ball cannoned off the very edge of the near post, passed between Niven and the goal-line, and out of play beyond the post. The goal of a century had been within half an inch of achievement.

  9. Incidentally I think Krissy Boyd was right


    The rest of the Celtic players should have withdrawn from that squad to show full solidaRoth with Leigh Griffiths


    After all Pudding head already stated some hearts player would be starting ahead of the Griff, so no point picking him


    So please Celtic players withdraw, no idea why you would want to play for either that manager or team


    FtSFA & FtSPFL



    Any other teams backing Milne and his request for a full review ???

  10. as an aside, i thought the interview with the scotland boy at hearts, soappy souter was quite wrong, and if i was griff i would not be happy with him.

  11. LEFTCLICKTIC on 9TH OCTOBER 2018 12:44 PM


    Get yer nerves jangling even though you know the outcome:))))



    Celtic v Spartak Moscow Penalty Shootout








    I was there and remember it well (albeit I forgot Nakamura had hit the bar and that Riordan was even there). Best memory is big Boruc going hilariously mental at the end.




    Great news about your grandson. Wishing him a speedy s full recovery.



    I’d be delighted if no Celtic players played for Scotland, ever again.



    I used to follow Scotland, I remember Celtic players getting booed onto and off the pitch, Brian McLair for one and Judas Johnston until he went to France, then and especially when he signed for the dark side the “Rangers” end cheered him to the rafters.



    Don’t even watch the games anymore, couldn’t care less. If the management team singled out Leigh Griffiths after the Belgium game as reported by Michael Stewart them he is right to withdraw from the squad, why play for a muppet like McLeish if he doesn’t like or rate you?



    Same for Forrest and Calmac

  13. Great result LEFTCLICKTIC .



    Paul 67,



    I still want the Scotland team to do well (despite the sheganians of the establishment, ) especially when there are Celtic players involved.


    To be honest i admire the Ladies football team more. They play with a pride and enthusiasm that the men dont display. ( incidently I appreciate the Scottish government’s financial assistance to the team )



    Celtic pay Leigh Griffiths wages, they pay his bonuses and ensure that his tax and NI go to the relevant place.


    I think Leigh knows that he has fallen short recently. He has recognised this and is making moves to rectify it. Subsequently I support his decision at this time100%.




  14. LEFTCLICKTIC on 9TH OCTOBER 2018 12:44 PM


    My abiding memory was thinking at the time, why the f**k is Gary Caldwell taking any kick let alone the first one, followed by, why doesn’t Gary Caldwell take all of the penalty kicks we get.

  15. Saint Stivs



    Crosses at Tynecastle.



    I remember it well. We were allocated a temporary stand with no cover and as expected it was bucketing down. Hearts provided these yellow polystyrene cushions which were made into crosses as we were mostly standing. There was also a Fenian chorus of “our God Reigns(rains)”. This hymm seemed to further antagonise the Diets even more than the crosses.



    Maybe there are a lot of Vampires in Edinburgh




    Great news!



    Best wishes to the young fella!



    Will remember him in my prayers too! (You as well big yin!)

  17. Garngad to Croy on

    Saint Stivs



    Crosses at Tynecastle



    Fantastic , I am in there somewhere . I thought we had won that game as I seem to remember it being a great day oot ! Maybe a 1-0 defeat at Tynecastle was a great result back then ?




    I was standing next to that trophy on Sunday morning!



    Hope you are recovering well!

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