Paddy time, Europa and Remembrance


Celtic recorded victories over Dundee and Hearts after their first two Champions League games but collected only one point from the two league games following the double header against Barcelona.  They also won after only two of their four Champions League qualifying games, so there is no reason to expect a convincing win against Inverness tomorrow.

Inverness slumped to a freak 1-5 defeat at home to Motherwell last week but that was their first defeat since the same team beat them earlier this season.  Like Celtic at the Camp Nou, they will be set on defending deeply at Celtic Park in order to prevent another collapse.  This could be an occasion for Paddy McCourt to prize them open.

I had a look at the Europa League group tables last night.  Udinese, who eclipsed us in the same competition last season, are bottom of their group this year, as are PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon, Athletic Bilbao (who beat Manchester Utd home and away last season) and Helsingborgs.  Other recent opponents Rapid Vienna and Hapoel Tel-Aviv are also bottom.

If you’re on Facebook there is a story on the CQN Magazine page about Benfica implying Celtic only beat Barcelona because of cheating.  Drop in and take a look.  On a related subject, I’ve some good material from Spartak in reserve for the days before their visit.

The Annual Remembrance Service, held by the Celtic Supporters’ Association, takes place tomorrow, in memory of Celtic fans no longer with us, with prayers offered for those departed during the last year, including Joe McBride.

The Mass, at St Michael’s at 1350 Gallowgate just up from Parkhead Cross, will start at 12:30 and should be over in around 30 minutes, after which refreshments will be available in the hall to warm you before you head to the game.  All are welcome to celebrate the memory of those who have gone before us.

Lost wedding ring alert! Someone found a wedding ring in Lisbon which was probably dropped by a Celtic fan. Let me know if you know who is walking around with their hand in their pocket this week.

Get your CQN Annual here, an enormous resource from the keyboards of Celtic fans!

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  1. Like many others, I’d like to extend my thanks to BRTH for the article. As an aside I’d like to add that I can fit a new laptop screen.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! 14.29



    “Ah, yes… I knew your people, Sean. Your grandfather; he died in Australia, in a penal colony. And your father, he was a good man too.”



    Class film.

  3. Prima facie evidence was there before the EBT verdict one assumes the status of this evidence has not changed…?



    Considering the enormous pressure put on the SPL of late from all and sundry (media included but not Walter Smith ) of an oldco persuasion to drop the tribunal after the EBT verdict. Today the SPL announced the tribunal will carry on hearing the evidence and then make judgement.



    One could assume the tribunal with prima facie evidence (looks the media forgot about that term ) has confirmed yet again there is a case to answer. This is good news for justice it would have been unwise to bend to the posse of media and oldco spokespersons calling for the 2 contracts tribunal to be scrapped




    Im sure the Sevconians will accept the tribunals findings if the judgement goes against them just a much as they accepted another tribunals findings that went for them

  4. Having read the fine summary of BRTH and his conclusion that “Judges Mure and Rae have written a decision from the perspective that they MUST reach that decison when looking at these matters from the rarefied and constricted view of within the world of the court and the framework of the court and the joint legal pleadings put to them”, I am afraid that I feel he has come to this conclusion from a false premise.



    Namely that Judges Mure and Rae were perfect lawyers who would only act in accordance with the law, without allowing any other factors interfere with their obligations in this regard.



    BRTH has Scottish judges as having the wisdom of Solomon and being paragons of virtue, my experiences –though not on the same level as BRTH apparently—would suggest that our judges are less than perfect and capable of giving a decision as they think fit, regardless of the legal rights and wrongs.



    My experiences are mostly hear say and based in part on the Dunfermline sheriff who was a real right-wing Tory, Mason, and general court room bully. He once displayed the “rarefied and constricted view of within the world of the court” when he very publicly berated a female solicitor for allowing her blouse to expose an inch of mid-drift in his court.



    The same judge was not so such a stickler for morals when he died on top of a prostitute he was having sex with in the back of his car on a public highway in Leith. No doubt after a hard day in Edinburgh sheriff court that day! The Sunday Mail came in for much criticism for being the only newspaper to publish this story.



    Or what about another Edinburgh sheriff whose wife told me he had regularly entertained senior police officers in pre-trial hearings at his house so that Masonic miscreants could be favourably dealt with when they appeared before him. She also told me, and the world, through the pages of the NOTW, that he had date-rape drugged her and filmed her being abused by his pals. The same sheriff was eventually sacked when police raiding a brothel looking for child prostitutes found him on the bench so to speak.



