Money, sustainability and high stakes


Sustainable football success, as we often discuss, is all about the money.  In that respect, Newco’s Europa League run will be a significant benefit to them.  Winning the tournament, which surely is a greater prospect than them reaching the final was as recently as a month ago, would bring multi-year sustainability to a club which has been a financial basket case for its entire existence.

Even if they fall at the final hurdle, they are likely to have earned £10m more from Europe than last season, there will be associated commercial benefits and crucially, the perceived value of a raft of players out of contract next summer is likely to have doubled.  They will sell at a significant premium.

This season will see Newco break even for the first time.  The sale of Patterson to Everton earned £9m, with compensation from Aston Villa for their management team bringing in a further £4.5m.  Turnover, which excludes money from Everton and Villa, is likely to reach £75m, a lot of money for a young club.  Any prospect of Financial Fair Play consequences has disappeared.

To give you an insight into how far ahead Celtic are commercially, that £75m may not be enough to make Newco the highest earning club in Glasgow (transfer fees Celtic received for Edouard, Ajer, etc. are also excluded from this calculation).  Next season, Celtic will turnover in excess of £100m, Newco still have work to do to come within £30m of that total.

With the consistent rise in Scotland’s Uefa coefficient, we are likely to see several years where our champions gain automatic entry to the Champions League group stage, whereas the runners up endure two rounds of the treacherous non-champions qualification route.  Only two group stage slots are available this way.  The stakes could scarcely be higher.

But first, winning the league, qualification for the Champions League with all its benefits lies ahead for Celtic.  We battered Hearts in the League and League Cup at Celtic Park this season but won by the slenderest margin on both occasions.  Hearts will not make it easy tomorrow.  They started the campaign by beating Celtic and feel aggrieved from the subsequent encounters.

Beat Hearts, win the league at Tannadice, celebrate with the trophy and 60,000 friends against Motherwell and remind the world: Glasgow’s green and white!  You and I will make sure it remains this way.

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  1. GFTB on 6TH MAY 2022 10:10 PM


    Tomorrows game … just hope big Craig Gordon doesn’t come up for a corner late on







    I was going to mention that scenario but refrained as I don’t want to appear to be obsessed.



    But if it happens, I will lose it.



    Can I be greedy and have a Eintracht Frankfurt win,a full scale riot,EUFA banning the Old Firm for 3 years and two planes full of huns cra. . . . . . . . ,getting stuck on the runway for 24hours with no working toilets !






  3. Ernie 10.13pm



    As long as big Craig comes up for a corner and scores the winner on the 21st May :-)

  4. Let’s hope that for the sake of our friends there it is not a self-fulfilling prophecy. I hope that all is sweetness & light…..and that Eintracht win the cup.



    Which friends is that Tam,your priest spitting unionist errors?

  5. GFTB on 6TH MAY 2022 10:19 PM


    Ernie 10.13pm







    As long as big Craig comes up for a corner and scores the winner on the 21st May :-)






    In which case I might have to reassess my opinion of him.

  6. Ernie 10.13pm



    Obsession is ok



    As long as it’s channeled correctly :-)



    priority … 3pts tomorrow … the Huns cannot define our season only Celtic can

  7. Ernie 10.21pm



    Surely no need for re-assessment surely big Craig already has a place in your heart … he has been a terrific (trophy laden) Celtic servant :-)

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Some of the funniest posts I’ve seen on here for quite some time. Keep em coming you young rascals. 👏

  9. Craig Gordon – surely one of the top twenty signings we have made this century. He enjoyed two summers – an Indian one, and a life-changing one!

  10. GFTB on 6TH MAY 2022 10:25 PM



    That corner is my abiding memory of him.

  11. Ernie 10.32pm



    Funnily enough I canny remember it .. but he was a Hearts player at the time … I judge him as a Tic player and I have many many more memories of him making saves than uo for corners … I think he will be our biggest obstacle tomorrow and for sure the Huns biggest obstacle when they return from Seville



    we all see every single thing differently :-)

  12. Fifty years ago the first high profile Hun riots took place in Barcelona. Newcastle 69 was particularly bad but this one went worldwide. Old club received a two year ban, reduced to one on appeal. It should be remembered that the main violence was not restricted to the pitch invasion ( getting the game stopped 3 minutes early), and subsequent battling with Spanish cops, but the vandalism to hotels and property in Barcelona including nearby resorts like Lloret de Mar.


    I was in Barcelona and Lloret the following year and heard first hand stories of just how bad it was, and to be fair it was well covered by the Scottish press.



    Manchester 36 years later proved that the hun hooligan gene is still going strong but we can mix in two ingredients which will not read well with Seville authorities and residents. Since Manchester, the Hun have gone through PTSD due to their club dying after being caught swindling HMRC. Nine years of Hell brought about this condition. Why else would they try to kill one another and wreck their own city centre twice while celebrating an historic league win?



    When we add in the invasion of Frankfurt fans very possibly outnumbering them, 30 degree heat, bars open and no lockdown this time……andchapels everywhere?



