No let-up in HMRC football pursuits


News that Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric, former manager and owner of Portsmouth FC respectively, will face trial in January over allegations they attempted to defraud HM Revenue and Customs will cast a long shadow within the football business in what is shaping up to be a landmark year for the game’s relationship with tax authorities.

Unlike Rangers on-going HMRC case, which is a mere tribunal that will decide if a liability demand is valid, Radknapp and Mandaric face criminal charges.  Redknapp is one of England’s most popular sporting figures but no more so than former jockey, Lester Piggott, who received a three year jail sentence for tax evasion in 1987.

High profile wins, at Crown Court or a First Tier Tribunal, are likely to bring in more undeclared tax than a bus load of cartoon characters in bowler hats.

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  1. Mr. Stimpson



    Simple Question. How far are you willing to take appeasement?







    I agree to an extent but I feel that this is too risky a tactic for PL to feel confident that he can control the outcomes. I tend to discount conspiracies as I find stupidity is a more plausible explanation in most circumstances.



    If PL had wanted Uefa to fine us for offensive or political singing, he could have asked for a judgement ages ago. Why now?



    If Uefa had been minded to find our songbook objectionable, they have had many opportunities to do so from myriad hun complaints previously. This one from Plod is just the latest in a sad misguided line. I felt the Police had reinforced an unwarranted stereotype for stupidity when they decided to specify BOTOB. However, if they have, indeed, cited Paddy McCourt’s Fenian Army as a discriminatory chant, then the stereotype will have gained further currency (apologies to Kingoh, McTall and other Celtic minded polis but your “superiors” ( better to call them senior officers) are letting you guys down big time.



    I no longer think we are living in interesting times. I think we are in farcical times.

  2. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Cults Bhoy






    Ah agree wholeheartedly , with You and Yer wise Irishman..


    regarding the Root Cause of the Irish Troubles and Tribulations..



    It always boils doon tae.. The Pursuit o’ Money.






    The Lack ,there of..



    If ye wanna keep a People doon.. ye must first of Awe..



    Tak away from them the Right.. tae Earn.. Money.. Crops..etc.






    The English, invented that Tactic…



    Even ,after using it.. agin the Recalcitrant and Stubborn Irish…tae the Hilt…



    They ..the English, that is..



    Had tae resort tae.. A POGROM,agin the Irish People.. Read. Catholic Irish People… N



    That Pogram ..commenced… when The English Refused tae Ship the Life Sustaining Food tae those Poor Beleaguered..and Benighted Irish.when that Mysterious.. Crop Destroying Fog.. covered the Potato Fields.And eviscerated every Crop of Pretties in every Field..thruoot the Land of Erin.



    Anyway, pal.. Glad that ye realize that The English Deliberately, Got Rid of..



    Well.. Let me see..



    A man whom Ah respect told me that The IRISH POPULATION.. Pre-The Great Famine.. wiz knocking at the door of EIGHT MILLION.. and before the Mysterious Potato Blight passed.. Ireland’s Population was Only… Three Million..



    Those Figures may or May not be accurate..






    In Any case..



    The Irish Population never quite Recovered..



    Yep..the English had taken care of those Pesky Irish.. awright..





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.

  3. setting free the bears says:


    13 November, 2011 at 23:26



    awesome tunes, big chap – THANKS !!



    woz he chewin gum there ?



    Eck Fergusssson has a thing or two to learn, ha

  4. Check this out lads is there nothing these scumbags won’t do to unsettle our team.


    How come you never hear any huns players attracting interest hmmm.





    Adam Chase




    Published: 13 Nov 2011


    Add a comment


    PREMIER League pair Fulham and Everton are considering a January swoop for Celtic defender Adam Matthews.


    SunSport can reveal the Welsh kid, 19, has emerged as a top target for the two English clubs.


    Versatile Matthews is contracted to Celts until 2015 and has told friends he is in no hurry to leave Parkhead.


    But a bid of around £5million could tempt chief executive Peter Lawwell to sell a player who cost just £200,000 in the summer.


    Four-times capped Matthews is proving to be one of Neil Lennon’s best signings after a superb start to his Hoops career.


    He was signed as a right-back but has shifted to the other side of defence with Emilio Izaguirre injured. Lennon signed experienced Badr El Kaddouri on loan but Matthews has kept him out of the side and has been earning rave reviews.


    He was seen as one for the future when he was snapped up from Cardiff City in the close season.


    But Matthews instantly won over boss Lennon who would be reluctant to lose him after just half a season at the club.


    Fulham and Everton are both desperate to sign right-backs, though, and Matthews has climbed their target list.