    I realise that there are also many fine principled judges in Scotland. People like the former sheriff James Irvine Smith whose ruling in the Ibrox Disaster damages claim could truly said to be without fear or favour, and his detailed findings of fact to be on a par with Dr Heidi Poom.



    So I hear what BRTH is saying and he may be right but only if the judges concerned, Mure and Rae fall into the latter category above and not the former. My experience suggests that judges can do just about anything they want to and in a case such as the Oldco Rangers where the appellant could not (as they were no more) appeal again, they had scope to find as they wished.



    They chose to let the reputation of Oldco Rangers escape fatal damage by favouring it with the kindest interpretation of the law as they saw it. IMHO of course.



    Oh and of course they did this in private with the names of the accused and even those accused who were found guilty anonymised.



    Justice was not done nor seen to be done IMHO.

  5. Jim


    12:42 on


    23 November, 2012


    A 30 min Mass Paul ! Can it count as a Vigil for Sunday :)



    Father Ted once famously described a priest officiating at such brief services as being a practitioner of ‘ Bung’ Masses.

  6. Big Georges Fan Club on

    !!bada bing!!



    “Woman of the house! Where’s me tae???”



    Favourite film ever – been to Cong in Co Mayo many times where much of the filming was done – lots of great views of scenes from the film. Also other areas around Connemara – Bearna, Spiddle and Inveran. Even found the real (now ruined) White O Morn cottage just off in a field on the road to Cornamona – I’m obsessed!



    Hail, Hail – off to get the Sky box warmed up!




  7. !!Bada Bing!!


    13:08 on


    23 November, 2012


    ….PFayr-Or ask about the millions of unpaid debt outwith the tax.Ask why they offered £10 mil to settle the case,strange when they say they knew all along they done nothing wrong….



    Have tried without much success to raise the matter in MSM of needlessly offering to pay out £10,000,000.

  8. !!Bada Bing!!



    14:29 on 23 November, 2012



    Film 4 @3.15 The Quiet Man.




    Great shout M8.Thanks for sharing that.


    My Top Two Films of all time


    The Quiet Man – Michael Collins


    Offski to live amongst the guid fholk


    of – Innisfree :o)


    Canny be bothered wi awe the hun-stuff



  9. ” A Judge is a law student who marks his own examination papers ”



    Somebody , can’t remember who and can’t be assed Googling CSC -Way down south.





    Better watch yerself,yo’ll be next to be outed as RTC.



    I only recently realised that the blog in question was written by a committee…….

  11. Big Nan – 14:42 on 23 November, 2012



    I think he was saying that they MUST reach the verdict because of the way the evidence was presented to them, HMRC themselves had stated that the loans were not a sham. Had they not done so, a different conclusion might have been reached.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club on

    kevjungle – come back! BB must be on a continental shift – it’s not on till 4:15 in the old Chapelhall / Sky Box time zone.







  13. Big nan



    Judges / sheriffs like all other professions have flawed individuals in their ranks



    I’m afraid your synopsis based on limited experience, hearsay and rag newspaper reporting isnt particularly compelling



    Having read BRTH’s article and the direct quotes attributed to the parties IMO he is bang on with his synopsis



    HMRC sold the pass with their significant concession …

  14. I see that Harry Rednapp is in talks with QPR,expect a bid for Victor.his son Jamie was raving about him after the Barcelona games.25m as Lenny says,oh plus add ons.HH.





    HL MENCKES-I googled it for you.



    Here’s another from the same site,which might be applicable…..



    What power has law where only money rules.


    Gaius Petronius (~66 AD)

  16. I give up trying to decide whether Scott Brown is going to win a game for Celtic or whether one of his legs will fall off before half-time.



    If NL says he’s in contention, then I’m not going to argue.



    My XI tomorrow would be:



    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Lustig :::::::::::::::: Wanyama :::::::::::::::::: Mulgrew ::::::::::::: Matthews



    Brown :::::::::::::::: Ambrose ::::::::::::::::::::: Kayal :::::::::::::::: Samaras



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Watt :::::::::::::::::::::::: Miku :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Nobody is stopping you slagging off the team, carry on, we don’t mind honest. Just excuse us if we begin to calmly tear the FTT decision apart and examine the components in more detail, we’ve only had it a couple of days, media house have had it three weeks allegedly.


    I’m sure someone will pick up on one of your points I’m sure :o)

  18. weeminger



    15:00 on 23 November, 2012



    Big Nan – 14:42 on 23 November, 2012



    ‘I think he was saying that they MUST reach the verdict because of the way the evidence was presented to them, HMRC themselves had stated that the loans were not a sham. Had they not done so, a different conclusion might have been reached.’




    That essentially is what he was saying.



