Our midfield squad shuffle. Leigh, the panto misfit


I know what you are thinking, Ewan Henderson looked the part.  Even more so than his brother, Liam, who also left Celtic for a loan spell at Hibs, before moving to Italy.  That laser-precise pass at Tynecastle which set Celtic on their way to an important victory when Neil Lennon picked up the pieces left by Brendan Rodgers pointed to riches ahead.

Unlike many apparent teenage prodigies, Ewan never disappointed, trouble was, he did not play often enough to disappoint.  All we know for sure is that Lennon did not rely on him and after six months at Lennoxtown, Ange Postecoglou has moved him on.

Hibs, managed by Shaun Maloney, who worked with the player as a Celtic youth coach, is a good move.  He has a realistic chance of commanding a regular first team place in an aspirational side.  Celtic released him permanently for little more than an initial loan agreement that will prevent Ewan from facing them for the remainder of this season.

With two midfielders already signed this month, it is no surprise that Ismaila Soro is set to follow Ewan out the door.  For reasons that continue to perplex, MLS clubs continue to swoon around the edges of the Celtic squad, with New York Red Bulls reportedly hoping to add Ismaila to a list of former Celtic misfits that includes Patryk Klimala, Cameron Harper and Lewis Morgan, the latter moving from Inter Miami last month.

Another midfielder on the move is 20-year-old summer recruit from Sheffield Wednesday, Liam Shaw, who will spend the remainder of the season on loan at Motherwell.  Liam was one of the success stories in the win over Real Betis in December.  The move to Fir Park will hopefully give him an opportunity for first team football, it should also give you and me a better chance to assess his potential.

The Dundee pantomime season officially ends this week (oh yes it does) and Dundee are wondering what use they have for our on-loan panto act, Leigh Griffiths.  We are short of striker talent and Ange is still new to Scotland, so may be unfamiliar with how things work.  The panto season is also over in Glasgow, Leigh’s time at Celtic must also be over.

10 sleeps ’til Hibs.

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  1. Herald reporting Japan will call up overseas players for their qualifiers. Let’s get the application filled in.

  2. Of all the players linked with a move out, Soro is the only one I’ve significant doubts over. There’s definitely something there to work on.

  3. We can refer to a list of players as ‘misfits’ or we could consider why such a list exists.


    What is the common denominator?


    Has our scouting improved?


    Are we recruiting to demand?


    Who has overarching responsibility?

  4. I really don’t think our “buy n sell” policy is that different from others regarding the failure and success rate. The success rate in financial gain when sold helps to offset the ones that don’t go for massive fees, and mostly, we end up in profit. Of course, we’ve also had these “misfits” as part of our playing squads, which helps the bottom line re cost. Not one club, no matter how much money or the size of their scouting network, ever gets it right most of the time, por cierto

  5. I can’t see AP wanting Griffiths anywhere near Lennoxtown, no negativity wanted,tell him to find another Club or train from home.

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  7. Based on recent quotes, Ange is a fan of international football. Personally, I would tell Kyogo that his injury means no go this time. Two mega flights, jet lag and then extra training and games rather than supervised recovery in Glasgow – apply common sense please!

  8. is a big pity regarding Lee Griffiths as if was at absolute peak fitness


    I can only imagine how good he would be



    Unfortunately that has been the case only for a small percentage of


    the last few seasons

  9. Any Celtic striker who scores 40+ goals in a season is always going to be fondly remembered, his off-field actions are surely down to his lack of awareness outside a penalty box, por cierto.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “All we know for sure is that Lennon did not rely on him”




    Hardly much of an indicator. He didn’t give McGregor a game in his first spell and couldn’t get anything out of Rogic in two spells.


    Had high hopes for Ewan. The boy can pick a pass. Shaun could be just the man to develop him.




    “The panto season is also over in Glasgow, Leigh’s time at Celtic must also be over.”




    Not that long ago since his last deal was signed:


    “The one-year deal announced today is almost certainly at a lower rate, but right for Leigh and for Celtic.”


    “He has a point to prove, watch him do it.”







    Hope Griffiths can pick up his career somewhere but his time at Celtic should have been up about three years ago.

  11. At least Griffiths could take a decent free kick/set piece. We’re sadly lacking in that department at the moment.

  12. Midfielders out ye say?



    Reshuffle you say ?



    Announce the Wolf I say !!! Hannes Wolf….made for Angeball.



