Jar to the senses


It was such a jar to the senses.  Twice a striker was clean through on the keeper inside the box.  For 12 months, this only led to one outcome.  Last night we saw Joe Hart make two saves we have not seen since his former England squad team mate was in goal.

Playing out from the back, as we do, takes nerves and practice.  The key players are the goalkeeper, the central defenders and the two deepest central mids.  The latter two need to be comfortable controlling a pass facing their own goal with an opponent on their shoulder.  Callum McGregor and David Tunbull have this.

You can expect a few bumps on the road; McGregor’s nightmare back pass being an example, but we will improve as the season progresses.  Developing this attribute will inevitably cost goals, but you see the speed and effectiveness of the transition into attack.  Gone are the days of circulating the ball endlessly in a horseshoe pattern, or worse, the long ball.

I also liked our new player, Tom Rogic – another who has the ability to bring the ball under instant control with an opponent (or two, as it often was last night) breathing down on him.  Kenny Dalglish would use his body to keep an opponent from getting a toe on the ball, Tom brought it all back last night.  For me, this is an unexpected sunset performance.  Tom is a throwback, without an engine for the modern game, so these treats will remain a cameo.

How are you feeling about the direction of travel?

Last night’s starting 11 had three new signings, eight players who were here last season, seven of whom are Scottish.  Three signings and, of course, a manager we traveled the world to bring to Glasgow!  There are certainly no guarantees against AZ, but the recovery has been swift and impressive.  You are not going to hear this from too many sources, but the fundamentals at the club remain very good; watch how we grow.

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  1. Can I also add that I hope to see two, or, three loan signings, irrespective of who we bring in permanently, but of course these probably won’t happen until late in the window for reasons pertaining to the settlement of squads in England. I would like to think we could get Elyounoussi back in again, however I don’t know if that is possible. I believe he would relish playing in Ange’s system and complement Kyogo.

  2. From twitter:



    “Two things can be true at once. That Ralston remains Celtic’s only right-back is a damning indictment of Celtic’s football operations. That he has improved so dramatically so quickly is a testament to his character, and to the head coach’s influence.



    Celtic urgently still need an upgrade at RB, we all know this, but it’s quite a wholesome redemption story emphasising that Postecoglou’s impact isn’t just tactical, but psychological in the self-belief he tries to instil in players.”

  3. Good article.


    One sentence I would amend – “but the recovery has been swift and impressive.”


    I think it’s important to realise the recovery is not in the past tense. It is very much in the present and, hopefully, the near future.


    The recovery “is” going well, though there’s still much to do.


    We’re not there yet.

  4. Great Performance last night.



    I had said that we were again getting Different treatment than Sevco. Another poster said I was wrong and that the whole front stand would not be closed, instead it was practically the whole Main stand front and rear, approx 6500 empty seats. It appears Ibrox did have a red zone which was much smaller.



    We need to push this issue, like the number of coaches to shuttle players to the stadium, we aren’t been given a fair treatment



    Has anything further been heard about Ibrox 3 covid cases as mentioned by Keith Jackson?



    Its also quite about Eduoard transfer front. Are we still trying to sell him and not buy any new players until we get the proceeds as per Ajer. Nearly every poster today stated that we are at least 2 players short. Get them in, Eduoard is not leaving, he is seeing his contract out as he can leave for free next summer. Surely the club know this.

  5. I understand the reluctance of some to embrace the Europa Conference competition and, I agree that the title must be our number one target. However over the last ten years of almost complete domestic domination, Europe has been our Achilles Heel and failure has cost us dear. They say practice makes perfect, so let’s start that practice where and when we can. The AZ tie is not a foregone conclusion although on paper we are not favourite – let’s give it our best and anything that comes after it too.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “You are not going to hear this from too many sources, but the fundamentals at the club remain very good; watch how we grow”




    Progress has certainly been made – just a pity it has been from such a low starting point. Think where we might be if better decisions had been made three (or even two) years ago.


