Newco’s potential investor


Just a short one while we await the Uefa meeting to breakup.  I see the press have caught up on the information I left on CQN on 11 March about the potential investor in Newco.  Then, I wrote, “If [The Sun) had even given us something like, ‘A fan, originally from Paisley, who made his money in the Far East’ I would have thought their information was possibly on a par with mine.”

A month ago, Newco were the only club in Scotland facing a financial crisis, today, almost all are, but Newco’s situation is acute.  No Paisley-born-boy-did-good is going to change that.  There’s lots more going on here than I can write about or that others will.  Good luck to Stuart Gibson, if he signs that P.G.

Oh, and their new PR man, goodness!

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  1. Further to my post earlier this morning my daughter guessed that she got around 80% of her shopping list so a very acceptable outcome. No signs of panic buying, About 30 folk at the door as the shops opened. Quite a fair number of empty shelves but some others had clearly been recently stocked. Visited Aldi, Home Bargains and Lidl. Aldi and Lidl were both limiting the number of units of any one product (3 in Aldi, 2 in Lidl) which is probably as it should be. Baby milk, wipes, nappies etc still very hard to come by. But the Lidl toilet roll stocks were overflowing!

  2. Canamalar and AT


    Wherever the vaccine or cure originates, Cuba, China, India, Israel, USA or Zambia is of no concern Shirley?


    There’s no doubt that there will be a shortened testing period followed by the need for large scale production run.


    China, India, Israel and USA are best placed to achieve this.


    Note that FDA trials of Gleevec, Imatinib, were shortened at Phase 2 to enable the drug to be used For CM!, and I assume that any kind of drug showing successful results will be fast tracked.


    Deo volente.

  3. An Dun


    Investment? Since King isn’t selling shares how is the investment being made.


    I have a pound coin somewhere. Will $1:30 suffice?

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Apologies I am guilty of the very thing I accused you of, not reading the information provided.



    It is indeed very encouraging and hopefully it will be a solution.



    I’d hope now the information is published all countries will help with this research especially the UK before the virus really hits hard.



    Again apologies for my stupid thoughtless diatribe.

  5. Jobo


    My daughter is about to make a supermarket raid. It’s 6:15 here.


    No need for baby supplies, but mainly fresh vegetables and bread.


    My family won’t allow me to go. Yesterday they threatened to take away my car keys.


    Online ordering is the way to go.


    Unfortunately they are so far backed up, delays are up to 5 or 6 days.

  6. Mornin all – hoping to get home on Friday, flight still on but I’ve been sitting with too many people who’ve had the ‘cancelled’ text to be certain. Nice to see a bit of sanity via Jobo’s shopping news.

  7. Very encouraging news from Israel.Reading the report,they said their was a large element of luck,as they had spent 4 years developing a vaccine for poultry,bearing similar bronchial problems as Corona.Voila,Corona arrives,and they are very confident the vaccine will be available in 90 days.Along with the other centers developing a vaccine,a good bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. Meanwhile – in the US Democratic primaries …



    Who’s getting Secret Service protection?


    On Tuesday, the US Secret Service said it would this week begin providing full protection for Mr Biden. His codename will be Celtic, the same as when he was vice-president.



    Would get my vote …

  9. My wife always bakes her own bread – unfortunately everyone seems to have turned into Paul Hollywood. Not a packet of bread flour anywhere.

  10. Just cancelled our holiday to Menorca with Jet2 which was for the end of June so lost our deposit (£120)



    They tried to get us to hold on (full balance due to be paid on 14th April) or rebook for later in the year.



    They appear to be taking bookings as normal for April and beyond.



    Who’d be daft enough?

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    Gene, you must be eavesdropping on our house. Managed to find some organic plain flour yesterday, but 00 is impossible to find. Looks like we’ll be fine for focaccia and flat breads, but panelled for pasta.




