James Forrest: Scottish football history in the making


St Mirren are bottom of the Premiership table this morning, one goal worse off than Hearts, but, on what we have seen from them and others this season, that is a false position.  They passed the ball and defended well.  If they can figure out how goals are scored, they will finish mid-table.

After an opening three minutes that promised a goal glut, Celtic struggled to find an opening until Mohamed Elyounoussi knocked Celtic’s third attempt in as many seconds into the unguarded net.  James Forrest celebrated his newly signed four-year contract by adding a second within 5 minutes.

He will be 32-years-old when this contract expires – and by then, the most decorated footballer in Scottish football history!

This morning, Scott Bain also signed a new four-year contract.  Scott was secure in his no. 1 position until injury during that fateful qualifier in August.  Fraser Forster is unquestionably now first choice, even if Scott returns to fitness, but Scott showed enough last season to prove he is worthy of his place in the squad.

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  1. DAVID 66.. PARK ROAD.. ALMORE.. And everybody else i’ve missed.


    Big thanks for the good wishes, from the family and our CSC.


    H.H . Mick


    P.S Almore how’s the prof doing?




    What secrets are preventing Lawwell from taking Resolution 12 to UEFA for a decision?


    Date: 31st October 2019 at 8:07pm


    Written by: Joe McHugh



    For reasons best known to only the very inner circle of the club, Celtic has advised shareholders that it is not in the companies’ best interests to take the famous Resolution 12 from the 2013 AGM to UEFA for a ruling.



    Any news released on a Friday night is worth keeping a close eye on, six nights ago at the bottom of the 2019 AGM Notice was the telling decision:



    The Board does not consider it to be in the best interests of the Company to take the steps proposed by the resolution. The Board recommends that you vote against this resolution.



    What exactly are the board afraid of?




    Surely taking any matter outside of Scotland kills off talk about conspiracies, vested interests and any outside agendas.




    Discover the history of money and payments


    Discover The History Of Money And Payments


    Sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland


    In summary a group of Celtic shareholders believe that the club from Ibrox were given a licence to play in the 2011/12 Champions League qualifiers despite having an overdue tax bill on March 31. UEFA insist on clubs being upto date with social payables to prevent clubs putting football success and prize money ahead of being prudent.



    Had the rules been followed Celtic would have played in the Champions League qualifiers, reaching the group stage would have added £20m to turnover. When clubs gamble on UEFA prize money to pay last season’s bills it is a recipe for disaster.



    The whole Resolution 12 issue has been debated thoroughly online; a dedicated website has been put together that almost any Board of Directors would be proud of from a concerned group of shareholders. Getting an outside agency or consultant to put in the effort and hours that the ‘requisitioning shareholders’ have put in would come to an eye-watering amount. They have covered every angle to the nth degree but the basic evidence was laid out on a plate to the Celtic directors during the 2017 trial of Craig Whyte.



    The former billionaire was cleared of all charges but others were put in the dock, the legislators at Hampden, the SFA, were shown up at every turn.



    It is essential that this issue isn’t turned into another Old Firm battle for tabloid titillation. It is a matter of governance and competence. On the evidence of the Whyte trial there isn’t a shred of either inside Hampden yet Celtic refuse to push the issue internally and have backed off from getting UEFA to intervene.




    In the meantime, President Petrie and Andrew Dickson, who were both on the 2011 Licence Committee continue to exert their influence across the entire Scottish game.



    Witness after witness at the Whyte trial highlighted the overdue payable of 31 March 2011, it is way beyond disputing. It was a major issue before the man from Motherwell would hand over his pound coin in return for taking on the Ibrox liabilities. The fact that the £2.8m bill to HMRC arose from payments made to ineligible players that was never punished by the SFA is just another aside.



    After the Whyte trial the SFA had another choice to make. Did they take the chance missed in 2012 to come clean, admit mistakes had been made and become a body that delivered governance equally to all clubs or was ‘the good of the game’ best served by abandoning the rules to ensure the continuation of the Old Firm and the ill-gotten gains that follow.



