Newco find new ways to traumatise themselves


Scott Bain had little chance with either Newco goal yesterday, but made several flawless interventions in in the game: diving out from his goal to hold a cross in the first half, saving when the hopeless Morelos was clean through on him, grasping a free kick just under his crossbar and punching the ball out of play.

His game will most be remembered for the added time save from Windass before he collected the ball off the post when Morelos showed all the composure of Ibrox strikers before him, like Sebo and van Vossen.

Jozo Simunovic scarcely broke sweat before his 57th minute red card.  There could have been an earlier red for a two footed lunge on Tom Rogic, and I don’t believe there was intent behind Jozo’s action, but it was a red card.

‘What happened to Dedryck?’ remains an open question.  The Belgian international picked himself up from a bomb scare first season to become an integral part of the Invincibles, but after gifting possession for the opening Newco goal, and being turned by Morelos at the second, he will have been the most relieved man in Glasgow at full time yesterday.

Tom Rogic’s goal was incredible, not only the quality of the 27-yard strike, but the way he created the opening for himself.  No one else in the Scottish game could have scored that goal.  Some players hide when they are a goal down in a hostile environment, Tom stepped up when we needed it.

Moussa Dembele scored one, got an assist and led the line well.  His goal exposed some inept defending.  A Scott Bain pass to Scott Brown allowed the captain to launch a long ball with his first touch, Moussa controlled with his head before lobbing the keeper.

This goal came after a period of intense Celtic pressure on the Newco goal, which forced eight corners but didn’t create the breakthrough.  When Newco pressed forward they lost concentration.

Like Rogic, Moussa is a player who comes alive on big stage.

With 25% of the game remaining, the scores level and being a man down, Brendan Rodgers swapped a midfielder for a striker.  Without a right back on the park, I didn’t expect Forrest to be sacrificed, but it was a ballsy, match winning, play.

Odsonne Eduard didn’t hang around. 100 seconds after taking to the field, he scored what proved to be the winner.  Think back for a moment to the occasions Brendan played Odsonne with Moussa and Leigh Griffiths on the bench.  It was clear Odsonne was still learning his craft, but without those development opportunities he would not have been yesterday’s match winner.

The final drama was provided by Windass’ shot, Bain’s save and that miss from Morelos.  The ball sat perfectly for the striker four yards out, but as we so often see from one footed players, what was an easy tap-in with his left foot, bounced off the outside of his right boot in the wrong direction.

All he needed to do was hold his left foot against the ball to equalise.  How do players get to that level so reluctant to use their weaker foot?

Twice coming from behind, then scoring a winner with 10 men, is a memorable way to win any game.  At Ibrox, it was delicious.  Newco collapsed like a pack of cards, at home, with a man advantage.  They continue to find innovative ways to traumatise themselves.

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  1. 50 shades of green on

    Enjoyed that yesterday.



    #Ten mhen done it again, na na na na na #




  2. Word of The Day (their dreams are shattered …….)



    Oneiromancy /əʊˈnaɪərəʊˌmænsɪ/





    1. divination by the interpretation of dreams



    Derived Forms


    oneiromancer, noun



    Word Origin and History for oneiromancyExpand




    1650s; see oneiro- + -mancy. Cf. Greek oneiromantis “an interpreter of dreams.” Related: oneiromantic.





  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Very smart substitution by Brendan. Think we did something similar at Hamilton last season. Temptation is to take off an attacker and bring on an extra defender, but you end up just inviting the opposition on to you.


    Said last week we would win the league by 15-20 points. Surely any “race” is for second. Looking forward to the MSM discussing it in detail!

  4. What is the Stars on

    Was Carthage sufficiently delended yesterday or should the message Carthago Delenda Est be drummed home again


    Discuss please

  5. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Afternoon All.



    Terrific win yesterday in every way.



    We are very much on course for a double treble!!



    If you want to celebrate a double treble, and commemorate the 51st anniversary of that day in Lisbon, on the evening of Friday 25th May in the Kerrydale Suite, then you will have to be quick as tickets are selling fast.



    Contact me on jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk for details.



    Only 80 seats left out of 500!



    We shall not be moved!!




  6. Paul


    That statement you’ve made re the Buffalo being one footed is surely untrue?


    There’s no way anyone would bid £10m for a striker so one footed.



    Eh? Didnae whit? Didnae bid furr who?



