Israeli recruiting anchor


Anchoring to a distant geographical base is not intuitively how you would expect a football club to recruit but Celtic are clearly working their contacts in Israel these days.  Beram Kayal has worked out well in the two and a half years since joining from Maccabi Haifa, as has Nigeria international, Efe Ambrose, who joined from Israeli club Ashdod in the summer.

Neil Lennon recently mentioned he needed cover for left back (despite right-footed Adam Matthews performing heroics there against Barcelona), so it is no surprise that Israel international Rami Gershon is in town today.  Gershon has played less than a dozen games for Standard Liege since leaving Israel three years ago, although he was a regular pick for loan club Kortrijk.  Should he sign he will be a low-risk addition to the squad but he has almost certainly received commendation from the same sources who recommended Kayal and Ambrose.

Best of luck to Rabiu Ibrahim, who left for Kilmarnock after promising much but delivering little as a prodigy at Sporting and PSV Eindhoven.  He was the low-risk addition of last January.  You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs……

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  1. philvisreturns on

    Paul67 – You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs…



    You’re right, we should do more shopping in the French market…



    Stephanes Mahe and Bonnes CSC (thumbsup)

  2. philvisreturns on

    A selection of the BBC’s “quality” programmes on today:



    Homes Under The Hammer


    Bargain Hunt


    Flog It!




    Celebrity Mastermind


    A Question Of Sport




    The Graham Norton Show



    Pure quality, man. (thumbsup)

  3. It’s difficult to critcise our scouting system, they are allowed a few near misses, hope this lad is another bullseye though.

  4. Rabiu Ibrahim is another of these strange players who come into our squad get little game time and leave. We would have been better off keeping Niall McGinn than bringing in some of these guys. McCourt must be the next player to go. He needs to be playing games at this stage of his career and he won’t do that at Celtic.




  5. A lot of teams tend to sign more than one player from a country – tends to help them settle I suppose. I think we often overlook the settling in period required for someone moving to a new country given the personal as well as professional issues it raises.

  6. The Battered Bunnet on




    You’re quite right re BBC programming, but you’ve not mentioned the plathora of Food programmes. From the pointless variations on the Masterchef theme, to the Great British Bake Off, I’ve yet to see a single Swan dish.



    When will these people finally understand that the Quality Standard demands more than a splash of olive oil on a sloppy risotto?

  7. Must say I was surprised about Ibrahim leaving,did Lenny not give him a four year contract,and say he was a star in the making.

  8. philvisreturns on

    Re: Rami Gershon



    Is it Rami as in “alakazamy, stairheid rammy”?



    or Rami as in the Scottish short form for Raymond?




  9. We’re also rumoured to be interested in signing Eremenko according to News Now. He’s currently with Rubin Kazan in Russia.

  10. sixtaeseven - 4 fouls 4 cards & penalty, a day in the life on




    You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs…… ?



    Living in France, I’ll need to think about how I should react to that one.



  11. philvisreturns on

    The Battered Bunnet – Also, remember when The Doctor in Doctor Who was old enough to hire a car?



    I keep expecting his mum to turn up in the TARDIS to kiss him on the cheek and give him his space packed lunch and warn him not to pick on the poor Daleks. (thumbsup)

  12. Nuclear Bovril and a Half Munched Pie on




    Radio 4 is worth the license fee alone.



    Add in that I get peace from Mrs NB to read CQN when Pointless is on and I’d happily pay loads more*



    *Well I would if it was me and not the Mrs who had the direct debit for this.

  13. I don’t remember us getting so nostalgic for lost talent such as Ross Wallace, who has enjoyed a fine career at Championship clubs, a level above the standard where Niall McGinn, good tim though he is, is thriving. Just remember that Niall did not manage to persuade League One club, Brentford, to sign him when he was there last year.



    Simon Ferry is doing well at Swindon and Paul Caddis too is thriving at a higher level on loan with Birmingham. These guys had their time and have done well, but not well enough, to persuade a CL level club like ours that they are of a good enough standard.