    In early 2012 Peter Lawwell told BBC Scotland that Celtic had a stand-alone strategy. His and the club’s actions ever since have suggested that the Old Firm is central to their business model.



    Taking the whole issue to UEFA should clear up every detail. Only those with something to hide would be against the move.



    The good legislators inside the SFA will be cleared and the suspicions of the paranoid internet bampots will be trashed by a UEFA ruling. Or perhaps their concerns will be confirmed.

  3. HENRIK1967 on 31ST OCTOBER 2019 7:18 PM


    From The_TBK




    For information ….. the Board of Directors request the Shareholders vote down Resolution 12 ….. #onlywecandamageourselves








    CFC complicit since 2012.



    I’ll repeat this is not the club we all thought it was.





    Whilst they may be complicit Res 12 still lies in the lap of the SFA. This post by Medtim earlier sets out where matters stand.



    The original Res12 is in effect in SFA limbo. The latest Res was to bring it out and give to UEFA. The Board need to justify leaving questions unanswered or be faced with accusations of complicity.




    MEDTIM on 31ST OCTOBER 2019 1:07 PM


    I spotted this on another forum and thought it would be of interest to some on here.



    A little bit of clarification on what Celtic actually oppose.



    They oppose taking the investigation away from the SFA and asking UEFA or the police to investigate.



    In doing so they are binding themselves to a judicial process that after 2 years has shown itself not fit for purpose and one in which they resist questioning.



    At the 2018 AGM questions relating to CAS involvement were asked and a commitment to providing a written answer was made at that AGM but to date there has been no answers.



    No answers to them by AGM 2019, suggests Celtic are incompetent at best and complicit at worst the consequences of which are a possible fraud is being covered up with Celtic’s knowledge.



    Not a good place to be standing at AGM time.



    So whilst going to UEFA or the police is eschewed by Celtic, not providing answers to the questions posed as result of the SFA “parking” the investigation that Res12 has caused, is simply untenable.



    Opposing the current Res doesnt mean the matter is finished, it just means no more excuses can be accepted for Celtic’s inaction since in effect May 2018 when they were given hard legit evidence of fraud but did not act upon it, requiring Res12 lawyers to do so at cost of £2k to add to earlier costs of around £7k..



    So whilst Celtic might oppose going to UEFA they simply cannot stand aside and let the SFA stay silent.



    A deadline for SFA to decide what to do must be set by Celtic by or at the AGM, along with a timetable for completion, whether that be by SFA or CAS covering ALL of the submissions made by RFC under granting and monitoring of the UEFA licence in 2011.



    Otherwise Celtic are protecting the SFA and risk being seen as complicit in covering up a fraud in which they were victims.



    In short their continuing policy of inaction , silence and non interference, particularly from May 2018 is untenable and has to change to restore faith in Celtic and give the SFA an opportunity to regain the judicial authority they surrendered under the 5 Way and restore the rule of football law that otherwise lies in tatters.

  4. Henrik @ 11:47


    A sensationalist headline worthy of the red tops.


    Typically it reveals little or no evidence of wrongdoing and skews the truth.

  5. Chavez @ 3:08


    A worthy cause to support.


    However, shouldn’t they first donate to Celtic the amount of the fine the club has to pay?


    Maybe in way of a donation to the Celtic Foundation?

  6. Lawwell’s online backers and cheerleaders are notable at the moment for their silence, no counter argument is being put their way or perhaps they are too embarrassed to defend the indefensible.

  7. That was from Joe McHugh, one of the 99& of Celtic website owners who support Res 12. Guess who the 1% is?

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JIMTHETIM53 on 1ST NOVEMBER 2019 3:24 AM



    PL`s backers.



    You mean the Celtic Board.



    PL`s online backers.



    You mean Celtic supporters.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 1ST NOVEMBER 2019 1:36 AM



    That would require an element of decency .


    Hard to find that in an organisation which is a law unto itself.


    Time for Peter to stop pandering to them.


    Hopefully a promise of action at the A.G.M.

  10. Macjay, I hope so too. But this site is huge and Paul has the ear of some top dogs in Celtic. We need him to come out and support the feelings of the majority of posters. That the SFA are corrupt. Celtic’s silence is deafening, so is Paul’s.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    No argument from me on that score , Jim .