  12. Mrs TB,went up to the supermarket here today,and took a photo.Outside there are huge stands of toilet rolls advertised on sale.Thousands of them.Inside,every shelf full.Every kind of Pasta.Turkish Council Polis,checking all stores to make sure prices remain the same.Huge army of workers spraying the town centre every day with disinfectant,scrubbing,and spraying.Only Turkish nationals allowed to fly back in.Jet 2 only allowed in to take holiday makers out.Trying hard,the Turks.

  13. Philboy,



    After hearing the Swiss Governments advice on Friday I spent in total 4 hours trying to get through to Easyjet over Friday Night and as soon as the call centre opened on the Saturday morning. Just to get a voucher.



    I’m sure nobody was taking calls. I’d much rather be told that.



    These are unprecedented times to be fair.

  14. Turkey Bhoy



    Same here in Madeira- only ‘leavers’ allowed to fly. Anyone who arrived later than Saturday is quarantined in their hotel – some actually came even though they knew this would be happening – two weeks on a sunny balcony preferred to ole Garngad😀

  15. Philbhoy,



    I was due to fly back to Scotland,1st April with Easy Jet.5 days ago I got an E-Mail telling me ,cancelled,and full refund on the way.I was returning with Jet 2,and they have told me to wait until 2 weeks before that date,to see the situation.If no flight,I will get full refund or open ticket.Seems,if you cancel yourself,you lose the money.

  16. Jinky,



    Yep.I have friends stranded in Australia,India,they cant get back.Friends in Oz staying with their son,phoned me this morning,and said they would just stay,and wait it out.No big problem.Not so,in Goa.Big problem there.Only there on holiday,time is up,and no way of going anywhere.




    I was’t prepared to pay the balance and end up with a voucher or the option to book at a later date.



    The person I spoke to at Jet2 seemed a wee bit vague on refunds so didn’t want to take the chance.

  18. Bamboo,


    No.Not surprising for us.We live out on the beach.80 houses around us.Nobody here,due to the majority belonging to German/Turks who only use them for holiday homes.We really are “Self isolating”.

  19. GG on 18TH MARCH 2020 10:55 AM


    Testing times we live in



    Some would say “not testing times”

  20. Philbhoy,



    I understand the problem.As I said,from what I was informed by Jet 2,they will contact me,but if I cancelled,I would lose the money.I can use the ticket anytime until the end of October,so no great problem.Your case ,very different.

  21. Imagine there was a video doing the rounds of our new Communications employee standing at a gathering of Republicans,in a Celtic strip,shouting”Toicheidh Ar La”,talking about what we “Fought and died “for.


    Really,just imagine the uproar,from our media.Its jaw dropping.


    Throw in the lunatic ravings of Seethins assistant,Beale,that the League should be awarded on the basis of the first 20 games.A vile form of hatred running through that den of iniquity.Even more than usual.

  22. RANGERS are not a new club. They didn’t die in 2012. I’ve never believed that or written anything close to it.



    Those who spend their life banging on about Sevco need to find a hobby. Or a friend. Those who believe a football club’s identity exists on deeds, who the owner happens to be or all that boring stuff usually aren’t that into football.



    Despite me being “wan of them” I have never been intimidated or antagonised by any Rangers fan, have always felt welcome at Ibrox and – you can Google it – this column more than once asked those whose noses aren’t blue to stop their prejudice, or at least re-evaluate what they believe the average Bear to be.



    The anti-Catholic signing policy was lifted 31 years ago. Rangers are still seen as a Protestant club – and I’ve no real issue with that and neither should anyone else – but I’ve seen for myself a significant cultural change within the support.



    For every “FTP” mouth-breather, there are 20 who don’t want anything to do with that. Nor do they care what school a player went to. All they are interested in is whether they can do it on the pitch. Lorenzo Amoruso was captain. Rino Gattuso remains a cult hero.



    Celtic fan Neil McCann got roundly cheered as he helped Rangers to two trebles and a double. The most popular player at Ibrox right now is Alfredo Morelos. Nacho Novo will probably get a statue one day. All “left footers”.



