Griffiths with a point to prove


I know Leigh Griffiths has more experience behind him that road ahead.  He may prove to be a challenge for Ange Postecoglou to manage (although I would not assume so) and I would hope he is not first choice striker for Celtic ever again.  However, if we need a goal in the qualifiers, at McDiarmid, or in a Hampden cup final, and things just don’t seem to be happening, you know Leigh can change games and seasons.

His story is fundamental to our second nine-in-a-row, the last season in particular.  His commercial value is significantly less than it was when his last contract was agreed; Celtic’s option to extend for one-year would have flattered him.  The one-year deal announced today is almost certainly at a lower rate, but right for Leigh and for Celtic.

If athletes perform best with something to fight against, Leigh will have the words of Neil Lennon injecting his veins with adrenaline.  He has a point to prove, watch him do it.


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  1. Birds flying high, you know how I feel


    Sun in the sky, you know how I feel


    Breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel





    It’s a new dawn


    It’s a new day


    It’s a new life for me, yeah


    It’s a new dawn


    It’s a new day


    It’s a new life for me, ooh


    And I’m feeling good

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Pleased with this outcome.






    Obviously comes with risk.



    Over to you Leigh.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Rolling Stone – from last thread – cheers.



    Perfectly reasonable observation about CEO wage inflation – respect.



    Do I think £900k p.a. is on the high side?



    Based on his published objectives – Yes



    My (partly flippant) observation was intended to debunk myths around PL’s remuneration viz ….



    He earned a £3m+ salary



    He was one of the highest paid CEOs in UK football



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything






    We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE

  4. myboysnowatim on

    “He has a point to prove, watch him do it.”



    Hope you’re right P67.

  5. Nope, Disappointed.



    Guy couldn’t be arsed to get himself fit for the biggest season in a generation .His performances last year were downright embarrassing at times, first touch was awful.



    Was hoping Ange would raise the bar. His first piece of business suggest otherwise.

  6. Pleased to hear Griff is extended. He’ll score 20+ for us. Hope he’s played as one of two up front.



    P67 spot-on – He’ll be buzzing!!!

  7. Request, does anyone know any bookies which offer a market in winning the league but with points margin too? Looking online but all advertising and junk. Thanks in advance 🍀

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    Makes sense in our current state, if he’s as fit as Ange wants then he should be good for 15-20 goals ?

  9. As pleased as I am that we’ve secured Leigh as short term cover, our rebuild will take more than extensions for Leigh and Tony Ralston


    A helluva lot more

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hopefully LG,gets himself sorted,he will wake up and smell the coffee, 12 months is little security for a guy with a limited career span,if he applies himself, he can get another 3 or 4 seasons, earning good money, and winning trophies

  11. The Battered Bunnet on




    NTL became insolvent and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2002. It defaulted on $16 Billion of debt in what was the largest insolvency in US corporate history.




  12. Rolling_Stone on

    LG hasn’t scored 20 goals in the last 5 seasons. I dont see that changing next year. 31 this summer and not acted professionally throughout his career, he won’t be fitter or quicker next season.



    Id have preferred the wage to be utilised elsewhere, but here we are.

  13. A fit and firing Leigh Griffiths will be a great asset next season. Still need a couple of strikers though.



    I fir one am happy to see this development.

  14. Goodbye and my thanks to Peter Lawwell for what he contributed to what Celtic have achieved in recent years.



    Welcome back into the fold, Leigh Griffiths. I DO so hope you knuckle down and give of your all; you have been given a second (?) chance every Celtic supporter dreams of: wearing the Hoops. Do it justice.

  15. squire danaher on

    MARTIM1980 on 1ST JULY 2021 12:46 PM



    Not at this stage.



    All the chains do a ‘handicap’ league the week leading up to season ko.



    Every club is priced at 9/1 or so, and is handicapped to their perceived ability.



    For instance and to answer your question. In my opinion, Celtic will likely receive a 3-4 start from the G51 shower. The problem is that they will be giving points to everyone else.



    I mainly use Skybet. For example, the G51s win on the last day saw them win the handicap league.

  16. Wee Griff will run riot next year if he stays fit and he’s partnered way good fast striker 20 plus goals easy

  17. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Hmmmm…….do we really expect to see him more motivated for less money??



    He set the tone last summer by not being fit enough to go on a pre-season camp to France. He let us down bad;y.



    Crazy decision IMHO. He’s a symptom of the malaise.

  18. SQUIRE DANAHER on 1ST JULY 2021 1:07 PM



    Thanks Squire, was looking at hills, and it’s just a straight outright bet.



    Got a skybet account will have a look!

  19. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Jeez, ‘a fit Lee Griffiths’.



    That old chestnut has being doing the rounds for the past 3 years.

  20. Leigh will be like a new signing for us.


    Unfortunately, that means you’re benched for 6 months then loaned out to Europe



    We are currently weaker than the team which finished 25 points behind in the league last season.


