Loanees already looking for a new club


With leagues across Europe finishing last weekend a host of Celtic loanees are left wondering if they have any future at the club.  Albian Ajeti and Vasilios Barkas, both signed for big money and both under contract for another year, have been told to find another club, as has Ismaila Soro, whose contract also expires next year.

Osaze Urhoghide and Liam Shaw are both 22-years-old and young enough to still have development opportunities ahead, but are unlikely to see Celtic Park action again.  Expect them to attract loan and permanent transfer interest.  Our Sheffield raids from 2021 have not been fruitful, maybe stick to United next time.

Liam Scales is wanted at Aberdeen on a permanent contract basis, while Johnny Kenny and Yosuke Ideguchi remain on loan until the end of the year.

Adam Montgomery’s season at St Johnstone was fruitful for player and club.  Still only 20, Adam will hope to kick-on next season.  With Saints staying up, a return to Perth would be good for the player.

Mikey Johnston (24) has another three seasons on his Celtic contract and returns after a year in Portugal, where he was on the periphery of the Vitoria Guimaraes team.  On the plus side, he is now a full Ireland international and has that dribble on his highlights reel.  His breakthrough season at Celtic started five years ago, since then the positive signs have slowed.  He is a player, but it looks unlikely he will return to the fold.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Brazen Head. A rerun of both Celtic games at weekend coming up. Cumberland Street looking braw in the sunshine 🌞

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bruce Springsteen starts 7pm sharp, no support. View tickets using newest version of TM app now, don’t rely on internet at the venue to access tickets. TMUK.



    En route to see The Boss

  3. Tom McLaughlin on




    Blue skies and brilliant sunshine in Edinburgh today. Enjoy the show.



    Saw The Boss in Tacoma WA circa 2003 so I’m a wee bit jealous.

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    Has anyone on here used Feda O’ Donnell coaches to travel from Glasgow to Donegal?

  5. Anyone have any idea if Scholars in Munich , as listed on Celtic Bars, will be the go to place for the final on Saturday? McLaughlin’s in Düsseldorf proved an excellent recommendation from the site. If reading a big Hail Hail! to Terry, Markus and Jamie the hibbie! Not forgetting Matthias Jack behind the bar.



    Reisen Tims CSC

  6. “Mikey Johnston (24) has another three seasons on his Celtic contract and returns after a year in Portugal, where he was on the periphery of the Vitoria Guimaraes team”





    Don’t know where you are getting your definition of periphery from.



    Mikey made 25 league appearances with Guimaraes and played 31 times for them. He had a period out with injury but I just checked their final 6 game run in, when European places were at stake, and he was a starter in all 6 and played a full 90 minutes in 4 of those games, once subbed on 75 minutes and once subbed as a result of a first half injury in the final game. His team qualified for Euro Conference league spot, as, incidentally did Ismaeli Soro’s Arouca team where he had 26 league appearances and played 30 games in total.



    These boys may not make it at Celtic; that is a subjective opinion, but Barkas, Johnston and Soro did well at their loan clubs that would beat Aberdeen and St, Johnstone on recent European form and cannot be dismissed with any objective data.



    If we don’t want them, they should fetch transfer fees. Most of our loan boys have done well. It’s a shame that injury still hampers Ideguchi but Ajeti has no such excuse- maybe try to loan him cheaply to an English promoted club- Luton or Shef Wed

  7. Quick review of sevco’s CL qualifiers. Like last year they’ll go into the non-champions 3rd qualifying round followed by a play-off to make the CL proper.



    The 4 seeded teams in the round are sevco, Braga, PSV and Marseille. These will pair off against the unseeded teams of Sturm Graz, TSC Backa Topola (Serbian) plus Belgian 2nd placed team either Union SG or Genk, and Ukraine 2nd placed Dnipro or Zorya Luhansk.



    The seeded teams would be strong favourites in any pairing, so if they progress sevco would face either PSV or Marseille in the play-off round. There’s no scenario where they could draw Braga. The losers in the play-off round get an automatic £5m payment.



    Theoretically they could face the same route to the CL as last year, in Union SG then PSV.

  8. McPhail Bhoy on

    BIGRAILROADBLUES on 30TH MAY 2023 12:40 PM


    Has anyone on here used Feda O’ Donnell coaches to travel from Glasgow to Donegal?





    Yes it’s a long old trek but If you don’t want to bring a car or fly then it’s all there is

  9. News just in –


    BRRB has taken a daft turn .


    Last seen heading to the Louden Tavern for a pint 🤪

  10. bigrailroadblues on

    McPhail Bhoy


    Cheers 👍


    Fred Colon 1.24


    An outrageous slur J. 🤣

  11. As we are about to enter the summer transfer merry-go-round, does anyone think there will be a serious bid for Kyogo?


    Obviously hoping not, but free-scoring strikers are the game’s highest prized commodity. If he played in blue we’d be told Real Madrid are desperate to sign him.