    Sectarianism remains an issue because of the club’s history and because within the Rangers support remain people with King Billy tattoos. William of Orange had the political backing and private financial support of Pope Innocent XI – the Mo Johnston of his day. That never gets a mention in any song…



    And because at every game anthems are belted out with blatant sectarian messages across an increasingly secular Scotland.



    I’ve always been a defender if not a supporter of Rangers. I’ve met so many good people at that club. Most of my mates are Rangers fans. I was and remain of the opinion that more should have been done to keep the club in the Premier League in 2012; not that they didn’t deserve what happened to them per se, but the impact on the other clubs and our game as a whole was hugely negative.



    To quote the great Kevin Bridges: “We had a two-horse league and we’ve lost a horse.”



    But then they go and appoint DUP councillor David Graham who is a “worshipful master” of the Orange Order to be the face of the club.



    No club is without sin when it comes to making appointments. Dundee had Giovanni de Stefano on their board – a jailbird, friend of terrorists and Saddam Hussein’s lawyer.



    Vladimir Romanov was for years a popular owner of Hearts. Hibernian almost went to the wall under the, cough, leadership of chairman David Duff – a man with a perfect surname.



    And as for Celtic, where to begin? Well, let’s start with John Reid as chairman, a man who is “at ease with his conscience” about when, as a Labour government minister, he supported the war in Iraq.



    But we are talking about Rangers here and the appointment of Graham is, in my view, a bad call.



    Why, when Rangers are supposedly doing their best to show themselves to be an inclusive club, have they given a job to a member of a Northern Ireland political party with links to many Unionist paramilitary groups that continue to haunt them.



    The DUP is ostensibly anti-homosexual, has a pro-creationist faction within the party and aren’t keen on women having control of their own bodies. I had to check the calendar there to make sure this was the 21st century.



    Speaking to Good Morning Ulster yesterday about his new role, Graham said: “The future includes everyone, irrespective of sexual orientation, religious background or cultural affiliation.”



    His membership of the Orange Order is not illegal. Indeed, who am I or anyone to tell another person what to do in their spare time. But while the OO says it isn’t anti-Catholic, it wouldn’t be outrageous to suggest they aren’t overly keen on them.



    Is this really the type of person Rangers need right now? Graham will replace Jim Traynor, a controversial figure who happened to be my boss for the best part of 10 years.



    He gave me a job at the country’s biggest selling newspaper at that time and made me, at just 27, one of the best paid members of my extended family.



    With him as my gaffer, I was sent all over the world to watch football and golf. I got to write columns with Ally McCoist and Jim McLean. I was given a freer role than most on the desk, at least for a time, a period in which I had my best times in journalism.



    In so many ways I owe him a lot but I’ve never felt that. I don’t like the man. Anyway, it’s good that he’s going, it’s just that his successor shouldn’t be a DUP and Orange Order member.



    Why didn’t they go for a bluenose journalist, there’s plenty of them, who would bring calmness to such an important role?



    Instead the powers that be have acted like the Rangers from the bygone days. See,



    I told you they were the



    same club

  23. The Rangers are a phoenix club with the same fan base and same world outlook. I couldn’t care less who they appoint tbh. They are what they are.

  24. bamboo on 18th March 2020 11:03 am


    ‘Anyone know anyone thats got corona?’






    I know of four who are self isolating. One works in a health care role so may be tested (because of risk to others).



    Doubt any of them have got it, but without testing we’ll never know.



    More worrying is the asymptomatic who are out and about shedding virus.

  25. South Of Tunis on 18th March 2020 11:03 am



    The impression is that Italy is something of an outlier in so far as there’s a far higher rate of those who have the virus requiring intensive treatment compared to other European countries.



    Is this being discussed there and are there any reasons suggested for why it might be the case?

  26. South Of Tunis on

    ERNIE LYNCH @ 11 53 .



    Yes — acknowledged and discussed . . The prevailing belief is that a country with a higher than average number of people over 75 has a higher than average need for intensive treatment . . Other aspect being discussed/ debated is the provision of intensive care to the young or the old . Recent days have seen open debate / discussion re what happens when they run out of ventilators / beds and staff.