Overwhelming benefits of being organised


St Mirren’s late goal at Ibrox yesterday was as welcome as it was unexpected, but it means little for us.  It was only the fourth league goal Rangers have conceded all season and Celtic almost conceded a fourth goal in the final minutes against Kilmarnock.  Four goals conceded in 11 games is championship winning form.

Rangers are certainly not a European-standard team at the moment but they are overwhelmingly organised.

We’re in trouble.

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  1. well said paul 67 but do you think lenny is the man to get us organised? i thought so last year but this year im not too sure





  2. From previous thread:



    Lennybhoy…Supporting Neil Lennon and CFC until I die says:


    16 October, 2011 at 18:48


    Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    16 October, 2011 at 18:32



    Texted your and Swanseabhoy’s moby numbers to googbhoy when I saw his earlier post as I was sure you would not mind s I knew from previous posts you were all plannibg to meet up.



    No luck by the way on being the nominated driver…you’ll not need to slice any limes…:)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  3. BStarksTH Supports Neil but Peter can get tae.. on

    Send the U19s to Rennes.



    And Kayal can drive the coach.

  4. derbyshirebhoy on

    79caps says:


    16 October, 2011 at 17:59



    Thank you for the compliment.



    I think your point about a director of football is spot on.



    If however as you suggest the problem is the structure of the Club then you must agree that the responsibility for structure lies nowhere else than at Board level.



    That, badly made, is my point. The Board is not taking responsibility for its poor decisions. Responsibility for structure and strategy don’t rest anywhere else

  5. notthebus



    You don’t believe what I posted, hence you think I am telling lies.



    If you are as foolish as to say Peter Grant wasn’t a coach at Celtic last year, you really need to get out a bit more.



    Now go away and bother someone else.

  6. Paul67



    They also have a desire to win that too frequently we don’t or can’t display.

  7. the glorious balance sheet on

    On a tangent – Rangers FC – cheats and proud of it!



    I`ve just started reading the “Football – Bloody Hell!” Alex Ferguson autobiography and am absolutely amazed at this tale from John Greig that is in the book. Amazed that Greig has the cheek to tell the tale with no sense of shame or embarassment.



    Greig tells of how he tangled with Ferguson during a game at Ibrox when Ferguson was playing with Falkirk. I quote:-



    “I had a swipe at him (Ferguson) with my boot. I missed too – completely. But the referee stopped the game and called me across.



    “”Fair enough,” I said to him. “I deserve to be booked.” He said I deserved more than that – I was going off. I`d never been sent off in my career and so I had this conversation with him. Basically I told him that, if he sent me off, he`d be demoted from Grade One refereeing – the lot. That was in the days when Rangers had a good relationship with the Scottish FA.””



    Such dignity, to demand that the laws of the game not be applied to you. Such dignity to try to intimidate a referee into not doing their job. Such dignity, interpreting a “good relationship” as being bought and paid for.



    125 years of unsurpassed cheating!

  8. Harald Flatpack on

    Basically McCoist has taken the model that served Smith so well and ran with it.



    The first positions Rangers look at filling are in defence. If you don’t lose goals you don’t lose matches. Furthermore there combinations all over the park attack better and defend better.



    McCoist was no novice coming into his first season in management 18 months on Neil Lennon and his backroom staff are still learning.

  9. who would you keep out of our current team? i would keep izzy mulgrew (as a squad player) stokesy (not sure about hooper) mccourt (maybe wanyama) (bangura has yet to prove himself in my book) and commons we could get decent enough money fotr the rest of them


    hope we get mcfadden





  10. 4 goals conceded in 11 games = 0.36 goals per game.



    Rogne/Dan – 0.23 goals conceded per game (in 13 games)


    Dan/Wilson – 0.25 per game (in 4 games)



    Not impossible.



    Anyway, they’ll concede more.

  11. The sad thing is that if they were to be put under pressure in the league, they would buckle. They did last season, only for us to succumb to the pressure at motherwell and inverness, and they would again this season if we could get close to them. But a club which is divided will not challenge no matter how good the players are, and there is something fundamentally wrong at our club, look at the manager sitting on the bench and the players on the field and you can see everyone is not pulling in the same direction.

  12. Sir Paul






    Yep.. the G.A. are well organized, at least.. defensively, wise.






    Is ” Well Organized”.. NO.. jist anither way of saying






    Me and FortyMilliion Frenchmen,, hiv bin saying, fur donkeys




    “Lenny, needs a Much Bettah COACHING STAFF”



    and there is an abundance of Proof tae back up that





    We canny tak advantage of a Corner, awarded, fur us.



    We canny.. also… Properly defend a Corner,awarded, agin us.



    We Canny Handle a Big Dirty Blooter Up the Park by


    the Opposition, that goes over the Heids of oor


    Central Defenders..



