PL Profit and Sustainability Rules, some window dressing


I’m not buying the sense of aggrievement from Everton over their 10-point deduction for failing FA Premier League Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR).  It is the harshest penalty yet given out by the League and puts Everton in the relegation zone, but they are just two points from safety and in sufficiently good form to escape the drop.  The deduction should be no more than window dressing.

Having set the bar with Everton for an honestly declared breach of spending rules, more egregious matters lie ahead for the League, where allegations of covert action to subvert their rules have been levelled against Manchester City and Chelsea.

Football (in some places) is finally waking up to the realities of financial responsibility and rule breaking.  Uefa pioneered this with their 14-year-old Financial Sustainability rules (more on this later in the week).  The European body have carried the burden on this with little help from domestic leagues, leadership from England should encourage others.

I cannot see this ever happening in Scotland.  Our top clubs are already subject to Uefa rules, which in their new form were significantly designed by Celtic, while mid-table clubs and downward see their incomes vary wildly.  It would be difficult to design a set of rules that encourages responsible behaviour at clubs which might only turnover a couple of million pounds a year.

The problem in Scotland is with one club operating near the summit which is now dependent on European income.  You would rather it was an arms-distance organisation in Europe curtailing their spending than someone at Hampden.  More on them before the weekend.

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  1. What is the Starz on

    Free all hostages…start with the thousands of young Palestinians held without trial in Israeli dungeons..

  2. CHAIRBHOY on 21ST NOVEMBER 2023 9:07 PM



    I take your point about payables due.



    As far as the break even requirements go, 2011-12 was the first year the regulations applied not 2009-2020 or 2010-2011. The 2013/2014 monitoring only included two reporting periods. They hadn’t reported anything by the time they went bust.

  3. back to basics



    From earlier. Fact is thirteen EPL clubs voted in favour of continuing a block, that is way beyond a majority vote. That said, even the US Senate requires a 2/3 vote on certain occasions. Not sure offhand who would make up the other seven, (Cui Bono in old money) nothing magnificent about them though, and guessing Newcastle could benefit more than say Luton Town. And, am I right in thinking that 1 or 2 votes can prevent the SPL (of SPFL vintage) doing just about anything? My main inference from this is that, football is not too far behind golf in following the money, wherever that comes from.

  4. Moderator:



    What a tremendous attribute to admit to your part in something and own up to it. That’s great character and great morals beyond reproach. Just give time, time, and “Haste ye Back” por cierto

  5. Good morning all from a cold wind, wet under foot and dark Garngad.



    MOD – Good Luck.



    D :)

  6. My best wishes to The MOD, take care of yourself mate.



    Instead of a ” MOD”……..Maybe we can now have a ” ROCKER” ?



    BRRB is an auld ” ROCKER “.



    Just saying like.



    BRRB is ” AFF HIS ROCKER”, would that qualify him ?





    Just Joking BRRB Mate…LOL.



    I’ve been ” AFF MA ROCKER” for years now.





  7. POR CIERTO on 22ND NOVEMBER 2023 5:54 AM









    What a tremendous attribute to admit to your part in something and own up to it. That’s great character and great morals beyond reproach. Just give time, time, and “Haste ye Back” por cierto





    Wee said POR CIETRO.


    I hope that you and the family are all good and well.



    HH My good friend.

  8. It maybe says something about where the Ireland football team is right now that so much praise is going the way of Mikey Johnson from Irish pundits. Houghton and Shay Given couldn’t understand why he’s not getting more games with us after his display last night.



    That probably tells us that these two men don’t watch too many Celtic games.



    Mikey is Messi like in his ability to drop the shoulder and go around an opponent. That’s it. That’s the sum total right there and unfortunately the Messi comparison ends very abruptly.



    For all of his dribbling and direct runs against New Zealand he didn’t create a decent chance all night. Decision making and vision of what’s around him continue to hamper his end product.

  9. Morning all, if we are indeed interested in taking Kevin van Veen for a season, I’d have nothing against it. Proven goalscorer in the league.

  10. Brave admission and sincerity from THE MOD. Best Wishes, and if you ever need to hug a donkey – it never fails to cure the blues – there’s 24 down here to choose from.


    Well Done and Hail Hail.

  11. Just read back during a morning zoom call; good read all round.



    Much respect to MODERATOR1888; I had wondered if posters such as Burnley78 ever got an apology in the same way that one was expected of St S to get unbanned – fair play to you man. We all have bad days and occasionally say/do the wrong thing, It takes character to own them and make amends.



    You have a thankless task much like refs but at least we know your mistakes are 100% honest ones :)




  12. What is the Starz on

    Mod getting a lot of empathy from the blog.Good to see I suppose..but his behaviour was outrageous and he almost killed the blog…so it’s good that he takes a break..Hopefully a long one and only posts again as a regular contributor.

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