Joe McBride


Former Celtic striker, Joe McBride, died yesterday after suffering a stroke at the weekend.  Joe spent only three years at Celtic but was one of the most prolific strikers in the history of a club known for its prolific strikers.

Brought to the club by Jock Stein in 1965 Joe instantly became the star of the team as Celtic went on to win the league for the first time in eight years.  The following season, 66-67, would become the focal point of Celtic’s history as McBride scored a phenomenal 37 goals before injury ended his season prior to Christmas.  Five months later his team mates took to the field for the European Cup final in Lisbon without their most potent weapon.

Celtic scored twice to win the European Cup but with fans forever wondering what Joe would have been made of the 40 (literally) chances Celtic didn’t convert, if he had played.

Since that season Celtic players have had incredible goal scoring seasons, Charlie Nicholas in 1982-83, Brian McClair in 1986-87 and Henrik Larsson in 2000-01, each time Joe’s achievements in 1966 were our reference point.

I met Joe a few times, on each occasion he was ebullient and charming, but when talk got down to football, he retained his legendary focus.

Our thoughts and prayers to Joe’s family and friends, may he Rest in Peace.

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  1. more that a great player



    a great man



    R.I.P Joe


    tictalker talking tic

  2. Met him as a boy (I must have been 14 ) at an evening service in St Mungo’s in the Townhead.



    Think it was one of the local priests got him along to talk to the kids as a lot of the gang culture was rife in the Townhead then.



    My memories of him were that he was a real nice guy, chatted away about playing for Celtic and tried his best to give the kids some hope.



    Gob Bless Joe !

  3. Hector Avocado. Silence is tacit consent. on

    I got the podium. First time. I didn’t say much.






    Just like my reaction to the footballing shenanigans.

  4. I never saw Joe McBride play but his reputation as a player and a man over 40 years after he left our club says it all for me. Sorry to hear that he has passed away but he can live on as a Celtic legend. 95 goals in 86 games? Phenomenal.

  5. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Joe McBride was before my time but having read about him and seen him interviewed on the History dvd he was very much the Larsson or McGrory of the day in his time at the club,how good must that have felt knowing he had Celtic’s best ever squad round him,unique.



    God Bless Joe McBride.

  6. Why a secret ballot for the sfl ?



    “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”   – John F. Kennedy



  7. thomthethim CQN (genuine) Badge Wearer on

    Joe made it look so easy, that you thought, “I could do that”.



    Deluded or what?



    Thanks, Joe, for leading the way to glory.




  8. TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) on

    Joe McBride………..



    A thorough gentleman.




  9. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    RIP Joe McBride.




    The notion of delaying the start of the season is absurd though not surprising in the light of what we now about those two clowns Regan & Doncaster.



    I hope that it’s the final straw for wavering chairmen. That some will now just throw up their hands in despair and say No. Not Div3, Not Div1. The easiest way to solve this now, thanks to the incompetence of our leaders, and to get Scottish football back on track, is to forget about Sevco this season. Kick them out and start without them. When a properly considered league reconstruction comes into effect, they can be invited back if there is still any will for that.



    (It’s owing to the fact that there is currently no mechanism for entry to SFL3 by promotion from lower leagues that kicking them out all together cannot be contemplated, isn’t it?)

  10. A Sad Day indeed, may his soul and the souls of all the faithfull departed rest in peace



  11. After Big Jock`s arrival, Celtic almost immediately started playing in an exciting and beautiful fashion. Jock, ever the realist, added Joe to provide the end product and, by Jove, did Joe provide the finishing.


    When we had that pre-Broonie spell of missing penalties, I kept thinking, ” I wish we had someone who could take them like Joe McBride used to.” Nothing fancy with Joe. Just burst the net. Great man.




  12. RIP Joe McBride



    An interesting post from Barcabhoy on RTC this morning



    The SFA have poked a stick at the wrong beast . Football clubs might not be able to sue their national association, however individual shareholders acting alone or as a group in a class action have no such restriction.



    Regan may shortly find that any attempt to close down any enquiry into Rangers behaviors is resisted in court. There may be no appetite at the SFA to conclude on illegal registrations and bringing the game into disrepute amongst others. There is however a consequence. Shareholders at Celtic have seen the value of their equity seriously damaged by SFA failure to police the game properly.



    This isn’t going to end with a vote on Friday. Clubs have been cheated out of £10′s of millions and the SFA have watched it happen. Regan and Peat, along with Smith and Ogilvie are going to find out that their actions have consequences



    Something to ponder over a glass of Malbec

  13. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    That is 3 McBrides gone so far this year










  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Scottish football is in this mess because the rules were bent to suit one , mercifully defunct, Club.


    And the way to clean up this mess is to bend the rules again, in favour of a New club which can’t even confirm it can put 11 players out on the pitch?

  15. Regarding tomorrow’s vote, why should the SFL chairmen be swayed by promises of league reconstruction when they can achieve this at some future point anyway?



    The Sevco issue should not play any part in this decision which will affect the future of Scottish football for years to come.



    I’m sure the chairmen will see this for the sham/bribe that it is and vote accordingly.

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