Nothing will change in Scotland


When the texts began to fly in about the penalty at Ibrox last night I had no appetite to watch the incident.  I am 54 years old and have seen it all before.  These things do not enrage me the way they once did, it only serves as a reminder of our position in this land.  Get angry, if that’s your thing, but do not kid yourself, nothing will change until we escape the Shoddy Sanctum of Scotland.  Still, we are a well run professional operation and our peers are clowns, so we enjoy frequent upsides.

Celtic were sensational at Easter Road.  The speed the ball was passed between our front four made them unliveable.  It was reminiscent of the destruction of Dundee and the League Cup game against Hearts earlier this season.

Tom Rogic’s frame is not that of a classic dribbler, but he is so fleet of foot and mind that he slipped through defenders as though they were statues.  He found willing runners in Kyogo, Mikey Johnston and Jota.  All Hibs could do is kick and stamp, to the injury of Tom, Kyogo and Callum McGregor.  Hopefully all three are fit for Saturday.  A more protective referee would have helped, by I refer you to the earlier Shoddy Sanctum.

For all the delightful passing, Hibs scored and broke through twice more.  Joe Hart was there to keep the game comfortable; such a change from last season’s debacles.

Some context: we started October six points adrift, without an away in the league win since February and with visits to Aberdeen, Motherwell and Hibs pending.  Despite everything, we have closed that gap to two points.  You really must believe us, we’re going to win the league!

Scott Brown, ha!  How many times has he owned Ibrox?  Still doing it, the only surprise was he didn’t have shades on when he headed that goal.

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  1. LIONROARS67 on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 11:25 AM







    That’s the view of the Cork born billionaire who controls Celtic so I’m not sure why anyone is shocked or surprised,







    Celtic are up to their necks in the whole ridiculous charade.







    None of this is news.







    It’s up to fans whether they are prepared to go along with it or not.







    Most are, because the alternative involves an element of inconvenience and self denial.







    Which camp are you in?

  2. Not surprised at Wilson’s comments. In the year ended 30 June 21 the guy received £23,750 of our hard earned cash for attending 7 Board meetings. The cash the supporters handed over to watch a stream on a computer! Desmond also took £23,750 but again didn’t attend any meetings.



    Wilson is up for reappointment at forthcoming AGM.

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Ange 1 Experts and Panic-Merchants 0


    Well done Ange – glad to see you sticking to your proven methods and getting the results. Avoiding all the nonsense about needing to have a Plan B, be more pragmatic, change formation, play two strikers or my own particular favourite “he has tae win games”, as if he had been NOT trying to win games!


    Keep the improvement going – still a big upside to come I reckon.

  4. But will we be allowed to win the league?


    I have my doubts.


    Too much at stake for the manky mob.

  5. Paul 67


    Absolute nonsense.


    Lawwell had the power to change the refereeing set up in 2012 but instead sat on his obese arse.


    Your man Paul, Lawwell, is why it has continued to happen.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “our peers are clowns”




    If we see them as ‘peers’ then it’s obvious who the real clowns are. There is a big world out there with proper peers. Why limit ourselves to being a bit better (most of the time!) than a badly-run neighbour?

  7. BIG JIMMY on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 8:29 AM


    JHB on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 8:03 AM



    Big Jimmy, you have made my day with this verbal double Nelson takedown, I laughed so hard I spat my tea all over the computer, very well said.

  8. Absolutely agree, Paul67.



    The inbred entitlement and unshakable belief that they are the people permeates enough of the Scottish football establishment that events like last night are inevitable.

  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Now there’s some sad things known to man


    But ain’t fewer sadder than


    The peers of a clown…



    Doobie, doobie









  10. We would fare better if we were to put all the half-baked conspiracy theories and two-bob contrarianism to one side and concentrated our energies on dealing with the real enemy



    But that would involve putting a huge chunk of ego to one side so it’s not going to happen

  11. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Made it home again from another huge sesh in rebel town.


    My old body finding it very difficult to handle these benders now


    think I’ll need to replace her with a younger model. 👰‍♂️


    I feel great, even running about tonight with our young dudes at


    training, gliding by them with the baw just like big handsome Tom.


    Hope the drink doesn’t wear off too soon lol.




    Thank you for the info re the steam trains, amazing what Scotland


    contributed to the world in engineering and many other facets of


    industry, science, arts, you name it, if only we could get rid of the


    bilious bigots.


    H.H. Mick

  12. Stop creating distractions, don’t give the forces of darkness a hand. A great victory away from home last night, they need a dodgy penalty to get a draw at home against a poor Aberdeen team and the blog is full of chat about two lines in an obituary



    I still think we’ll win the league despite all the extra pressures. Hopefully we can stay focused despite all the noise, it won’t be plain sailing, there’s too much riding on it for that lot to give up without a fight to the death

  13. The Comfortable Collective on

    If you think the penalty last night against Aberdeen was soft, wait till you see how iffy the one they get this weekend against Motherwell is!

  14. The Comfortable Collective on

    In the first round of fixtures, Celtic faced







    Livingstone (and that article pitch)




    Motherwell, and





    Away from home.



    Rangers will need to do the same in the second round of fixtures.



    Somehow think the ‘random’ computer gave Rangers a nice set of fixtures for the first round of games.



    They don’t seem to have made the most of that.

  15. Sevco have fallen behind in 4 league games this season. In 3 of those games penalties have brought them level. In the other games hibs got a red card.


