One of Celtic’s most important games of the season


Livingston took the lead at Aberdeen midweek, before the home side scored twice and took the points.  That was Livi’s only goal in eight games, a run stretching back two months.  Since Celtic’s win at the Plastic Pasta Stadium in September, Livi have scored only three goals in 13 games.  I have no record of how many corner kicks they have won in that time, but it we don’t concede one tomorrow, the defence will surely keep a clean sheet.

What Livingston will concentrate on is defending – an objective they obsess with even in prosperous times.  Last weekend, Kilmarnock, fresh from a win over Celtic, were unable to break the Livi defence and were ultimately lucky to leave with a point (a penalty kick was not enough of a chance for Livingston to score a fourth in 13 games).

Brendan Rodgers has had a rare week to work with the squad and attempt to arrest a precipitous slide which has seen Celtic give up a healthy lead at the top of the table.  In more normal times, tomorrow’s game would be an opportunity to rest some and give a run out to fringe players.  Instead, this is one of Celtic’s most important games of the season and one of the biggest games in the rest of Brendan’s career.  Complaining about the squad after defeat to Hearts is one thing, but it will not wash if points are dropped to Livi.

I am confident that will not happen.  The players will sufficiently find their former equilibrium to get back on track.  It will be a relief when the points are safe, though.

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  1. Celtic Mac on 22nd December 2023 9:35 pm



    95% of those living on stolen Palestine lands don’t have a shred of Semitic DNA in their bones.



    You best stick to chatting what you know about champ, instead of making excuses on here for the past few years for Khazar crimes, you and a few others.

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Green Brigade come out of this stand off stronger and the Board weaker. I hope they are smart about how they deploy their new leverage. They are capable of it, just not consistently. We need a counterpoint to the right wing element in the Boardroom,

  3. Fran Alonso leaves Celtic after four years in charge of the women’s team


    Fran Alonso said: “I was not born a Celtic supporter but I will definitely die as one and I will support Celtic for the rest of my life.


    “The Club, the team, the people and the Celtic community has been everything to me during the past four years and has lit up my life. It has been a wonderful adventure.


    “The values, the spirit and the ethos of the Club has been everything to me and I am so proud to have held the position of Celtic manager.


    “I am very sad to leave Celtic and it was a really hard decision to make. However, the new opportunity in America is one that I dreamt about since I started coaching in the women’s game and I know our Celtic supporters will understand.”

  4. g fearon



    Do not recall mentioning the DNA or otherwise of those who now inhabit that area of the Near East, Palestine, Israel, Jordan etc but feel free to try and advance your own genetic theories.

  5. Evening all.



    I predict a comfortable win tomorrow that will settle the nerves prior to thumping that mob.



    A wee trio of 80’s tunes if the blog obliges.



    The heady nights of ‘The Royal’ (I know) Coatbridge.



    The S.O.S. Band | Just Be Good To Me (1983) | Extended HQ version




    Shalamar – “A Night To Remember”








    Nite all



    Stay classy



    Tell your friends, they’ll like it.



    It’s good to be a Tim.







  6. Celtic Mac on 22nd December 2023 10:44 pm



    I see you, slithering around here on the blog for the past few years making excuses for the genocidal cult calling itself israel.



    I see you.



    You and a few others. Society’s dregs.

  7. PLB,



    So,the GB came out winners did they?.Would expect nothing more from you.An absolute eejit.

  8. g fearon



    I can see you do in fact share the same genetic code as some others on here….


    Are you perhaps……related?

  9. Latchford



    Can you explain why you think that about the green brigade ?



    Also the ‘right wing’ board.

  10. G Fearon,


    Did you come on here when the likes of Canamalar and a few others were on here espousing Russias invasion and murder of civilans in Ukraine,or the slaughter of 2 million Yemenis by one another wing of Hamas in Yemen.All backed and supplied by Iran.


    Or do you just pick a victim .How does it work?.

  11. Shitebagtypist multimoniker



    22ND DECEMBER 2023 10:59 PM



    Celtic Mac on 22nd December 2023 10:44 pm


    I see you, slithering around here on the blog for the past few years making excuses for the genocidal cult calling itself israel.



    I see you.



    You and a few others. Society’s dregs.




    You see nothing,how many monikers have you had to Celtic macs 1?


    You have not got the confidence to be yourself,slither- thats what vermin like you do into other monikers,fearon being your latest and thats just over 6 weeks chaotic nonsense as pash.

  12. See the posters who keep posting about the Peter Lawell lying to the Res 12 bhoys … heaven forbid somebody telling a lie in business … can they realise Res 12 was about the governance of Scottish football and not Rangers … Sevco or whatever … better getting the facts right to start with … am no board apologist but got a feeling the Celtic board put the feelers out back in the day, and knew there was no Res 12 appetite for taking it forward …. In fact the majority of Celtic fans want a Hun entity to … beat (hopefully next Saturday) and in the last few days it need to admit Burnley 78 is my type of Celtic fan than the usual punters who appear when things aren’t going the best



    100% behind Brendan @ the bhoys 🍀

  13. Motherwell 1-4 Sevco





    Motherwell (Whoever 6 mins)


    Sevco (Tavernier 42 mins, pen, 45 mins, pen)


    (Referee 86 mins) Assistant Referee 89 mins)


    (VAR 3 goals disallowed for Motherwell for any old reason)

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    GFTB – good to see you posting.



    TONTINE TIM @ 10:07 PM.






    Fact based explanation of Fran Alonso’s departure (including a gracious quote from the man himself) risks debunking the evidence free myth pushed on here that pinny punching forced him out.

