Internazionale 1-0 Celtic


Inter scored a breakaway goal from Guarin, who should have earlier received a red card for deliberately striking Stefan Johansen on the face, on the 88th minute to win this tie 4-3 on aggregate.  But despite playing for the majority of the game with 10 men, after Virgil van Dijk’s 36th minute red card, Celtic looked comfortable throughout.  Man of the match Nir Bitton dictated play for long periods.

The best actual chance of the game fell to Gary Mackay-Steven on the 7th minute when a cross-field pass from Emilio Izaguirre was misjudged by the Inter defence, allowing Mackay-Steven to control and nip clean through on Carrizo but the keeper spread himself to block.

Stuart Armstrong had a strong penalty claim denied on 14 minutes.  As he prepared to shoot, Santon grabbed him by the shoulder but the referee gave the first notice that he would give the home team the benefit of the doubt all night.

Inter took time to get into the game but Icardi almost connected to a blasted cross ball by Santon as the home team made their first chance, on 19 minutes.

Two minutes later Celtic had their second penalty claim on the evening when John Guidetti was held but again the referee was in no mood to award a decision against the home team.

Ultimately the red card may have determined the outcome of this game but if anyone expected Celtic to collapse afterwards, they were mistaken.  Inter enjoyed their best spell of the game between van Dijk’s 36th minute red and halftime, but the man advantage was not evident from the flow of play.  Craig Gordon made a stunning save from a header, which was ultimately found to be offside, on 38 minutes, and two minutes before the break Gordon saved again at his near post after Jason Denayer blocked an initial shot.

Needing a goal while a man down requires a difficult tactical balance.  Celtic decided to keep things tight until later in the second period.  Gordon saved twice, from Hernanes and Guarin, before the latter retaliated when Stefan Johansen nutmeged him but hitting the Celtic player with a forearm smash.

Ronny Deila sent Kris Commons on for the final 13 minutes and, with Celtic struggling to test the keeper, the midfielder tried his luck from 35 yards but Carrizo was untroubled.

With Celtic pressing for what would have been a winner, Inter broke with speed.  A Guarin shot from 25 yards thundered into the top corner, leaving Gordon with no chance.

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  1. Hopefully the players will take their disappointment and feelings of being hard done by into Sunday’s game and blow the sheep away in the first half. Ram their players words down their throats.

  2. hun skelper



    I didn’t say he was a hun.



    He was an average goalie and is a poor football pundit.







  3. 67heaven .. challenging the lie ..i am wee oscar / neil lennon.. ipox belongs to the creditors



    20:58 on 26 February, 2015


    charles kickham



    20:52 on 26 February, 2015



    Who was the so called Scottish journalist who opened with a question about a flare – name and shame




    Sounded like the BBC’s Dave King correspondent Richard (Dick) Wilson

  4. Good performance. Good improvement since start of season.


    Tonight was always a benchmark as to how we have progressed.


    Can’t believe some on here trying to look for a scapegoat.


    We should be talking up the team.

  5. bournesouprecipe on

    I think VVD’s problem is that he is so superior to anything he faces in Scotland.



    Dead (on) CSC

  6. Ah well,our midfield should be as fresh as daisies on Sunday,as they were not exerted tonight.Not even when it was 10 against 11.


    Dont get on to me trying to be a “Smart Arse”.I never said it.


    That “James May”wannabee on the BT panel,needs a right good slap.

  7. We have the makings of a really good team that was a really good performance tonight. At times we played ourselves out trouble whereas in the past it would have been backs to wall and punt it long .a great team performance


    Never get these soft pens away in Europe , Virgil really needs to be smarter when he is on a booking . He is young and will learn, may have cost him his big move in the summer.



    Young biton getting better and better



    Treble will do Bring on the sheep

  8. You can sense it, you can see it coming, it’s sooo predicable, naming individual performances that played tonight and blaming them for this and that,and now Ronny’ name is creeping into it, honestly you really need to sit back and have a look at yourselves, apart from the HUNS in here, it’s ?

  9. Loved Kris Commons reaction at the end of game,our Bhoys hurting after watching


    another inept (blatant cheating) performance from officials.


