Kilmarnock 3-3 Celtic


Celtic frittered away another two points at Kilmarnock this afternoon after a performance which ultimately showed depths of determination but was marked by shockingly bad organisation.

Kilmarnock’s opener in 25 minutes could not have been simpler.  An 80 yard high ball was collected on the edge of the Celtic penalty area by Heffernan, who turned and picked out the onrushing Dean Sheils, who was initially being marked by Beram Kayal but the Israeli failed to match Sheils run, allowing the Killie player time to pick his spot and score.

The home team were encouraged by the opening goal and continued to press forward.  Fraser Forster did well to turn over a blistering shot from Kelly which was destined for the top corner.  Kilmarnock’s pressure was rewarded on 40 minutes when Kayal and James Forrest stood off a ball conceding possession.  Sheils crossed for the offside Heffernan to score but the assistant referee didn’t flag so the goal stood.

Seconds before half time Charlie Mulgrew was short with a back pass and James Fowler chipped Forster to give Killie and three goal half time lead.

The first 28 minutes of the second half were miserable for Celtic as the team appeared resigned to a fate similar to the Celtic team which visited St Mirren Park in March 2010 but Anthony Stokes had other ideas.  Stokes missed what was surely the worst chance of his career early in the first half when the scores were still level, and saw a good penalty claim denied on 71 minutes, but instead of hiding he stepped forward.

James Forrest, who also stood up to be counted throughout, ran at the Killie midfield and was fouled 25 yards out.  Stokes struck the resultant free kick perfectly into the top left corner.

Two minutes later Stokes collected the ball from Ki 28 yards from goal in what seemed like a safe position but his swift turn and inch-perfect shot beat Jaakkola in the Kilmarnock goal.

Kilmarnock were now rattled and Celtic were level on 79 minutes.  Daniel Majstorovic got on the end of a long free kick at the back post and squared for Charlie Mulgrew who headed home.

Having scored three times within seven minutes and with over 10 minutes of the game remaining the Celtic support had reason to feel confident their team could collect all the points but it was Kilmarnock would should have tied up the win in the final minutes when Heffernan found himself unmarked inside the Celtic six yard box but headed over, however, the home team will be happy to have collected their first point in four games.

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  1. larssonse7en says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:12



    Stokesy Stokesy Stokesy



    Puts it past the goalie….



    Great comeback from the bhoys in green today



    I thought we were dead and buried at halftime



    I’m so glad for Neil but most of all



    I am so glad for all the great fans that were in that cess pit today



    After all is said and done and after another dreadful performance (first 60 mins anyway)



    We are no further behind the hun



    Oh my how they must have spewed at both equalisers




  2. BelfastCityCelt on

    Paul67 – Any chance of getting those wee smiley things on the blog if ya get the time?



    It could brighten the forum up a wee bit.Thanks in advance.(thumbsup)

  3. I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster on

    larssonse7en says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:16


    larssonse7en says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:12



    “…Oh my how they must have spewed at both equalisers.”



    Comment of the night. Brought a smile to my face!!!







  4. notthebus says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:20





    I am sorry to be pedantic, but again where is the proof of this?



    Has Gordon Strachan been quoted as saying this? if not,why not? he has no axe to grind, no allegiance to uphold.



    The only story of this nature i have heard of this nature was with the Robbie Keane signing , where at the 11th hour it became a possibility he would sign on loan.PL was alerted to this and then spoke to the manager.Even then TM had the veto on this this.If TM said no, he would not have signed. i can quote as fact as i was told this directly by Peter Grant, his then assistant.

  5. Clutsbhoy



    I dont normally speak to the village idiot



    I make exception in your case… …



    you are a K nob



    I believe you probably have always been a K nob



    and I predict you will remain a K nob

  6. notthebus says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:36





    No offence taken.



    Belive me i am not naive in wordy matters.



    However,what you and a string of other posters, is alleging would bring the club to its knees if it were true.I have asked all of those posters for evidence to support the claims.



    With respect, none have offered anything worthy of consideration.



    Based on no evidence being offered to the contrary,you cannot accept these stories as anything other than rumor mongering.






    You asked me a direct question , I replied to you, you obviously didn’t like the answer.


    You obviously believe I am telling lies.



    Fair enough.


    You have proved my guarded assertions, that you have not a clue about how a football club is run.


    I and others are NOT alleging anything that will bring the club to it’s knees, THEY HAVE BROUGHT THE CLUB TO IT’S KNEES ALREADY, can’t you see that, we are where are cos the CEO has been playing at football championship manager.


    Bury your head in the sand, tis your right to do so.



    PL is a business man, a ruthless business man, if you can’t see that, there is no answer to anything.



    What do you work at ?

  7. I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:20



    cheers man



    it brought two smiles to my face



    bummer that we never got the winner



    Long way to go



    hail hail

  8. Well put Paul



    Funny how the only two players that put in real effort are Celtic fans, Stokes and Forrest




  9. Just watched River City on catch up from last night, and the news came on afterwards. First words from the Scottish bulletin, Celtic CEO condemnds IRA chants.



