Jar to the senses


It was such a jar to the senses.  Twice a striker was clean through on the keeper inside the box.  For 12 months, this only led to one outcome.  Last night we saw Joe Hart make two saves we have not seen since his former England squad team mate was in goal.

Playing out from the back, as we do, takes nerves and practice.  The key players are the goalkeeper, the central defenders and the two deepest central mids.  The latter two need to be comfortable controlling a pass facing their own goal with an opponent on their shoulder.  Callum McGregor and David Tunbull have this.

You can expect a few bumps on the road; McGregor’s nightmare back pass being an example, but we will improve as the season progresses.  Developing this attribute will inevitably cost goals, but you see the speed and effectiveness of the transition into attack.  Gone are the days of circulating the ball endlessly in a horseshoe pattern, or worse, the long ball.

I also liked our new player, Tom Rogic – another who has the ability to bring the ball under instant control with an opponent (or two, as it often was last night) breathing down on him.  Kenny Dalglish would use his body to keep an opponent from getting a toe on the ball, Tom brought it all back last night.  For me, this is an unexpected sunset performance.  Tom is a throwback, without an engine for the modern game, so these treats will remain a cameo.

How are you feeling about the direction of travel?

Last night’s starting 11 had three new signings, eight players who were here last season, seven of whom are Scottish.  Three signings and, of course, a manager we traveled the world to bring to Glasgow!  There are certainly no guarantees against AZ, but the recovery has been swift and impressive.  You are not going to hear this from too many sources, but the fundamentals at the club remain very good; watch how we grow.

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  1. Tom McLaughlin on

    Are you really criticising Celtic for a reduced turnover in this year of all years? Seriously?

  2. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 14TH AUGUST 2021 3:40 PM



    You’re right – criticism of turnover is short-sighted.



    Covid-19 has had a detrimental effect on the financial results. 30 June 2020 saw revenue fall to £70.2m (2019: £83.4m) – that was in a season only marginally affected.



    I would imagine a revenue fall to a figure of around £60m for the full year(£40m @ December 2020). If that turns out to be the case we will be looking at 25% drop from the last non-Covid results in 2019.



    We can and will survive because we have a strong financial foundation – It makes you wonder how on earth the Ibrox operation with year on year losses is able to survive.

  3. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 14TH AUGUST 2021 2:46 PM






    HCTS did operate for Hearts game. It was the Jablonec game that was time barred.




    I had to go online by 5pm on Wednesday to secure my seat for the Hearts game or it would have gone on sale on Thursday.

  4. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Starfelt reminds me of a walking pace Harald Brattbakk with a bit of Tony Mowbray………..neither a positive.



    earlydays csc

  5. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    is it not a wee bit early to be putting the boot into Starfelt? He’s only been here 5 minutes and is not exactly playing in a settled defence. Le’s give the guy a chance before we write him off – successful team rebuilds don’t happen overnight, we will need to be patient for a wee while longer yet.

  6. They died due to financial mis-management………………..the institution Scotland is happy enough to accept is a walking zombie collection of bitter nostalgia……………




    Not the same as being alive.

  7. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    I would be delighted if Starfelt is a success, my comment was more on the style of player he has so far shown us to be……………..he gets my full support.

  8. For a few seasons now, I’ve felt ‘watch how we regress’


    If the message is now ‘watch how we grow’ presumably we are now clear around what went wrong last season (and beyond) and what steps were and remain outstanding.

  9. I hope that CS settles down and grows into his responsibilities.


    However after SD last year — nerves are a bit shot regarding



    Just a case that we seem to have paid a lot of money for a player that is not a natural for the game we are trying to play.



    Compare and contrast with LA and KF who do look like prime candidates for an AP team.



    CS vs BD for a shot at Left CB — the question needs to be asked.



    BD seemingly has moved to SU for another shot at the ECh — he must be missing the 46 league games per season.

  10. Paper talk turned up to 11 / possibly 12.


    RM seemingly looking at joining the EPL — leftfield or what?



    If the EPL is going to move to the next level — EPL B or the like then all hell will break loose.



    2 leagues with 18 teams each means DD / the Irish Raj might get his arbitrage dream after all.



    36 teams would leave some space for “outsiders” of the right pedigree.


    Plus the 3 B’s would get punted ASAP no matter how good their results might be against the Erse.



    RM / AM / FCB are in some state financially — things are so bad that SDM now seems like a paragon of financial probity by comparison. Surely lessons will be learned and their mental overspending habits outlawed for good?



    RM have been saved in the past with property shenanigans.


    FCB have had issues with finance at regular intervals over the years.



    Will the Spanish league survive at the top level if the biggest clubs financially collapse?

