Nothing will change in Scotland


When the texts began to fly in about the penalty at Ibrox last night I had no appetite to watch the incident.  I am 54 years old and have seen it all before.  These things do not enrage me the way they once did, it only serves as a reminder of our position in this land.  Get angry, if that’s your thing, but do not kid yourself, nothing will change until we escape the Shoddy Sanctum of Scotland.  Still, we are a well run professional operation and our peers are clowns, so we enjoy frequent upsides.

Celtic were sensational at Easter Road.  The speed the ball was passed between our front four made them unliveable.  It was reminiscent of the destruction of Dundee and the League Cup game against Hearts earlier this season.

Tom Rogic’s frame is not that of a classic dribbler, but he is so fleet of foot and mind that he slipped through defenders as though they were statues.  He found willing runners in Kyogo, Mikey Johnston and Jota.  All Hibs could do is kick and stamp, to the injury of Tom, Kyogo and Callum McGregor.  Hopefully all three are fit for Saturday.  A more protective referee would have helped, by I refer you to the earlier Shoddy Sanctum.

For all the delightful passing, Hibs scored and broke through twice more.  Joe Hart was there to keep the game comfortable; such a change from last season’s debacles.

Some context: we started October six points adrift, without an away in the league win since February and with visits to Aberdeen, Motherwell and Hibs pending.  Despite everything, we have closed that gap to two points.  You really must believe us, we’re going to win the league!

Scott Brown, ha!  How many times has he owned Ibrox?  Still doing it, the only surprise was he didn’t have shades on when he headed that goal.

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  1. martin o'seville on

    100% of Celtic’s enemies are terrified of George Galloway.


    Not a single tool of the anti Celtic establishment will face George Galloway.




    Celtic ticket monies makes Brian old firm Wilson richer and fatter and browner.

  2. morelos committed 3 red card offences in 1 game. beaton was asked to have another look at the incidents. he said that he called all 3 incidents correctly. so much for var in this country

  3. BADA-BING 28th October 2021 7:24 pm


    Re Beaton ,we are still waiting for the Club to publish the ‘transparent report ‘ of his performance in the game at Poundland, where he refused to red card Fat Charlie on 3 occasions, and celebrated with selfies that night in notorious hun hole The Crown Bar,Bellshill way…..yet again we had an open goal to nail a cheat and didn’t have the cojones to see it through.



    Weird that our exexs can’t/won’t find a way to highlight, challenge or fix the issue – again, it’s about a fair comp and a level playing field. If in any other commercial sector, some company was being given advantages by a minister or governor, those disadvantaged companies would be researching data and campaigning against perceived/real bias, shouting it from the rooftops.



    Becos this on how refs are chosen/not chosen in Engerlund:



    ‘They take into account several factors, including the referee’s overall experience, their current form, how often they have refereed the clubs involved, which team the referee supports and any forthcoming international appointments.’



    Why can’t the club simply insist/lobby that refs are chosen in the same way that happens over the border.




    I’m no fan of – nor know – Barton. Never took him for a reader of The Great Gatsby – but who really knows!!

  4. Michael o kevj



    I would take Brian Wilson over the brexit supporting charity Russian TV presenter any time.



    The author of Celtics centenary history is consistent in his Celticness.he know that the Celtic support are one,


    they follow Celtic,



    not this type of divisive/just wrong/troll type shite of them/us that you post which emits.


    .Celtic fans are not this that or any type


    They are Celtic fans.they go to games.


    They follow the club and laugh at Shatoot fc


    Maybe see you at a game but I don’t think you go


    Hope alls well in yir wee bubble,




  5. martin o'seville on

    Miatta women on QT says “make masks mandatory.”


    Maybe she should look at what happened to Scotland after the ScotsGov thought the same as Miatta.


    Scotland instantly went to the worst rates in Europe.

  6. DAVID17



    I think showing up tonight and then answering your question and apologizing tells you something about Brian Wilson as a person. I think he deserves some respect for it.



    He’s over 70, it would be easy to hide at home and not to deal with the shitstorm he’s facing because of a couple of lines in an obituary.



    Easy to forget these are real people

  7. martin o'seville on

    Any fake Republican Socialist Working Class person, would vote to be ruled by unelected bankers at EU.

  8. martin o'seville on



    The same Brian old firm Wilson who’s always on


    RT MOATS with George Galloway?



  9. This should be forwarded to Brian Wilson to remind him of some history. It is from a blog from several years ago, with minor edits, and unfortunately, I do not recollect the author.



    So – for the record, there are three entities of interest – and please be careful about the names which were deliberately used to divert those not paying – or not wishing to pay – attention:



    1) THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB P.L.C. (27 May 1899 – 31 Jul 2012 – Company number SC004276) It was renamed as RFC 2012 P.L.C. on 31 July 2012 to fool idiots.



