Jetsam, flotsam and aggregated insight


Great to see so many names from years ago back on the blog yesterday.  As well as the jetsam and flotsam of life at Celtic, there have been times when the blog has had real value to the few, and occasionally, to the many.  Once or twice, we’ve made a real difference to our club.

Our ability to add value correlates directly with the great contributions which appear here; sometimes when people offer remarkable insight, sometimes when many aggregate their thoughts to analyse an issue.

My guess is that there will be moments in the next decade when that insight and aggregation will be needed, so thanks to everyone who keeps the place sane through the flotsam days, before the biggies emerge.  Thanks also for yesterday’s enormous support.  The untold stories of acts of kindness and generosity from the community over the decade are so numerous they are no longer exceptional.  It’s a great place to be a part of.

There are changes ahead.  A new blog design is on the way and the Quick News section will retire this summer.  Canajunbhoy has exclusively posted the section in the wee small hours for the best part of the decade, so he more than deserves peace to hang up his keyboard.  My sincere thanks for all his help.

CQteN was an enormous success and built three school kitchens in Malawi for Mary’s Meals (photos from the last two are on the way).  It was also enormous fun.  We’re going to do it again, although I’m not sure yet if it has the legs to be an annual event/bi-annual or other.  Open to ideas.

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  1. After 6 in Edinburgh there is lot of street parking. Maybe they stop it around Murrayfield but I’d reckon that any where say half a mile from the stadium you would be able to find a parking spot.



    An alternative is to stop close to a tram station. There is a tram stop at the stadium itself so for about £2 or less (per person mind you) you can get to the stadium


    Here is a link that shows you the controlled parking areas in Edinburgh.



    The stadium is outside the controlled zone to the left




  2. Few things to point out.



    As Paul mentioned there is a new site being built at the moment. We will be working on this pretty extensively over the next few weeks. If anyone has any suggestions for the new site please let us know. Email david@cqnmagazine.com



    On CQ11 – we have the date in the diary with Celtic – pencilled in. It is Friday 13th March – the weekend of the League Cup Final which should hopefully see us in the Final.



    The decision on whether we do this is more down to the people on the blog rather than the hassles re organising etc – we all enjoyed pulling it together last time and it was a very special evening.

  3. Thanks Paul and Canajunbhoy, i’ts been a quick 10 years. I remember the early days with P8ddy, Urlcy and Noel90 “stampin” people in the back of the heid……Who’d a thunk it !!!!!! Here’s to the next Ten ……In a row………

  4. Doesnt seem to be much coming out of parkhead as regards who the new management team are likely to let go.

  5. Hibs fans at work are saying Stokes is going to Easter Road on loan. Can’t see it myself.



    Deal to go through if Celtic buy some young Lille striker we are after. Anyone heard anything about a player from Lille?




  6. enattendanthector on

    Thanks for past ten years. My first reference for accurate info and credible refection.

  7. New blog should have filter for posts which contain ‘ should of ‘.


    New blog could have filter for posts which contain” could of “.


    It may be moot but is there any chance that the prohibition of the term ” it is a mute point ” ?

  8. livibhoy



    14:00 on 21 July, 2014





    Their more deluded than the huns by sounds of it. Id say if anto is off he would be sold instead of a loan deal.



    Id keep him.. We need 4/5 strikers . Anto, tony , leigh , pukki and hopefully a new signing.



    Id give pukki til jamuary to come good.

  9. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar on



    I heard last nite stokes would be one of the first casualties of ronnys reign with Leeds supposedly ready to make a bid.


    Can’t see him going to hibs tbh. Will be interesting to see if he is in squad 2maro nite. He was in Malones last nite. 2 days before a qualifier. Wonder is that a sign he won’t be in squad 2maro..HH.

  10. Winning captains


    how about a few sub sections on the new blog


    a place for the happy clappers


    a space for the mineshafters


    somewhere quite for the lurkers


    a wee room for the ref haters


    a single end for the horsies punters


    a flat for the board haters


    a garden shed for the independence debaters


    another section for the night shift


    and so until we all eventually each have our own wee individual sub section where we can all individually spout our own version of the truth as we see it, (or keach as its known) uninterrupted, without anyone to contradict us.


    and on the plus side we can ALL get podium place every day





    jeez its lonely in here csc :-)

  11. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar



    I believe he is an injury doubt for tomorrow.


    If Stokes wants to stay in Scotland Hibs could be a decent enough move but surely with his experience he could command a decent fee and a bigger club.


    I would prefer to keep Stokes. I am not his biggest fan but feel there is a great player in him. It’s up to the coaching staff to get him more productive. Stokes could be a 30 goal a season striker.




  12. Despite being a lurker on other blogs, ( mainly re. Audi’s), I’ve come to like this particular set-up, where the posts are all listed chronologically, as opposed to topically.



    If it aint broke………………!






    End London rule.YES





    Similar,I recall about 85,in The Haymarket wi my one Celtic pal from Edinburgh and a skwaaaad of Hearts pals.



    One of them reckoned they were gonna hump us,quite severely.



    Not a chance,I said,and eventually challenged him to a bet.



    A pint on the result,and a pint for each goal of winning margin.



    I thought that would shut big Ivan up,but it only woke his pals up!



    Six of the b……s all told took me up on it!



