Late developer Jullien, Turnbull and medicals


Toulouse central defender, Christopher Jullien, looks set to become Celtic’s first confirmed signing of the transfer window.  A 26-year-old, the €8m fee,  is a departure from Celtic’s strategy of signing young players they can develop into more valuable assets.  He is, however, a like-for-like replacement for Dedryck Boyata, who left for Hertha Berlin last month.

Neil Lennon will know what he is getting with Jullien.  He has been tested in a difficult league and there will be no repeat of the Marvin Compper fiasco, when millions were committed without proper diligence being carried out.

Jullien was a late developer.  He played only one top-flight game, for Freiburg in the Bundesliga, before joining Toulouse as a 23-year-old.  Since then he has been first choice for the Ligue 1 outfit.  This relatively low profile is probably why he remains attainable for Celtic.

At 6’5”, he is three inches taller than Boyata, who joined Celtic as a 24-year-old, having played roughly the same number of top-flight games as Jullien at that age.  I will be delighted to see the paperwork sorted and the player pass his medical.

Speaking of which, there are reasons why we do medicals.  A discrepancy was flagged in Jozo Simunovic’s medical four years ago.  The player was sent to Harley St for a second opinion, which gave Celtic enough confidence to complete the signing.  Jozo has hobbled in and out of the team ever since.

Whatever the problems with David Turnbull’s medical, millions are not casually spent on any player with an expectation he will sit in the stand, or fail any future medical, which would inhibit any resale value.

Let’s hope the boy’s health is good, first and foremost, and that a way forward is found.

Hope the players get a good stretch against Austrian fourth tier SC Pinkafeld tonight.

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  1. Fool Time Whistle on

    Johnson clearly fouled in the box. No pen as Herr Madhun waves play on.



    Aitchison scores a lovely goal – offside flag but he was at least a yard onside.



    Good preparation for the SPFL season ahead.

  2. Fool Time Whistle on

    6-1 in 91st minute from Jack Aitchison.



    Young guys in 2nd half have done well.



    Good play, fine goals.



    Gutman played CB 2nd half but could have had his deckchair with him.

  3. I have been with CQN since the early days and loved it. For all the arguing, differences of opinions etc I have loved it all . I find myself often disagreeing strongly but have always beleived in free speech.


    Anyway, I suffer with depression and have done for over a decade, and I know there are others on this site who suffer also.


    I firstly hope I do not make anyone unhappy but I feell strongly that I have to issue a warning to those who suffer as I do.


    Depression, is shit , makes you feel worthless, no interest in anything, totally detached from reality. I liken it to looking at the world through the wrong end of a telescope, hope you understand.


    Anyway to get to my point. When initially diagnosed I was prescribed a drug called Sertaline and for a couple of moths that was ok but I started to go down th ” black hole” as I call it again. The doc then prescribed a drug to be taken at night, Trazodone, it’s called and after a few weeks I was pretty good.


    A few years went by and I was OK and asked the GP if I could come off Sertraline and he said to be careful but do it slowly. This I did and was fine for a few years. I was only taking Trazodone nightly for another five years or so and was ok.


    About six months ago, I fell into the ” black hole ” again and was advised to go back on Sertraline but to come off Trazodone. I followed my GP’s instructions to the letter, and to date the withdrawel symptomms have been absolutely y horrendous. Extreme violent shaking, feeling cold then hot and worst of all total insomnia. Driving me nuts.


    Now I am on allsorts of sleeping drugs and at last am getting some sleep.


    Sorry to go on , but anyone on Trazodone should thing very very carefully if they decide to come off them



    Hail Hail



  4. Haven’t posted in a while as couldn’t be bothered with the negativity surrounding our treble treble winners. ………. Aye, treble treble, I still struggle to believe it but it happened.


    This might be a friendly in Austria but our club is in one amazing place. Those youngsters are unbelievable and the fact we have a group like this is surely testament to the forward thinking of our current board. These boys plus the seasoned campaigners we already have, along with Shved, Bayo and the others to follow tell me the huns should be very afraid for many years to come.



    So glad I’m a Tim.

  5. glendalystonsils on




    Love your blues vids , but didn’t realise you had the real blues . Hope things improve for you.

  6. KingLubo – hang in there pal and hopefully with the right help you’ll get the treatment balanced out again. Brave of you to share your story as a way to warn others.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    KingLubo- a tough read,and tougher to post,really hope your situation gets better soon HH

  8. Kinglubo- God bless.



    Someone mentioned a CBD oil, I recently purchased this after I got took off my medication for Arthritis as it was damaging my already fecked liver. I got the CBD oil for Arthritis pain and I am in no more pain. Amazing.



