Midtjylland, Danes again for Celtic


Celtic face Danish runners-up Midtjylland in the Champions League qualification round 2, with the first leg played at Celtic Park five weeks from now.  While there is an enormous amount of work for Ange Postecoglou and Dom McKay to turn the current squad into a force to be reckoned with between now and then, this is a decent draw.

Midtjylland disintegrated in May.  They won one, drew one and lost two of their final four games to blow the league title by a point.  Manager, Bo Henriksen, has been in the Midtjylland job just a week longer than Ange has been Celtic boss, so like us, they are very much a team in transition.

Unlike Sweden, Denmark do not play through the summer.  Danish football has a short, seven-week, break from May to July.  The new season starts the weekend before Midtjylland travel to Glasgow.  On paper, this puts them ahead of us but I doubt that seven-week window allows them to return to training much ahead of Celtic’s return next week.

Having done what looked like the hard work against then Danish champions, Copenhagen, in a Europa League away leg in February last year, Celtic capitulated at home, further exposing some of the wounds that would cost us dearly last season.  Copenhagen exited the tournament at the quarterfinal stage, where they lost a one-off tie to Manchester United by a single goal.  This was an opportunity a better Celtic team would have made more of.

Lots to do but this is one we should rise to the occasion for.


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  1. C’mon AP just make us hard to beat and good at scorin’…………………!



    (this management lark is easy!)





  2. So about 5 weeks to our first CL game – lots of work to do on and off the field – good luck Ange

  3. glendalystonsils on




    ‘ This was an opportunity a better Celtic team would have made more of.’



    I don’t know if it will be a better Celtic team which faces Midtjylland , but if reports on Ange are accurate , it will hopefully be a more motivated Celtic team . That can take you a long way.

  4. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    I feel reasonably confident AP can turn us into a decent team again but, unfortunately, this will take time and resources. My fear is that this tie has come around too quick for us. I would dearly love to be proved wrong though.! 😊 HH

  5. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 16TH JUNE 2021 2:16 PM



    He does, wonder if he has a good Finnish?…




  6. Just watched royal ascot for 2 mins there. switched on at national anthem then the arse that is matt chapman(the odds checker) starts banging on about an american horse thats actually british cos he says so..100% tosser

  7. Finnish collective defending a good standard.


    Gritty too.


    They all seem to know their job.

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    If you’ve never been I’d recommend Helsinki for a break.



    Pukki looks a yard at least off the pace

  9. Drew 1967


    What an eejit that guy Chapman is. its guys like him that give English people a bad name.


    Lets hope Ange can get the team ready for the tie on a couple of good days its winnable.

  10. Bhoyjoebelfast on 16th June 2021 11:37 am



    On this day june 21 1921:From today’s Irish News newspaper Belfast.





    Four of the victims of the tragic happenings of Saturday and Sunday nights were laid to rest in Milltown Cemetery yesterday,namely Malachy Halfpenny (Ardoyhe), Willie Kerr (Old Lodge Road),Patrick Milligan and Joseph Millar ( Dock Lane )





    Scenes of the most shocking character were enacted as the funeral of Malachy Halfpenny passed down the Crumlin Road.Thousands of Unionists roughs,consisting of men women and children,lined the Crumlin Road from the vicinity of Leopold Street right down to Carlisle Circus and their conduct as the cortege passed could only be described as worthy of heathens and savages.They yelled,shouted cursed the Pope, shouted’Down with the rebels’ and indulged in the vilest epithets towards the mourners while at some point stones and other missiles were hurled at the funeral procession.



    #The four deceased were murdered because they were Roman Catholic.





    Don’t protest about this too much – JHB doesn’t want the loyal subjects feeling annoyed because they will only get even more angry.



    Allowinjustice,sectarianism,andracismtogounchallengedinthenameoftheunion CSC

  11. How can there be any optimism surrounding this tie? Given a “fair wind’ Ange may put together a squad to ‘make a fist’ of the league, however the odds are stacked against any CL progress.



    We will probably have to rely on some key players that don’t want to be here, if last season is anything to go by there will be little, or, no, commitment and/or contribution. The four loans, Laxalt, Kenny, Duffy & Elyounoussi will be gone. Any meaningful in & outs, whether permanent, or, loans, will probably not happen till well into the window – maybe late August.



    Let’s not ‘beat around the bush’, we are going to be up against it in July & most of August.



    Paul puts as much of a positive spin as he dares on our prospects when he states: “While there is an enormous amount of work for Ange Postecoglou and Dom McKay to turn the current squad into a force to be reckoned with between now and then, this is a decent draw”.

  12. Is the huge upsurge in Covid cases in the last few weeks in any way related to the incidents that started at Ibrox and moved to George Square. I think we should be told but I suspect no one in authority or the media will even dare to mention it?

  13. Salford………….



    We’ll probably hear from yon “talkative” fulla Leech………soonish…..




  14. glendalystonsils on




    The Government should have let them into Ibrokes but kept them locked in for a 14 day quarentine after their ‘celebrations’ had finished . I’ll bet you wouldn’t be seeing the same covid upsurge now .

  15. Noticed Robbie Savage doing a piece to camera at HT during Finland/Russia wearing rosary beads around his neck. If he intends visiting Ipox anytime soon he might need to revisit his dress policy with reference to the hun favourite , No Pope of Rome.



    Ronaldo was big on wearing rosaries at one time but he is Catholic ; not sure that the bold Robbie is.

  16. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We’ll get absolutely pumped. Chums Lennon and Lawwell bequeathed an utter shambles.

  17. Barkas


    Ralston, Welsh, Julien, Taylor


    Callum, Soro, Turnbull, Rogic


    Forrest Griff




    There is no public safety/health data underpinning in anything the SNPcult does. It’s all about making it up ‘on the hoof’ whilst tweaking all genuine UKGOV output & sticking a tartan ribbon on it.



    The speed with which they jumped on the Bolingoli & Dubai issues whilst seemingly ignoring & sometimes praising Ibrox Covid transgressions should be a lesson to the clutch of SNPcult sympathisers on here and in the support in general. These nationalists have held us in contempt since their birth over eighty years ago. We didn’t fit their ‘blood & soil’ model then and we definitely won’t in the future in the unlikely event of independence.



    The allowing of crowds at Hampden which is in the worst postcode for the Indian variant infections, was madness. But of course there is as always method in their madness. How could Sturgeon forgo the Tartan Army ‘flag-waving’ and Flower of Scotland singing whilst watching her ‘favourite sport’ on the TV.



    SCOTLAND THE BRAND is all that matters. Get the independence message out into peoples’ faces at ANY cost and under ANY circumstances.

  19. I think I am beginning to understand why labour keeps losing elections with brains like that behind the campaigns.

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