Jaroslaw Fojut on Celtic, Lennon and possibly moving this month


Jaroslaw Fojut spoke to a Polish newspaper yesterday on his decision to join Celtic. Our man in Poland kindly transcribed:

When asked if he would like to move to Celtic this month, Jaroslaw said, “If I move to Celtic this winter a convenient outcome for all sides would need to happen.  If I need to stay in Wroclaw until the end of the season it will not be a tragedy.  My decision to sign for Celtic is not going to change my dedication to Slask.

“Whatever the outcome, I will not be aggrieved.

“The people at Slask offered me a good contract.  Before I signed for Celtic I met Slask chairman, Piotr Wasniewski and explained my situation.  I wanted to play fair with the club who were always fair with me.

“Money was not the main reason I decided to go to Scotland.  I do not have to justify myself by telling you what kind of club Celtic is and the real reasons behind my decision.

“My agent told me about signals from other club but there were no concrete offers.  Celtic were determined to sign me and when their offer came in I did not look for other options.

“I expect competition for a place in the Celtic team to be high but when I get a chance to play I will make good use of that privilege.  I have not spoken to Neil Lennon yet but I am aware of what he has said about me and look forward to meeting him.

“I remember playing against him when he was with Nottingham.  I think we played twice in the cup and once in the league but could not be sure.

“I planned to call Lukasz Zaluska and ask what it was like at Celtic but what if he told me things were bad there?”  Which Jaroslaw laughed at.

“Lukasz and I will have lots to talk about, we are both Legia supporters.

“I’m not going to argue about whether the Scottish or Polish league is better, everyone is entitled to their opinion on this.  I’m pretty sure we have no club in Poland who can compare to Celtic, whatever aspect you analyse, economic issues, organisation, supporters, stadium or anything.

“Let’s not forget Celtic play in Europe every year and battle for the biggest prizes.

“In a way going to Celtic is a dream come true but my dreams will have to change.  I will not going the Bhoys and feel happy, my ambitions will have to move on.  I am sure Lionel Messi still has something to win and achieve.  He has never been the champion of the world and that is why he must improve.  I’m pretty sure I will not be short of incentives.

“Celtic is a very big deal for me but you do not climb the mountain and say, OK, I’m done.

“My acclimatisation is going to me easier in many aspects.  I know the British game, I know what the coaches expectations are.  During my years in England I learned the language so I’ll not have problems with communication.”

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  1. tomtheleedstim 10.48


    Thank you for the superb link to NMs treasure trove. I looked up the historicl kits web site for the No7 white kit nearest i came was the 68 69 3rd strip but it did not show the hooped cuffs are they one and the same.


    Thank you again for the chance to glimpse a fantastic collection.



  2. James Forrest is Lennon on

    First up guys



    Thank you, all of you, for your comments on my post of yesterday. Much appreciated, and I’m glad it resonates with some of you.



    I am amused to note this morning that Phil has an article up quearying the “crystalisation date” of the HMRC “wee tax bill.” If my reading of it is correct, Phil is saying he has information that this happened prior to March 31 last year.



    For me, for Whyte to have “uncovered” this during due dilligence strongly suggests to me that it was “buried”. That Rangers did not disclose it to anyone, as they should have. If they were hiding it, the question is why? It’s a minor amount in the grand scheme of things. It’s a low-ball number. Why would they need to hide it? What’s significant about it?



    Did it come in just before the deadline, and they decided not to inform anyone? Did it then become an issue they had to bury? I am speculating, of course, but the smoking gun here, as I said yesterday, appears to lie in the SFA’s admission that it was Whyte who brought this to their attention … i.e. it was not disclosed to the Association by Rangers.



    One last thing …. Brogan Rogan, that post you put up for me yesterday was, as ever, brilliant. There is a lot to come out of that post. The issue of player contracts is one which will have to be addressed, and I did notice who’s name was missing from the list of former Ibrox employees who would have known or discovered very quickly that contract rules were being broken.



    That individual will have to step back and out of any investigation, as to be personally involved would create an appalling conflict of interest. I, personally, don’t see how he survives in his job, as he is involved in not one but two highly contentious EBT schemes at different clubs, and would have known everything … including the rules on contracts.



    It’s all going to be very interesting … and very messy.

  3. Jungle Jim says:



    19 January, 2012 at 09:55



    philvis @ 9.50



    You are quite correct. I would have said: It`s OK to hate Rangers , they should go out of business and Scottish football would be better off.