    This is the Rangers we all grew up detesting– the winner of 54 titles, the club with an apartheid no-Catholic policy for most of its existence.



    During the period since ‘Rangers’ were formed, there was no separation of ‘Rangers the Club’ and ‘Rangers the Company’ – this is a fabrication and a fantasy. They were one and the same (formed in 1882 as a club and incorporated into a company in 1899).



    Rangers – as was – are dead – end of story.



    2) RANGERS FOOTBALL P.L.C. (established on 16 November 2012 – Company number SC437060).



    It was renamed as RANGERS INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL CLUB PLC on 27 November 2012.



    This is the company that was established in November 2012 to operate the new club (see below – initially named as SEVCO SCOTLAND LIMITED)



    3) SEVCO SCOTLAND LIMITED (established 29 May 2012 – Company number SC425159).



    It was renamed as The Rangers Football Club Limited on 31 Jul 2012.



    It is listed as carrying out ‘Activities of a sports club’.



    This is the NEW football club currently operating out of Ibrox and established from the component parts purchased from the Administrators of, and in the wake of the demise of, the ‘real Rangers’ (THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB P.L.C. – now know as RFC 2012 P.L.C. in liquidation)



    It is also what many willfully ignorant, or misinformed, people now regard as being the same club as the one that is currently in liquidation (i.e., RFC 2012 P.L.C. in liquidation).



    It is probably helpful to view the entities in the numerical order of Companies House registration:



    Rangers – the original Evil Empire



    * Company number SC004276 – incorporated in May 1899 : The original Rangers – now in liquidation – they have ceased to be.



    The New Pretendy Rangers



    * Company number SC425159 – incorporated in May 2012 : SEVCO SCOTLAND LIMITED – the new ‘Rangers’ football team / club



    * Company number SC437060 – incorporated in Nov 2012 : RANGERS FOOTBALL P.L.C. – the new ‘Rangers’ company that runs the new ‘Rangers’ football team / club



    Hope this helps clarify things for you, Brian




  10. martin o'seville on

    QT the other week….


    Big Fat Rich perma Tanned


    Indy supporter Brian Cox


    Audience guy “The streets in Glasgow swarming with big rats!”


    Brian Cox “There’s rats everywhere!”


    10 mins later….


    Brian Cox jumps into his private jet fly’s off to one of his dozens of luxury American mansions.


    F being in an indy Scotland run by folk like Brian Cox from a spare underground garage at one of his mansions.

  11. And just to show how the Board keep us joined at the hip with the Ugly Sisters – ( again, not my research ).



    The ‘OLD FIRM’ Trade mark number





    List of events




    02 March 2021




    Renewal of the trademark




    Trademark has been renewed on 02/03/2021. Number of classes before renewal is 1. Number of classes after renewal is 1





    22 November 2018




    Recordal registration. Recordal type: Change owner details




    Change of owner details has been recorded due to recordal RC000116100 received on date 30/10/2018; owner(s) Celtic F.C.Limited (id: 218706),Sevco Scotland Limited (id: 613831) has been updated to owner(s): Celtic F.C.Limited (id: 218706),The Rangers Football Club Limited (id: 613862)




    Sent from my iPad

  12. No interest in Russian TV.never seen it.



    As most posters will know the Brian and charity working aspiring mp comparison to me is bit like the diff of knocking out a solid start to the day(brian)and daylong diarrhoea-charity hopeful.sàme content just diff experience


    Keep at it your no that good lol


    L…I…Q….U…I…D…A….T…I…O…N.say it.


    The symbol of the corrupt union in Scotland self harmed and ironically brought it on themselves(both clubs) for the rest of time.nowt plastic of that.

  13. The SPL disputes that Rangers FC ceased to be a club on 14 June 2012 and argues that that the relevant date is 3 August 2012”






  14. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 11:48 PM


    This should be forwarded to Brian Wilson to remind him of some history. It is from a blog from several years ago, with minor edits, and unfortunately, I do not recollect the author.





    ‘Twas me :-)) A very enjoyable hour compiling it too, if I recall.



    And I can’t even remeber to get my SUPERBRU picks in on time!!






  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I heard it was Henry Higgins joining the board.



    His remit was to teach Ian Bankier how to speak more eloquently in public.



    He was set to be announced on Friday ..



    … but following an online backlash ….



    The club have told him “Just you wait!”



    Maybe its Hurricane Higgins or John Higgins from the world of snooker or Bernardo O’ Higgins or Michael D Higgins from the world of rebelry






    its actually me.



    Higgie O’hUginn



    stephen joseph patrick.



    I’m glad you recognized it! Hat doffed on a great job. I copied it knowing it was inevitable the subject would come up again, due to history revisionists, but unfortunately missed your moniker out.