    We will be up for it Sunday

  10. My overriding emotion is pride, plus satisfaction in the knowledge that we have a very good squad assembled. Yes there will be 2 or 3 departures and they will need to be replaced. If Ronny gets these replacements right we can really look forward to a serious crack at Europe next year.


    Possibly subbing GMS was a mistake and in retrospect possibly bringing on Wee James was another, however in the context of what Ronny has done since Maribor and the way the team played tonight, it would be churlish in the extreme to be highlighting shortcomings.


    Tonight will have taken a lot out of the team, we have a huge games on Sunday, we lost nothing tonight, we were never going to win the Europa Cup this year, we have a great chance to win the treble, the season starts on Sunday.

  11. Had the foul on SA been given, it should be a red card as well.



    I dont like the double jeopardy side of it but thats the law.



    So 1-0 up against 10 men would be a different story for us.

  12. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    That BBC Scotland entity are trying to get the club in trouble again.



    WTF have pyrotechnics got to do with a so-called match report?



    Pathetic,hurting monkeys.



    F them all.




  13. theoriginalsadiesbhoy



    It’s ok I got your point from the first post :-)



    Forest is a smashing wee player when he’s fit and performing.



    Sadly, that’s rare these days.



    A team worth approximately 10 times what ours is didn’t look any better than us over two legs. We’re going in the right direction.

  14. The Italian Mafia bribed that Slovakian ref tonight. No doubt! Cheating bandits.


    Canny wait till Sunday. Proud of our Bonny Bhoys!


    Oh father why, are you so sad?

  15. philbhoy



    21:03 on 26 February, 2015



    Read back you said everybody on shortbread is a hun, I pointed out packie wasn’t then you slated packie :-) HH

  16. Great effort from the bhoys. Strange substitution. Would have taken off guidetti. GMSlooked our biggest threat (should have buried that chance). Media are rodents. Ignore them. Tiocfaidh arla

  17. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    “Big Virgil,is not the player some on here think he is.”



    You are correct. Some on here think he is not very good.




  18. Disappointing but it`s on to Sunday.


    Radio Scotland pundits had a wee let`s kick Celtic session after the match. Of course it may have just have been their idea of a critical appraisal!


    Nice to hear the intelligent questions to Ronnie from the Italian journalists.

  19. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Feyenoord fans threw on an inflatable banana at Gervinho tonight. Quite appalling behaviour.

  20. prestonpans bhoys on




    About time our club had a word with the impartial (aye right) BBC with a view to banning them from CP, makes DR look good!

  21. I agree we’re heading in the direction of being a really great side. Problem is, that’s when the vultures from the league of hype start circling around our best players.

  22. thought Denayer played well after the


    sending off…


    looked like he took a more commanding roll at the back..(to me)




  23. not staying on for the post mortem…. they usually just make me angry



    at this moment I feel hurt for our bhoys …. and proud of them



    have to settle for the treble……..



    til tomorrow




  24. 79caps @ 20:55



    BBC website showing a big picture of the flare. Why don’t they just speak direct to UEFA?



    Should make it easy to ID the stupid clown then and get him banned for life. No real Celtic supporter would do such an idiotic thing particularly when we’ve just received a UEFA fine for similar ! No excuses !

  25. GMS, Griff & KC as front three for Sunday, usual 8 behind them, play at high tempo from start and score early. They’ll sit back and pump it long to try to catch us on the break, close them down and don’t let them hump it forward quickly.



    4-0, ram their word down their throats

  26. Excellent from the players and coaches tonite


    Now planning starts for CL


    But we know it won’t


    Both center backs will be gone


    It will charlie and hide behind the couch Efe


    Our new swede striker will be gone ( he was tapped up months ago)


    We will be left with on Griffiths as a lone striker

  27. Crystal Palace Midfielder Barry Bannan Brands Celtic-Inter Milan Referee A ‘Disgrace’ After Hoops Are Eliminated From Europa League



    What was the problem with Hartson saying this on TV.”It might have been a penalty””Maybe the booking was harsh”


    FFS.Are they all cowards.Was Stan Collymore the only honest panelist on that fekin station?.

  28. Immensely proud of the bhoys tonight.


    the ref was a joke but to talk about him I feel would take away from our achievements.


    we have come a long way in a short time and I for one am very excited about the months ahead.




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