    Aye they did. It wiz in the Record so it wiz. Ra rangers turned thum doon so they did .

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull



    Yes I reckon 15 points is going to be the margin – if not higher. Much depends on Newco reaction to this defeat and the sustainability of Hibs as we enter into the final legs of the season, they must surely believe 2nd is within their capabilities?

  8. As I recall Carthage used to fill their attack with elephants, plus ca change. I still think we need to sprinkle some salt on their pitch. I’m sure Griff would be up for it.

  9. Oh and Paul 67



    I owe you an apology. You called the league title as won a few weeks ago. Can’t remember exact date but it was the time I was trying to find proper fitting pampers for myself.



    Your confidence proved, or will prove, well founded.



    Good call. Brave call.



    Me of little faith …. whilst you kept the faith.

  10. The Orcs could well come unstuck at the weekend against a rejuvenated Kilmarnock side who are opening up space between themselves and Hearts…



    Lenny was saying after their win that they’re looking up the table at The Sheep and The Orcs not down at Hearts.))



    I would seriously love His to take second, Aberdeen look a spent force can’t see them taking second off of the Mankies..

  11. That miss by Morelos prevented what would have been a stunning 3 – 3 victory for the Ibrox side.


    Aw, what a pity.





    Give it a month and yesterday will be a morale-boosting performance. You read it here first!

  13. Broony really stepped up after the red card, Bain keeps the jersey until Gordon gets fit for me.Jozo should get disciplined for a stupid red card, he put the whole team under pressure.brave sub by Brendan putting Eddie on, easy option was to put a MF on and try to keep it at 2-2.

  14. 50 shades of green on

    So have we,



    1… Got an explanation on why Ollie was booked after getting the ball kicked at him?.



    2…. Got an explanation as to why 2 footed tackles go unpunished.



    3….Got an explanation as to what Jason Cummings actually done when he came on, surely he cany be picking up a wage, O wait ;-).



    4….. Had a statement from the loonies asking why a Scottish international player is allowed to fly an Irish flag to sadden their eyes.



    5…. Had an explanation from the police as to why the 3 zombies who came on to the track when they scored their second, were escorted back to their seats.






    49 quid well spent, the joy on my sons face when we scored the 3rd will live on long in my memory.




  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    San Luis


    If Aberdeen play Sevco with a bit less fear they should beat them or at least draw. Hibs look the best of the three, but sometimes put in a really below-par performance.


    Kilmarnock are capable of getting a result against any of them.


    I can’t see us dropping more than a couple of points from here.

  16. Tom Rogic’s archive will soon match those of Lubo and Shunsuke for the exceptional quality of his strikes.



    Even ignoring the setting, yesterday’s was a thing of beauty which would have stood out in any football match.



    Defenders have a dilemma about having to to close him down 30 yards out or risk a direct shot at their goal. This leaves space for a runner and the striker if they do so that creates another problem for them.



    If Tom stays, his next task is to raise his game in Europe where we have not seen the best of him.

  17. Scott Bain handled himself well without being worked particularly hard. The first Morelos save was straight down his throat and he saved the Windass shot as he would have been expected to. You could argue he palmed it back into trouble but I suppose that’s a tad harsh. His handling was good as was his distribution.



    Looking at the chances they created. Boyata was at fault for the first goal obviously and for the first Morelos chance in the second half. Their second goal was a comedy of errors, Ajer should have done more to stop the cross and we defended poorly in the box. The last chance which started with the Windass shot, Armstrong is tracking Windass run but just lets him get a yard in front of him. Stu needs to make sure he matches the run.



    Defensively we need to improve, individual errors are proving costly. As a unit we look ok however. If we keep making mistakes we will make life hard for ourselves.

  18. South Of Tunis on




    A very comfortable and dark ( as in next to no light even at noon ) place.. An ideal venue in 68 for meeting a man with a dog and spending a £1..Everybody else was too busy staring into their glass and wishing there was more of the content left… You could buy a Happy Day there . A bottle of Fowler’s Wee Heavy poured into a pint glass and topped up with run of the mill Heavy .



    A choon from then –



  19. Paul



    Re: Forrest sub.



    Celtic went to a 4-3-2 When they went down to 10 men. A well rehearsed scenario as Brendan revealed after the game.



    There was no way Forrest was going to fit into that formation.



    A master stoke, sure, but also a perfectly executed “what if” plan.



    We have a very special manager, perhaps the greatest in modern times.

