Nothing will change in Scotland


When the texts began to fly in about the penalty at Ibrox last night I had no appetite to watch the incident.  I am 54 years old and have seen it all before.  These things do not enrage me the way they once did, it only serves as a reminder of our position in this land.  Get angry, if that’s your thing, but do not kid yourself, nothing will change until we escape the Shoddy Sanctum of Scotland.  Still, we are a well run professional operation and our peers are clowns, so we enjoy frequent upsides.

Celtic were sensational at Easter Road.  The speed the ball was passed between our front four made them unliveable.  It was reminiscent of the destruction of Dundee and the League Cup game against Hearts earlier this season.

Tom Rogic’s frame is not that of a classic dribbler, but he is so fleet of foot and mind that he slipped through defenders as though they were statues.  He found willing runners in Kyogo, Mikey Johnston and Jota.  All Hibs could do is kick and stamp, to the injury of Tom, Kyogo and Callum McGregor.  Hopefully all three are fit for Saturday.  A more protective referee would have helped, by I refer you to the earlier Shoddy Sanctum.

For all the delightful passing, Hibs scored and broke through twice more.  Joe Hart was there to keep the game comfortable; such a change from last season’s debacles.

Some context: we started October six points adrift, without an away in the league win since February and with visits to Aberdeen, Motherwell and Hibs pending.  Despite everything, we have closed that gap to two points.  You really must believe us, we’re going to win the league!

Scott Brown, ha!  How many times has he owned Ibrox?  Still doing it, the only surprise was he didn’t have shades on when he headed that goal.

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  1. Miami Dolphins had a touchdown, ruled out against the Jaguars at Spurs late in the game, a couple of weeks back following a Miami punt, after ball was touched by Jaguars’ Agnew, bounced into endzone and scooped up by Hollins. The ruling on the field was that there was no contact by Agnew, so no touchdown. The Miami challenge, was ruled out despite one camera angle showing touch by Agnew and change of direction of the ball into the endzone. Cost Miami the game.

  2. Squire Danaher



    My last post should have been addressed to you as a follow-up to your earlier reference to implementation in the NFL.

  3. LUCKY CODY on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 6:57 PM


    ‘Higgins treated the Celtic support as vermin with targeted dawn raids.’








    Was that him enforcing the SNP’s Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012?



    Legislation, let’s not forget, that would still be in force if it hadn’t been for the efforts of the Labour MSPs at Holyrood.

  4. squire danaher on

    CELTIC MAC on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 8:40 PM



    Yes, I saw that.



    Was it not the case though – and I may be wrong here – that the footage you mention was not instantly available for the officials to review, or they reviewed on the footage available ??



    Scenarios which you could easily imagine in the SPL.



    Oh we don’t like that angle – it proves this isn’t a Hun pen.

  5. onenightinlisbon on




    !00% but according to some on here we must “move on” and “don’t mention Res 12” etc etc.



    Back of the bus CSC.




    Think I will try take a jaunt down one of his old pubs as I lost his number.its been a while since heard anything of him.there was a few on cqn of old who used to be on that forum.will catch ye at a match sometime Squire.:-)



  7. strand67 was a great fella to meet.



    we shared a collection spot at the kano day.



    giant of a man, quiet spoken, maybe you bumped into him in the pub ?

  8. Current company overview


    The Rangers Football Club Ltd,[3] previously named Sevco Scotland Ltd, is a limited company based in Glasgow. Sevco Scotland Limited was formed in May 2012 to purchase the assets of The Rangers Football Club Plc (which was subsequently renamed RFC 2012 plc), incorporated in 1899,[4] which went out of business and entered liquidation procedures on 14 June 2012.[5] After Sevco purchased the business, goodwill[6][7] and assets of The Rangers Football Club Plc,[8] including Rangers FC and Ibrox Stadium, several players agreed to have their contracts transferred to the new company.[9] Some players left to join other clubs as free agents since their former employer had been in breach of contract. After an application to transfer the old company’s Scottish Premier League membership was rejected, an application to join the Scottish Football League was accepted with the club being placed in the third division. The Rangers Football Club Plc’s SFA membership share was transferred to Sevco Scotland Ltd on 27 July 2012.[10] Sevco Scotland Ltd was renamed The Rangers Football Club Ltd on 31 July 2012.[11]

  9. martin o'seville on

    Playing the huns game? Why?


    The banning of Tims from Ibrox was wrong.


    Banning huns from Parkhead is also wrong.


    Somebody has to be the grown up!


    PLC is needing emptied.


    Any Celtic fan who puts a “day oot” as being of more importance than preserving Celtic’s integrity should have their tickets confiscated.


    The integrity of Celtic since 1994 has been non existent.


    Bhoys against bigotry?


    Fergus making an erse of himself with all of the players who put the tools away to get Luigi the sack.


    Fake fc.


    Bigotry? What bigotry? There’s never been bigotry at Parkhead.


    Plenty of green hunnism but no bigotry.


    Bhoys against bigotry, was as desperate as Michael Kelly getting “The Fields of Athenry” played at Parkhead, to compete against Ibrox playing “Simply the best” and then all the add ons.


    The fact was,Granger’s were simply the best, and we were dire!


    We even tried to class the “Tennents sixes as a major trophy” during the desperatism.


    No executive class, should be allowed at Parkhead.


    Division! – Division!


    Celtic fans come alive through fear!