  11. TMcL @ 3.40



    I am calling out the club for a reduced level of T/O over a number of years — starting with 2018 onwards.


    I am calling out the club for a shambles of a transition from NL to anyone of note in football.


    I am calling out the club for the train-wreck that was season 2020/21.



    our saving grace is that DD / PL / NL are that hopeless that anyone with the basics will be a huge improvement.



    AP seems to be busting a gut to get us back on an even keel.


    DMcK seems to be a quick learner with good business basics.



    Consequently we have hope.


    Last season all we had was the stench of ongoing failure.

  12. MK


    CS vs BD for a shot at Left CB — the question needs to be asked




    Who’s vs?

  13. ziggydoc1 on 14th August 2021 5:13 pm


    CS vs BD for a shot at Left CB — the question needs to be asked




    Who’s vs?




    Vijay Sethupathi

  14. fourstonecoppi on

    This kid could have a big future



    Celtic’s B team hit the goal trail in the Borders to demolish Vale of Leithen 6-0 at Victoria Park, Innerleithen.


    Owen Moffat was the star of the show with five goals, two coming in off the left then another three when he moved to centre-forward for the last half hour.

  15. B team / Colts move into the Lowland League seems to be working.


    I think that the team is growing and developing as they deals with new challenges.



    The quality of the league is a bit variable but they do seem to be learning how to play against senior teams with full grown adults in them rather just another round of games up against teenage gym bunnies / wishbone centre halves just like themselves.



    If it gets too easy for the U20’s then just send in the U19’s / U18’s.


    Hopefully they will be given a promotion if they earn it.

  16. vs = versus



    Left CB position — 9 months ago it was BD who was on the agenda before JK @ LFC got on the phone.


    Now we seem to have CS in for that position now or at least until LS @ SR gets the call.

  17. I think you will find that Starfelt played in a team that had players that can defend,same for Shane Duffy.



    Lets see lf we can get some defensive help in to help out.

  18. mitchy


    youv sharpened your thimbles today


    and evribodys gettin it.



    jeez am just glad i believe everyhin you type 🤣.



    Who had ‘irish raj’ in the sweep? 😎



    keep the ideas comin




  19. Another Cemtre half in beside starsfel i hope.maybe a fellow


    full back midfielder,winger,spare striker,few bench warmers too..go tae it Dom.nae problem!.

  20. INIQUITOUSIV on 14TH AUGUST 2021 5:53 PM


    AZ Alkmaar lose first league game 1-0 away.




    That’s good news. They’ve also lost a few good players plus their captain was on the bench today (speculation of a move happening).


    A couple of weeks ago, I thought we’d definitely end up in the conference. I now think we have a good chance. The workrate alone from the team, the last two games, has been brilliant. Wee kyogo looks tremendous but will get clattered relentlessly. Would like a bit more physicality alongside him.

  21. there was an excellent old fella on the clyde phone in tonight.


    after laurie from denniston.



    he talked with vivid recall of Kenny debut in 68, then the games at ibrox.






    is it a cwner ? 73 he was, first game in 59.










    Kenny of the Celtic




    50 years ago today since Kenny broke through into the Celtic team. Imagine the scene. 1-0 against Rangers at Ibrox in front of 75,000 and 67 minutes gone. Penalty to Celts and the youngest guy on the park steps up to coolly slot it home. 2-0 Celtic and a star was born.




  22. Theoriginalsadiesbhoy at 12.18



    Thanks very much for the info, good news.



    Enjoy the game, Hail Hail

  23. Tom McLaughlin on




    I was behind the goal for the penalty. As he placed the ball on the spot, he knelt on one knee and took a minute to tie his lace as 75,000 supporters waited with nerves shredding.



    Kenny eventually stepped back before sending the keeper the wrong way. 2-0.



    Young Kenny was coolness personified.

  24. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 14TH AUGUST 2021 6:51 PM





    I found in a cupboard today the CQN Magazine 1-10 compendium.



    It was published the week before we beat Barca.



    Your two articles, on Leeds game and your first game were really good.



    The names in the mag, several passed now, and many more never post.



    There is a wee stat used, probably from Winning Captains “join 200,000 others looking at CQN every month”

  25. TIMHORTON on 14TH AUGUST 2021 7:09 PM


    SAINT STIVS@6:27pm







    Less of the old.😠






    was that you then ?


    the Alex Raes dad story was a good yin, share a bus to an old firm game, incredible.

  26. Tom McLaughlin on




    Yes I remember the various editions of CQN Magazine. Very well produced.

  27. Cracking photo. Holy shit, look at the crowd in the jungle. I remember going to a few reserve games when Paul Mcstay was playing. I’m not sure but a blond haired boy was another stand-out and I always thought it was Jim Duffy.