  15. Back to Basics 11.48pm



    Usually start typing then … hit delete



    When things aren’t going that well .. (2 defeats and first home defeat in 2yrs) sometimes better posting nothing



    Delighted Brendan returned (totally gutted when he left) and still think he’ll deliver 🍀

  16. Lets hope tomorrow is more like our performance against Aberdeen at home, Hibernian even than the one against Hearts. As close to playing on Christmas Day as likely, though the last time we played on Dec 25 was in 1971, against Hearts funnily enough. We won 3-2, Hood, Johnstone and Deans for us, with a Bobby Lennox goal disallowed for er offside. Kenny Dalglish played right half in Bobby Murdoch’s absence. Time to get the shooting boots back on, and Celtic to stay top of the league!

  17. An Tearmann.



    Tell us a story about all the famous people who came to you looking for your advice.. . . . . .



    You utter reprobate.

  18. Turkeybhoy on 22nd December 2023 11:15 pm



    Mind yourself, i hear this is a dangerous time of year for your lot.

  19. gftb



    top tune by slowthai in that you tube link…



    a warm welcome back to the collectively punished

  20. Hahahahahaha


    Well done for staying as the same moniker for 2 posts on the trot


    Love being typed at,and given a narrative too.


    Go on share some of your cowardly monikers youv been clockin Cmac with.


    Why are you lacking in confidence? Its chronic.powerless and shouts from every letter you type,ragin shoitbag bout covers you.


    Hope Santa brings you some humility eunuch

  21. Looking forward to the game tomorrow


    Seeing friends and Celts getting to see their team


    One Celtic



    Brendans presser




  22. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Excellent. Always a joy to get a challenge from those twin reactionaries Turkeybhoy and Burnley.



    Let’s start with you TB. I believe the word for you in Turkish is aptal. A tedious chap indeed, nuans not your strong suit. I didn’t say the GB were “winners”, so try getting your facts straight. I did say I was not unconditionally supportive of the GB . I think they’re a curate’s egg, which still carries more merit that your (not that) good self. I think their politics and behaviour lack maturity and nuans (!) and have a good degree of sympathy for the Board’s dilemma in dealing with them.



    I was sharing my observation of the outcome, not whether was a good or bad thing.



    As I say, you’re something of an aptal.



    Burnley – shorter response for you. In the words of the great J P McEnroe, you cannot be serious?



    However, unlike the turkey, I don’t have you down as an aptal.



    Merry Christmas!

  23. AT 1.43am



    I was paraphrasing the GB .. am not that clever to make that statement :-)



    Enjoy the game the morra … Seemingly MissGFTB is buying me & her tickets for the Buckie game with her Christmas money …. :-)

  24. AT 2.07am



    That’s a misconception most of the teachers/lawyers/dentists (yes even dentists) enjoyed the Buckfast and stil do ..(some stil sneak a Hal bottle in) never a wine Bhoy maybe as a kid preferred Thunderbirds .. a nice pear wine …



    MissGFTB now paying for tickets is a game changer :-)



    Keep the good fight against the many many non Celtic thinkers the blog has been infested by …



    You have more patience than many … but I suppose if we all ignore the blog diminishes



    Hail Hail … 100% behind Brendan 🍀

  25. My friends in Celtic,



    I’m soooooo looking forward to the game today. It feels like a new beginning and indeed a privilege to attend.


    I am witnessing a Celtic togetherness from all the Celtic Internet that has been missing for quite a while.



    Personally I wasn’t bothered too much about the missing Gg, however it seems a large section of the support were.


    So a big welcome back. ( Pkease don’t let us down , behave)



    Were on the one road, sharing the one load


    We’re on the road to God knows where


    We’re on the one road, it may be the wrong road


    But we’re together now who cares?



    HH, COYBIG. and a Merry Christmas awaits.

  26. Ha, at one time you could roughly tell where you came from by the swally of choice.



    Buckfast was from Coatbrig, Airdrie, Bargaddie etc etc and was so easy to guzzle it was for wimps.



    Now Four Crown Lanliq et al By f@ ck it was rough. Tasted like the the spew from an Arapaho war dog. ( Apologies to any Arapaho war dogs reading ) .


    This stuff was as mad as the maddest mad hatter and only men ( And women ) of spirit had the balls.



    This wine was the cause of many a Broken Home, Domestic Violence, Police arrests, Health Problems, ” I’ll fight the best man in the house ” attitude, did all this put us off…the answer is NO.



    Just read a ” fact ” I didn’t know.



    ” Someone in office decided to ban Lanliq Wine iand reduced the selling of it to about 6 pubs, then the police, had a quiet word to each land lord,if police were called or a disturbance at their pub, their license would not be renewed, finally all stopped, but they still sold it in Corby which was an over-spill, but even they stopped it


    Unknown at 1:55 AM



    This is full strength, this is the wine with that something extra.



    The bottles were quite cheap, but the fines were long lasting.



    The good old days, or were they ????????

  27. This lost the dressing room talk is nonsense. That some of the players are playing below their expectations is true for sure but the issue is we don’t have sufficiently good back up to replace and I’m sorry but if you are a top performer that’s where you lose motivation. An 11 man team with 3/4/5 that are just not good enough or out of form will punish any team and that’s what we have with no back up to replace them or put the pressure on to keep performance levels high. Look at last week – the team could hardly pass the MJ as he was so bad – does that make you feel good? If you are a top performer and you look round that dressing room at the bang average recruitment of the last two windows does that motivate? The squad has been gutted of quality since the summer it’s as simple as that – we didn’t try to improve we tried to get away with it and when we lost a couple of starters we were caught out and then a few key injuries and we were really in trouble. Remember the days when on 60 mins Ange would bring on O’Riley, Abada and GG to replace Hatate, Jota and Kyogo – that is what we are dealing with so if the dressing is lost it’s because the quality of the dressing room has been missing

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