    In built Angst, Superiority complex, Rule Britannia, Dambusters, rocket fuel…and the heavy team Garda Civil.


    What could possibly go wrong?



    Barcelona 72 will look like a playground scrap by comparison. No European club old or new has previous like them. Watch this space.

  13. Ernie.


    Your post earlier was interesting in bits.


    You should also have a read up on from a 26 view,its that side that is interesting in reaction,personally think its a while til a BP.



    See youz won Wandsworth down south, who was the badbreathed Chelsea fan who had a wee toesuckin creep thing?




  14. The Huns have had a terrific run in the Europa, any one football supporter who denies this is kidding themselves on … If Celtic had got the better of both Dortmund & Leipzig I would be over the moon .. without over analysing (as am just guessing) they are hard to beat .,, (apart from when we pumped them 3-0) keep themselves in the game and are pretty clinical when it comes to chances … even Tavpen has only contributed to 4 of his 7 goals …



    Concentrate on Hearts tomorrow … am no board lover but as per usual some use the success of our rivals (old co/new co) use this as an excuse to get their point across funnily enough the same Celtic fans who slag the board for giving Neil the job jump in at these times, surely the same board gave us Ange … enjoy Celtic .. 2003 apart in my lifetime Europe has always been shoite … hopefully Ange can maybe change this .. it’s not defeatism it’s just Celtic … we are probably spoiled since MON arriving in 2000…, loads of great times but as in life others will always want more … appreciation will only happen when the good times actually stop … we won’t realise what we have until it’s gone



    The Huns in two finals in May …. Only been in one final 2016 v Hibs in a decade …. Would any Tic fan seriously settle for that ?



    Roll on tomorrow when hopefully 3pts closer to another successful Celtic season 🍀

  15. Drambowiecelt on

    Ref ..Big Craig…. Anybody that shares a life and a beautiful baby boy (Elvis)??


    with Summer ….Has got to be the Man…..Corner or naw…..

  16. DrambowieCelt 11.34pm






    I still think it’s uncanny that all 3 Hertz legends that done the press conference all ended up signing for the hoops … I appreciated Paul Hartley, Steven Presley & Craig Gordon …



    Just watched the Ange presser from earlier,,, still trying to work out who he reminds me of, probably a mixture of Tommy Burns / Neil Lennon & Martin O’Neill … but definitely his own man

  17. Drambowiecelt on

    @Gerry….Def his own man mate….There is something driving him on….


    I hope he takes us to the next level……..Tomorrow turnstyle 55-58 will be like narnia..


    A hallowed seat in 116 ..and bring it on. After the Tiktok 10 disaster….


    I love the the way our season has turned out ….Great to be A Celt






  18. DrambowieCelt 11.51pm






    Like many I was worried about the “unknown” appointment… my ignorance is bliss … but Ange is a terrific fit …



    The “10” for me wasn’t that big … in my mind we’ve won every league since they paid players off the books :-) … for every 55 the Huns say I just call out their cheating :-)



    Enjoy the game tomorrow … hopefully 3pts more to one terrific title



    Celtic will define Celtic’s season … a wee double would be lovely 🍀

  19. park the bus 442 on

    Lady interviewing Raman Bardwa on the news earlier.


    Lady – “So Raman what was so special about last nights Rangers semi final victory?”


    Raman – “What was special was this team playing against Rangers were assembled at a cost of about £200 million, whereas Rangers were assembled at a cost of just over £20 million.”


    Bankier said something about we couldn’t afford to compete at the highest levels in Europe.


    Its not all about money.


    Its about bringing in managers who are NOT puppets and let them get on with it.


    Jock Stein, MON, weren’t puppets and got us to European finals, Wim might’ve did the same without Fergus’s constant interference, in an concerted attempt to undermine Wim, because Wim wouldn’t fold over like a cheap deckchair, so much for Fergus’s lies about “The product on the pitch is what is most important for our customers” yeah right. Aye churlish prks will bleat about the money that MON spent, and mention nothing about the hun wealth that MON was competing against, because churlish folk stand for nothing and fall for everything.


    We had 20,000+ supporters with pish dripping off their troosers who were called “The Best Fans In The World” by everybody outside of Scotland, and we as a club cut it at the highest levels in Europe for a good few years.


    Then in 1994 the capacity went up to 60,000, plus an extra 50,000 seats were added.


    We’ve had five good European adventurous seasons with MON, one good CL season with NFL, WGS was a scunnering PLC ass licker, what do you think the Lion’s would’ve turned out like had Jock been a big crawling ass licker? They would never have been lion’s.


    In essence awe this all seated, all ticket, training facilities that look fit for leaders of empires, prestige, majesty, toffs galore has sucked the hunger out of the fabric of the club.


