Marching Newco into the Sea one insolvency at a time


‘Starve your club of money until I get what I want’ is just about the measure of Glib and Shameless’ statement yesterday.  No one at the SFA, SPFL, the Glasgow City Council, the Co-op/Vatican Bank or Celtic could do as much damage to the Fledgling Rangers as Dave King’s pronouncement.

These people have taken so many wrong turns in this episode it is like they are being operated by a compulsive Karmic puppeteer.  There is a time for withholding ticket sales, Celtic fans did it 20 years ago next month, but Celtic fans had a plan, grassroots support, investors on hand, unencumbered by Fit and Proper concerns, or the law against directors of a liquidated business working in a company using the same or similar name.

Most importantly the Celtic ‘old board’ included some, like Kevin Kelly, who was committed to change, while even the hold-outs were died-in-the-wool Celtic men, if clearly misguided.  None of the decision makers would ever consider razing the stadium.

Fledgling Rangers are at the mercy of hedge funds, some spivs and a couple of ‘Rangers’ men, who must be increasingly frustrated at the attempts of others to usurp what they legitimately bought and paid for.

Before stepping off the ledge – and make no mistake, stopping fans from buying season tickets is the only way to kill not just a club, but any successor clubs – you need to be sure you are in a position to cut a deal, and that you have the cash to make it all possible.  If you don’t have a watertight plan, you are working towards the end of your football club and its dilapidated remains.

I would be utterly amazed if the Easdales or Laxey Partners submit to this Glib and Shameless series of demands.  If they do, I have seriously misread them.

King was on the oldco board when they walked slowly to the gallows, all for the want of the kind of money he now says is needed to make Newco competitive with Celtic.  His chance to bang the populist drum and raise some cash was in the years before the club, stadium, stock and bike were sold for a combined total of £1.

It makes you wonder if there is a plan to march the entire club, and all its symbolism, into the sea, before picking up the driftwood after another liquidation.  For a fan of the club that would be horrendous, but think of the rich pickings available to whoever can grab the assets.

This is high stakes poker, but those forcing the issue don’t have any skin in the game.  Even if the whole thing is washed away in the storms, they will avoid most of the blame.

Delighted to read Fergus McCann on the club site this morning:

“I am very proud when I see Celtic’s progress, its status in Scotland, and its worldwide reputation. Especially when I see the great work of Celtic FC Foundation carrying on the legacy of Brother Walfrid.”

Despite the perspective that the events of 2012 gave us I still meet people who just don’t get what he did for Celtic.  No football fan is under any obligation to worry about their club’s finances but the man at the top is, and when our top man wore a bunnet, our transformation was outstanding.

There is a little over two weeks to go before the CQteN St Patrick’s Night Dinner on Friday, 14 March, at the Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park.  The beneficiary of  the night will be Kholoni Primary School, Malawi, where we will fund Mary’s Meals to build a kitchen for 1200 kids who currently don’t have meal facilities.

We have received some incredible assistance already (more on what happened in Germany and Belgium when I get the next stage of the development ready), but you can get involved by ordering a personalised beanie hat, with your name on one side and CQN on the other.

Hats cost £15 each and if you order before 7 March you can collect yours at the CQteN Dinner.  If you’re not attending the dinner (and why not?) the £15 will cover postage and packaging.  If you ordered a Virtual Ticket, you’re personalised hat is part of your package.  All profits go to the school kitchen.

Take a look at the front and back of the hats.  To order, email with name, whether you are attending CQteN and address if not, and I’ll get your message to Pat.

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    He probably is amusing. I usually scroll on by now, and I certainly ain’t reading a post with more that 10 lines that isn’t preceded by the words, setting, auld or brogan. ;)



    Raven, there’s been better players before him and after but he’s the man as far as I’m concerned, and a gentleman too.

  2. Oscar,



    Price drop? Tell me about it!?




    Right, second best time of the work day……lunch.





    I am loathe to put this on here,but from what I am told-living in Swindon-a large part of those trials and tribulations would suggest that no-one should ever be too hard on their kids if they are failing to live up to expectations.

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    geordie munro



    12:05 on 28 February, 2014



    I think I know who you are…..:)

  5. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    geordie munro



    12:05 on 28 February, 2014



    I think I know who you are…..:)



    Are you going to CQN10?

  6. Can I Have Raspberry On That Champions League Ice Cream.



    Or it could be “Blue Monday” ( New Order )



    Or even better will they ” Make it to Monday” ( the Verve )





    CASTILO DEL DIABLO 435 Lingfield.



    Time to get on a roll,not long till Cheltenham.





    Are you running a special for Cheltenham again?



    Will perfectly understand if you are too busy.



    Got any tips……

  9. 16 roads - Wee Oscar the Celtic warrior. on

    15:10 @ Navan – Seamus Mor – NAP!



    Good luck everybody.

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    Morning all



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    NEWBURY 15:50



    Good luck all and thanks Fleagle

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    Twisty, I was swithering about Storm Survivor, but you beat me to it. Monbeg Dude is the class act, but his target is the GN.


    I’ll take a chance on Night In Milan (Donc 3:30), who’ll like the going….slight doubt about the distance though.



    Good luck all.



  12. Oscar positive thoughts unionbearBhind on

    Night In Milan 15:30 Doncaster



    was laid out for this race last year, fell at the 3rd

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    Was going to go for Victor Hewgo 1-45Donny ….odds on good



    Taking a chance on Summery Justice 2-40 Newb … Ole Venetia in the mud

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    Mia’s Boy 5:10 Lingfield



    Not beaten much by George Guru who I now have a wee soft spot for:))



    softintheheadcsc .

  15. Newbury 1.30 CASTLETOWN



    Also apologies in advance for this most likely terrible pick!

  16. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : Week 28/Feb 22nd & Week 29/1st March results & standings



    Week 28 : PF Ayr (Wyck Hill @9/1), unionbearbhind (Grandeur @4/5)



    Week 29 : Outstanding from tommytwiststommyturns & unionbearBhind (Night in Milan @14/1).


    Other winners : green T (Rocking Blues @7/1), PF Ayr (Summary Justice @9/2), Som mes que un club (Shangani @3/1)



    +£20.00 Rockon Neil Lennon (8)


    +£10.98 PF Ayr (9)


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