Maribor slight favourites


Celtic will face Maribor from Slovenia in the Champions League play-off round.  Maribor, of course, played a critical part in the death of Rangers, when they eliminated Ally MsCoist’s team from Europe a few months after Craig Whyte took over from Sir David Murray.  Having heard the 6-1 aggregate result against Legia, they are already celebrating the draw.

Maribor gave Wigan two hard games in last season’s Europa League, winning their home tie and causing the FA Cup holders more trouble than expected in England.  They progressed to the knock out round before going out 4-3 on aggregate to Sevilla – a feat Celtic would not have been capable of. Right now, they should be slight favourites.

If you missed it, today’s earlier article on Lady Luck, HMRC and money is here.

Join the Celtic Graves Society, Fergus McCann and many more at Kilsyth Cemetery on Saturday, 18 August, to commemorate the final resting place of the great Jimmy Quinn. Full details below or at Celtic Graves.

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  1. Given that BO Diddly, or whatever he’s called, is a pillock…and Amido Balde is much the same…While Teemu Pukki is struggling to really prove himself…Who carries the can for these signings?


    The week following Lenny’s departure…I noticed that, in two separate interviews, Peter Lawwell was at pains to point out that ….”The Manager had the final say in all comings and goings of players.”..and I repeat…he said it twice.


    To me …he was deflecting criticism of his lack of funding for Lenny…by pointing this out.


    This isn’t to put the boot into Lenny….but someone wasted a load of our money…and I hope it doesn’t repeat itself…We can’t afford to keep on making “bad ” signings.

  2. Legia’s appeal appears to be based on the punishment being disproportionate.



    They appear to admit they broke the rule.



    I can’t see anything in the rules which leaves scope of punishment open to interpretation.

  3. South Of Tunis on

    Mrs S of T is oot at a Rebound class.



    When she returns , I shall enquire if she fancies a wee break in Trieste . If she says – Yes, I will then mention the wee drive to Maribor and back .

  4. The longer I live the more and more i believe in Karma.



    For this to happen once was lucky but TWICE?



    We are good Fans



    We are good people



    We are the Good Ghuys



    We are the P…



    Ah ok.. scratch that last part



    But the rest is true



    Hail Hail and bring on Maribor




  5. From Barca skelpers to Maribor slight favourites. Oh how we have fallen. BUT… give Ronny time and let him weed out the bad eggs we have in the squad. And by bad eggs I mean the so called influential senior members who are obviously not liking the new systems. I hope he has the backing of the board or this might be a Davie Moyesesque or John Collins situation. Wonder if he and Broony did bury the hatchet. Hmmmmmm

  6. It was fortunate for us that the draw was so soon after this came to light.Im sure if there was a couple of weeks for UEFA to stretch this out they may have looked at the harshness of their correct punishment…..

  7. I am being told next game is at Murrayfield due to all qualifiers being held at the same ground.


    Anyone confirm?


    EL would have been Celtic Park because the tournament is a different one.




  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Good God!



    What a morning?



    I missed the last article completely and the draw……



    Maribor will be really hard for us but by God we have a chance — a real chance especially with part of their stadium being closed.



    Get in there Celtic — Get in there big Peter and get the club moving again.



    We need investment in players and that oomph factor for the fans.



    I am off to a Celtic Charity Foundation Meeting at 3:30pm at Celtic Park– it will be a lot cheerier than I thought it was going to be!

  9. Not sure where I am at the moment. I do feel sorry for Zybszek and other decent Legia fans. Yet, I am delighted we have been thrown a life line. However I do question the capabilities of this team to take us beyond the next round. When the euphoria has died down on here, the honest supporter will know that this team lacks a great deal in terms of Europe.



    Will any players be purchased in the short space of time until our first game? Will we rush out and buy someone who will turn out to be like some of the duds we have been picking up and who are receiving reasonable wages and contributing nothing to the cause?



    Will PL be willing to pay out what is required to bring decent players to Celtic? Has the manager got what it takes to move us on? There are a lot of questions to be settled yet before we start doing the Champions huddle.



    Lastly, what if Legia appeal? Will we hold off until it is too late to purchase better players for the task of competing in the EL if they win their appeal?

  10. embramike



    11:45 on 8 August, 2014



    Legia basis for appeal :



    Legia official Dominik Ebebenge said: “This is unjust and completely disproportionate.



    “There have been similar cases in the past which have not punished in this way. This was just a basic human error.



    Answers on a postcard lease ….







    They’ll be askin fur names of who made this decision next. Are you Sevco in disguise?

  11. Forget about the LW player’s 4 minute appearance.



    He was on the bench.



    They could have had a player injured and he could have come on after 4 minutes.

  12. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    Tom McLaughlin



    No we’re not


    We play D.U on Sat 16th August…


    Wee Fergus day.

  13. The Maribor stadium only holds 13,ooo.With the main area being closed should bring that down to around 6,000.All good news.