  20. Aberdeen have four games before the split; as it stands, they can attain 80 points.



    Sevco have 3 games before the split; as it stands, that can attain 82 points.



    Hibs have 3 games before the split; as it stands, that can attain 78 points.



    I want Sevco to drop points before the split; I want Aberdeen and Hibs to pick up all their points before the split.



    If we win our next 4 games, we come up against Sevco (who I hope will be out of it by then); we can then beat them at Celtic Park to surpass the potential points total of our nearest rivals who would be Aberdeen. That way, the huns are in 4th and we can cement them there behind Aberdeen and Hibs!



    That would be very sweet.



    Worst case scenario is that the huns drop 2 points agains Kilmarnock and win their other 2 games. We can then still win the League agains them at Celtic Park.





  21. Tweet yesterday from former SFA employee Brian McClair



    “This morning 3 guys in Scotland arrived at their place of work, got changed into their Black uniforms and started their shift, soon one decided to be the star of the show, another decided in one instance that he was going to be famous… their decisions galvanised the numerically disadvantaged side to victory, much to the chagrin and bitter rage of the other side!!!”

  22. If there is a chance we can win the game in the first game after the split it will not be v them. Police wouldn’t allow it. If we are 12-15 points ahead at the split then it’ll be Killie or Aberdeen at home first game

  23. So looking at the performance of the top 4 since Murty took over shows that having played a game more in the league he still doesn’t have a better record than Brendan Rodgers; this is despite Celtic having played 4 more games (Europe and League Cup final).



    We have scored 3 more goals and taken an extra point; I expect that when we play Dundee that will be another 3 points and at least another 3 goals.



    Factor in the loss of form and injuries to Gordon, Roberts, Griffiths, Dembele, Simunovic, Boyata, Armstrong, Rogic and Hayes at various stages during that time and that shows just how many first team players we have missed!



    We are 9, potentially 12, points clear with 8 games to go. I would expect that we will win the league by more than 15 points from Hibs or Aberdeen. Probably ,ore than 15 points less than last season, but still well ahead and hopefully a double treble.



    That will still be a very successful season!



    Since Murty took over


    Celtic: Played 19 GD 20 Points 41


    Huns: Played 20 GD 17 Points 40


    Hibs: Played 19 GD 8 Points 35


    Aberdeen: Played 19 GD 1 Points 30









  24. traditionalist88 on

    Superb comeback yesterday in the face of adversity and three goals out the top drawer. Pretty thrilling contest to be fair.



    Going to bang the Boyata drum again. Its not now we should be asking what has happened to him. It was the couple of months when he actually looked like a decent defender that something was up. Yesterday was the real Boyata. Clumsy, dreadful decision making, poor reading of the game and positioning, unforced errors. Heart in your mouth stuff. 3 times in the first 20 minutes, lucky we weren’t put to bed. We shouldnt have had to score 3 times to win yesterday.



    He is now worse than ever, we have all the evidence to go on that he is not fit to wear the shirt.



    He is a threat at attaking corners but that doesnt qualify him as a Celtic defender. Retrain him as a striker or say goodbye before the next costly mistake.



    No doubt someone will come on quoting our defensive record. As we seen yesterday, not every mistake leads to a goal. But the effect on cohesion of a team is plain to see. The guy turns 28 in November – this is it, peak Boyata. You look at KT and the concentration, composure and ball retention. Game intelligence. Others in our squad you can debate whether they have it but unforced errors are close to unforgivable.




  25. GARY67 on 12TH MARCH 2018 1:03 PM



    The game against them has already been put forward as being 22nd April – the first game after the split.



    This (IMHO) was based upon the premise that they would beat us and potentially be able to go level n points by beating us at Celtic Park.



    It’s kinda back-fired now!





  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Trad- if we were 2-1 down at HT, i think Boyata would have been hooked for Eddie, dropping KT back with Ajer and Jozo, he had a nightmare, which IMO made Bain’s performance all the better.

  27. VFR on 12th March 2018 1:23 pm



    I did read that but as you say they probably were banking on the gap being 6 points. Don’t think there was an official confirmation of that date (I may have missed it if there was) so they wriggle room to change. Official post slit fixtures tend to be released in the midweek between the last pre split league game and cup semi final

  28. After 10 games of the season a team sack their manager for being 8 points behind their nearest rivals. Proportionally, if the gap were to remain the same, how many points behind would they be after 30 games?

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