Picked up, shook out, turned into someone new


Neil Lennon seemed hurt by the performance yesterday.  “Some of [the players]look like their minds are elsewhere at other clubs.

“I don’t know if they have been tapped up, I don’t know where they are mentally, but you can tell by their body language they are not with us at the minute and I’ll have to sort that out.”

“I have pulled them out of places that no-one had heard of and put them in the shop window.

“And I want payback now. That is simply not good enough.”

Those of you of a certain age might have thought that sounded a bit like:

“You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you.  I picked you out, I shook you up and turned you around, turned you into someone new.”

Of course, that girl from the Human League retorted:

“I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, that much is true.  But even then I knew I’d find a much better place, either with or without you.”

As Human League declared in verse, talent will find its level, but only if it performs.  It doesn’t matter where they came from, players who cannot excel in the SPL will drift into relative obscurity on leaving Celtic. There has been no exception to this rule.
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  1. midfield maestro on



    Was all the bottle throwing not ’72 6-1 cup final? I remember going home with a bandage on my head, my dad thought it would be funny to kid my mum!


    Earliest memory of game, aged 7, semi final v Inter, me, my mum & dad & my big brother, in Ran*ers end, penalties were taken at that end, so saw the disappoinment a lot closer:-(



    Watching Mulan on Disney & she just said ‘the huns are alive, they are in the city’, i thought they were deid.





    The players who have left Celtic since Kenny Dalglish and done well are few and far between.



    Anyone who thinks they can get a move by playing utter garbage for their current club needs a reality check.



    A transfer to Stoke City will do for them all,IMO.



    With apologies to Stoke City fans of course. Who deserve better.





    Apparently he did NOT gain a sporting advantage…….

  4. garygillespieshamstring on

    Midfield maestro



    Don’t panic. mulan is well known as a hun sleeper.


    Phil Oakey wisnae even the best singer in his family.



    His sister,Carrie,was much better.



    Jaiket,offski,see youse later……..

  6. The Boy Jinky on




    better just draw a line under it and move on then




    paul 67



    kraftwork ….. zombie nation

  7. The Moon Bhoys on

    Think if a few of them ask DONT YOU WANT ME? they will not be pleased with the answer.

  8. The Comfortable Collective on

    gordon_j backing neil lennon



    Tom Jones view on LNS’s cover up and the sfa bending over backwards to get the huns off the hook. “Its not unusual”

  9. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    cheers mate.



    Paul maybe they are only human and some of our team only have eyes for another league “money talks”


    The days of being faithful to our club has gone.


    Unless they are special.

  10. I am sure many of our current team are having the dilemma the Clash mentioned in their biggest selling single. Coat. I’ll get mine





  11. Paul67



    what a pleasure to meet your good self at the twist and turns night on friday

  12. The boy Jinky.



    The podium is a ruthless game:-))



    I’ll go to my grave knowing i got it on liquidation day.lol.



    Cheers doc.. Just going upstairs to tell my bhoy .hh

  13. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    why does lennon not take some of the blame,he picks the side and it’s his tactics,why play gershon when marcus fraser looked a far better player when they both played at inverness,we had no natural full backs ,so he leaves commons out so we have no width,was forrest our best player over the last few weeks injured or just left out,as for miku why why why,Im not fan of lennon and i would be looking for better come may

  14. From the last article


    midfield maestro @18:14 “ntassoolla, Was all the bottle throwing not ’72 6-1 cup final?”



    You’re most likely right. I didn’t need a bandage. Just had a big lump on my head.


    But between being hit with bottles, going to mad schools and made to smuggle alcohol at the age of six it’s a wonder I’ve turned out so normal.


    You too midfield. Did that bottle on the bonce improve your memory?

  15. Man United would be glad of the new rule I introduced on page 14 of the last thread…







    14:05 on 10 March, 2013


    Shouldn’t lose a two goal lead? In which case every games should stop whenever there is a two goal gap. Liverpool would be one BIG cup less.



    It happens.

  16. Paul



    Hazard a guess as to who he was reffering to?



    he absolved hooper and Miku

  17. Tallybhoy



    Re your post on last thread re Dundee game in 88. I was at several games at CP when crowd was given as 70000 plus and nobody was on the track those nights or days- easily the busiest I ever saw inside Paradise. Also recall the Easter Road game – gas canister incident- and there were thousands of Celts in the home end. Exactly the ground capacity of 24000 turned up that day.





  18. “It doesn’t matter where they came from, players who cannot excel in the SPL will drift into relative obscurity on leaving Celtic. There has been no exception to this rule.”



    No messing around in that statement Paul67.

  19. darwins…



    Marcus Fraser badly injured his knee a couple of weeks ago, and will be out for up to a year.




  20. Lets see if saf is attacked by the press tomorrow after losing a two goal lead?


    The back page with nfl and mc moist together as failures was pathetic headlininng today.


    The huns when demeaning their own manager they always try to link us to thems as failures.


    I for one will have none of it.


    They’re s**t and they know they are.

  21. So True Paul how many have left us and actually improved themselves or medal haul very few .

  22. The Human League?!



    Got kicked out of a pub somewhere in London – cant remember where – because the guy I was with who was also a Tim, and Scottish, kept playing ‘that song’ on the jukebox – over and over again!



    We were asked to leave – but he refused to go until the song had finished (for the umpteenth time)!




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