Inverness 0-2 Celtic


Celtic won a hard-fought three points at Inverness this afternoon despite spending the majority of the game looking for rhythm.  Inverness looked strong at the back in the early stages and were as physical as Neil Lennon would expect them to be.  Both goalkeepers had a single genuine attempt to deal with in the first half; Jonny Hayes forced Fraser Forster to dive low to his right to block a shot, while Anthony Stokes couldn’t get the ball out from under his feet to do better than lob his shot directly at Ryan Esson in the Inverness goal.

Beram Kayal was booked for a needless challenge 30 yards from the Inverness goal near the 30 minute mark but two minutes later Celtic created their best chance of the first half when Hooper, Forrest and Stokes all had attempts in a goalmouth scramble.

The biggest incident of the game occurred after 36 minutes when Greg Tansey was shown a straight red card by referee Stevie O’Reilly when he jumped and put a hand into Georgios Samaras’ face.  Samaras clearly took a sore one but a yellow card would not have been an inappropriate decision.  Ironically, just a few moments before Tansey’s ordering off, one of the assistant referees jumped to avoid getting involved in play, raising both hands and causing some confusion as his flag was inadvertently pushed into the air.

It took Celtic a long time to make the extra man pay but Ki fed James Forrest on 60 minutes, who played a one-two-three with Gary Hooper.  Hooper drew Esson from his goal before squaring a pass to Stokes who knocked the ball into the empty net.

Celtic then created a flurry of chances.  Forrest beat his man and fed Stokes on the left but the striker couldn’t find space to get a clean shot away.  From the resulting corner Kayal released Stokes who tried to chip Esson instead of squaring for Hooper.

On 72 minutes Hooper fed Forrest, who beat his marker but his shot was blocked and spun into the air.  Stokes allowed the ball to bounce before volleying into the bottom corner to secure the points for Celtic.

Despite being two goals and a man down Inverness continued to press Celtic.  Foran fell in the Celtic box under pressure from Ledley.  Shinnie made the most of an awkward ball by splitting Manstorovic and Ledley but could not get space for a shot.

Neil Lennon replaced El Kaddouri, who had been booked, with Paddy McCourt, which settled Celtic.  McCourt allowed Celtic to hold the ball and acquire some composure.

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  1. Blatant penalty kick denied to St Johnstone



    Sandaza blatantly blocked by Goian from going for a through ball



    Euan Norris joke




  2. repost from last thread:



    Excellent result, very happy we’ve went to two places we consider dodgy in recent weeks and got wins.



    We were awful until Ki came on but fair play to Neil, he saw it wasn’t working and he changed it at the right time; after that we looked far more dangerous and the first goal was wonderful! Stokesy is on fire at the moment! And credit where it’s due, I thought the defence was solid today particularly Wanyama; though its only fair to say well done Maj as well, I slaughter him enough so it would be churlish not to give the big baldy one credit



    Thought the sending off was very harsh though if you put your hands up it can happen; and they cant really complain as Foran should have been red carded for that horror tackle he did on Maj, disgraceful. Always nice to get Terry Butcher annoyed.



    We were by far the better side in the end and deserved victors.

  3. Man/Men of the match – Every single soul who travelled to support Celtic at the park today and Victor Wanyama.



    Canalamar – how effective is Gary Hooper?



    The good guys won folks, the bad guys tasted bitterness and defeat.



    Picky me would have to say that 2 other ICT players could have had a 2nd half early bath if the referee had been true. Samaras decision was clouded by the guy having a right good look at the guy he was going to paw…



    Kojo – some days you get the bear (allow Anthony some slack – I ain’t sayin’ you’re wrong, but neither am I sayin’ you’re right)



    The team and the support have done their job in difficult surroundings – God Bless ‘Em…





    obanfanti 1888



    WE are truly sad b…….s



    But at least we are not………







    Hail,hail,bud,when you read this!

  5. Sir Paul



    Help me oot ,here..



    Dae You no thnk that







  6. Fritzsong @ 15.34



    The football expert that is my 7th old son spotted that right away.


    I on the other hand was trying to work out if we should have got a corner.



    There was a replay but it was from a similar angle and showed nothing new.


    Looked a bit of a wild challenge and PMcC got flattened.


    As usual no discussion from the so called pundits.



    Finally surprised at the lack of comments regarding the pitch.


    If that grass had been at Augusta it would have been called rough.



  7. Afternoon paul,



    Great result no negatives for me. Back to Barrowfield this week, and 2 home games.



    Roll on Wednesday.



    P.S. big Victor, what a player.



    Kojo i agree, young Forrest was terrific, 2 players on him at all times but still involved in both goals.

  8. Just watching the huns game On Hun tv


    The funniest cement of the year from “Tom”


    “even the fans here are not enjoying the referees decisions today”




    Please explain???

  9. Omar Bogle Scores Two.. as a the Under Nineteens..


    that wiz only his Second Game . as a Starter..


    In his First Game… The Scored..



    Two Goals.. and get this..



    He Scored Those Goals in the Game ,wi






    and Again .. get this









    collie,says. . Omar is the Real Deal.






    Leonardo Fazan.. is making Progress.. he wiz in the Subs Bench…



    fur today’s Under Nineteens Game.. agin the St.Johnnies.



    Keep an eye oan this Young Italian.. Boy.. dae Ah like Italians?



    He is a Young Keeper with Loats and Loats and Loats of Promise…


    Ah hiv seen him wance.. agin the Yong G.A.



    Ah wiz Enormously Impressed…



    He is the Best young Prospect of a Keeper that Ah hiv seen .