    Davie Moyes sent his chief scout Robbie Cook to see Matthews in action with Fulham scouting him FIVE times this season.

  5. petec



    The ancient documents are the wisdom of their times not ours.



    The US constitution’s Section 9 of Article I allowed the continued “migration” of the free or “importation” of indentures and slaves as the states chose, defining slaves as persons, not property.”



    “to the whole number of men and women, free and indentured, would be added “three-fifths” the number of “other persons”, meaning propertyless slaves and taxed Indian farming families.”



    i.e. the constitution puts white men as two-fifths superior to others. No wonder Kojo & TSD fears the Fox Bogeyman “multiculturalism”

  6. hen1rik @ 00:25



    This would be the same council responsible for forcing Dalmnornock residents out of their homes while refusing to pay them the value of their homes. Oh well, sure we can wait for this “inquiry” to come up with some answers. Or maybe not.

  7. Would anybody like to ask the Talking Bird what all these great Irish rebels had in common ?




    Wolfe Tone, Thomas Russell, Henry Joy McCracken, William Orr, Lord Edward Fitzgerald, the brothers Sheares, Archibald Hamilton Rowan, Valentine Lawless ?



    No, I suppose not.



    Every one of these Irish heroes was PROTESTANT.

  8. My dear,dear,dear,dear friend..Petec..



    Ah knew ye wur Hep tae Pat.. Fine Broth of A lad.. so He is.



    And.. Ah am Familiar with Mark Steyn .. he is another Guy who



    “Knows .. Ye Know!” ( with apoligie tae. Miss Moana Loat)



    Gold and Silver. sure Dukes,pal..



    Ah know awe aboot that stuff…



    The Bible..?





    Again, you and Ah are Sharing each ither’s Thoughts.



    In Daniel..



    The Three Heided Beast…



    The Leopard.. which is Germany, The Lion.. which is Great Britain.. and


    The Bear.. which is.. Russia.. are the the Three Headed Beast at the End of the World..noo.. this is strange.. and mebbe.. it lends Mair Credence tat Pat’s Book..



    Where is the EAGLE.. which is the U.S??



    Noo, the Eagle should be a Fourth Heid oan the Beast..



    But.. It has .. DISAPPEARED!






    Where did the United States Vanish tae.. in the End Times???



    Like Ah said.. Mebbe Pat has something efter awe?



    Nice chatting Pally..





    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.

  9. Kingoh



    Nothing in my inbox from MWD as yet. I will look forward to reading it.



    I have met many clever people in the modern police force. The MSP, Graeme Pearson, was one of the more impressive performers on the Justice Committee. John Carnochan is an impressive speaker on violence and its roots.



    Yet, it constantly surprises me that the public announcements of the Scottish Polis can seem so wooden and uninformative, when they are not contradictory.

  10. setting free the bears



    Can you link that constitution website because what I am reading reads it differently (unless I’m reading your sections wrong). Thanks.

  11. hen1rik



    they will stop at very little, boss



    ever tryin to upset us



    however, for as much as i think Adam Matthews is talented, i would happily accept 5 or 6M



    he’s decent but not irreplaceable, IMO

  12. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective..




    Hiya.. Pal?



    Guid tae hear fae ye..



    Ah hivnae much time tae spare…Ah am in A Hurry..



    Am in the Middle o’ an Urgent Urgency that Jist Came Up…



    Goatta Fly..





    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater

  13. Guid night, Vietnam.


    Guid night, Cambodia.


    Guid Night, Iraq.


    Guid night, Afghanistan.



    Guid night, George Bush…Wherever ye are.

  14. .








    BOLO ZENDEN last night opened a can of worms at Celtic by making it clear that boss Neil Lennon is not in control of the club’s signing policy.


    Former Holland star Zenden was told “see you on Monday” by Lennon when he left Lennoxtown on Thursday after impressing during a trial spell.



    But 24 hours later the Parkhead board ditched the deal and the 35-year-old winger was left shattered.



    Zenden said: “I had a good conversation with assistant coach Alan Thompson and head coach Neil Lennon.They were satisfied we would do a deal.



    “When we walked out the office, Lennon said “ I’ll see you on Monday. Have a few days off and get your stuff. Then the next day the club decided to scrap the deal.”



    When Zenden arrived at Lennoxtown on trial the terms and conditions of any contract were made plain up front and the trial spell went ahead.



    But after setting up the deal, Lennon had the rug pulled from beneath his feet by the beancounters much to the dismay and puzzlement of former Liverpool, PSG, Barcelona and Chelsea star Zenden.