    We Canny Handle a Hingin Cross,intae oor Penalty area.. fae



    either Wing..



    We Canny…,.ad infinitium






    Ah Agree wi yer Leader.. Emphatically.



    We need Tae be bettah Organized.




  13. BStarksTH Supports Neil but Peter can get tae.. says:


    16 October, 2011 at 18:52



    haha great idea

  14. Paul67



    I woke up today with an overwhelming feeling of optimism for the season ahead. I base this on the fact that we have truly seen the worst this team has to offer and I do believe we will improve.



    The huns have played the best they can and scrape past teams on a weekly basis.



    Why are we not organised?



    The Goalkeeper on loan and the FOUR Bosman’s in defence might explain that.



    Hail! Hail!

  15. Kojo your post from the last thread:



    absolute garbage.



    Tully, Heron, Wilson, Bonnar, Henke, Hartson. . . .I could go on all night. You don’t need to be be Scottish to want to play for the Celtic jersey.



    In replying I’ve probably licked the lolly you dangled , but give me your 11 scots who would be available, fight for the jersey, and be better than what we have.

  16. the glorious balance sheet on

    Lenny Bhoy…Supporting Neil Lennon and CFC til I die 18:59,



    The ref sent Ferguson off instead! But seriously, Greig was actually get sent off. No doubt the ref was demoted as promised though!



    Hail hail!

  17. paul67, would i be right in maybe interperating that we dont have the men in place to organise better than them?

  18. Paul is spot on. We are in trouble.





    Play a settled back four, without Mastorovich


    Play Wanyama and drop Wantaway Kayal


    Play Commons when he is available




  19. As much as I was distraught at the result against Killie, the news from the Huns game was welcome indeed.Must have sickened the sleekits, but I see from a quick read back that it hasn’t deflected them from their singular task : accentuate ANY disharmony within the Celtic community……



    Fitba’ eh!



    I feel sorry tho’ for the genuine Supporters of Celtic who have to sift through the sleekit agit-prop from the professionally one-dimensionl charlatans.



    Win, Lose or Draw …..

  20. Kojo says:


    16 October, 2011 at 19:00



    …“Lenny, needs a Much Bettah COACHING STAFF”…



    First time I think I have agreed with you…and I would say especially in the defensive coaching area, for a player that Johan was, he most certainly is not a defensive coach on evidence to-date or is it just that the players are not good enough.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  21. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    My thanks go out to Lennybhoy who telt me there was a new thread, I’m way behind and trying tae catch up…….


    F you rangers were gonnae win the league !



  22. Kojo says:


    16 October, 2011 at 19:00



    i agree especially about the corners its not the crossing thats the bother its the headers if we had got someone who can score headers from corners we would have won every game last season as for the defending of corners we have a terrible defence lenny keeps buying midfielders and strikers but has completely forgot about the defence (i wont say anything about our keeper situation)





  23. derbyshirebhoy on

    Auld Neil Lennon heid says:


    16 October, 2011 at 18:09



    Slippery as an eel they are. I sent them this




    Dear Ms Tristam





    Thank you for your e-mail.





    I find it extremely disappointing to find there has been such a delay in responding in this matter.





    I do not find it acceptable that you should wish to consolidate this matter.





    This appears to have been a tactic at all points of response since the complaint process on this issue began and remains unacceptable to me.





    Quite simply my complaint is my complaint and I expect it to be dealt with on a singular basis.





    I do not pay my license fee on a collective basis so I do not expect my complaint to be dealt with in that manner.





    In addition I find your comment regarding admissibility most curious.





    Would you care to elaborate on why you might consider any reasonable complaint inadmissable?





    My view is that the BBC either operates a complaints process intended to ensure that the BBC adheres to its charter or it does not.





    Selectivity in dealing with contentious issues is not consistent with any democratic process.

  24. Paul 67



    Much as I hate to say it, NL doesn’t look like he can get us organised and winning consistently.



    I’m afraid this is becoming Mowbray like. We put 1 better paid players on the park against what should be weaker teams and either through a lack of ability, arrogance or planning we struggle.


    At the moment their isn’t one player I would be too upset about selling.



    If we give NL much longer the league could be gone. We gave Mowbray too long, but long enough to make sure whoever got the job couldn’t do much.

  25. Harald Flatpack says:


    16 October, 2011 at 18:55



    I believe that to be part of the problem, Sally observed and had the benefit of cardihuns experience and advice…Sally took the tyeams for domestic cup games.



    Neil was thrown straight into the deepend…



    pains me to say that but Sally served an apprenticeship…



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  26. Right now my team would be;



    Matthews, M Wilson, Mulgrew, Moroccan



    Commons, Ledley, Ki, Forrest



    Stokes, Hooper.



    Team would stay that way until Brown, Izzy and K Wilson fit. HH

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