  10. Angel.. ye ur an… Angel…



    Thanks .



    Ah could tell by the Report that Sir Paul wrote..



    that he … Agreed wi us.. aboot.. the Big , Big Influence. that James hid


    in Baith Goals.. in the whole Gaem as a matter of fact..



    But, Sir Paul is Playing it . cool..



    Very Understated wiz his Feelings aboot how much that he Liked James Contribution tae oor Victory..



    In Ma Opinion. of Course..




  11. Kojo,



    Goalscorers get all the plaudits, and sometimes quite rightly so.



    Players like young James who can create space for those forwards, with 2 men marking him at all times, that is a fantastic player to have in your team. Young Aiden was the same until he was kicked lumps out of, let’s hope James can get the protection he needs. In this country? doubt it.



    My humble opinion also.

  12. Quiet here today. Assume everyone is knackered after a busy week of defending Celtic (or joining in the attacks against us as some seem to prefer).



    Can no one else see that Butcher is either a lost love-child of the Myth – or else has been altering his DNA in some kinding of disturbing Walt the Myth cloning project?



    Good to see WGS add a bit of sanity to the ESPN studio. Just need to get rid of Burley and Hateley now, and they might just have a product worth paying for.

  13. A great win made so so much sweeter by Terry Butcher being seething over the red card, thanks Terry, icing on the cake.

  14. It’s a good job us fans don’t pick the team.



    I suggested that Marcus Fraser should play centre half rather than Victor Wanyama, the man of the match.



    Others howled with derision when Ki came on. His great forward pass set up the first goal. Some would have had Hooper off before he laid it on a plate for Stokes.



    So hats off to Neil Lennon!

  15. Summa of Sammi…. says:


    19 November, 2011 at 15:52



    0-0 at H/T



    St johnstone doing well been denied a good shout for a pen



    Rankers best chance was a free kick by Davis



    Sally been out on touchline looking a worried at the poor play



    Im sure 2nd half some decisions may go there way

  16. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Butcher obviously doesn’t understand the offside rule. The goal was clearly legitimate.


    Also, when has it become acceptable to hit people in the face? (other than in Scotland)


    ICT got no more than they deserved today. Another bunch of cluggers hoist by their own petard.


    Roon ye Butcher!

  17. Odysseus






    Ah gotta agree wi you.




    Today.. Ma opinion of Stokesy is Meeting with..



    Disparagement and Rancour…



    From the Majority…



    so.. as ye see.. Ah hiv Backed doon…



    It is Nae Fur tae Be a Punch and Judy Puppet.



    No sir!



    So.. Awe you guys who thinks Stokesy is the Berries..



    Ye hiv convinced Me….




  18. Final comment on the influence the MIB can have on players –



    TFOD CB’s – They know they will get protected so they grow in confidence.


    Dodgy tackles / poor timing will be let go.


    Slip up / poor play they will get a foul given against their opponent.


    Is it any wonder that most CB’s for the TFOD look good?



    Compare and contrast with JF.


    No protection at all as be is targeted in a manner BR would have loved.


    Consequently he is bag of nerves waiting for his next cheap shot to arrive.


    He is the future of the NT yet it is open season on him every week.

  19. Good afternoon friends.



    A very good day so far and the possibility that it could yet get even better.



    Thought 19-year-old Victor was outstanding.




  20. The best reaction from Butcher was when Foran did Dan, the slow mo showed a shocking studs all in challenge and Butcher is in the background complaining that Dan has dived/play acted.

  21. Fortunes



    Nah – keep them – they’re a good barometer for us.



    Hateley looked physically pained to involve himself with and concur with WGS – Gordon Strachan played a blinder today. Because over and above the 10 man thing we scored through good football.



    That and Wanyama – what a find. Rightly picked out in the studio for some focus.



    Burley is a muppet – and it strikes me that we must have locked his wife up in an airless cupboard that day for him to have such anti Celtic feelings – unless there was another reason? We paid this man’s wages. Shameful.




  22. Summa


    Hun pish … St j …. Pish


    Second half underway ….. Usual Huns arm wrestle game


    Hun tv .. Funny as


    Huns defending like the tic….


    Could be a wee draw me thinks

  23. angel



    Right Oan.. Palomine.




    Ah admire a Thinker.






    You ,Sir.. are A Thinker.



    James Forrest , today.. was the Instigator.



    Ah jist luv an Initiator.



    Fur he Has .. Initiative!!!



    He is Initiates..



    He is the Seed Money.. that starts .. the Business..



    No Instigator… and…. Nae Business.. wull be Done..




  24. The Singing Detective on

    Sir Kojo.



    That would be Bogle frae Birmingham.


    Yes,Lennie has a wealth of talent in his Development Side/Under ’19s.



    Relative to the standard of our First Team Squad,they surely must approach the level of our ‘Quality Street Kids’ of the early seventies.



    The conundrum is how to introduce them into our squad in a seamless and timely fashion.



    Can you imagine the crowing that would be coming from the G.A. if they had anything like this talent to draw on ?



    It would be Fleckinho x ten million !



    Especially pleasing that even their best player,McGeouch,was filched from them.


    Apparently,the clincher was a personal visit to the family home by Our Legendary Manager-In-The-Making.



    Out Jiggin’ Tonite ??

  25. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    A much better second half from the hoops Stokesie is certainly doing the business for us.I give him my man of the match for his 2 goals.We have certainly signed a cracker in big Victor and he is going to get even better.However,Lennie has to get our slow start sorted out as against a better team it will cost us dear.H.H.

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