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The very mention of Ajeti and Barkas sends shudders down my spine.

  13. Who would win a one on one between Barkas and Ajeti?



    The unapparent force vs the invisible object

  14. A belated congratulations to the team formerly known as Sevco for achieving 55 league games without conceding a penalty (last penalty conceded in the league 18 January 2022 at Aberdeen). They’ve been awarded 15 penalties in league games since they last conceded one.



    They last conceded a penalty in the league at Ibrox on 19 September 2019 – so it won’t take too many games in the new season for them to clock up FOUR YEARS without conceding a penalty in the league at home. It’s not that officials are reticent about awarding penalties at Ibrox – the home team has received 19 there in league games during this time.



    Just saying.

  15. Son of my Father….( Ive always hated that song….LOL ).



    Due to having the most EVIL Step Mother for most of my life, I havent been in contact with my DA since 2008. Since 2008, my Da became very ill and was in hospital, and he was slowly losing his sight also.



    On returning home from Hospital in 2008, my EVIL Step Mother has PREVENTED me from seeing my Da or any telephone contact with him. She has hated me since I was maybe Four years old. Over the years she had Three Sons with my Da. She has also turned those Three Half Brothers against me for no reason whatsoever.



    Out of the Three of them, there is only ONE Half Brother with any heart and brains ( MICHAEL).



    Yesterday morning ( Monday), I received a Text from Michael along with another text from my favourite Aunt who is my Da’s only sister.


    Both Michael and my Auntie advised me that my DA is back in hospital and very near death. He has also been fully blind for some years now.



    It transpires that my Aunt had given Michael my Phone Number a couple of days ago. Ive had NO contact with Michael since 2008 also.



    Anyways, my Aunt and Michael told me that my DA has always been ” asking for me” over the years, but especially now at this time. I was his ONLY Child from his first Marriage, so he has always called me ” NUMBER 1 Son ).



    With Michaels help last evening, I was able to speak to my DA from his Hospital bed on the Phone after all these years. He was ever so happy to hear from me, and started crying etc. We had a wee chat for about 15 minutes, and I was so grateful to be able to speak to him once again.



    Apparently, IF my DA somehow gets out of Hospital he is going straight into a CARE HOME in the West of Glasgow, as my EVIL Step Mother is also too ILL to look after him ? So hopefully he will NOT be going back to her,



    I had made arrangements to be picked up Tomorrow morning at 11am by my Aunt and her daughter in law, and we will visit my DA in Hospital.


    I am looking forward to seeing ” The BIG YIN” again, although he wont be able to see me obviously, and I expect it to be a GRAND REUNION !


    My half brother Michael told me that when I spoke to my DA last night that ” Our DA is over the Moon to speak to you”, and my DA told me that he felt like a ” Lottery Winner” on hearing my voice once again……..He always was a Big Eejit, and I duly told him so.



    In his Hey Day, he followed CELTIC all over including driving to LISBON in 1967 with a few of his Taxi mates. He was always Celtic Mad…..and STILL is.



    Im looking forward to seeing him Tomorrow but I expect it to be a bit emotional as my Aunt will also be there, and I know that she is so happy that me and my DA are Reunited once again.



    As a youngster my DA was always ” MY HERO”….I guess he STILL is !


    He has always been the REAL ” Big Jimmy”…not me.



    Bye for now Bhoys and Ghirls.



  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Am a bit torn on this one.



    On one side, I’d love all the players mentioned to move permanently and see us rake in some cash as a result.



    On the other, we can tell players to find new clubs all we want but they are human beings who signed contracts with us.



    Heard about a new concept recently.



    Caveat emptor?



    Sounds modern.



    Can’t imagine it is more than, oh, 2000 years old?



    PS – Scales to Aberdeen doesn’t float my boat.



    We’d barely recoup our outlay.



    Guy has played in Europe and at the top end of SPFL.



    If he was Aberdeen’s player they’d be touting him for £3m a la Lewis Ferguson or Calvin Ramsay.



    English Championship is richer (for us and Liam).



    That should be the target market.

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Big Jimmy


    I didn’t know your Dad was still alive. Hope you have a good time meeting him again.

  18. bournesouprecipe on

    Aberdeen weigh up permanent Scales transfer, but deal is in the balance.

  19. Tim Malone Will Tell on



    Aberdeen weigh up permanent Scales transfer, but deal is in the balance






    Must be worth at least 500,000 pounds – or 226796.18 kgs if we are dealing in Euros.

  20. big jimmy



    Best wishes on your visit to see your Dad tomorrow.


    Emotional, but in a good way



    Hail hail

  21. glendalystonsils on

    BIG JIMMY on 30TH MAY 2023 3:26 PM



    It’s one ofthese things that can happen in families , especially with a step mother/father involved.



    I’m delighted your story will have a happier ending though . Good luck.

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