    But using only three words. :)

  4. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! says:


    19 January, 2012 at 11:49



    Nae luck mate,did the same last November,everybody


    telling you to”take a drink” and me telling the lie”a don’t want


    wan” bassas :o)


    hail hail

  5. leftclicktic says:


    19 January, 2012 at 11:50


    It’s brilliant isn’t it mate. Would love to have a good look around it all. I wonder what is in the bags upstairs they refer to?


    That collection alone could half fill any museum if the club wanted to build a bigger one.

  6. philvisreturns @ 11:40,



    Look at Xerox PARC.



    Did ye ken, that Xerox were the first to develop the GUI, the mouse and Ethernet (Internet Protocol).




  7. johann murdoch says:


    19 January, 2012 at 11:31


    Re Kodak amazingly enough they developed the first digital camera but company/management wouldnt run with it..gave it to apple instead .






    Their prototype dates back to the early 70s I heard – and now Kodak are in trouble…






  8. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Headtheball 19 January, 2012 at 11:49:



    See what you’ve done now!!!



    My reputation is in tatters.



    Apologies to everyone who was offended by my reposting of a joke with Davie Weir as the target, and at no time mentioned any casualties (god rest their souls) that has featured on this blog 5 times an hour for the past week.

  9. Now I don’t know kevjungle, and he may or may not be a mischief making currant bun, but am I the only one who agrees in part with some of what he is saying.



    paul67 and celtic40me, you are both right, the audited accounts are available for all to see, but how many of us are financial experts and can fully analyse them and what is in them ? I work in Banking and see plenty of strongly performing companies who find legal ways to deflate profits or show losses, for a number of reasons.



    rather than look at the profits or losses generated in the accounts, some of which relate to writing down of assets such as players which is not an exact science, we should look at the cash being generated, which remains significant.



    we all hope that mob are going to get what’s coming to them, but i’m concerned that will come at the end of the season, after another close run title race.



    We have the cash – it is in the accounts lads – to go out and address the deficiencies the manager has identified. for whatever reason Baba Diawara a player scouted and identified has been missed out on, for a fee that looks well affordable. I agree £650k on Henrik is better than £12m on Flo, but there are few Henriks around, but nor do we need to spend £12m. Lustig, Fojut & Ibrahim all look like good business, at little significant outlay, let’s hope we are going to make a signing to bury the huns once and for all now.

  10. James Forrest is Lennon says:



    19 January, 2012 at 11:53



    I thought you could have put a bit more passioin into that post yesterday. :)



    Kidding of course and that kind of passion might be needed to kindle preventative action.



    On the wee tax bill, the date it was made public, 1st April had me smelling a rat. How convenient, right after the 31st March to take it outside the key date in the public’s mind.



    I was a bit surprised the issue came back out again on Twitter and it would be so easy to put to bed if dates of correspondence were supplied.



    The timeline is on the RTC blog and I think the Huddleboard carried it.



    At a point when Scottish football should be becoming more open to save itself, it appears to be retrenching thinking this is how to save itself.

  11. I like Jaroslaw Fojuts attitude, Hope we can get him to the club now instead of the summer. Although playing well it will keep our other CB’s on their toes. Let’s get the deal done, We have a title to win.

  12. Awe_Naw_@12:01,



    Well you would know better than I



    I bow to your esteemed colleague’s greater wisdom.



    However I’m pretty Xerox did have a mouse all be it lacking balls of the German’s – Steve Jobs noticed it at a seminar on their premises, spoke to a young chap called Bill Gates about it.



    Even he didn’t get everything right:-)



    Hail! Hail!

  13. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I have read that Southampton havnt given up on signing Gary Hooper even though there last bid reported to be 6 Million turned down.Paper talk says the saints are willing to treble Hoopers wage from £12,000 per week to £36,000 and likely to increase there bid to 7 Million.Thats is a huge increase to the player and also big money to Celtic how long will the board turn down the money for Hoops. H.H.

  14. Celtic’s new signing Jaroslaw Fojut has said that he is keen to move to Scotland this month rather than wait until the summer.


    The Parkhead club announced on Tuesday that they had sealed a deal to sign the Slask Wroclaw defender when his contract expires this summer.


    Fojut said that he was unsure if moves would be made to allow him to transfer during the January transfer window but that Celtic did want to agree his early release.“Celtic want to have me now,” Fojut told Polish newspaper Przeglad Sportowy. “I would prefer to go there this winter.