    They are brazen and shameless in their cheating.

  16. FYI Brian Wilson, (on the off chance you ever visit CQN).



    From insolvency experts, Begdies Traynor :-


    Administration: to RESCUE a company by restructuring or otherwise returning it to profitability.


    Liquidation: to WIND UP the company by realising its assets so that creditors/shareholders can be repaid.



    Brian will sit at the top table at next month’s AGM and retain his position as a non-exec director of Celtic PLC. Along with everyone else sitting at the top table.



    Perhaps someone from the assembled shareholders will raise a hand and let Brian know why Sevco Scotland 5088/RIFC started again (not demoted) on the bottom rung of Scottish football.

  17. BURNLEY78 on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 1:05 PM


    Lambert 14


    Can you explain how we would have changed things in 2012 ?




    We became the sole giant left in Scottish football.


    Doncaster even had to bring Lawwell with him to London to win over a tv deal as Scottish football became solely reliant on Celtic.


    That was the time when clubs were at our mercy and referee reform should have been at the top of the agenda, especially to insist that Scottish football follows the top nations on referees not being allowed to officiate in matches where their supported club is playing.


    Lawwell had the chance to do this, instead he was too busy trying to prop up a new club.


    Paul 67 knows this, but like Smithers to Charles Montgomery Burns, will stay devoted to his master.

  18. Paul67



    “ The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ”



    What can Celtic FC do about Rainjurz supporting referees?



    Having a better team / club only lasts for so long ( see nine in a row ) when it comes to a natural end, and a necessary rebuild the opposition will dig in, as they have in the pre determined Celtic hard Rangers easier start to the seasons fixtures.



    Perennially let down Celtic supporters are asked to pay into a rigged league, in the hope we are still better it’s the Celtic way.



    Aye, you’ve seen it all before but that was Rainjurz, and it should not be tolerated with Newco.

  19. Match fixing plain and simple. Fans should never be in charge of a football match




  20. the long wait is over on

    “Still, we are a well run professional operation and our peers are clowns, so we enjoy frequent upsides.”



    I agree but we are part of the same circus and our ringmasters at the SFA and their referees are allowed by our club, it seems , to treat us and every other team in the league as the clowns to the benefit of the real ones.



    Decisions like last nights occur so often and have done for so long that anger and action are replaced by


    a shrug of the shoulders and ” What are they like ..?! ” attitude.



    Last night Radio Scotland’s Richard Gordon’s team Aberdeen were robbed of two points – he saw the incident and clearly thought it was outrageous.



    Cue what then ? Outrage? Anger? A call to investigate why these things happen so frequently ?



    Nope. Just a shrug of the shoulders and we move on.



    VAR will not make things perfect but it cant come soon enough.



    Refereeing decisions in this country need dragged into the light.




    What do we do?



    The last time we challenged it we had cast-iron proof of the cheating, we didn’t even manage to move the dial, you could even argue that it cost us the league given the small margins that year

  22. These things (huns penalty) enrage me more and more (and I’m far older than Paul). Maybe it’s because we see them over and over via tachnology. Aye, nothing will change if we do nothing. At least we should be pushing for referees being unable to handle a game with the team they support. We should also be pushing for VAR to be introduced. The other teams also recognise the advantage the huns have via the officials, albeit some of them think we benefit similarly 🤔.


    Still a good night last night. Get the right bodies in to help in January and we’ll win the league.

  23. Their fans also think they’re hard done-by. Genuinely.



    The debate will be played out in a biased media, the whataboutery will be off the scale, it’ll turn into an “old firm” issue

  24. glendalystonsils on

    Most of the refs and blazers in Scotland are aligned with Ibrox , those who aren’t are too fearful


    of their careers and even of their personal safety not to toe the line .

  25. Watch out for the refs “balancing” things out over the next few weeks. A Rangers player will be harshly sent off or a penalty will be given against them but it will happen in such a manner as to not adversely affect the result, e.g. man sent off when 2 goals up, or penalty to the opposition early in the match leaving plenty of time to recover, They will then point to these things as proving there is no bias and Steven Gerrard will whine about refereeing decisions consistently going against his team.



    And then they’ll repeat the cycle.

  26. I think the free kick was a fair enough decision unlike the penalty.



    Maybe 3 times out of 10, the FK wouldn’t have been awarded.

  27. Garngad to Croy on

    Scott Brown should still be wearing his shades of green. We still miss his fight/bite in the midfield.

  28. Tam rogic once again showing he’s the best player in Scottish football by a mile.miles in front of anybody a class act.nobody can touch him 🍀🍀🇮🇪

  29. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Yes , we need out of Scotland.



    Yes, we will win the league. Despite all the cheating.



    We were magnificent until Rogic went off. October has been a triumph.



    The huns will collapse I think. I don’t think they have the same hunger/ peaked last season. They also know our best is far above theirs. They will go to pieces under the pressure.



    Broony’s goal was like something out of Roy of the Rovers.

  30. G-D on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 12:44 PM


    BIG JIMMY on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 8:29 AM





    JHB on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 8:03 AM







    Big Jimmy, you have made my day with this verbal double Nelson takedown, I laughed so hard I spat my tea all over the computer, very well said.




    Thank you for your kind words, and I am glad my Post gave you a wee laugh.


    Sorry about your tea stained computer !




    HH Mate.

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