One of Celtic’s most important games of the season


Livingston took the lead at Aberdeen midweek, before the home side scored twice and took the points.  That was Livi’s only goal in eight games, a run stretching back two months.  Since Celtic’s win at the Plastic Pasta Stadium in September, Livi have scored only three goals in 13 games.  I have no record of how many corner kicks they have won in that time, but it we don’t concede one tomorrow, the defence will surely keep a clean sheet.

What Livingston will concentrate on is defending – an objective they obsess with even in prosperous times.  Last weekend, Kilmarnock, fresh from a win over Celtic, were unable to break the Livi defence and were ultimately lucky to leave with a point (a penalty kick was not enough of a chance for Livingston to score a fourth in 13 games).

Brendan Rodgers has had a rare week to work with the squad and attempt to arrest a precipitous slide which has seen Celtic give up a healthy lead at the top of the table.  In more normal times, tomorrow’s game would be an opportunity to rest some and give a run out to fringe players.  Instead, this is one of Celtic’s most important games of the season and one of the biggest games in the rest of Brendan’s career.  Complaining about the squad after defeat to Hearts is one thing, but it will not wash if points are dropped to Livi.

I am confident that will not happen.  The players will sufficiently find their former equilibrium to get back on track.  It will be a relief when the points are safe, though.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    VAR is the Sevco equivalent of Rainjurz EBT. It’s stripped at least 4 points from our lead.



    One point against Aberdeen at Pittodrie and three against Hearts at IBrokes.



    It also cheated Aberdeen out of a fair shot in the League Cup final.

  2. Hopefully next season sees big changes especially at board level,we need young vibrant Celtic men and women who can take our club forward in every direction,one thing I would hope is for them to make it plain that they will not tolerate Dermot Desmond picking who he wants to be the next coach ,

  3. Nothing changes until Celtic have real Tims and not 58,000+ slavish sheep who know no other way than to throw blind money at a pro Old Firm PLC who will stand on whichever side of the street that their banker masters instruct them to.



    58,000 suckers will change nothing.



    Maybe they deserve a hun treble rammed up thum!

  4. Quadbhoy thanks 👍


    Chairbhoy re john kennedy,his name and Celtic pedigree stand alone,thanks for clarifying👍 i dont think his name doesnt need initialised,youve a good range of english without taking ownership of any hun based narrative .just my own view Cb.hope you dont mind.




  5. AN TEARMANN @ 4:39 PM,



    No problem at all.



    Maybe it alludes you from time to time but I don’t come across Rangers fans, never mind huns very often if at all



    Of course the old firm thing is important to some and the west of Scotland stuff is known to me, just of little interest to me or mine.



    Hail Hail

  6. JACKIEMAC @ 4:47 PM,



    Great news, let’s hope we can turn a corner on what has been in many ways a bizarre seven months.



    We have a league to win!!



    Hail Hail

  7. Chairbhoy



    Of course the old firm thing is important to some and the west of Scotland stuff is known to me, just of little interest to me or mine.



    Its dead as a term to every Celt i know,a futile attempt at continuity between deadclub and newclub,used seemlessly as tho nothing happened both clubs that have came out of ibrox.


    Celtic is you and i,and every other who follows the green and white,boards will come and go but the term ol frim is a small atom which,carries the baggage of 2 clubs and neither is Celtic Cb,its a homage to continuity and you and i know that isvnot so




  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from so many lovely pubs. You can never have enough good times. And let the good times roll 👍.

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    And I see that the Chilterns Tim and And my old pal An Tearmann are still sober. I’m fecking not. Hail Hail

  10. AN TEARMANN @ 5:32 PM,



    Yes, I’ll try to behave myself



    Just subtley pointing out to the smartest ghuys in the room, that if we are missing Chris Davies so much, it’s Chris Davies we have to replace rather than our manager



    Cheers for the chat…






    Seriously !?



    What’s he like when he gets drunk!?



    Hail Hail

  11. Chairbhoy crashed last night before you posted. Celtic fans put more into the club than any other team I know of. That speaks volumes. We can agree on that. The TV money in Scotland is extremely poor. That means we need to be smarter off the park to keep at the top table in Europe, to be able to attract and pay competitive wages for players. You think we need $50M for new players. 60,000 season tickets brings in around $30M. My point is that we need the support, the players and the back room team, including the board to pull together and make the video assisted rangers pointless. The last twenty years have shown how successful that can be. Keep the faith.

  12. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I’m not an unconditional fan of the GB’s politics or behaviour, but have little doubt that the Board’s decision to ban them as a job lot is now understood (by them) to have been a self-harming mistake. Important boost yo have them back tomorrow.



    I will be there and if we can’t win in those circumstances against easily the weakest team in the league will know the season is doomed.



    As things stand I would estimate there is a 20% chance of MO’R being sold in January. I think that increases to nearer 100% if we drop points tomorrow and lose to the huns.



    It’s what Lawwell does. He creates the conditions for failure and then uses the resulting failure to sell our prime assets.

  13. TAURANGABHOY @ 6:28 PM,



    Cheers for coming back…



    Yes, it is something we seem to have forgotten in this G.o.D.



    We need to be head and shoulders above them to get equal points, we can’t compromise on performance.



    They start the league on ten free points…



    Hope your family enjoy a great day tomorrow



    Hail Hail

  14. An unchanged side for Celtic. The game was played with floodlights on. This was Celtic’s first floodlit League game.





    Goldie; Kilmarnock, Shanks; Price, Quigley, Slingsby; Rankin, McMillan, Baird, McNeil, McCulloch.


    Scorers: McMillan (4), Rankin (14), McNeil (30)





    Beattie; Haughney, Meechan; Evans, Jack, Peacock; Higgins, Ryan, Mochan, Fernie, Tully.


    Scorers: Higgins 4 (11, 17, 29, 42), Ryan (71), Fernie 2 (75, 77)



    Referee: T Wharton (Glasgow)


    Attendance: 16,000

  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Miovski looks like a good option at the right price.



    Maybe £3M and a couple of players. Mikey J plus one other.

  16. Sadly there is no chance of MON coming back in any capacity. I asked him, he laughed and said “ I’ve done it and they would never ask me” take what you like out of that. Watching Queens Park v United. IMHO United don’t want it enough, possibly our problem.

  17. I panicked a bit there. It just said on the news that Man City had just added the WCC to their Treble – making 5 trophies. I thought for a moment that the Lisbon Lions’ magnificent achievement had been equalled. However, it was not to be as this “treble” included the Charity Shield – NOT the League Cup. Close, but no cigar boys – sorry!

  18. Free the 267!


    Whoops too late brother



    “For a variety of reasons, the Green Brigade is notoriouly difficult to join and can also be pretty divisive”


    So not open to all then. And that quote is from its’ sister party North Curve Central.



    A return to a packed out standing section at Celtic Park is obviously welcome, the creation of which was to enable and facilitate those who wanted to more actively support Celtic Football Club while the team is playing out there on the pitch. Not glorifying Hamas, who had just declared war on Israel earlier that October 7 day, oblivious it appears to the hell that action would bring to the Palestinian population in Gaza, and did and does, singing about SAM missiles, ruining our longstanding relationship with St Pauli, and bringing accusations of anti-semitism to the Celtic Support as a whole.



    Stop The War, Find The Solution, no ceasefires, no cessations, no pauses….Stop The War….

  19. Are we on the verge of seeing history being made?


    We won the treble last season. Turnover was £149m, profit earned was £33m and £72m in the bank. Our biggest rivals are totally skint and are struggling from financial crisis to financial crisis and yet they could still win the league.


    Is this the best ever example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

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