Late developer Jullien, Turnbull and medicals


Toulouse central defender, Christopher Jullien, looks set to become Celtic’s first confirmed signing of the transfer window.  A 26-year-old, the €8m fee,  is a departure from Celtic’s strategy of signing young players they can develop into more valuable assets.  He is, however, a like-for-like replacement for Dedryck Boyata, who left for Hertha Berlin last month.

Neil Lennon will know what he is getting with Jullien.  He has been tested in a difficult league and there will be no repeat of the Marvin Compper fiasco, when millions were committed without proper diligence being carried out.

Jullien was a late developer.  He played only one top-flight game, for Freiburg in the Bundesliga, before joining Toulouse as a 23-year-old.  Since then he has been first choice for the Ligue 1 outfit.  This relatively low profile is probably why he remains attainable for Celtic.

At 6’5”, he is three inches taller than Boyata, who joined Celtic as a 24-year-old, having played roughly the same number of top-flight games as Jullien at that age.  I will be delighted to see the paperwork sorted and the player pass his medical.

Speaking of which, there are reasons why we do medicals.  A discrepancy was flagged in Jozo Simunovic’s medical four years ago.  The player was sent to Harley St for a second opinion, which gave Celtic enough confidence to complete the signing.  Jozo has hobbled in and out of the team ever since.

Whatever the problems with David Turnbull’s medical, millions are not casually spent on any player with an expectation he will sit in the stand, or fail any future medical, which would inhibit any resale value.

Let’s hope the boy’s health is good, first and foremost, and that a way forward is found.

Hope the players get a good stretch against Austrian fourth tier SC Pinkafeld tonight.

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  1. Peter- thanks for the kind words.



    Celtic will always excite me, the hooped tops, the stadium, the fans, leading up to the start of a game the excitement the butterfly’s etc. who is in those hooped tops will change, but the one constant in all our lives is that Celtic will still be there, players come and go.????



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  2. Weebawbabitty,



    I sincerely hope that Kieran stays and helps Celtic get 9 in a row and then Hopefully 10 in a row. Charlie Nick is the forerunner for Kieran to Arsenal. HMMMMM.



    I hope to buy you many a Beer this year.



    Encouraging Words have so much Impact. The New Testment is Full of them.



    Anyone Down – Go check out the New Testament. It is the way out of the Abyss when The Almighty is taken away.



    It all works out Once you realise things.



    My Dad disnae like Charlie Nicholas because of the ill he talks about Celtic.



    I don’t expect Kieran to join Arsenal. They are @ it.

  3. David66



    Pedro is fine m8ty, actually whatever ye want to call me, as it is all Good.



    Imagine Neil Lennon Delivering 10 in a Row.



    I did say that Neil is a different animal from Brendan Rodgers. :))



    Neil is battle scarred and I’m sure Stevie G respects him a lot more than Brendan Rodgers.



    That is the reason he took on the Sevco job methinks.

  4. To be fair to Arsenal they have made their move for KT early .


    However the way in which they are drip feeding their increased bids does give the impression that they are the Premier League version of ourselves.!


    I feel that the likely outcome here is that another Premier League club perhaps lower down the food chain are likely to come in soon with an offer that meets Celtics 25 million valuation.


    It may force Arsenals hand


    Then KT will have decision to make.


    I certainly hope KT gets fed up with it all and stays a happy hoop .

  5. Neil Lennon’s own words on the transfer timescale:-



    “I want to see the right bodies not just new bodies. That’s why negotiations are that bit more difficult. We’re determined to bring real good quality in and I’m really positive about that. We’re not just signing players for the sake of it.”

  6. Donald Trump has tried to stop Abortion.








    He is a hero to my Sister, and also me.








    God the ALMIGHTY is the JUDGE – NO()NE else.



    Please pray for Your Leaders……



    I know BoJo is wanna not be the PM because he is a remainer.



    This World is Crazy as crazy can can and can can not do.



    Boris was the controlled remainer from the start. Annoying.

  7. Not long soon, before it’s out of the Womb.



    God has been taken away.



    There are no boundaries now.



    The Lord, the Almighty is Always in control.



    He might call a halt unless we at least gie him the Time of Day.



    His First Commandment is POWER.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 27TH JUNE 2019 9:22 AM



    SFTB quotes himself and claims to be specific and accurate.



    But what he expresses is only his opinion.



    For what that is worth .

  9. Arsenal don’t have the money. I’ll only worry if they start selling some players.

  10. I hope the young ones are Special and, like Karamoko, get me and All the othe oldies aff oor feet.



    Fouled bounced up and attacked the Goal. FFS that is Jinky Jibber Jabber.



    I hope we get 9 in a Row. It will be very hard to get it just because.

  11. It’s early days in this window and our current squad will be enough to see past the first couple of rounds of qualifiers so I’m not too concerned just yet about our lack of additions. Quality over quantity and all that…



    However the Turnbull transfer is beginning to grind. We’ve identified a young talent, agreed the transfer and now seem to be haggling over a few hundred thousand because he may need a couple of months to get up to 100%. This is simply ridiculous from Celtic. What next ? Haggle for more off because a player has pulled a hamstring or has the flu ? Pay the money Celtic.

  12. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning from the Ponca



    Great run out last night…………………….



    withthatyoungTeamwhedontneedany signings

  13. macjay,



    It seems obvious that Boris IdS playing the idiot to make sure there is no No Deal Brexit.



    Remaining is the ESTABLISHMENT decision.






    The strength of public opinion now is mega.



    The Conservative party is likely dead as a Door Knob.



    All around the World

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    An Dun,


    We could be buying a player who breaks down six months into the contract, potentially never to play again.


    So in this case I support the renegotiation.


    We are taking all the risk that should be mitigated, personally I’d walk away if it was my decision on the negotiations. He is not a Celtic player yet so we owe no loyalty, it’s all risk.

  15. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    AN DUN


    How do you feel about Marvin Compper’s Celtic career, or Derk Boeriggter’s?



  16. !!Bada Bing!! on 27th June 2019 10:19 am



    I’m with Hebcelt……….laters……







  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 27TH JUNE 2019 9:52 AM


    The British govt. must carry out the clear instructions of the British electorate .


    It`s called a mandate.



    The personalities involved are irrelevant.


    The opinions of the EC as a body and that of its member states are irrelevant.

  18. If there’s an underlying chronic problem with Turnbull then we walk. My point was that as reported if it’s an op with a 10-12 week lay off then we shouldn’t be haggling over a few hundred grand.

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    We should also remember only some Christian doctrines are acceptable, anything older than Rome is dismissed as gnostic, innit

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    An Dun,


    Had the boy signed the offer straight away then maybe some sympathy but he didn’t.


    There’s also the risk any operation might fail

  21. In the grand scheme of things that goal mean’t nothing. The Support didnae think so.






    If the boy signs he will get a lot of support as Everyone knows it isnae easy @ that age.

  22. I doubt Celtic are haggling over a couple hundred grand in price



    More likely they are looking to restructure the deal based off appearances in the team. Avoid a Derk Boerrigter situation (he’s never kicked a ball again)

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