    The fear that Celtic fc might come to an end in 1994?


    Some frightened fans in the media using their clout to hire a hearse decorated in green and white flowers that read, “CELTIC FC 1888 – 1994?”


    And printing the pic of the hearse driving past Celtic’s front door in the Sunday Mail all to frighten Celtic’s dilly dallying fans into boycotting to force the banks pressure on the old board as there was no way of escaping the “Taylor Report” countdown consequences.


    And still the fans dithered and delayed….

  10. Superbru update



    The midweek round was well won by Majestic Hartson, 2.5 points clear of 3 challengers, Belmont Brian, Auldheid and The class of 67.



    Greenpinata was awarded the wooden spoon despite having the same total as crc, 18 yard man, ACGR and Knoxy. BGFC actually finished below these five but he only got default picks as he failed to get his entry in on time.



    In the overall table, Call Me Gerry has established a lead of 2.5 over Hopeful Hoops with Bateen Bhoy in 3rd. Leggy and wee BGFC are joint bottom of the Table.



    Lots can change in the run up to the first prizes at the end of December. The next deadline is 3 pm on Saturday 30th October.

  11. Saint Stivs



    ” After Sevco purchased the business, goodwill[6][7] and assets of The Rangers Football Club Plc,[8] including Rangers FC and Ibrox Stadium,”



    That has me confused as it suggests that, to be bought,`Rangers FC` must still have existed. No?

  12. martin o'seville on

    Celtic fans helped the PLC to keep Ibrox alive by financially supporting a PLC who kept old firm tickets at the same price in 2016 as the old firm price in 2012?


    Same club, same price?


    In 2016 under the Brendan bounce the PLC ticket trap effectively… SET FREE THE BEARS.


    Imagine that !!!

  13. martin o'seville on

    Brian Wilson is a constant reminder of why nobody votes Labour anymore.


    Its because of Brian Wilson that Glasgow’s streets has 10 million rats running about them.


    SMSM says “1 million rats” work it out.

  14. !!BADA BING!!



    The only thing wrong with not giving Sevco fans tickets was that it was in retaliation.



    Brian Wilson wasn’t consulted he’d probably have let them in.




    With respect, I don’t want to get into an argument with you about the board.



    I regretted doing it a while back and I don’t want to do it again

  16. No matter how strongly one suspects a certain something to be true, one must retain the possibility that said something is not true.



    I still think it is true that Martin O`Seville is Kev Jungle :-)

  17. I’ve been told it’s Benny Higgins


    A successful banker from the circus in Toryglen. A ex Celtic youth player from the 70s and a Celtic man.


    Makes more sense?

  18. Just noticed that Livingstone are 16/1 on Saturday. I don`t remember any SPL team having such high odds before.


    Anyway, it`s a goodnight from me.



  19. Timing is everything, at a meeting at CP this evening i was able to challenge Brian Wilson about his comments in his obituary for Walter Smith. He apologised, i felt because he had to, but said it was an obituary for WS and didn’t see why events from 2012 were relevant.



    A non executive director who doesn’t know or understand even basic information about profoundly significant events in the history of Scottish football during a time when he was a board member, not to mention the collusion and corruption with governing bodies in covering these events up. It’s a corporate failure and a resignation matter to me but its not important to Brian.



    Fun fact, did you know Brian Wilson is the clubs official historian!

  20. martin o'seville on

    Fake fc


    Fake fans who don’t even rustle their sweetie papers 50k


    Rebels sitting in a wee circle singing at each other 3k




    And still the club us run by punch & Judy level competitors.


    Hunners a trophies hoovered up in a one horse league.


    Ibrox needs £40 million.


    Celtic executive play snakes & ladders over ticket allocations.


    Who are the snakes, who are the ladders?


    Celtic fan says Rangers died in 2012.


    Celtic fan buys £49 ticket in 2016 that says Rangers didn’t die?


    Celtic fan goes into ibrox after paying £49 for a ticket


    and sings “your not Rangers anymore.”


    Celtic fan is a university graduate.


    Celtic fan is a dick of the highest order.

  21. Wunner whit happened to that stoatir KoJo?



    The original multi-moniker Long Copy “artist”




  22. Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a storm lashed Melbourne, not be going anywhere today.


    Not that I’m capable anyhow, my alcohol fueled bravado has gone and


    it’s been replaced by lethargy , cramp, and a terrible thirst 🍺


    I think it’s the Jinky videos for me today, always good in times of




    H.H. Mick

  23. Hot Smoked. 4.31






    An attention seeking unionist troll would.


    There is no spirit except to defend his union and its symbols.



    Its symbol of a corrupt union in Scotland liquidated.






    And this troll licks the bowl in its defence and laughable every hun/hun sympathiser doin the hotstone dance to avoid the word liquidation.



    read his writing on res12.just had no base in any form of truth.embarassin reading it.



    Tam/jhb is a character,his phone calls to charity fundraiser galloways talkradio show where stuff of comic legend,trolling and winding up and getting banned from nigh on every radio station except Russian ones which no doubt he still çalls.


    .go on jhb post a 5 min rant here and 50quid goes to kano.


    It won’t happen tho j.his modus here is not Celtic.



    This unrepentant ‘usual suspect’ knows tims spirit like yours can’t be duped:-)



    See yi Saturday




  24. in 2138 they will have bankrupted so many times they will be called



    The the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the Rangers



    And still the press will name them as the same club