Milne’s prompt for Aberdeen fans


A few points about Stewart Milne’s comments this week. Immediately after the Court of Session overturned the earlier rulings on Rangers EBTs, putting the issue of sporting advantage in the spotlight, I noted that it would be the clubs who would decide if this matter would be looked at again, and that if Celtic were unable to gain support from a number of clubs, the issue was dead in the water.

The conversation has been parked until after BDO hear about their application to appeal to the Supreme Court but the issue remains active. Celtic are not alone on this matter, but as you hear from Milne, everyone is not on the same page.

I was a bit surprised Milne spoke openly on the issue but this needed to come out. Just as the SPFL’s decision to act or not is in the hands of the clubs, Aberdeen’s stance on the matter is ultimately in the hands of their supporters. If they care enough about the issue, they must express this view to Milne as clearly as they did in 2012, when they changed his plans on an earlier matter.

Milne’s comments about Scottish football’s position relative to the game in England were among the most futile ever uttered. He is one of the few people in a position to work for change. Aberdeen have more going for them than Swansea – a smaller club based outside England who earn over £100m from Premier League TV rights each season.

No wonder we’re outside the party when one of the men in charge has only just recognised a party exists.

Many thanks to all who donated to our Mary’s Meals appeal yesterday. The generosity of one or two of you blew me away. If you entered the Magners’ ticket competition, check your email this afternoon, as the winner will be notified shortly.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I do not believe that.



    Scottish football and especially the Old Firm value the TV armchair more than their ST holders.



    They have treated their ST holders with disdain for years. The examples are many.



    What we are witnessing is the Old Firm adhering to their need for the Old Firm armchair fan.



    They are champing at the bit to get it back.



    Rangers have been punished enough and will get back in because poor wee Celtic FC canny dae nuthin abooot it !




  2. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Jose on his way to Ibrox to learn from Warburton

  3. Lesson to all managers, including our own. If your players are not performing for you . Get Rid. No matter who or what they are.




  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    The lesson for me here is do not overstep your authority, His pretty young medic is the root of Jose´s & chelsea´s current problems




  5. An Teach Solais on

    We seem to be a house divided. It’s human nature I suppose.


    It’s all very well saying the Board should do this, or that and if they are not openly doing this, or that, they must be traitors. Without specific insider information I doubt that we can make such a charge stick. The Board certainly has failings and a number of recent pronouncements and decisions can and should be criticized.


    However, we, as shareholders and supporters, can carry on the fight. Hopefully other decent supporters of other club.s will too.


    If some shareholders are certain that the Board will cop out, why not requisition an EGM to advise them forcefully of our opposition to just quietly forgetting about the scandals affecting Scottish football. After all, it will only cost a 62p stamp.


    Presumably there are a host of ideas out there regarding what we can do to undermine the sleazy attempts to airbrush history. It may be up to the ordinary punters to lead the charge. HH

  6. What Milne says he says for himself, he does not say it for us, in our name nor the name of his own clubs Supporters. But it is a sad day when we sit at the back of the back of the bus and listen to Aberdeen Supporters speaking out for us.



    What have we been conditioned to become? When did cowardice become our primary character trait?



    I hope my father, in his grave, can find sense and peace, because me as his blood on earth just cannot comprehend.

  7. Philbhoy. The proof is all around you. Celtics silence, their participation the the 5 way agreement, their refusal to take ownership of res 12.



    Dd’s Hun love in, peters money lust and made up figure.



    All I was waiting on was cqn and Paul finding a way To excuse Celtics inaction.



    It’s up to other clubs, Celtic can’t act alone, it’s up to other supporters.



    Here is the excuse. Here is what Celtic are going to say (if they. Are forced to say anything).



    It not our fault cos nobody would play with us.



    I laughed at yesterday’s cqn article where we are laughingly told that Celtic fans are to blame for getting annoyed with Celtic cos they listen to the msm. Well we can. Make our own mind up. We don’t listen to the msm. Celti cblaming Celtic fans being annoyed with them eh! Hilarious.



    This is the biggest crisis Celtic have ever faced. They. Are creating a schism so large it will destroy the club in the end. All on the alter of racism and money.



