Need for an innovative assistant


One of the details pertinent to the formal appointment of Neil Lennon as manager will be the appointment of his assistant and other coaches.  John Kennedy is certain to remain part of the staff, it remains to be seen if Neil’s former assistant at Celtic and Hibs, Garry Parker, will join him again.  Damien Duff will also be waiting on a steer on where his future lies.

A more innovative appointment may be called for this time.  Five years ago, the initial plan was to appoint Ronny Deila as assistant.  I would like to see Celtic come up with an innovative appointment this time.

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  1. HRVATSKI JIM on 28TH MAY 2019 4:43 PM




    Tommy Burns Ould have been a great choice – a real thirst for learning and revolutionised our youth system having learned at Reading and Newcastle. The one downside of Martin O’Neil’s tenure was Kenny D leaving – he and TB were putting in solid foundations.



    Of potential candidates now, the only one who really springs to mind is Strachan. Trusted by the Board and Lennon, and really thought about youth development and fitness during his time as Scotland manager. Scouting an issue though seeing as he couldn’t make it past Easter Road when last here.were he a younger man, Davie Hay would have been an option.



    In practice, I think we’d have to look abroad for a candidate and sell it as a project. The risk there is that clearly the stability point becomes less likely as they are effectively a hired hand…



    I wonder what Lubo is up to these days? Or Ronny D? Perhaps the answer is that there is no one who can fill all the roles so we compartmentalise – Ronny D on fitness, John Park on scouting, etc – with a figurehead to line manage them all…



    In practice,

  2. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Of course, Neil Lennon must have the major say on the suitability of assistants and backroom staff – no point in throwing together people who don’t see eye to eye.



    That said, the first name that popped into my head when I read the article was Shaun Maloney. Effectively, he has a part time job with Belgium – but is working with some of the best players in the world on a regular basis. I see another poster mentioned his name earlier in the thread – do him and Lenny get on?

  3. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Stevie g


    Alex rae


    succulent lambers


    levein attempting to justify assault on SB




    Wee dallas


    Neil McCann


    Not Minty because he said he did it to gain a sporting advantage so was honest


    The awarders of infinite penalties


    The bombers and assaulters of lennie


    The Erchie jury who let a scuzzbucket off with assault


    Not BR cos he brought back the Celtic way


    BR cos he pi*”ed off when a squad needed stability in a once in a lifetime moment




    Not swally cos he gave up a 27 point lead


    McInnes for being strategically limited




  4. Of course Neil Lennon has to choose his own assistant manager; that’ shouldn’t even be up for debate. This guy has to stand or fall, win or lose, on his own merits and by his own decisions. The days when our defacto DoF interefered … they ought to be well and truly over.



    Neil has experience working under Lawwell; I don’t think I’ve ever been more furious with the club in my life than I was in his last season here before when we went into every Champions League qualifier weaker than the round before it. I’ve never seen a team sabotaged by its upper management in quite that fashion either before or since. He knows that it cannot happen this time.



    Every element of the football side of the club has to be in his hands, and if he asks for a footballer within the budget and all the scouting work is done and the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed then the job of whoever sits above him on the structure is simply to go and close that deal.



    No pissing about, not low-balling the offer, no playing “first to blink loses” with the manager’s choices. One summer of it was enough, one summer of it was more than enough.

  5. Well said JF.



    Good to read that you fully support the manager now.



    Keep fighting the good fight.



    HH. ? ?

  6. I believe Lawwell should recruit the assistant. Then we know when it all goes pear shaped who is responsible and needs to go.



    Lawwell has already cost celtic £100M in CL money and this managerial selection will result in another CL failure (£40-50M).



    Of course we could let Lenny select a drinking buddy —- who is good at stats, diets etc

  7. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Rolling in it !



    ‘NOT GIVING UP Rangers to table third bid for Oldham ace George Edmundson


    Steven Gerrard’s side will return to the negotiation table after the League Two club rejected a second offer late on Sunday night.’ The Scottish Sun.




    Haha I’m so glad they are fighting hard to get their Tier 4 footballer.



    I wish them every luck in the world!

  9. Scotland v Jamaica live on BBC Alba from a sun kissed Hampden. Last friendly beforecrhe World Cup finals next month. Decent opening 15 minutes but no goals yet although Scotland with the bulk of possession. Decent crowd there too supporting our ladies.

  10. Hahaha true that lol … but he’s at Hearts … they are not exactly kicking in the front door at Celtic Park, are they? Honestly, I wish them well.

  11. WeefratheTim on

    JAMES FORREST @ 7.11



    100% correct. Glad to see you backing NFL. Not holding my breath on signings, but hoping upon hope we will do the right thing. Remember the huns will be dying to get in to the top 32 teams in Europe. Lol. HH

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Sevco signing guys from Killie,Motherwell, Aberdeen, and haggling over 500k CBs from Oldham, will determine our budget for next season.

  13. We need 4 quality players in i.e. rightback, centreback, centremid and forward.



    If we move on all of mulumbu, ntcham, rogic and/or bitton We will need another 1 midfielder.



    If We move on henry and compper We will need another centreback.



    If We lose sinclair, hayes, We will need another left winger.



    We could then give dembele, oxo-flex, wilson, henderson, johnston, morgan, aitchison, church, perez and gutman etc…. game time and really integrate then into first team.



    nfl and the board need to make sure our squad is trimmed and does not get to big once again. We waste to much money on guys that offer nothing.




  14. Caught in possession at the back And we gift Jamaica an equaliser. 2 – 2 and 49 played.

  15. WeefratheTim on

    The huns raised a fund me page to help buy Ryan Kent. In the first month, they raised £45. Lol. HH

  16. pintaguinness on

    For me there were only 2 real candidates for our Manager. Neil and Steve Clarke



    The rest were just folk looking for a “project” or wads of cash



    Cant understand criticism of Neils tactical skills. . When we beat Barcelona he knew Barca dont go to by line and cut back they go inside all the time So,, he switched full backs around. Simple but effective. He can spot a player too and has added millions. Rodgers only success was Sinclair. Dembele was a Ronny target



    So I trust Neil and we are very,very lucky to have him



    He’ll need help inside the club and from us



    I support him unreservedly

  17. Fool Time Whistle on

    Make mine a PintaGuiness then.



    If you can keep your head while all around you are clamouring for Jose or Rafa or Andreas or David or David or Mike…then you are a man among Tims, my friend.




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