No let-up in HMRC football pursuits


News that Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric, former manager and owner of Portsmouth FC respectively, will face trial in January over allegations they attempted to defraud HM Revenue and Customs will cast a long shadow within the football business in what is shaping up to be a landmark year for the game’s relationship with tax authorities.

Unlike Rangers on-going HMRC case, which is a mere tribunal that will decide if a liability demand is valid, Radknapp and Mandaric face criminal charges.  Redknapp is one of England’s most popular sporting figures but no more so than former jockey, Lester Piggott, who received a three year jail sentence for tax evasion in 1987.

High profile wins, at Crown Court or a First Tier Tribunal, are likely to bring in more undeclared tax than a bus load of cartoon characters in bowler hats.

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  1. Zbyszek says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:18



    Glenbuck at 21:49



    “Aren’t the All Polish Youth close to the fascists also?”



    I would not say that they are close to the fascist. English Wikipedia says about them “Its manifesto from 1989 states, for example, that “one’s country is the greatest earthly good. After God, your foremost love belongs to the Homeland, and foremost after God you must serve your own country,” and declares itself opposed to “doctrines promoting liberalism, tolerance, and relativism.”


    They stress that their biggest heritage is Catholic background and all these things. In every religoius group you will find the extremists and they are not the exclusion from the rule. That declaration opposed to tolerance includes tolerance for gay marriages.


    I don’t know much about them but think that it’s also lefties press that made them face look like close to fascist.







    It doesn’t appear to be the leftie press that make that lot look close to fascist. You quote there manifesto as saying roughly, ‘first God, then the Homeland’. Then you point out that there declaration is opposed to tolerance. Sounds pretty fascistic to me.



    Could you clarify if you are supporting intolerance? You seem to be approving of them because there opposition to tolerance includes opposition to tolerance of gay marriages. Hmmm.



    I did a quick google search on ‘riots in Poland’ and it came up with the following from the Demotix website. I don’t know the website but the reporter seems to have a differing view to yourself on who was responsible for the violence.



    “Two days after a violent riot between football hooligans and the police had left central Warsaw in shatters, politicians repeatedly call for a strickter law on mass gatherings.



    On Friday, November 11th, the Polish Independence Day was celebrated. Several right-wing organisation planned the Independence March through downtown of Warsaw, while loose coalition of left-wing activists staged a blocking protest. Despite the police out in large force, violence erupted. Masked youths, mostly football hooligans, attacked the police cordon from within the ranks of the Independence March. Its organisers denied any responsibility, but previously called for football supporters and other extreme right-wing organisations to attend the March. After what turned out to be an almost regular war damages to the Constitution square are estimated to exceed 15 thousand Euros (over 70 thousand Polish zlotys). This estimate does not include losses suffered by private parties, including nationwide media that got their satellite cars burned down.



    Although there were many rightist participants of the March who peacefully followed the police’s orders and did not cause trouble, the aggressive hooligans drew more media attention. Despite their vows, it could have been easily predicted by the organisers that such bandits will be attracted to attend. The blocking protest, so-called Colourful Independent, was peaceful and relaxed. Nevertheless, there are many reports surfacing about brutal clashes between hooligans from both groups elsewhere in Warsaw. As for now, there have been more than 200 arrested, including a large group of German anarchists. This number is likely to rise as the police analyses CCTV recordings. Nearly 30 people were taken to hospitals, including 3 policemen injured during the fight with hooligans.



    In the aftermath of Friday’s riot there is consensus that law need to be tightened. Commentators stress that under current rules it was not possible for the Mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, to prohibit either the Independence March or the Colourful Independent blockade. Right-wing politicians accuse the leftist organisation of inviting German anarchists who provoked many fights in Warsaw. The organisers of the Independent March, however, invited participants from Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia. Both sides participated in minor clashes, it is reported, but only hooligans from within the Independence March attacked the police.



    According to the police reports, there were no illegal incidents recorded within the Colourful Independent. The police further adds that the organisers of the Independence March have to take responsibility for the riot at the Constitution square, even if it was only a minority of participants.



    The opposition leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, accused the Prime Minister Donald Tusk of causing the riot. How he drew the link, he did not explain.