    Paul`s ” silence “, as you describe it , is , with respect , his business and his alone.


    No honourable person supports the majority because they are the majority.


    Paul has no obligation to jump on or off whichever particular bandwagon is fish of the day .


    Mixed met. or what.



    I find the gross rudeness of some posters in biting the hand that has fed some of us for many years , to be the epitome of ingratitude .


    NB. I am not referring to you.



    One further point . The enemy is the SFA and its fellow travellers.


    Bashing the Celtic Board , for whatever valid reason , assists them . Not us.


    I suspect there`ll be some chortling on the green grassy slopes.

  12. Melbourne Mick



    I will keep PaddyMacoz in my prayers my friend,hoping and wishing for the best.Tell him to keep up the fight.all the best




  13. JIMTHETIM53 on 1ST NOVEMBER 2019 3:24 AM


    Lawwell’s online backers and cheerleaders are notable at the moment for their silence, no counter argument is being put their way or perhaps they are too embarrassed to defend the indefensible.



    Hi Jim


    Have you asked Joe mc Hugh if he is a resolutioner? Like a lot of modrin Celtic Meejah the authors may or may not have been signatories.my point being Jim a lot of the sites you are trawling and trolling were not exactly vociferous bout res12 in the years since it was originally put to our agm.The one site you are trolling originated and put together the res.so a little respect as in my opinion my friend.



    To get a resolution to board is no mean feet.it is/was a titanic struggle.


    We were watching a rigged game during Sir David of cheats whole reign,since the day he took over.i ,tho not a shareholder find the fact we are not pursuing this just wrong but in a corporate sense there are many reasons I could put out there


    1.We stand alone- by this our business model is not based on a “rangers’ being here


    2.corporate independence- during the recent spate of mergers/takeover In the high st you never once will hear say m&s comment on Debenhams problems,much in the same way you will not hear Celtic comment on the cheating Huns business.never.their job is to comment only on our business.


    3.maybe the major shareholders took the major hit during the cheating years,with 5 or so of them touching 80%.This tho offers nothing to minority shareholders and their interests.


    I am just putting it out there.i dissent the boards view on voting this down and historically it makes Sir cheat of Murray’s


    Tenure look like an accounting blip!



    Hope your good Jim and have range of hyms planned for the Christmas run up.




  14. Good morning CQN from a dark, wet and cold Garngad



    Bring on the Hibees. How many fans will be phished before 5.30pm the morra 😂🍺👍



    So Sevco face another team who have sacked their manager, that must be a world record.



    I hope The Griff isn’t far away from fitness.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  15. Good morning friends and a Big Happy All Saints Friday to one and all from a rather wet, grey and dreich East Kilbride.


    Firstly, bucket list time for Jobo this evening as I finally get to see Gilbert O’Sullivan at The Pavillion. IT’s all about opinions!


    Then just one more sleep will we get to see The Champions play, albeit it’s a TV watch for me (I follow the fix fitba’ empty Hampden advice ;-) )


    Have a great day, everyone.

  16. AULDHEID on 31ST OCTOBER 2019 11:50 PM



    The question I ask you is where is Morrissey23rd?



    Can I also ask if this gets voted down will you and others follow suit like magic_bhoy in reporting our directors for failing in their duties ?



    Where is Joe O’Rourke in all of this is he in hiding ?



    He’s quick to call out the SFA and their dodgy rules and referees but nowhere to be seen when it’s to criticise the club.



    I’m starting to think the ones that aren’t criticising our directors are the ones that are getting wee snippets of info here and there.

  17. TIMBHOY2 on 31ST OCTOBER 2019 7:50 PM


    BIG JIMMY,Keep your eyes off them young Burds,not good for your health,at the moment.




    Is it okay to eye up and chat up the AULD Burds ?







    Please pass on my best wishes to PADDYMACOZ….Stay strong Paddy Bhoy !



    Mick, Im afraid to say that I have long since worn out all of your old Burds from the Saltmarket…with my John Travolta “Moves” on the dance floor.