    Will the BBC ever ever mention the bigoted chants of the huns and cousin-huns throughout Scotland. What is it Hearts fans call them, “Big Brother”?. Yes, they do.



    If i was Lenny i’d have been out of this pisshole a long time ago, which is what makes him a bigger man than me. A unique man, with Celtic in his heart. I compare him to other friends i have here from Ireland, recently and 2nd+ generation, who beat down my negativity by telling me things are changing, and they won’t let the shame away with it any longer.



    We have good men and women fighting for equality here….and Lenny is one of them. Behind them all the way.

  10. I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster says:



    Thanks for today’s roller coaster ride :-)


    Enjoyed the trip and the company – thanks for your help

  11. Always been a big fan of Lennon but starting to have a few doubts. What I havent liked is the way he has publicly slated some players. The top managers like ferguson and wenger never do this. Having said that I think he deserves some credit today. A number of posters on here say he isn’t able to change a game. Well today he proved that wrong. 3-0 down at halftime takes some coming back.

  12. Patrick27



    Good efforts today from Adam Matthews and Fraser Forster kind of undercuts that theory.



    Jock Stein, King Kenny, Lubo, Henrik, Naka and Mark Reiper were not, originally, Celtic men.

  13. notthebus says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:21



    You are getting there.



    You heard something from Peter Grant who you believe, but your post suggests that PL had RK lined up, and fair enough, no right thinking manager would have turned RK down.


    You obviously still think I am a liar, I may be many things mi amigo, but a liar isn’t one of them.



    Who lined him up, did TM scout him, did TM ask for him, no, PL did, just like he has done with many others.



    If you can’t see that, I’m done.

  14. I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster on

    Patrick27 says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:25



    The others should be ashamed of their performance, and that includes the management team (and indeed the bonusmeister from the day before!). Although, I would exempt Matthews and Vic67 from this criticism, as thought they also deserved pass marks.







  15. BelfastCityCelt @ 21:19



    That’s actually a good call. It would reduce the verbosity of us all, trying to make a point but using too many unnecessary works to make the point we were trying to make, which can in turn lead to misunderstandings, and then, the repition of points…which also lead’s to grammatical errors and speling mistakes.







    I wouldn’t be so rude as to make personal assumptions about you, please do me the same courtesy.



    What i do for a living is neither here nor there, but what i do know is you have not offered 1 scintilla of evidence to support your claims.



    I asked you for evidence to support your claims, to date you have responded with bluster and hot air.



    Do you have any evidence?

  17. The fans were fantastic today – never stopped singing and supporting even at three down.



    When are they going to get the team they deserve?



    When are we going to get the team we deserve?

  18. rileyskeepingthefaith on

    larssonse7en says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:24



    My dad said the exact same thing to me about the orcs all heading for greyskull with a spring in there step and also that the mood on the radio was different after st mirren had equalised GIRFUT




  19. A fair reflection Paul, and I know other results shouldn’t enter your analysis but I’ll bet a lot of readers tonight feel a helluva lot better after, with 20mins to play and 3 goals behind, we didn’t lose any ground. Not counting the mothers!

  20. midfield maestro on

    What do you have to do to get a reply, be offensive/slag someone? John Rafferty would have been 100 today, but hey you all get caught up in Keevins et all. If only you all knew journalism like he did. If you know your journalism history. Hail hail. Celebrating your day big John. Hail hail.

  21. notthebus says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:21



    Did you watch the GS interview with big Glenda sitting beside him?. Now I accept that GS never actually said he never signed him, but he did without saying it if that makes sense?!.


    With regards to Miller, He did say that the manager told him. He also said that Mr Lawell told him that he would not be considered for the first team if he stayed.


    Now Miller is a hun, but its my belief and only a belief that he wanted to stay and if he never why would he be so critical?, on top of this there is no doubt Miller wanted revenge when he played us, it was in his eye’s.



    Mate I will never convince you because I don’t have the absolute concrete evidence that you seek, what I do have is a hun team on 4 in a row and a CEO earning more than £1mil a year whilst we go from one disaster to another.



    Hail Hail

  22. I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster on

    Clashcitybhoy says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:28



    At 3-0 down, I thought you might be cursing me!:-) Between the 70-80 min looked really special!



    Will catch up with soon and will hopefully be at the Hibs game in February.







  23. Patrick27 says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:25



    I would add Mulgrew to that list despite his error.


    This is the problem,not enough guys are willing to hurt for the team.



    last year at the infamous ITC game the bulk of the under 19s were behind me in the Stand,fans to a man and the air was blue as they watched a bunch of imposters lose us the Title.


    Any of those guys would have put in more fight,


    PS now that people are waking up to Kayal he was rotten that night LONG before his injury.

  24. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    upset about me confronting your b-friend?…get a grip!



    Scroll on!



    I’m begining to think everything is great at Celtic – I should by satisfied with a 3-3 draw in a ‘must win’ game..against Kilmarnock?



    Deary me…

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