    The President, Bronislaw Komorowski, indicated he will pursue immediate changes to the law. He is likely to amass wide support. Among the changes he stipulates are: prohibition of covering faces during a mass gathering, extended prohibition of use of fireworks and strickter penalties for assaulting the police. Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the Mayor of Warsaw, suggested that it should be made illegal to organise two gatherings around the same place. Suggested is that had it be impossible to legally stage a blockade, riot would have been avoided. Many commentators are skeptical as they point out to a generally aggressive approach of the football hooligans and some groups gathered under the umbrella of the Independence March.

  2. Mr. Stimpson



    My point is simple too. There are songs which are contentious within and certainly outside our support.



    At some point those songs may be dropped because they have cost us financially or in terms of points.



    If the support are to willing to drop those songs because we were brought to book for them then how far are we willing to bend over?

  3. Mullet and Co says:


    13 November, 2011 at 23:35



    Lets wait and see. If they are deemed political and not sectarian I think (not sure) that as long as Celtic football Club dont endorse anything political Celtic will be ok. If they deem it sectarian however, Celtic will be daubed with the same brush.

  4. Ernie



    What are you talking about?



    If you read my posts I ask a simple question about just how far would we go to sing certain songs.



    Asking an irrelevant question doesn’t answer how much some songs mean to our support.

  5. Mick, I have no idea what the Polis heard. He didn’t want to contact Celtic as they would have spoken to UEFA. The polis want UEFA to make a decision on this and I think that UEFA will not fine Celtic…. however, If the songs or chants are against the UEFA / FIFA ethos of keeping politics out of football they will state that the next step is a fine.

  6. Well a least they know they cant get on us on the sectarian thingy……… theyre trying the ira card…..commanders orders from above

  7. My dear,dear,dear,dear,friend..Petec..



    Are you Aroon?



    If ye ur.. Gie us a Shout.





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.

  8. Mullet and Co says:



    I first watched “The Celtic Symphony” as a 26 year old when my young brother bought me the Wolfetones video that was out at the time. I loved most of the tunes on that video, particularly “Joe McDonnell”, but disliked “The Celtic Symphony”. I saw it for what it was. A gratuitas song for Celtic supporters to sing “Ooh ah Up The Ra”. (And earn a group of people a lot of money)



    Go back to 1969 when the Catholic community in NI were being pissed on from a high distance and you will begin to fathom out why there was a need for the Provisional IRA to be there.

  9. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the UEFA committee are asked to consider whether this requires sanction




    Celtic Symphony



    it was far across the sea when the devil got a hold of me


    he wouldn’t set me free so he kept me soul for ransom


    na na na na na etc


    i’m a sailor man from glasgow town i’ve roamed the world around and round


    he’s the meanest thing that i have found in all me days of wandering


    na na na na na etc



    here we go again we’re on the road again


    we’re on the road again we’re on the way to paradise


    we love the jungle deep. that’s where the lion sleeps


    for then those evil eyes they have no place in paradise



    graffiti on the wall just as the sun was going down


    i see graffiti on the wall – of the celts! of the celts!


    graffiti on the wall it says we’re magic we’re magic


    graffiti on the wall………………………..



    it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra


    it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra


    it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra


    it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra



    we went thru each jungle deep for the paradise that we did seek


    twas no trip for the weak we’re waltzing with the natives


    na na na na na etc


    around in circles everyway he turned to me and he did say


    i think you’re leading me astray i want your soul me boyo


    na na na na na etc



    here we go again we’re on the road again


    we’re on the road again we’re on the way to paradise we love the


    jungle deep. that’s where the lion sleeps


    for then those evil eyes they have no place in paradise



    graffiti on the walls just as the sun was going down


    i see graffiti on the walls – of the celts! of the celts! graffiti on


    the walls says we’re magic we’re magic graffiti on the





    it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra


    it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra


    it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra


    it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra

  10. Mr Stimpson says:


    13 November, 2011 at 23:40



    Yeah but there’s a risk we could lose points, right?



    So the prudent thing would be to ban the players from blessing themselves.



    Or do you think that it’s worth the risk?

  11. all this squabbling suggests that we’ve been hoodwinked good and proper.


    Generalissimo Salmond proclaims ‘one nation, many cultures’


    Move on a couple of years and what do we have?


    we run the risk of being locked up if we utter the “H” 3 letter word.