    Former Holland star Zenden last night opened a can of worms at Celtic



    He added: “I spent two days training and then played a nice game against St Johnstone.Only three first-team players were involved and the rest were youth or reserve players, but still we won the game 2-1 which was great for all the younger lads.



    “For me the primary concern of the game was to show people that I was fit. I played the 90 minutes fine.”



    Celtic are currently 12 points behind rangers in the SPL and Lennon has been desperate to bolster his squad in an attempt to claw back the Ibrox side‚s lead.



    However, having teed up the Zenden deal and then had the plan vetoed it places a huge question mark over the manager’s authority as he tries to turn the season around and at the same time save his job.







  15. The ‘story’ about Mathews is made-up pish.


    I don’t know about Fulham, but no way Everton have £5million to spend on a 19 year old right-back.

  16. 2011 at 21:49



    Houl yer wheest says:


    13 November, 2011 at 20:39


    me been in Casement Club and many bad places since (great to have a son driving!)


    Sludden (ref) hates anything to do with Armagh.


    A balancing act


    he hopes to get the final. Louth people adore him

  17. pete c



    Though forcibly emigrated slaves and native americans were not granted voting rights for themselves, they were counted as 3/5 of a person in calculating the total state electorate power.



    Nice of them to be so liberal, eh?




  18. Spiers article in the Times



    It is a dangerous game, complacency. For years Celtic have wallowed in the pleasure of seeing Rangers being repeatedly censured by Uefa for bigoted chanting by sections of its support. Well, now it is Celtic’s turn to face the music, and not before time, many feel.



    The Celtic Park club have been stung by the news that Uefa has been alerted to “offensive chanting” by a section of the Celtic support during a recent Europa League tie with Rennes in Glasgow. The case itself, while perhaps being a tad complicated, cannot surely have come as a total surprise to Celtic.



    There are times, especially when Neil Lennon’s team take to the road, when the pro-IRA stuff coming from a zealous section of the Celtic support is pretty ear-splitting.



    Mysteriously — though not exclusively — this can reach a fever pitch when Celtic play at Tynecastle, such as at the match between Celtic and Heart of Midlothian in Edinburgh last April.



    That game wasn’t just characterised by the appalling attack on Neil Lennon by a spectator; the scene was also marred by arguably the worst display of pro-IRA chanting ever heard at an away ground by Celtic fans. It is a scenario — such chanting — that has recurringly embarrassed the club.



    Peter Lawwell, the Celtic chief executive, appeared to know the writing was on the wall last month when he called for the club’s political chanting to stop. “We need to erase the chanting about the Provisional IRA,” Lawwell said in the open forum of the Celtic annual general meeting. “We don’t want it, and we don’t need it. It embarrasses the club.”



    The irony is that Lawwell went on to say that the problem was pretty much confined to the Celtic away support, whereas this latest Uefa probe into the Old Firm concerns a Celtic match played at home in Glasgow.



    Lawwell, however, did have a point.



    In recent seasons at Celtic Park it has seemed to most observers that any pro-IRA chanting among the Celtic support has been pretty negligible, to the point of being non-existent. Yet Celtic, just like Rangers, do have other, politically-motivated songs that the club’s hierarchy might well want to do without.



    It is across this hazy landscape that the Scottish Government is currently trying to navigate as it conjures up its Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill. Alex Salmond, just like the two Old Firm clubs, is finding that drawing up a list of banned songs, without denying freedom of speech, is no easy task.



    Meanwhile, clutches of supporters on both sides of Glasgow are working feverishly at being offended by “the other”, to the point where some Old Firm supporters now spend hours and hours trying to land the other side in the dock.



    Whether this latest case involving Celtic is a result of this frenzied “whataboutery” is not yet known. But does it really matter? So long as Celtic have a group of supporters who, in their idiocy, want to chant about the IRA, then the club is liable to get into trouble, as it now is. Indeed, given the repetition of the censuring of Rangers for offensive chanting, some have believed that a blind eye was forever turned towards Celtic; in which case, Celtic have been shaken from their complacency.



    Political chanting at football, however, is complicated. The Rangers fans also sing about the IRA — in fact, arguably more than Celtic’s. In their case it is about brave Ulstermen going off to fight the Republicans and duly dying for their cause. In all of this what is Uefa to do: ban songs that are pro-IRA at football games, but permit those that are against? What a lunatic system this would end up being.



    The straight prejudices of racism or sectarianism are easier to deal with. But, when it comes to political chanting, Uefa has a problem. Rule out political chanting, at Ibrox or Celtic Park, and European football’s governing body would have to stomp around many clubs in Europe, outlawing chants at clubs where a particular political culture is espoused.