    Still some concerns in certain areas.


    Surely if we are being serious about improvement and a new vision we should have aimed a bit higher than Strachan? If this is genuinely a short-term, project-type role, could we not have got in a Rangnick or a Van Gaal?


    Smacks of cronyism or certainly extremely limited thinking – exactly the thing that has been holding us back for years.


    If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.


    Penny-wise and pound-foolish, as ever…..

  7. The club have confirmed in the last few days that there have been no bids for Edouard, the notion that he has to be sold before we can buy is a myth.



    We’re sitting on £30M in sales since the last window closed.



    Facts CSC

  8. Things starting to go cold on the signing front ….apart from a man City loanee……..Please God don’t let us down Celtic !!!!!

  9. ‘ You are not going to hear this from too many sources, but the fundamentals at the club remain very good; watch how we grow.’






    Is there finally to be a decoupling from The Old Firm bandwagon?




    We’re sitting on £30M in sales since the last window closed.




    Not disputing your figures, nor, the point you make – c£15m, Frimpong & Klimala, pre June, i.e. last years accounts and c£15m into this year’s, Ajer plus assorted. Probably net receipts will be c£25m after Frimpong ‘pay back’.



    We made c£6m loss in the interims to December and maybe double that in the second half of this Covid season – possibly a total annual loss of c£18m.



    So there will be ‘considerations’ in our financial position.

  11. I’m going to jump over to the glass half empty club for a minute. I agree that our performances have improved considerably over the last 3 games, but being realistic, we have beaten a team who currently sit mid table in the Czech league and SPL newcomers Dundee at home. Our defense is really shaky and needs at least 3 new starters. Looking forward to adding McCarthy into the midfield but feel we still need a Wanyama type in there. Up front looks good. The manager remains somewhat of an unknown, but he is still in the honeymoon phase and we’ll see how he reacts when under pressure. Don’t forget he’s working with a backroom team who masterminded the collapse last season.



    While I’m feeling good, as my buddy JHB said, let’s wait and see how things develop over the next couple months.

  12. ERNIE LYNCH on 13TH AUGUST 2021 2:03 PM


    ‘ You are not going to hear this from too many sources, but the fundamentals at the club remain very good; watch how we grow.’






    Is there finally to be a decoupling from The Old Firm bandwagon?




    Yes – we won’t know how good is “very good” until the Annual Accounts are published – however surely “watch how we grow” can be substantiated in what we do in the remainder of this window – is this what Paul alludes to?

  13. JHB



    I’m sure there will be financial reasons, we run the club June to June it seems, and never give heed to signing players in time for ‘qualifiers’ . Whether that’s right or wrong is a seperate debate, especially when you could successfully argue the eight players ( nine including Ralston ) might have beeen signed for next years qualifiers or to win the SPL outright.



    If a player under contract Eddy ( last season ) expressed a desire to leave, then Celtic will obviously await bids for his services. The club have confirmed that there have been no such bids, it naturally follows that nobody except perhaps Eddy’s Mum? knows that it is his intention to refuse moves for three four times his salary and run down his contract.




  14. Long time , no post folks but thought I’d take advantage of the feel good factor.



    Trying to get in touch with Malorbhoy ? If anyone knows both of us can they ping me his details .







  15. JHB on 13TH AUGUST 2021 2:09 PM



    Any financial considerations won’t be using the figures in the way you have. Of that you can be 100% sure

  16. BADA BING,



    I have tried that and all I get is This site can’t be reached. So, I went on to the Celtic site and all I was offered was the Hearts game and a season ticket. Weird.

  17. ROLLING_STONE @ 1:42 PM,



    Yes, you can see the psychological effect from his body language.



    Hail Hail

  18. For AZ game tickets, you have to sign in to your Celtic account then click on notifications.



    There you should find your tickets and can purchase.

  19. Of course a wee email from Celtic, telling us how to buy the tickets, might have been helpful.





    No disagreement from me with all you say. The mindset of the club will be subject to a reason – we just don’t know what it is.