    Oh and someone get Harate out of his pit for his photoshoot, the bloody big tease :)




  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I cringe when I read about those who tried but were unsuccessful as “misfits”. It’s a bit disrespectful and more befitting a description you’d read in the SMSM. On a more positive note, I’m glad you’ve finally seen through Griffiths. Better late than never😉

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Disappointed Ewan has effectively been released at such a young age but that is an emotional response. If Ange says no then fair enough.



    Soro – if we some dough then fine.



    Liam Shaw – good move. I like the look of the lad.



    Leigh? Isn’t he still our player until the summer?



    PS – I was surprised to learn that …


    Liel (should be more consistent) Abada


    is a whopping THREE MONTHS older than


    Owen (good prospect, needs time) Moffat






    Surprised me.

  15. Griffs career at the top with Celtic and Scotland is over by the looks of it..he’s left us wi some great memories for both..hopefully hes still got some cash left and disnae owe it all oot..like maself

  16. And to think the ridiculous clamber for Soro to replace Brown.



    A bang average journeyman who hasn’t progressed an ounce with a yellow card guaranteed in every game, mostly due to poor first touch.

  17. P67 — bit sniddery today with all that misfit talk.



    CH is a huge talent who will go far in the game.


    The fact that we either couldn’t spot it / apply it / develop it is our fail not his.


    Two years time and we will be crying out for his abilities.



    IS showed a lot of promise 15 months ago when he managed to get some game time.


    Very useful plater who will develop under the right coaching regime / squad influences.


    To see him go backwards has not been us at our finest.



    We are currently a one man band.


    P/head is stuffed to the gunnels with second raters who will not rock the boat.


    The boardroom / the coaching staff / the support staff — either not there or pals filling a jersey.



    PL has a lot to answer for.

  18. NTB @ 1.01



    Who brought him to the club?


    How much did we pay for him?


    What agents were involved?


    Did we improve him?



    The issue is ours not his.

  19. It would have been good to see how a Griff at his peak would do under Ange, the number of chances this team creates would have been perfect for him at his sharpest.



    It’s a shame he wouldn’t last 5 minutes without picking up an injury if he was to come back now. Ange will know that

  20. I think Ange had his Japanese fellas in his sights from early doors. 2 of them middies he can trust.



    The Betis game was not redemption but shop window stuff for those we are clearing the decks of.



    Not sure that’s conducive with giving too much focus to improving those he’d lose to create space for them.







    You literally just said he was a very useful player, my opinion is that i have seen no evidence of that.



    bad signing, get rid..it happens

  22. Soro,when playing well,a bit like Kante.Could be a poor mans version in the States.



    When do we know the full list for the Japan squad.Anyone know.The Record gleefully reporting all 4.

  23. Not exactly the same kind of player but I think Scott Robertson has shown more than either Henderson , despite much less exposure in the 1st team.



    quick Wiki search says he has hd 19 apps this year already with Crewe (not sure how many are starts) and has 2 goals.



    Hopefully a repeat of the McGregor success story

  24. Garngad to Croy on

    AN DÚN



    Soro, he is a young lad and I wish him the very best but sorry he’s not for me. His loss of possession through misplaced passes and rash challenges led to conceding numerous goals in a very poor Celtic team last season.

  25. No idea what any of you have ever seen in Ismael Soro


    Headless chicken from day 1, with limited game intelligence (as per quoted)



    I agree we need to clear the decks to create space for better


    Not convinced Ewen Henderson was going to make it as a 1st regular with Celtic


    At 21 good move for Ewen to get games and allow development



    Liam Shaw, the loan and game time will assist his Development


    We should look at doing same with Osaze Urhoghide



    Still need to move on


    Bolingoli, Ajeti & Barkas, to free up wages for better

  26. NTB @ 1.23



    IS = £2mill signing by all accounts.


    Our money being invested into Israel by way of PL’s pet agent.


    Not the best of looks regarding our club being run for the benefit of the pals pf PL.


    You might want to look at that side of the deal.



    I thought that he showed some promise last season.


    Similar impact to DT but was prone to giving the odd ball away.


    This season he does not appear to have made the progress that I thought he would.


    Not sure if AP’s lack of engagement has switched him off — sour plume face on the park.



    However I think he has promise and I hope he does well wherever he goes.


    If he flourishes then we need to look at ourselves.

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