    In this scenario Uefa could put both Barcelona and Real Madrid at the top of its hit-list, with a multitude of clubs underneath them, all of them due for a Uefa inspector’s visit.



    Celtic, just like Rangers, will be highly embarrassed by this latest business. Well, that’s tough. To many (including me) the IRA chanting at football represents utter stupidity, and is highly offensive to many. If Celtic want to claim that it is not much of a problem, then they now have a good reason to root it out once and for all.

  19. It is not the reality of the situation, The Police informing UEFA, that is at work here, its SNP spin doctors taking a leaf out of the Blairite Spin Doctor for Dummies.



    The UEFA scenario is now a side issue for the spin doctors, what they are after is a bit down the road yet por cierto.

  20. Summa of Sammi




    Not a single quote from Bolo Zenden in that Express story that backs the tag line- “Lennon not in charge”



    It would not play as well with our support to state that “Lennon changes his mind after weighing up options”, or “Lennon determined not to repeat Lljungberg error”.

  21. setting free the bears



    I don’t like to be cheeky but could you link me to actual Constituent documents because IMO there is likely to be a much better idea of the context. Thanks.

  22. Murdoch, Auld & Hay



    What a confused article from Spiers.



    It reminds me of Estadio’s description of Jinky’s dribbling.



    Its logic seems to double back on itself before going on several detours, rsuming its original direction and then standing still.



    Unlike Jimmy’s dribble, Spiersy’s drivel seems to conclude with an attempt to nutmeg himself before putting the ball out for a shy.

  23. Margaret McGill on

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


    Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the


    flattest earth ye huv ivver seen and god said:






    “Whaur is the four heeded beast?”


    ZAP he said from his big outstretched haun


    and the 4 heeded tyrannosaurus rex appeared but he had only wan heed


    and wiz a man lizard ken.


    So God said


    “FFS! Zappa Frankarooni” wan mair time


    and out popped 3 mair heeds.


    Wan of them was deflated and called itself the Euro.


    The other 2 were called the Cretacious-Tertiary boundary baws and Jimmy.


    But God had messed up coz the T.Rex got helluva pissed


    and due to the dangly bit of the euro he twirled and twirled


    roon and roon till he grabbed it. Ate it. As it is written.


    As the beast bled to death wriggling oan the groon awe its blood


    drained into the sand.


    The Euro didnt care, the KT boundary stared at St.Peter and said “whit noo?”


    The T.Rex died and Jimmy said “here comes Moses.”

  24. pete c



    The link I gave you puts the issue in context.



    It cites the issue, placing it at Article 1 Section 2 Para. 3 of the US Constitution.



    And it allows you to hyperlink directly to an article on the Constitution.



    There is little more than can be done for you.



    However, if you need spoon fed,:-



    US constitution



    I think it might have been quicker if you had been less coy and just stated your views as I am off to bed now and cannot debate this well known point further

  25. setting free the bears says:


    14 November, 2011 at 01:09






    Spiersy’s drivel seems to conclude with an attempt to nutmeg himself before putting the ball out for a shy. ”



    I think that is a pinpoint assessment of that man, I said a long time ago he is a plant, very educated but with one aim in mind. Protect the Establishment.

  26. The Singing Detective on




    On the contrary,I look forward to the day when Anjem Chowdery and his cronies have their way,and their brand of Taliban Sharia is imposed on our population.



    No more Singing,no more Dancing…….


    And definitely no more lateral movement!



    Song debate over .



    Sorted .



    (I’m sure that even Kilbowie Kelt would look cuter in the ‘ole Burkah )

  27. MurdochauldandHay says:


    14 November, 2011 at 01:02



    re Speirs



    “whataboutery” and


    “they bring it upon themselves”



    come to mind

  28. .



    Setting Free the Bears..



    True..But “See You Monday” is a Worry..



    Neil does Seem to Change his Mind a Lot..(Team Line Ups)..



    Maybe l just Really wanted some Experience in there..




  29. Margaret McGill on

    setting free the bears says:


    14 November, 2011 at 01:19



    Yep. Me an you think akin. Its menshunned in the god spell of Marc

  30. setting free the bears says:


    14 November, 2011 at 01:16



    I firmly believe if Americans learnt their Constitution they could stop the animal that is the NWO.



    I was talking primarily of the illegal occupation of other lands, the Constitiution forbids America to be on any other land over 2 years.



    I fully take on board what you have highlighted and concur especially about the native Indians.



    Hail Hail m8.