ABERDEEN will not be issuing an apology to The “Rangers” ahead of the first ever meeting between the Dons and the latest Ibrox club at Pittodrie on 25 September.

The mainstream media have been outraged by the ‘new club’ insinuation made on the official Aberdeen FC website which correctly states that there have been “no previous meetings” between the two clubs.

The former Rangers club visited Pittodrie on many occasions before failing to agree a CVA in June 2012 and as a result falling into liquidation. Xa9HWNISkLZCQsMPjVVWPs2EBdwakTMCf06dVdIgshw

Charles Green, who purchased a bundle of assets and set up a new club through his off the shelf Sevco company, recently stated  (through his Advocate in the Court of Session) that he had created a new club and that there was no continuity. It was a myth. He should know.

More recently in a letter to a firm of solicitors representing shareholders of Celtic FC on the Resolution 12 matter, Andrea Traverse, Head of Licensing and Financial Fair Play at UEFA stated:

“As a consequence of decisions taken in 2012 as well as the administration of the club the events/measures that followed (including the new club/company being ineligible to apply for a licence to participate to apply for a licence to participate in UEFA competitions for three seasons), there is no need for UEFA to investigate this matter any further since the club was not granted a licence to participate in the 2012/13 UEFA club competitions, the new club/company entered the fourth tier of Scottish Football and it was not able to play in UEFA competitions for the next three years in any event.

Many thanks for taking note of the above position of UEFA.”

This official UEFA letter is dated 8 June 2016 and copies were sent to the SFA and Celtic FC.

In dealing with the specifics raised by the solicitor regarding Resolution 12, the Head of Licensing and Financial Fair Play stated formally for the first time the position of UEFA and that is that the current club playing out of Ibrox are a new club.

While the Scottish tabloids and indeed the broadcast media, including the BBC, are happy to whip up indignation among the Ibrox support regarding the ‘latest new club insult’, NONE of them have shown any interest in reporting on this formal legal document written by Andrea Traverse, Head of Licensing and Financial Fair Play at UEFA.PERSISTENCE

No Scottish ‘journalist’ has asked to see this letter, several have had offers as an exclusive. No takers though.

The new club, as it is officially regarded by UEFA, travel to both Celtic Park and Pittodrie in the coming weeks. At the conclusion of last weekend’s fixture between the Scotland’s top two sides at Celtic Park, there was an announcement that Celtic’s next home match was on 1o September against ‘Rangers’ for the “Glasgow derby” – so no mention of the awful Old Firm tag.

Aberdeen have been a little more clever. They have stated the hard truth on their website. Their own supporters have as much an emotional interest in seeing the truth prevail in this matter as Celtic’s. The Dons fans would simply not tolerate their club playing along with the continuity myth.Unknown-1

On the upcoming fixtures section of their website, the Dons list their previous meetings with every side they face.

So for the entry for the visit of The ‘Rangers’ to Pittodrie on September 25 says “no previous meetings found”.

And as the cries and howls from the MSM and the Ibrox support emerge, no doubt demanding that names be revealed and that the entire website staff are sacked, the club side stepped the issued cleverly.

An Aberdeen FC spokesman explained: “We updated our website in 2014 so our statistics only go back that far.Unknown

“Any club we haven’t played since before then will come up with the same message.”

Checkmate. No apology. Basically Aberdeen, having stated the truth and closed down any campaign, media pressure and threats from the usual suspects. They have said this is a new club, end of conversation.
Focus will now switch to how Celtic handle the matter.
Of course it must be remembered that the stakes are even higher for the Champions as they consider among other things the safety of their own media staff. Only last night in the BBC programme about Scottish football we were all reminded about the bullets and devices sent in the post to Celtic’s former manager Neil Lennon by supporters the Ibrox clubs.Unknown-5
However Celtic FC received the letter from Andrea Traverse, Head of Licensing and Financial Fair Play at UEFA which clearly states that the club playing the Champions on 10 September is indeed a new club. There is no room for myths. Celtic FC know that the official UEFA position is that this is a new club. The Celtic support know that Celtic FC know this.
The answer is quite simple.
Just tell the truth, Celtic.
Like these newspapers did in June 2012.
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