    “There’s no amount in my contract so I don’t know what money would come in to play.


    “However, if I stay with Slask nothing will change in my attitude towards the team. I won’t be an evil spirit in the dressing room.


    “If Celtic don’t get me now, I’ll do my best to leave as a Polish champion.”


    Fojut said that having missed Slask’s Europa League matches against Dundee United, he was unsure when Celtic had watched him play.


    He revealed that contract talks were carried out in such secrecy that even his parents did not know a move had been agreed before the official announcement.“I thought that giving it publicity could only be harmful,” he said.


    “It’s not every day that you get a proposal from a club like Celtic. I wanted to do it as discreetly as possible.”


    Fojut added that he was looking forward to competing for a place in Neil Lennon’s team, saying that he knew there were good players at the club already.“There are many good defenders with serious experience, also internationally,” he said.


    “It is obvious that in such a club there is always a great rivalry.“I’m ready for it.“

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut says:


    19 January, 2012 at 12:12



    I’d like them to turn it down for another 12 days – we’ve a league to win.



    Then in the summer he can go or have a crack at the CL




  16. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    your an evil mhan for sinking that ship and drowning all those people, its all your fault

  17. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Rieperman 19 January, 2012 at 12:10:


    It was in response to something someone else said. If you had bothered to follow the trail of the post (ie look to see who I was responding to) before being faux outraged or offended then it would have been clear.


    Just to let you know this is the end of the subject for me.


    Bye bye.

  18. Paul67



    yes and played against him so no doubting Lenny and the judgement on capability etc ..still a 5min calls to explain why he wants him and how he fits/will be utilised would have been sufficient …there are some things that should not be delegated ;-)



    St Stivs-



    now see you on L.I. cheers



    aye Ctrl/F : or ask big Ive to show ye ;-)







  19. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire 19 January, 2012 at 12:18:


    A few of the people that post on here will believe that and go and post it on FF or Leggat’s blog.

  20. cardiffbhoy says:


    19 January, 2012 at 12:03



    There is an art to how accounts are presented.



    Otherwise they could be produced entirely by computer programme.



    They are after all only a series of numbers.

  21. Joe Filippis Haircut says:


    19 January, 2012 at 12:12


    I have read that Southampton havnt given up on signing Gary Hooper even though there last bid reported to be 6 Million turned down.Paper talk says the saints are willing to treble Hoopers wage from £12,000 per week to £36,000 and likely to increase there bid to 7 Million.Thats is a huge increase to the player and also big money to Celtic how long will the board turn down the money for Hoops. H.H.






    A poster on KDS said IF they have offered him £28k per week that is 20% of their weekly wage bill on 1 player. Nuff said

  22. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    my source, (the legal at UEFA, remember him :o), tells me that the meeting was concluded with the proper handshake and all left happy with the outcome.

  23. Auld Neil Lennon heid says:


    19 January, 2012 at 12:11


    James Forrest is Lennon says:


    19 January, 2012 at 11:53


    “I was a bit surprised the issue came back out again on Twitter and it would be so easy to put to bed if dates of correspondence were supplied.”



    Keevins and King, when asked on Clyde, answered that there is no problem with License because Regan said there was no problem.


    Keevins went on to ask rhetorically “What else do you want us to do?’



    And they have the nerve to call themselves journalists.

  24. ernie



    There is an art. I have no issue with how the accounts are presented , although I would like to see a more detailed breakdown of what is spent and recouped on players. If you google FC Porto’s accounts you will see what I mean.



    I never quite understand why players move for “undisclosed” fees.

  25. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    yer a heartless illegitiMATE :oD



    I posted a cracker the other night and never got the response you got, so obvioulsy the mock outrage only happens during meeja house business hours, eh :o)


    I expect the outrage is base on them getting rid of a stalwart, innit


    dont let the buggers grind you down


    hail hail

  26. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    When you get in trouble and you don’t know right from wrong,


    give a little whistle!


    Give a little whistle!


    When you meet temptation and the urge is very strong,


    give a little whistle!


    Give a little whistle!

  27. Honest Mistake,



    Indeed. And if you noticed I did not address you in my first post but simply observed that the joke was getting old and in bad taste.



    I was not outraged, faux or otherwise. If I was you would know about it.



    I only addressed you after your childish phony apology which does you no credit.



    End of the matter for me now too. It deserves no further attention.

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