    Now, if McGinn has a couple of seasons of scoring at this level in the SPL then we might look again. However, at present, he has done no more than has been done in the recent past by Darren Mackie, Chris Killen, Colin Nish, John Sutton, David Clarkson, Adam Rooney, Connor Sammon and Jon Daly.

  14. “Shares in Duff & Phelps leapt in value after the firm announced it is to merge with The Carlyle Group in a deal worth more than £400 million, subject to shareholder approval.”



    Must be because of the success they had over Ibrox way – well they successfully made a lot of cash anyway.

  15. south of tunis11:38 on4 January, 2013






    I knew I’d be off the mark in basically carpet-bombing IDS, but in the interests of inaccuracy, which is his forté after all, I thought I’d just throw as much mud as possible, in the vein of,


    ” When did you stop beating your wife? ”


    The man is odious creep made flesh and I despise him with a passion.


    I’m now off to try and find the very short clip of him being pure evil on Question Time to illustrate my loathing of this most execrable of cretins.


    Apart from my rantings, I hope you enjoyed your New Hampshire Christmas!

  16. philvisreturns on

    Nuclear Bovril and a Half Munched Pie – Radio 4 is worth the license fee alone.






    It’s Marconi’s answer to pseud’s corner.



    If it was truly “worth” the licence fee, they wouldn’t need to make the licence fee compulsory and have rude letters sent to Philvis’ house threatening “enforcement action”. (thumbsup)

  17. Sir Paul



    Jist in fae the ..You Know whit.



    Roman Eremenko, could be the answer..



    Tae Whit?



    U may ask .. or.. no ask..



    Tae Celtic’s Perennial Problem…



    Which is …finding a Locksmith, who kin dae whit.. the Magnificent Lubo.. did..



    Which wiz.. using his Cracksmith Talents tae lay bare..the saft Underbelly..



    of a Stuffy and determined.. S.P.L Defensive Wa’.



    Yep.. Roman, could be the Guy tae tak oan the Lubo Magic Mantle.



    Noo.. Roman is no tae be confused wi’ his.. Elder Brother..



    Alexei…who did a stint wi Killie.. a season or so ago..






    Roman, is a faur bettah prospect… Younger,and a Much,Much Mair.. accomplished ball player.



    He disnae score many goals…






    He MAKES ‘EM… which, is jist the kinda Cat which we are in dire need o



    He wull coast , money…so.. it is a Slim chance that Neil, wull.. Get him






    We kin always hopel





    Still.. Laughin

  18. setting free the bears



    People were talking about Leigh Griffiths. I would prefer McGinn back to that clown Griffiths.




  19. philvisreturns on

    setting free the bears – I was sad we let Stephen Pearson go, always liked him. (thumbsup)

  20. Philvisreturns, mais oui.



    LiviBhoy, a little from column a….



    SFTB, ha!



    sixtaeseven, you’re safe from me.



    Kojo, just back far the jiggin’, of course.



    Agree on your central point, we need a locksmith. Not sure if Eremenko is the answer. Would probably do well in the SPL but we’d need to give him more game time than we have given Paddy.

  21. Radio 4 is brilliant, except Woman’s Hour, Money Box and You and Yours, but there is usually good stuff on Radio 3 when these programmes are on.

  22. Maybe we already have a locksmith. Or two. Maybe it’s Dylan McGeouch or Paul George. Or both.



    They both have great control, pass well, move well and get their heads up. They are young and require great coaching, but they are there, they are good and they are ours.

  23. Sftb, totally agree re McGinn



    Paul, Eremenko is a magnificent player, much better than his brother who was very decent in SPL. Roman E is the player we need to open up stoic defenses.




  24. Seven Fishes Four Steaks



    I would hope these Bhoys would get some decent SPL time when the league is wrapped up in March.




  25. Livi Bhoy



    Agree that Leigh Griffiths seems to have talent AND baggage- like Derek Riordan. Niall would not fail for effort but I still think he would only be a squad level player in our squad.



    philvis- I will put that down to your fondness for gingers

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