    Bolstering the squad in time for the annual CL qualifiers where success in 4/6 matches can bring in ten times the revenue that can be earned domestically, seems a no-brainer, and yet we repeatedly fail to so do.



    The Eddy situation, as you describe it, is becoming a bit of a farce. Perhaps his agent is beavering away in the background and a £20m bid will suddenly appear. The prospect of him ‘carrying on regardless’ for another season doesn’t bear contemplation. Personally I would bite the hand off of someone offering £10m plus add ons….but then the personal terms may not suit him, or, his mum. A *BBP may be lodged in his mind.



  21. Despite the continuing campaign to discredit our native fullbacks, you can remember that Tony is 22 and Greg is 23; not ‘kids’ any more and so the perfect ages to meld/train two good athletes into a new manager’s set-up.


    Any new FB who hasn’t played this system b4 might struggle to adapt and implement to it as it’s evolving.


    For back up, domestically, we have Urhogide and Montgomery who need to get their chance from time to time.


    Let Tony and Greg keep doing what the manager wants them to; they’re acquiting themselves very capably in a team that’s more about the system than individual brilliance. After all, bringing in exotics like Elhamed, Frimpers and Kenny only gave us frustration for us to let wur own kids get a run.


    Looks like we’re batting eyes at the Man City fullback Couto. And another CB will be brought in for sure.


    This mob is gelling ‘as a team’ and long may it continue.


    Another crew doing the same is our coaches; how often did we see Lenny, John, Gav and Woodsy share a man-hug last season – Ange is rebuilding club unity and club culture. HH




  22. The Battered Bunnet on

    And we have a winner!!!



    “I think it’s important to realise the recovery is not in the past tense. It is very much in the present”



    Step forward Jimmy. Top bhoy 👍 👏 🍻

  23. THE BATTERED BUNNET on 13TH AUGUST 2021 12:18 PM


    The whole season – IMO – comes down to the effectiveness of the recruiting of new defenders in the next fortnight. The attacking football is exhilarating at times, but unless the mince trembles less we’ll suffer some acute disappointments.








    Totally agree with you. If money is tight then we should spend every available penny on strengthening the defence. The midfield and attack can be strengthened in future windows.

  24. CORNELIUS @ 3:45 am


    Nice post. Thank you for the good wishes. They are of course reciprocated.



    QUADROPHENIAN @ 2:55 pm


    I respectfully disagree that there is a “ Continuing campaign to discredit our native full backs.”


    Let’s look at it from Ange’s view and make a couple of assumptions. Assume that he is looking at his thin squad with a dispassionate eye, and assume he considers Urhogide and Montgomery too risky in the event of long term injuries to Ralston and Taylor. He lobbies for reinforcements. Should these reinforcements be: 1. Faster, more skillful and better defenders than the incumbents? or 2. Understudies to the present incumbents? Stands to reason it would be No. 1.



    Reading back, it seems that most posters seeking defensive upgrades admire the sterling efforts both Ralston and Taylor are putting in. As do I. But shouldn’t that be the absolute minimum for a Celtic player? Life is harsh, and if Celtic are to have a serious attempt to win the league, and make any inroads in Europe, then defensive augmentation is essential. We don’t want to be finishing too many games with substitutes Bitton, Montgomery, and God help us, Urhogide. Just my thoughts.

  25. A few random points from last evening … Tommy Rogic was terrific, it was like stepping back in time , following on from just being very good on Sunday.



    Hardly recognised Albian he has shifted a very old bit of lumber , fingers crossed, he performs some sort of Lazarus act for us ….



    Exciting times ahead … need to hope that Ange and Dom’s critical objective is to make us a top class European outfit who just happens to be based in Glasgow… so much good stuff will flow directly as a consequence of that mindset




  26. DAVID66



    Was travelling to the lovely Isle of Bute, staying for 4 days, so the podium is there for one all, for a short period only!! Take care David, por cierto

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