    Awe naw. I know. But it takes time to really understand how far the Celtic board will go. Now we know.



    Celtic no more.

  8. Hi Bhoys


    Good news that wee cheating fcker has been sacked give him the hun job then nuke the place with them all in it together. Along with the SFA cretans of course. That would get rid of all the cheats at once.




  9. Just logged on read back a few posts. FFS does it ever change, sick and tired of the never ending repetitive pish.


    There are a few of ye here, ye know who ye are and ye are destroying what used to be a great blog.


    Following a team, particularly a team like Celtic should be a joyful, life enhancing experience.


    At this stage CQN depresses me, I have tried to be positive over the years but I’ve had enough.


    Goodbye & a Happy Christmas to ye All.

  10. Ernie – what’s your understanding of CFC’s involvement of the 5 way agreement? I know none of our representatives were in the actual meeting but were they on hand to have their wishes put in to it?

  11. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I hope the Pensioners` Party in The Brazen Heid is experiencing more jollity than is evident on here 0:-)



    Roll on Saturday when I will once again be going to support my team,




  12. mike in toronto on

    I haven’t read back …. so sorry if someone has already suggested it …. but let me suggest….



    Jose for Celtic ….



    1. You dont become a bad manager in one season…



    2. But more importantly, he is one of the few who has a big enough (reputation …cough, cough) to stand up to the crap/cheating, and call it what it is. We need someone like that ….



    okay… now that I have lobbed my handgrenade, I will run away and check back in later…




  13. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well the special one has been fired and I dont suppose he will be out of work very long and then the managerial band waggon will roll.H.H.

  14. Corkcelt fully understand your frustrations I wish you would reconsider but ultimately it is up to you. We are losing to many posters of late; it is just the relentless negativity usually with nae proof just opinion posted as fact. Wish you and your well over the festive period – and beyond. H H Hebcelt

  15. Celtic gucks,



    I’m not 100% up to speed with what ones are still running and a good bevvy venue in the lochee area. The last time was a few years back. All I remember was it was a few buildings along from a Greigs :)



    We’ve (our bus) been going to the 67 club on raglan Street or the nearby snooker club more recently as they are a short dawdle to the ground.



    I’m sure all will be fine. Hun skelper is from them parts but I’ve not see him post for a while.



    HT will be another regular to them parts too.




  16. See Pat Nevin was on the money yet again. Is there no start to this “mans” talents.


    “Chelsea sacking Moaninho, I just don’t see it happening.””



  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I read as many of the posts on CQN about the state of Scottish football as I can and what stands out for me there is a complete lack of leadership to draw it all together and to create an agreed action plan.It is very much the old united we stand divided we fall syndrum.I firmly believe the Rangers and the SFA and SPL are going to get off lightly unless the rest of Scottish football stand up and take them to task. Currently no one is taking the lead and that suits the establishment just fine. H.H

  18. AWE NAW,



    Agree. Many of us stated at the time that his treatment of Eva Cainerio would be his downfall. So it has proven. Yes he overstepped his authority and embarrassed his club, but more importantly his bosses.



    No excuses for his players if they haven’t given 100 percent. Goes to show nevertheless, that no one individual is bigger than any club, no matter reputation.



    Hail, Hail.

  19. mike in toronto on

    JFH … how ya doing pal?


    Expecting those that run scottish football to vote to clean up the game (even though it would be wise in the long run) is like expecting turkeys to vote for thanksgiving.



    and, unless fans are prepared to boycott on mass… which isn’t going to happen, nothing will change ,…



    the only party that has the ability to drive real change here is Celtic PLC … the only question is does it have the appetite? or is its view too short term?

  20. Corkcelt


    On a more positive note. Just received a wee parcel from the Melbourne Tims for the “best” Celtic 14. Couple of great shirts, badges and a lovely missive from Paddy mc.


    That’s what Celtic supporters are all about. Love their Celtic as Kitalba said earlier doesn’t matter where you go in the world, we will always find a kindred spirit.


    Get yer erse back on or I’ll batter ye like a fish supper@ 1916.


    The good ghuys have to win.



  21. An Teach Solais on



    Nail on the head, sir!!