    D. :)

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Had a terrible sausage, that was freezing and repeating every ten seconds. However, I was quite impressed by a lot of what I saw.


    Firstly, fantastic that the Griff is back on the horse and on the scoresheet. He didn’t play well, but just to see him back playing is a boost for him, and us.


    Ewan Henderson played well. To be honest I have been impressed with him every time I have seen him play. He reads the game well, and can pick and execute a pass. Long or short, it’s all the same to him.


    There were goals for Aitchison, Johnston and Oko-Flex, and these three can surely give SPFhelL defences something to think about, if required this season.


    Young Dembele showed some great touches, and obviously has skill in abundance. He needs to be taught not to hog the ball so much and try now and again to lay the ball off first time, or after one touch. These things however, are teachable, his innate skills and balance are not. Still remains an exciting prospect.


    Finally I was impressed with Andrew Gutman. He seemed to have reasonable pace and good technique. His stand out attribute however, was his drive and desire. Looked a hungry player.


    A good start for the squad, and don’t listen to people (Peepil?) who say that results in pre-season games don’t matter… winning is a good habit to get into, and that result will build the confidence of the players involved. It was our second team playing today really, but the first team better be on it in the weeks to come, as quite a few of these Bhoys showed that they are knocking at the door.



  10. KingLubo – thank you for sharing your experiences with the medications. So many illnesses now have treatments where the cure creates problems that can at times appear to outweigh the benefits.

  11. Inspirational KingLubo



    Hope things get better for you and everyone suffering that terrible condition.



    Take care.

  12. Fool Time Whistle on

    KINGLUBO on 26TH JUNE 2019 7:30 PM



    Thanks for sharing that.



    I too was on anti-depressants but took myself off them after 6 months. It was tough but I made it. I was on SSRIs – Selective Seratonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors



    I was then on a sleeping medication but my quack didn’t tell me it was a controlled substance and addictive. When I found this out I reduced the dosage myself to half of what I’d been on & stayed on that for a few months to allow my body to adjust. Then eventually I just stopped taking the smaller dosage too. Hard but for sleep I started taking melatonin which is a non habit forming (physically anyway) over the counter sleep aid.


    You can get it in doses from 2mg to 10mg. If you want to try to come off the prescription stuff then I can recommend melatonin.



    Now I try to laugh more, exercise more & have distractions when the old “black dog” threatens.


    Have some default stuff to distract you. I play guitar, I work in the garden (my wife calls it playing in the dirt).


    Both are great for de-stressing as you can get lost in them and lose sight almost completely of any black hole/black dog. I’m sure you do most of that anyway, but hope you don’t mind me mentioning them.


    I used to go on CQN a lot more for a tonic & the craic but the gloom frequently on here doesn’t help when you want to get to a better place.



    Good luck & HH

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Kinklubo – had similar issue but not near as severe sounding. Aware of the downward spiral / black hole / insomnia. One thing that helps strangely is knowing others have the same problems / similar anyway – you are NOT alone.



    Love and many cuddles from me and Wee BGFC. XXXXXXX



    Hail Hail and God Bless



  14. Hunderbirds


    I, too, was impressed with Gutman. Thought he did very well in the 2nd half. Hopefully a sign of good things to come.



  15. By the way, I don’t know if anyone else has tried a drink that burns fat during the night.



    My wife has been feeding me this brown crap…. I know… Anyway lost half a stone last week.



    I think it’s going about on bookface. It’s made up of:


    Apple cider vinegar -2 tsp


    Lemon juice – 2tsp


    Raw Honey -1tsp


    Ground cinnamon -1 tab


    Water -1 cup of hot water



    Happy days



    D. :)

  16. Kinglubo



    Very proud of you for sharing your experience. It’s so hard but talking is a great help.

  17. DAVID66 on 26TH JUNE 2019 8:35 PM


    By the way, I don’t know if anyone else has tried a drink that burns fat during the night.




    My wife has been feeding me this brown crap…. I know… Anyway lost half a stone last week.






    but think of how much washing the sheets is costing you.

  18. Well done King Lubo for having the courage to make that post. Unfortunately it’s a topic I know little about so all I can do is send my love & good wishes and my hopes that things will improve for you.

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