    Meanwhile, Orange marchers continue to march through every other town in the central belt.


    “One Nation, we only want One Culture”

  12. Kojo,



    I’m still on m8, should be for a few hours more too. Reading the ol blog in between playing Ultimate Team matches, just got beat in a featured tourney final but hey oh.



    Whats up Big Chap?

  13. Setting free the bears



    You almost re-iterate my question.



    Bending over, however, isn’t how I would put it.



    My job leads me to assess the value of decisions and outcomes.



    I see this debate going one way, whether we like it or not, and that is sanction. If we are to continue singing songs which could put us in the dock then my question would be what the eventual cost to us will be. Are we willing to pay it?

  14. Will the police now report singing of “The Red Flag” to the Procurator Fiscal?



    Will they report Alex Salmond to Kenny MacAskill for singing “Scots Wha Hae”?



    Will they report Phil the Greek to Lizzie for singing GSOQ?



    All of Last Night of the Proms?



    What a load of crap this is? That polis needs to get put back out on the beat

  15. I think we should bear in mind that there’s a lot of forrins in UEFA and forrins quite often see the Irish question differently to our lords and masters in the SFA.

  16. Mr. Stimpson



    “I see this debate going one way, whether we like it or not, and that is sanction. ”






    We were not sanctioned last time the complaint went to Uefa. Have we changed our songbook? Or are you hoping we will be fined?

  17. Ernie



    Your asking a question irrelevant to my point but, just to put your mind at rest, I have no problem whatsoever with a player blessing himself on a football field. If players do so, no matter which stadium they are playing, the should not be booked or cajoled in any way by the ref.



    At no point did I state this should not be the case. Why you raised this particular issue is a mystery to me.

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    Patrick J. Buchanan?



    It’s a Lollapalooza!.. It is ..So it is,so!



    “The Suicide of a Super Power: Wull America.. Survive?”



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    yer pal.. who thinks ye ur a Thinker.

  19. Mr Stimpson says:


    13 November, 2011 at 23:56



    You want us to change one aspect of our behaviour because you perceive a risk on the basis of something that hasn’t happened but want us to continue with a different aspect of our behaviour notwithstanding that it does involve an actual risk based on something that has happened.



    That strikes me as odd.

  20. offensive songs at football matches, who’d have thunk it!



    whether it’s falkirk fans singing about Norrie McCathies death to Dunfermline fans, Leeds fans singing about the Munich disaster to Man Utd fans, english fans singing to Swansea and Cardiff fans about Aberfan, or Aberdeen fans singing about the Ibrox disaster or ian durrant, there’s quite a precedent to be set here if we are in the dock




  21. Mullet and Co



    Thanks for that.



    I’ll be contacting UEFA about the Flower of Scotland and Rule Britannia about their politically undertones…



    Apparently on another Celtic website their saying that the the ALLEGED cop who contacted UEFA was indeed Eddie Smith. Eddie who was hounded by the media for giving Celtic a freekick against St Mirren at Love St.


    The website also says that Eddie Smith regularly travelled with Celtic to European matches as official for Strathclyde’s Plod.



    “Sectarian Song” is heard at 64 mins of the Rennes game also the PMFA is also being used as another example can anyone confirm?



    Hitting the hay so will catch up later.

  22. pls excuse this wee marketing item…


    some bumff i just sent to Neil Donc and he’s mates






    CC stewart regan



    dear SPL



    please ensure that there is a 100% CONTRAST in strips in SPL



    this is a marketing issue



    100% contrast ensures clear viewing of teams








    Aberdeen v Celtic……….red v green/white


    Aberdeen v Rangers……red v blue/white


    Aberdeen v DundeeUtd… v tangerine/black……(ok but not perfect)….red v white is better





    Celtic v Hibernian…… v green white (on alternate parts of the strip) (all black for one here is good)


    Rangers v St Mirren….blue/white v black/white (very bad !! no white v white should be allowed, ever !!)