    Naturally of course I offered to lay this bet off to my mate,but nothing doing,I was on my own.



    I left when we were five up,only for Willie Johnson to score a late consolation.



    Thirty pints,all bought by Hearts fans.






    Best thing about it was hardly any of them could last the pace and Ivan insisted anyone leaving cough up before departure!



    Great day. Crap morning though.



    None of them showed to wish me well from Waverley.

  14. Ah widnae cut Stokesy Loose..






    Because ,it widnae Mak Sense!



    Ah am a Great Believer in. Trying tae Mak Sense oota ..well.. Everything,that Ah





    Na.. Stokesy, should Be awright.






  15. traditionalist88 on




    Pretty much agree with you though not sure he’ll ever be a 30 goal a season man.



    He is, however, a goalscorer with a very respectable goals return and we should think long and hard before letting him go, given what some strikers are going for now who have scored less than Stokes.



    At the top level I think he is lacking a bit of pace and that bit of ingenuity but should be retained as a squad man I would have thought.




  16. iki




    14:03 on 21 July, 2014




    New blog should have filter for posts which contain ‘ should of ‘.


    New blog could have filter for posts which contain” could of “.


    It may be moot but is there any chance that the prohibition of the term ” it is a mute point ” ?







    Can we also address the imply/infer issue?

  17. Mon The Hoops



    My Daughter is looking for a ticket she is meeting me at Murrayfield

  18. Still looking for a spare brief for tomorrow.



    Happy to meet and buy you a pint for your troubles.

  19. Many thanks to Canajunbhoy for getting up at the wee small hours of the morning and scouring the sports section for Celtic related stories that would be of interest. (Also of course other stories that might affect Celtic)


    Maybe there is someone else out there who would like to take over.


    Me nawe – I like my kip





    I would have thought that you might have corrected that for him prior to your copy and paste.



    Hastily proofreads and posts…..

  21. Mike in Toronto supports Oscar Knox on

    Hello Paul



    Infrequent poster these days (not that I was every prolific), but wanted to take a moment to congratulate you and thank you for the work you have put in.



    Hail Hail





    Get back on the blog,Tony too.








    14:31 on 21 July, 2014







    I would have thought that you might have corrected that for him prior to your copy and paste.



    Hastily proofreads and posts…..




    The guy who never makes mistakes learns nothing.



    I know, I know – I should be a feckin’ genius by now…!

  24. Paul67



    If this revamp involves downtime for the blog you can forget that idea right this minute mister!!



    The last time this site was down for a while that strange woman in my house who claims to be my wife had me doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Did you know Cork had a B&Q?, because I certainly didn’t until you decided to spoil everything with your server upgrade. :-)

  25. ard ri –



    Fit like? Long time no hear.



    Back in the day, I never missed a post. Not on here very often these days, just seem to be busier than ever!



    I found CQN through News Now one boring evening. After about a month I finally plucked up the guts to post, only for Paul, in his welcome greeting, to call me Cruly. And the rest as they say is history . . . .




  26. owen you may have found B&Q that doesnt mean your ability to use anything they sell improved, maybe some cqn downtime will help your next home improvement stage :-)))))



    then again I would have no cqn :-(((((((


    Paul67 what Owen said:if this revamp involves downtime for the blog you can forget that idea right this minute mister!!




  27. Nah we should keep Stokesy he is no a prolific goal scorer but given time he will produce the goods. After letting Sammy go, who personally I was not a fan of Sammy due to a lot of his not interested attitude towards a lot of matches not in the mood & his non-existent close ball control he did pop up with the odd goal now & then so credit where it’s due however @ this juncture we should be looking @ strengthening our striking options not further weaken said option and also wanting other players to step forward more as a goal threat instead of putting most of this burden on players like KC come-on-the-hoops. HH

  28. Mike in Toronto supports Oscar Knox on




    Cheers pal!



    Some of the sniping at each other was wearing me down a bit, so I decided to take a break from posting (but I still read everyday…. I dont drink coffee, so I always start my day looking at CQN while I have my breakfast).



    weetabix and CQN …. the breakfast of champions!



    But, perhaps it is time to get off my duff and start posting sometimes.



    I must say, I have a good feeling about the new manager and what he will bring to the club. Looking forward to this season more than I have in a few years.



    Co-incidentally, I am meeting Tony for dinner tomorrow, so I will see what I can do to get him back online more often as well.



    Cheers and hope all is well with you.

  29. Mon The Hoops! on




    14:28 on 21 July, 2014



    Mon The Hoops!



    My Daughter is looking for a ticket she is meeting me at Murrayfield





    I’ll email it to you if you want to give me your address as it’s an eTicket.You just print it off yourself.


    If you’d rather not put your email address on screen, drop me a line through Paul as he has my email address.

  30. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    “None of them showed to wish me well from Waverley.”



    …..and did you catch the train?

  31. dena29



    Thanks Sis good to know I can always rely on my family for positive feedback.



    Did the ticket arrive yet? I only posted it on Friday, Doh I know, when are you and hubby going to games?





    The blog has been devoid of pedantry recently.



    Thank you for bringing back one of the main topics over the years.



    First running argument I had on here was wi AWE NAW about pretty much the same thing.



    He won,and I’m not doing that again!

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