    Rangers, always skint and struggling for money, compared to the palaver at Celtic were casinos are now desired by prawn sandwhich brigade type supporters, MADMITCH, has nailed it, we’ve forgotten who we’re meant to be and it looks like Rangers represent the working classes, whilst Celtic supporters look down their noses at other teams in Scotland, in the WGS days fans waved £5 notes at Gretna fans, Celtic twisted clowns just like the manager, this just after GFC were told their bad financial news that their club was going into administration whereas when we were a real fitba club led by big Jock he would’ve been organising friendlies us, the huns, maybe even English teams with money raised to help GFC, that was the Stein way, Jock Stein was the Celtic way, he’d have been helping to try to save GFC, as I said we’ve forgotten who we’re supposed to be, every fan today, well most of them, immediately turn into CEO’s when it comes to recruiting players, how much can we sell this new player for before he’s even played a handful of games, etc, etc, I know its just supporters talking but its capitalists who are consumed by money.


    Capitalism has removed Celtic’s soul.


    Michael, and Kevin Kelly, Chris, and Desmond White weren’t modern day tycoons, but would they have been as corrupt as what leads Celtic now??


    I doubt it.


    On March 4th 1994, Michael Kelly said….






    I think on this occasion Michael Kelly was correct.


    The Kelly’s, the White’s, and the Grant’s did not have business acumen to properly respond to the Taylor report, that is obvious, they were dire at times, and they gave us a lot of our greatest ever days.


    They were imho ‘wrongly’ accused of making the turnstiles money disappear into their own pockets, maybe some of it did, but not the levels that are insinuated by twisted deceitful types in an attempt to make the capitalist leaders of today’s, soul less Celtic seem credible, the Kelly & White gate money heist is used to wrongly compare apples and oranges, so how could we prove this, about the missing crowd money?


    We can’t.


    Some say 20,000 – 30,000 would disappear out of gate receipts, and average crowd figures just didn’t tally up.


    But these same folk don’t mention all of the youngsters, most of whom were lifted over.


    How could the old board pocket money that wasn’t received??


    The Kelly’s, White’s, and, Grant’s were sacked and replaced be lying, hun colluding sharks.


    Huns fc today are using whatever more they they get wisely.


    We’ve just had 20 years almost of Lawwell gallivanting all over the joint to recruit his bus loads of projects managed by puppets, that should never have been condoned, one step in front of the huns wasn’t much of a plan, and his first betrayal of Auldheid and co should’ve led to the executive being removed, but rebels never ate prawn sandwiches, and there sure ain’t no rebels among today’s Celtic support, plenty of prawn sandwiches merchants which points to what Michael Kelly was saying, soulless fans = soulless Celtic, the betrayal of the Res12rebels should’ve been Lawwell’s last, but Celtic fans are now comfort zone merchants, hopefully that’ll change but I have my doubts.

  20. bankiebhoy1 on




    “Lonely Hearts”? Fight the urge………………






    Just let the corroded empty vessel “Fubar” bob about in a vast, blank ocean of unrelenting nothingness.

  21. Just off to catch the 7:30 am train for Queen Street and a visit to the CQN recommended Drouthy`s Breakfast.


    As always, nervous about today`s game but nothing that an early goal would not cure :-))


    Cheerio for now.

  22. Tom McLaughlin on

    Another early rise, showered, dressed and sitting at my breakfast – thanks hen – ready to be picked up in 20 minutes to be taken to Leith for the supporters bus. Again we have 2 buses running. What a support.



    3-0 Celtic.



    Hail Hail.

  23. Uncle Jimmy on

    Another piece of Celtic history could be written today.


    (We all know the goal difference won’t be overhauled)


    To the victor go the spoils

  24. HOT SMOKED @ 7:15 AM






    Two really organised guys – I too am taking my morning prandial adjurnment, but unlike you will not be picked up for hours yet. Have a safe journey – I have a feeling it will be a fine day and a handsome win…..even if big Craig comes up for corners HH.

  25. UNCLE JIMMY @ 7:30




    Goal difference hiked to 23 with a solid 4-0 win. HH

  26. bankiebhoy1 on

    *cough *…………..”Lonely Hearts”…….






    count to 10 and the urge will pass…….




  27. HOT SMOKED @ 7:15




    I know Drouthy’s well – used to frequent it when it was O’Neil’s a few years ago during my time based in the centre of Glasgow.

  28. Gooooood morning all from a dry, calm but grey skied Garngad



    Bring on the Mini’s, let’s skelp them and all but seal the league, a 4 or 5 should suffice in fact any win will do.



    Could it be that the Fridge (CCV) is waiting on 7s winning th league officially to confirm Champions League spot b4 he signs on?



    D :)

  29. Having read the articles by Scott Brown on Callum and winning while being Captain, I would have thought he would be aware that CP holds 60k not 50k as is in the article, small thing maybe but I think it matters for accuracy.

  30. Time to get ready to shout on the only team that means anything to me


    The World Famous Glasgow Celtic



    Let’s put this league to bed today Bhoys



    Hail Hail



    Oh FtSFA, FtSPFL & FtHuns

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