    Celtic v Dunfermline… v black/white (see comment above re white)


    yellow v white (this should never be allowed !!)



    question mark too over Rangers v Celtic (white shorts v white shorts – very bad !!) – tradition, i know, but no good !!!



    other comments…..



    all teams should have an (OPTIONAL !!!!!) RED away strip, in case of doubt



    referees to be in CONTRAST to the teams too (obviously !)……red, white, black, ALL blue…….NOT 2-colours !!! ONE COLOUR only, all red or all blue etc



    this list of strip selection to be arranged PRIOR to season kick-off and all clubs notified well in advance



    pitch surround to be UNIFORM where possible across the whole country (as per UEFA Champions League) –


    not going to happen fully but a degree of uniformity would be useful, i am sure



    TV camera angles to be considered – New St Mirren Park – angle is no good here, nice little stadium (needs more PIE STALLS OUTSIDE the ground – funny but true !!!)






    kind regards





    ps – i used to LOVE watchin SPL when i lived in Abu Dhabi – tens of thousands watch worldwide, millions probably

  23. Kilbowie Kelt says:


    14 November, 2011 at 00:04





    On the topic of BirdsEye views consider their competitors Mr. Bentos.



    Fray Bentos will no doubt be trembling in their boots after glimpsing the fruits of my labours. Two pea seeds in a couple of feet of soil produced a whole lot more peas. Riveting stuff. Could I have found my true purpose in life? To be a pea mogul is surely my destiny.


    “Whatever next”, I hear you cry?


    Tomatoes, onions or maybe even broad beans?



    Lucky, lucky people indeed.

  24. The Singing Detective on




    The Canadian Journalist Mark Steyn has penned several best-sellers on a similar theme,the latest titled ‘America Alone ‘.



    He used to be the Arts Critic at the Telegraph,and a columnist for the Spectator when he lived in England.



    He is also an erudite and amusing blogger . Check him out at


    (Add www. ,don’t want to stretch the blog.).


    I have a couple of his books on Popular Songs of the ’40s and ’50s.



    Yer pal who thinks you’re swell….

  25. Ernie



    I’m going to bed now. Feel free to raise this if you see me online again but in your point a 00:02 you once more state something I never stated. You are saying that I make a point which, if you read my posts, I never made.



    Simple question was how far are we willing to take the defence of some songs and what cost to our club is acceptable?



    Asking your own question and then making up my answer isn’t debate.

  26. Margaret McGill says:


    14 November, 2011 at 00:13



    Sorry, Maggie.



    …But comparatively, that is very close to profound.



    Your bestest, bestest ever admirer.

  27. Kojo



    Pat Buchanan is a regular on Radio Liberty, not as often as Bob Chapman (I told you to stick with the Gold/Silver – even more so now) and I would highly advise your good self to listen into his comments, they are not even from a Biblical perspective but are incredibly accurate because of his knowledge of Economic history and the ol mantra – nothing new under the sun.



    America is going to crash and burn but even now at this late hour, if the people of America learnt their Constitution they could avert this disaster and in doing so, they would realise that occupying other countries is illegal.



    I said before if you want to know Everything about The New World Order, then there is no other book for it – The Bible. It is coming alive as we speak.

  28. re offensive chanting…






    what is…



    never rude or selfish, does not take offence, and is not resentful ?





    gracios, in advancios !!

  29. Murray in £5m games deal probe




    Published: Today


    FORMER Rangers chief Sir David Murray is facing calls for a probe over a Commonwealth Games land deal which made his firm almost £5million.


    The tycoon’s property business paid just £375,000 for the site in Dalmarnock, Glasgow, in 2005.


    But just four years later the same land was valued at a massive £7.3million before being sold to quango Clyde Gateway for £5.1million of taxpayers’ cash. Nats MSP James Dornan said: “I want an inquiry into the incredible upturn in this land’s value.


    “When property values were falling in the recession, these valuers believed this site had increased in value by 20 times. I intend to write to Audit Scotland asking them to investigate.”


    Clyde Gateway has a £150million budget to help Glasgow make the most of hosting the 2014 Games. Officials were urged to buy the site so it would not become “a highly-visible reminder of another era”.


    A spokesman for Clyde Gateway said: “The sum paid was less than the independent valuation.”


    Jestyn Davies, boss of the firm owned by Sir David, left, added: “We were able to achieve a sale and move on.”

  30. Fred C. Dobbs says:


    14 November, 2011 at 00:17



    I bought every newspaper (lol) after that Incredible day and read everything about us winning it. I cannae remember much about it but FFS it was a day that was So Well Worth the wait. Fergus McCann Celtic Appreciation Society.