    Maybe tomorrow, Jack

  21. Go tell the Spartim on

    What if it’s a pay as you play loaded contract? We’re in a period of transition, a few one year contracts make some sense, bigger fish to fry of course, hope reinforcements land soon




    I echo your sentiments – may I say, without being ‘nit-pickiing’, that your views on Leigh are very magnanimous. However I hope your best hopes are realised – to a certain extent it is Hobson’s Choice & highlights our current predicament.

  23. squire danaher on

    MARTIM1980 on 1ST JULY 2021 1:13 PM



    I’d say markets won’t be up till nearer the start of season



    Also check the likes of ‘RequestABet’ onSkybet site and ‘WhatOddsPaddy’ on P Power

  24. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Not sure I’d be too excited if someone told me we were looking at signing a 31 year old striker with 25 goals in the last three seasons and whose best season was six years ago, oh and with fitness issues.


    If we hadn’t made such a complete mess of appointing a new manager we would have had time to sort the squad out a bit earlier and got some new players in.


    Griffiths needs to be playing every week and surely that can’t be at Celtic.

  25. Now for something completely different…..I think’




    Celtic are not interested in accepting bargain bids for 23-year-old Edouard who only has 12 months to run on his contract. Former club PSG have a massive sell-on clause in his terms that could see them take a whopping 50 per cent of the profits in any transfer move concerning their former prospect.




    Surely if the above is the case, and of course if Edouard is willing, perhaps letting him run down his contract, in return for his utmost commitment for next season, might not be such a bad option. How much would we get if selling now and how much would it cost to replace him right now? Cost/benefit is the conundrum.



    It would give us time to look around for a replacement whilst keeping a thirty-goal/season striker – bearing in mind the automatic CL qualification next season. Eddy could then go, or……if we win the title, he may fancy a crack at the CL & sign a new deal.



    I don’t know if by not selling him we may invoke a fall-back penalty clause from PSG – perhaps someone else can enlighten.





    Good points, well made…..but, “If we hadn’t made such a complete mess of appointing a new manager”



    Are we really totally culpable? Look at the Spurs situation. Like many things in this mad football world “it’s not as easy & straightforward as one thinks”.

  27. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    UNCLE JIMMY on 1ST JULY 2021 1:17 PM



    We are currently weaker than the team which finished 25 points behind in the league last season.





    That is a very concerning state of affairs!






  28. SQUIRE DANAHER on 1ST JULY 2021 1:22 PM



    Will have a look, thought going in early might gets favourable odds. Going to back us to win by a margin, based solely on a gut feeling….worth a small wager🍀

  29. BURNLEY, the Swan Inn it was. Pedro and his family used to appear occasionally on a Monday night (oddly?) Peter and family just left to get on with their meals, no-one botheted him though it is a well mixed pub. Food appears to be excellent though not tried it much myself.



    Much better ‘pub’ than the Eggy Arms, good craic with punters and staff. Still not opened up yet.

  30. quadrophenian on

    Did not see that deal coming – mibby Ado Onaiwu’s no coming after all ? But clearly Griff’s report of Ange’s telecon shows AP’s a man of his word. Hopefully this will inspire Albian to get his rafael together, anaw?





    All this talk of the village’s pubs has got me fair nostalgic.


    What news of the Cross Keys; it used to have a fervent Celtic man – Pat Kelly – and wife running the downstairs bar, with the fancy restaurant above; Not been there in about 25yrs!



    PS: Thanks Peter; am sure you did a mixture of your very best as a fan AND those mandatories stipulated by your decision-making boss, Mr Desmond. I wish you and yours peace after the family attack and forgiveness from all us disappointeds, sooner rather than laters. HH

  31. Great to see Leigh getting another chance, to my mind he was treated appallingly by Lenny – pot, kettle, black, springs to mind. I truly hope for Celtic and the national side’s sake that Griff has a great season.



    TBB @ 12:49 PM,



    Thanks, I do remember, NTL emerged from chapter 11 protection though.



    The brand was indeed toxic, when I worked with them in the mid nougties – not on the Broadband, Cable TV side – their guys would go out with their NTL jackets, polo shirts and T shirts and get accousted on high streets and supermarkets due to folks complaining of crap Broadband and customer support, explaining they were a different division didn’t help – they of course stop wearing the kit until that nice Mr Branston let them have the Virgin-Media stuff.





    On 11 February 2010, ntl:Telewest Business was rebranded as Virgin Media Business, marking the end of the NTL and Telewest brand being …



    They were not liquidated, Rangers are in liquidation. Although insolvency practice is nuanced, there are important distinctions. Of course I’m no expert but Rangers died, NTL didn’t.



    Thought your Covid posts were brilliant BTW…



    Hail Hail

  32. Had an errand to run there up to the ticket office.


    Frazzled lassie who served me said over 50k renewals, and still some to be processed because of techy issues.


    Next up is relocations starting from tomorrow, but that is a big jigsaw puzzle in itself.



    She said last friday was indeeed their busiesT ever day.



    So much for the naesayers and tarpauling cravers.

  33. glendalystonsils on



    Not sure I’d be too excited if someone told me we were looking at signing a 31 year old striker with 25 goals in the last three seasons and whose best season was six years ago, oh and with fitness issues.



    We’ve already got a slightly younger though more expensive version of the striker you describe .



    Name’s Ajeti .

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