    Yes a blog is for people to express opinions but perhaps not stickies regurgitating on a daily basis long standing views or opinions given as facts.


    If we truly wish to stop the SFA/Sevco bandwagon, then we must do more than exhaling hot air on blogs or at the bar. No campaign was ever won by mere passive gossiping. We do need, IMHO, to coalesce, organise, prepare and get our message out. I have suggested some ideas. These might be impractical, useless, wishful thinking and or pie in the sky and I shall not be offended if other blog contributors deride them but if they open debate as to what we, the ordinary punters, can do, then I’m all ears.


    Even Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov did not have all his ideas accepted by his small gang of revolutionaries. It IS all about ideas in the campaign to protect the integrity of the game, hopefully with the support of the Board but, if necessary by those who care about Celtic values. HH

  22. Hail Hail



    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 17th December 2015 12:53 am




    Awe_Naw_@ 10:51 pm






    To assess all the circumstancial evidence from your proposed summation of stances.



    Without knowing anything contrary I would say that it s pretty compelling and fully betrays our plc’s mindset






    Sorry, it’s late and I’m off to my bed so just a few points about why I think the evidence that our Board wanted them back is not (yet) fully compelling.



    First, the narrative in the early days was about keeping them in the SPL but agreeing to title stripping, following a proper investigation. That would have been a reasonable stance for me, if followed through. Nobody wants a big club with a big support to just disappear. So everybody would have been looking towards an appropriate punishment for their misdemeanours.



    In the time taken to investigate that, something had to be done about the immediate future of the Ibrox club. Somewhere in there CG played hard ball with the SFA and SPL and was supported by a few patsies and placemen from the SPFL (Ballantyne etc;). Somewhere in that process the Continuity Myth was invented, selling the prospect that buying the assets of a liquidated club was the same as a new company taking over an incorporated club in open sale. It was not a brilliantly scripted myth- that is why the details had to be kept secret- because they would not stand up to scrutiny. The only way to sell this was to follow the Emperors New Clothes approach of just saying it was so. There were enough influential bodies willing to buy this viewpoint even though no Official statement was ever made to say it was so. The nearest we came was this year when Doncaster, emboldened by the success of their strategy in a compliant media, made personal statements to the press that he saw them as the same club, but was clear to state that this was a personal view. No one has had the guts to officially proclaim them the same club – not the SFA, not the SPFL and, unless I missed it, Celtic have not said so either.



    Charlie Green was happy to take this gift and run with it. It helped him be pals with the ibrox mob for a while. And the bad smell was that our club kept schtum throughout all this apart from a playing to the galleries crack about Rory Bremner and an expression of surprise at the outcome of LNS. I can understand why that silence is highly suspicious but it does not pass the compelling test just yet. It does look and walk like a duck but I am hoping it is just a decoy duck designed to lure others out into the open to reveal the illegalities that have been going on.



    Why Auldheid’s view still has leverage with some of us is precisely because he has been told so by CP insiders and he has told us that he has been told so. Now conspirators in a not very well scripted conspiracy rarely say anything because it gets harder to deny it later on when facts come to light.



    So I am left with 4 possibilities:-



    1) Auldheid is in on the conspiracy- along with canamalar and Morrisey and others- which I am sure you will agree is unlikely.



    2) Tony Donnelly’s view is correct- the Board are just toying with the Res 12 guys and will eventually say well we tried but we are up against forces we can’t fight and we just have to roll with these punches. I doubt DD and PL are so craven and fightless.



    3) The Board were in it from the start and wanted an Ibrox club back in the top division because it was good for business. That was never a compelling view because the money lost via CL qualification (irregular though it was) and guaranteed league wins was worth more than the 4 games (6 tops if we drew them in both cups) per season with a full house. That argument never made any compelling economic sense.



    or 4) through a mixture of cock up and being sidelined, they let others create a mess and thought they could ride this mess out and the Ibrox club would be holed long term by their court cases and money line problems. They made a virtue out of this “Napoleonic strategy” but, in effect, they stayed out of a battle hoping and believing that the forces of law and the taxman would blow the whole thing apart without them having to directly fight.




    That is now looking like a risky or naive viewpoint from them but it is the only one that seems to fit all the facts. The other 3 viewpoints have glaring holes in them.