    Frankie and Big Eddie ( Owner and Manager), from the Shipbank have given me great support and help. They are great mates to have.


    A Massive thank you to ALL on here for taking the time and trouble to wish me well etc, I can’t thank you enough it means a hell of a lot.




    With each passing VICTORY by Lenny and The Bhoys in Green….is contributing to my health getting better…Bring on The Hibees……Just Dae it it Celtic……………UNLEASH HELL !



  18. Doctor says…”NO Burds, Booze or Fags”…….



    I replied, ” Doc, I am gonna look hell of a funny lying in my Coffin…DEID with ……NOTHING” !





    HH .

  19. AULDHEID on 31ST OCTOBER 2019 11:50 PM



    A statement back in the day from Stewart Regan on the SFA’s website.



    The Scottish FA is bound as are all other decision making bodies in this country by the Supervisory Jurisdiction of the court under Scots Law.



    Will the res 12 team be taking them to court over their failing of duties ?

  20. During my time in hospital I also asked several Pretty Angel Nurses…..



    ” When I get out of here, will I be able to play the Piano” ?


    Nurses replied…” Of course Jimmy”…….


    I would reply…” Thats hell of a funny, cos I couldnt play it before” !



  21. I remember being in the Divorce Court, and the Judge would say….



    ” Big Jimmy, I am going to award your Wife £100 a Week”.



    My reply was…” That is very kind of you Sir…I’ll try and slip her a few quid myself” !







    Your auld Burds never stood a chance with me around…with my dazzling dance moves…and the Glesca Banter flying about.




    Take care my good friend, and Paddy is in my Prayers.



  22. Big Jimmy


    I had a wee heart problem 2008 ,and just before leaving hospital the nurse was giving me the dos and donts ,


    and she said any questions ? Aye nurse what about sex ?


    She replied ,you should wait about a month , any more questions ? Aye do I have to come back to hospital or do yous do house visits… She didn’t laugh ,must have heard it before…


    Take it easy ….

  23. South Of Tunis on




    Our part of the stadium will be shut but we’ll be in the stadium doing our usual stuff .-enter the stadium at the Tribuna Tevere .

  24. Jobo



    Re. Your lack of MOTM nominations



    I dont know about anyone else, but previously, most of us (who cannot make the games) were able to watch the games either via an IPTV box or through some sort of internet ‘sausage’.



    This is becoming more and more difficult since a lot of the servers have been taken down and it is getting harder and harder to watch the games and give u an opinion



    That might be a reason…. it is certainly my reason for not giving you my nominees




  25. The statement referred to at 9 35 was issued by a spokesman for a group of Ultras who call themselves –


    GLI IRRIDUCIBILI – ( Hardcore in English )



    Formed in 87 . They ain’t the worst . Many of the far right nutters think they’re bourgeois wimps.

  26. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good morning CQN from a dreich, chilly Central Highlands. Personally I am looking forward to a weekend in Pitlochry, for an early 60th Birthday treat, to visit “The Enchanted Forest” light show. Both Miss H’s are travelling up from the Dear Green Place and meeting up with Mrs H and me. Got a cottage booked, car is loaded with booze, and i’m Ready to go, as soon as Mrs H finishes work at one.


    Football wise, I hope that Lenny continues to improve his Hampden record tomorrow. As it will be a break for Hibs from their depressing League campaign, I think they will be motivated to do well. As ever, we must match their intensity from the very start, and win the personal battles. From that bridgehead, our superior personnel should tell.


    I am hoping today’s Leader will tackle the Elephant in the room. Hoping.




    Best wishes to your great pal Paddy MaCoz, in his battle with illness, also to his family and friends.



  27. Melbourne Mick very sorry to hear about your great friend’s illness. Please let him know that Hebcelt wishes him a speedy return to full health. may be back in Mornington early next year and will look forward to meeting up with you ghuys again. All the very best H H Hebcelt

  28. Did anyone see a resemblance between Greg Taylor and Tosh McInlay. Style of running and a couple of sliding tackles looked uncanny.

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