    But the point about the Ramsay doctrine is that while the individual components of a scheme may not be a sham the overall effect of all the components taken together may still amount to a sham.

  19. Celtic captain Scott Brown is in contention to face Inverness on Saturday but is still likely to face surgery after the Spartak Moscow game.



    Neil Lennon stated on Tuesday that Brown looked like needing an operation on his ongoing hip problem after failing to last 90 minutes in the 2-1 defeat against Benfica.



    But the Celtic manager later discovered the midfielder had gone off with cramp in his legs.



    Lennon will now look to keep his skipper going until the Champions League group decider against Spartak Moscow on December 5, before referring him to a consultant.



    Lennon said: “Scott Brown is in contention to play tomorrow remarkably. We will refer him after Moscow and see how he is.



    “The problem is we don’t have the time to let him settle down.



    “Looking at the condition, it normally requires surgery.



    “The problem on Tuesday night was he was just out of condition a bit because he has not been training.



    “He has trained in the last couple of days and we are doing some physical work and see what reaction we get.”



    Lennon revealed it would be an eight-week rehabilitation process once Brown goes under the knife.



    “So he would miss maybe the majority of December and January and have him back in February, but we do have a two-week winter break in January,” he added.



    Celtic’s medical team will try to balance Brown’s need to both rest his hip and maintain his sharpness ahead of the Spartak clash.



    “It’s not hampering when he plays, it’s just the reaction he gets after games where he is in a lot of discomfort for two or three days, and it seems to fluctuate from game to game.



    “If I could get a Brown who played in the first three games of the (Champions League) competition then I would be delighted with that. That’s what we are going to aim for.



    “We have known going into some games that he couldn’t last the 90 minutes but we have taken that chance because he is such an important player.



    “But obviously we would like him feeling completely free going into these games and that’s why we are upping his condition work a bit to see if we can get him peaking for the Moscow game if we can.”



    Lennon added: “We are not making the condition any worse, the only problem is it’s not getting any better. The medical team feel surgery will fix the problem, and when we do it is coming closer.”



    While Brown could make the Scottish Premier League clash with Inverness, Lennon faces a problem at centre-back on Saturday with Thomas Rogne’s attempted comeback from a calf problem complicated by a virus.



    Kelvin Wilson is also a doubt with flu while James Forrest (hamstring) is out and Joe Ledley (groin) is a doubt.



    Meanwhile, Lennon plans talks with United States international Juan Agudelo after being impressed with the 20-year-old striker in training.



    The Chivas USA striker, who has won 16 caps, has been utilising the Major League Soccer close season to train with Celtic as he looks to realise his ambition of playing in Europe.



    Lennon said: “He has looked very good, we have been very impressed with him.



    “We are hoping he will stay around for a few more days and we can talk with his representatives.



    “I haven’t had the chance to sit down with everyone and discuss it but myself and my backroom team have been very impressed.”



    Another trialist arrived at Lennoxtown on Friday – 19-year-old left winger Frank Acheampong, who has one cap for Ghana and has been playing in Thailand.





    Aye,that was a belter!



    I always liked his admiration for the Soviet Health Service-



    First sign yer ill,they shoot you,no buggering about wi cures ‘n’ stuf,,,,,,,,,,,,

  21. fanadpatriot



    15:05 on 23 November, 2012



    I see that Harry Rednapp is in talks with QPR,expect a bid for Victor.his son Jamie was raving about him after the Barcelona games.25m as Lenny says,oh plus add ons.HH.




    Big Vic 67 is certainly our most valuable asset imo.


    Now, i know that I’m widely recognized on here and elsewhere as, having a negative outlook about most things Celtic.


    You see….the thing that really bugs me is…yes it’s magnificent business if we get anything approaching Neils valuation of the player but….how much of whatever we get will find its way back onto the pitch ?


    THAT should ALWAYS be THE most important factor imo.


    “Stand Up for The Green Brigade” – CSC

  22. Gretnabhoy


    The Quiet Man is an hour behind where I live (Scotland) it must be because he is so laud back !



    Nah its cos were behind the times with a lot of things in scotland, some calendars are stuck at 1690





    I thought the typo was to avoid being outed as RTC!



    All of mine recently have had a speeling mistake,can’t be too careful…….

  24. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I thought the combination of Ernies opener and big nans final paragraph make a serious point.


    Sorry ernie if you finished like big nan I liked his better:o)


    Hail Hail

  25. Bobby,


    Cookie also admired the Albanian Criminal Justice system under ol Enver Hoxha


    “All crimes were punishable by death- none of that long drawn out legal rubbish”

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