    But I hold to the possibility that I may have called this one wrong and I await further evidence.



    And now, it’s past bed-time











    Another thoughtful post which being thoughtful becomes thought provoking and challenges thinking.



    Your point Three makes sense and the only way it cannot make sense is to have two opposing thoughts fighting to hold sway , that is DD and the Board are only interested in money but prefer an option (Welcome to TRFC) that brings in less money than the other ( a tilt CL qualification every year – the fact that we have failed to qualify in the last two attempts being the cause of much chagrin.) Cognitive dissonance is it?



    On point one there can be no more unlikely bedfellows than the four fellows in the Fellowship of the Res12 Ring. A chapter or even book in its own right of such unlikely fellowship, if written, you would think it a fantasy tale.



    On point two (and noting TDs neutral stance and not wishing to provoke) I suspect TD has been talking to a different person than we have inside the club. If TD is right either the person we have been dealing with is misleading us or he is being misled. He strikes me as neither not just on a strength of character level, but because of his role in tightening the narrative that has been provided to shareholders who have asked for it, which itself contributed to the letter the SFA are having difficulty answering.



    Which leaves Point 4 the most credible of all. If Celtic have been naïve then I am as guilty as they are in assuming al that had to be done was present evidence of wrongdoing and justice would take over.



    When a Commission is set up with much hurrah, being a Celt you expect it will come up with what it did. I know for a fact that whilst surprised Celtic thought the SFA (who were key witnesses in an SPL Commission) would find a way out.



    However as I explained to Elbhoy and documented on SFM i was impossible to challenge legal advice on the verdict. What you don’t expect is that the legal advice was only possible because key evidence was withheld from LNS by TRFC and the SFA personnel.



    Similarly when you write to the SFA in 2011 about the UEFA licence you expect an honest full answer instead of the disingenuous one received that nevertheless answered the question asked,.



    So looking back and not being THAT naïve that you realise you are never going to get satisfaction within the Court of Football Law where the jury is rigged, you wait for civil and criminal law to do the job that Scottish football is incapable of doing. I recall on early conversations with Celtic on Res12 the possibility that BDO might have an impact coming up which supports this point about external factors.



    Those shareholders who asked for the background narrative will realise from it why Res12 has taken so long but also what is holding up real progress on tackling the SFA and that is the outcome of the court cases or appeals.



    In that respect I’m coming to the conclusion that resolution to Res12 will probably have to wait until the trials are over, but that does not mean anything other than that the narrative is not yet complete or that it cannot be used in background in furtherance of SFA reform.

  23. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    MIKE IN TORONTO. I think many Celtic fans are asking themselves why Celtic have been so quiet about the fiasco and many have reached a point that they believe Celtic are in some way complicit.That being the case Celtic will continue to hold there own counsel and just wait until the Rangers are in the SPL and hope it all gets forgotten about.The best people in my opinion to get it sorted out is a mixed fans group but as I said earlier there is no leader to take that idea forward. The issue for the future of Scottish football is extremely serious if it is not sorted and a level playing field created I believe thousands of fans will walk away from the game after all who wants to pay hard earned money to watch a rigged game ? H.H.

  24. mike in toronto on

    JFH ….



    I agree…. as I have said, at some point (maybe start of next season), I may have to decide if Celtic’s silence/acquiesence is something more/something with which I want to be associated ….



    although, as I said, if they hired Jose, I might just stick around as I think it would be a blast to see him explode when he sees what REAL cheating is like!

  25. Neganon



    If your assertion that the board are in cahoots with the SFA and the jokers at Sevco is so glaringly obvious, why do you not use your diplomatic and persuasion skills to convince the rest of us? The brothers have fixed it so you can’t; is that it? If you are so convinced that PL et al have lied to us in order to boost his bonus, call him out in public under your own name. It”s your duty to do so, using your own logic. After all, you claim that those who disagree with you on here are to blame for Celtic’s demise (some demise, btw) by not boycotting games and purchasing merchandise.


    You know that you’d be committing libel so you spout your pish behind the cloak of anonymity. Instead of lecturing us on here, get out there and do it. Or will your paranoia fuelled assertions not stand up to scrutiny?

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