    What is it with these fans harping on about an appeal?.There will be no change to the outcome,get it into your heads,and give all off ours peace.FFS.Hand wringers or what?.



    We played dreadful in the two games agreed,but not too badly in the 1st qualifier.


    Any other time we would be delighted to get Maribor.Even weaker league than ours.They averaged 2 goals a game last year,and conceded average 1 per game.


    World beaters they aint.

  14. Not posted for a long time but daily lurker.



    What a lifeline! We really need to invest now and give ourselves a good chance. Saying that time is against us to bed any newbies in.



    Over to you Pete. Interesting week or two coming up

  15. the singing detective demands the resignation of campbell ogilvie



    11:54 on 8 August, 2014



    If we lose we could still get into the champions league proper, just don’t how yet but you never know hehe



    Yh straight in to the group stages if everyone does there paper work correct HH

  16. Kittoch- obviously pleased ,and not wanting to rain on the parade but having been at Murrayfield ,I can’t see the massive improvement required to get through this time . ironically this puts the manger under even more pressure.

  17. so their capacity of 13,000 is reduced by x (with the stand being closed down).



    what will the revised capacity be then ?



    Surely another slight advantage ?

  18. William Hill have priced Celtic at 2/5 to qualify against Maribor who have odds of 7/4.



    I suspect that the odds from a neutral bookie outwith the UK and Ireland might price it differently. The above odds are just anticipating a lot of bets for Celtic to be laid. They may be surprised. No-one who watched Celtic in the flesh against Legia would set them as favourites. Let’s hope 11 days makes us stronger.

  19. Livibhoy



    Celtic reprieve causes problems for bookmakers



    Celtic Football Club’s unexpected reprieve from Champions League elimination is causing some bookmakers a headache as curious punters get in touch to see if their previously losing bets are now, in fact, winners.


    Celtic lost on Wednesday night 2-0 to Legia Warsaw in the CL qualifier, with an embarrassing 6-1 loss on aggregate. However the Polish side brought on a suspended player five minutes from the end of the second leg, and the action has caused UEFA to punish the team by awarding Celtic a default victory of 3-0, enough to allow them to progress on away goals.


    The switch around from a 2-0 loss to a 3-0 victory has had several punters scrabbling for discarded betting slips or quickly signing into their accounts, but most will be disappointed.


    Ladbrokes explained that the ‘90 minute match’ markets will stand as per the original result, including for betting in play markets. Therefore the firm is not paying out on Celtic to win 3-0.


    However the bookmaker is putting its hand in its pockets for those who bet on the ‘Who will qualify’ market. Despite immediately paying out on Legia Ladbrokes is also paying out on bets placed for Celtic to qualify either before the tie began or indeed after the first leg.


    Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “Customers who backed Celtic to qualify have had a reprieve. On the eve of the new season, we didn’t want our customers to suffer due to the bungling Warsaw management so we’ve picked up the bill and will pay out twice.”


    Paul Petrie, director at McBookie.com, said that all bets will be settled on the official tournament result as adjudicated by the tournament organiser or official organisational body. Subsequent changes, disqualifications and/or appeals will not affect settlement of bets.


    He explained: “The only one that may be impacted is Celtic To Qualify For The Group Stages as that is a special market. We will probably have to settle that as a winner if they make it past Maribor.”


    Despite the complications caused this morning, Petrie said that the judgement would be positive. “In the long run it is great because even if they don’t qualify for the group stages, they now go in the Europa League group stages regardless, so it means there is European interest up until the end of the year – guaranteed

  20. Most raging I’ve seen sevconians at work since their team pegged it!


    Might even have a chippie.

  21. Is this Monday the expiry date for new players ?



    More questions than answers cdc



    No chance of any proper work being done too.

  22. S O T ……………best of luck with that …..Slovenia is a shopping paradise I,ve heard…




  23. pauloantony…






    If that’s right it is an astonishing amount of dough.



    Two years ago we earned £18m


    Last year we earned £14m



    And now you’re suggesting well get MINIMUM £22m



    PL will be wetting himself over the next two CLQ matches!!!

  24. bhoylo83



    It was karma that killed Rangers. In spite of them lying to HMRC to get around UEFA FFP and they did , it was karma in the shapes of Malmo and Maribor that stopped them getting their hands on UEFA income that would have kept them alive.



    Maribor have entered the karmic arena again but remember karma plays no favourites, only favours what is right……

  25. We have done nothing but look a gift horse in the mouth since February 14 2012.



    Nothing , absolutely nothing to suggest the board and PL won’t drop the ball again.



    I expect a washed up loan signing and or obscure ‘project’ to arrive for £1m plus add ons.

  26. big wavy



    That’s a point when is the deadline to sign players? Anybody know?




  27. long haired yins man on

    Being Friday afternoon, anyone got any links or comments from FF….demobhappyCSC…

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