    And Lo and Behold, one of our own Board numbers, who is supposed to be knowledgable on our history, asks why something that happened in 2012 should matter! I really hope a shareholder asks him at the AGM why he is blatantly obscuring the truth.

  18. Good morning ghuys & Ghals from sunny Depok (south of Jakarta)


    So we can be league leaders on the official day (31st Oct) when Lord Hodge approved Liquidation of Rangers FC 1872. “The day of the dead” how appropiate. Don’t forget to remind your fiends, sorry friends

  19. JoHannesBurg Dave @ 6:58 pm





    “Rangers FC were punished by the loss of 10 points by going into administration.– The club suffered demotion in their league POSITION as a RESULT–Celtic won the league 1st of 9iar”



    When Rangers FC went into administration they were in 2nd place 4 points behind Celtic. By the end of season they were STILL in 2nd place so there was NO change in their league POSITION.



    Imho your take is similar your position when discussing the entity from Ibrox.


    “I can put Rangers cheating behind me as their PUNISHMENT allowed Celtic to win 9 iar”


    Rangers were not PUNISHED, as they entered into LIQIDATION which was APPROVED, exactly 9 years ago this weekend, by Lord Hodge on 31st October 2012 at court of sessions in Edinburgh.



    P.S. Liquidate: To wind up the affairs of a business. So Rangers affairs were wound up. Finished, dead as a Blue Parrot”


    Montypython CSC



    The only people who allowed Celtic win Nine In Row were Celtic players, managers and of course the Celtic supporters

  20. Coming soon to this Theatre… ” An Interview with a HUN CHUMP”….



    Alex Rae…” So Big Jimmy…do you think I look like the action hero actor…Jason Statham” ?



    ME….” Naw, you still look like QUARK……Now feck aff ya ugly, Thick, Hun Chump !



  21. My friends in Celtic,



    Really don’t understand the hatchet job on Brian Wilson..


    Do they even know the man and his history.??????



    A day when we should reflect on our finest 45 minutes this season. Did some of the ” hatchet ” men even watch the game. ?


    Do they really care about the football or do they seek delight by finding anything they persieve detrimental to our club.



    Oh yes there is certainly a divide. A divide by those who seek to find criticism at any level and those of us who take enjoyment from our team.



    HH to those who find enjoyment from Celtic.

  22. Big Jimmy..



    Jason Statham…..ffs.



    Wish I had the mirrors he has in his house.



    As ye say a ugly man of the highest order..



    Makes Davie Dodds look like Brad feckin Pitt..



    HH and hope yer well ☘

  23. Fess19



    The amount of gokkery and swiveleyed confusion for and òn behalf of the symbol of a corrupt union in Scotland-the cheating hun,is laughable.really laughable.the unique amnesia,truly British,from the same people,who like the Nazis a century later administered their genocide as people starved.



    Rancid amnesia at play with the cheating hun and their ilk on cqn.The amnesia and one sided history is a facet of the genocidal cult.



    Hope all good out east






    Hope all

  24. squire danaher on

    AN TEARMANN on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 8:55 PM



    Just acknowledging your comment directed at me.



    If you catch KK give him my regards. I left the cesspit that is the Betfair forum a long time ago

  25. Squire D



    No worries i think he left it too,as for some reason some followers of the toileted identity became quite bitter after Her Majesty ended their criminality in 2012.catch up soon mate at a game hopefully.




  26. Will try find more out SD as its been a few years since I seen or heard tell have a grand day now.







    I am really enjoying our football just now and am confident great things lie ahead for Celtic with Ange at the helm.



    However, I have no problem if supporters react to a Celtic director making a complete arse of himself, the club and supporters and in public.



    None at all.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. PHILBHOY on 29TH OCTOBER 2021 8:42 AM




    I am really enjoying our football just now and am confident great things lie ahead for Celtic with Ange at the helm.


    However, I have no problem if supporters react to a Celtic director making a complete arse of himself, the club and supporters and in public.



    None at all.


    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






    I’m with PhilBhoy they are not mutually exclusive you can enjoy the football and comment on it and also be deeply troubled that one of the Celtic directors and Club historian cannot get basic facts right in a national newspaper article! What next the Celtic Board attending the celebrations and congratulating ‘The Rangers on reaching their 150th anniversary?’ – watch this space……

  29. Livingstone now out to 18/1.I don`t think I have ever seen such high odds involving two teams from the SPL.




    Incidentally,I am not encouraging betting here. I am highlighting how much the bookies, at least, feel we have improved.

  30. “MCPHAIL BHOY on 29TH OCTOBER 2021 9:07 AM


    the Celtic Board attending the celebrations and congratulating ‘The Rangers on reaching their 150th anniversary?’ – watch this space……”



    That would not surprise me in the least. Unfortunately.