Police fail, Shakhtar toil


Police Scotland refuse to allow a game to proceed with 2,000 Napoli fans a few hours after the Queen’s body leaves for London.  It is only in recent years European games have been policed as though we were living under Martial Law.  Mini-vans full of officers, accompanied by impressively expensive hardware, now segregate our streets outside grounds.  The same is true when 700 Celtic fans visit Ibrox and in the corresponding game at Celtic Park.

No event proceeded the upgrade in spend, we went from peaceful, low-key policing, to what looks like a paramilitary occasion.  The overtime costs must be off the scale.  It solves a problem that never existed; in my decades attending Glasgow derbies and European games I witnessed countless occasions where rival fans walked away from games on either side of a street, with no police presence, never once did I see trouble.

There are real problems elsewhere.  This change did not make our streets any safer outside pubs and take-away venues, where, hours later, drunken flashpoints happen.  It also takes away the limited resources previously used for traffic duty, so fans are trapped in the area of the ground for much longer than before Mr Salmond’s policing reforms a few years ago.

Can we have the return of non-military policing, please?  Maybe then we will be able to cope with two low-key events happening at different times on the same day.  This is all a bit embarrassing.

Like you, I was keen for Premiership games go ahead on Saturday, as I expected Aberdeen to take points against Newco and for Celtic to beat Livingston.  Ultimately, I doubt the postponements will make any difference to the outcome of the title.

What may be more relevant is the unexpected gift of a free week ahead of the game against Shakhtar Donetsk on Wednesday.  Shakhtar had an exhausting game against Chornomorets Odesa on Saturday.  Marian Shved equalised for them in the 74th minute before they scored a 96th minute winner against a team who have drawn two and lost two of their four games this season.

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  1. Scottish football clubs invited to play national anthem before matches as professional games resume




  2. Last Thursday night my wife and I decided it was time to get out of dodge.



    We live in a house overlooking Holyrood Park and there was already a stream of pilgrims heading towards the palace.



    A quick phonecall and early on Friday morning we were on our way to a remote holiday home by the sea. There is no TV, only a radio. Thank goodness for Radio 4 Extra and audio books.



    We have enjoyed long walks and the nearest pub which is 4 miles away with a lounge devoid of a TV screen. On visits to the bar and the gents I caught glimpses of aerial shots of the convoy passing through the countryside. Thanfully that has been the sum total of my royal viewing since the announcement on Thursday.



    We will be back home on Wednesday in time to watch Celtic in Poland.



    Have we missed much?

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  4. Glad you highlighted Shaktars form Paul.This is a team who have scored 4 goals in 4 games.Not one of the games against any of their challengers.They have been playing poorly.You look at the Leipzig result,like a few,its something that happens occasionally when one team is going through a tricky spell,and their opponents have a massive run of luck.That’s what happened,4 shots,4 goals,with less than 30% of the ball.


    If this were happening every game,different,but far from it.


    I expect a win.




    As one of the old brigade can I just add my tuppenceworth to the debate about the passion of the Celtic End v The Jungle. I started going to games in the 1960/61 season and there is absolutely no doubt that in that year and right into the real glory years the Celtic End was where the singing and noise came from. in those days games V Rangers saw the crowds being split almost 50/50. So when the huns came to Celtic Park almost half of the Jungle was occupied by the away support. That emphasised the need for the real passionate fans to occupty the terracing behind the goals. My youngest brother’s first Rangers game was in January 1968. A “sensible” uncle took him to the quieter Jungle rather than the raucous Celtic End. It was not until a few years after the new Jungle roof was built that the more passionate fans started to head for the Jungle, attracted by the new TV gantry being sited there rather than above the old Stand. That meant that the singing came through clearer on TV. This was also around the time when You’ll Never Walk Alone started to be accepted as a Celtic standard.



    Parkheadcumsalford- Like you I recall the Jungle being called the Hayshed although I never used that term myself.






    A wee repost from end of last blog.


    Can’t have the haysheders missing out






  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Like you, I was keen for Premiership games go ahead on Saturday, as I expected Aberdeen to take points against Newco ”




    Was actually pleased the game was off. Extra recovery time from the last game and preparation time for the next one. Not often you get a break like this at CL level. Must make the most of it.


    “Like ME???”. Errr, actually I don’t have an obsession with a club that has won two trophies or see any relevance to Celtic in what they do (beyond 360 minutes a year).

  7. Melbourne Mick,


    the video clip you refer to is the funeral of Pete St John (Fields of Athenry),Paddy Reilly is seated and is wearing a soft hat and other clips he gives a rendition of that song in homage to Pete



  8. I hope the club are in dialogue with St Mirren about not holding a minute’s silence. It won’t be observed and most of Scottish football are hoping it isn’t. Why give them what they want.




    When my dad started taking me to Celtic Park in the early 60s it was the old enclosure in front of the stand, right at the front just along from the dugout. I remember the old black curved cover over the jungle. It was not until I started going to games with my brother and mates that I ventured into the Celtic end, usually ‘up the girders’ if we were early enough.



    The atmosphere in a packed Celtic end was special and we really did feel part of a community of supporters. As MCB says, it was only after the new roof was built that we ventured into the jungle with our cairry-oots. Again, a packed jungle was a raucous atmosphere, especially European Cup games under the lights.



    By the mid 90s the old stadium was tired and outdated and the Bunnet did the right thing by rebuilding it, although I wish he had finished the job.



    Great memories of the old stadium.

  10. AN TEARMANN on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2022 11:56 AM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2022 9:30 AM









    ‘Do you still think the snp’s cult is a patch on the induced and sick shoit on show round about from your favoured cult’






    I’ve no idea what you assume my favoured cult is. But as I’ve said before, you should never assume.



    But yes in terms of their behaviour, their unquestioning loyalty to the leader, their intolerance of dissent from the party line, the SNP (and there fellow travellers) are a match for any cult you might care to mention.



    But more generally on the whole ‘how to deal with the whole current situation surrounding the royals’ I thought this was good advice from a veteran leftie.






    Ian Birchall@GrimandDim




    Sep 9


    Advice to republicans.


    Insulting the monarchy in the present climate will achieve little.


    ….. Just give Charles a few months to fuck up.

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    I> Jungle v Celtic end



    Hayshedders oofffttt, before my time. I remember the singing in the Celtic end was great when everybody joined in, but the half cover pitch roof didn’t give the modern surround sound of the then Jungle IMHO.



    Before my time, as Mildcolonial Bhoy says the move to the Jungle started when the Jungle roof was restored.



    Right at the very back of the Celtic end very small bhoys clambered up on the steel beams, I remember the freezing cold steel.


    A lot depended on where you were travelling from and what part of the ground you reached first, you could stand wherever in the ground you wanted.

  12. Boyd, McStay and McLaughlin = correct.



    A clue for the mystery bhoy – this Irish bhoy did not make a first team appearance.

  13. Paul67,



    We can go there with confidence. They are a team in rebuild mode, having lost a raft of first teamers due to the conflict in Ukraine. Although heavily backed by an emotional crowd, they are effectively away from home.



    They won’t press but have players that can hurt us. For us, ride that intial euphoria, be clinical and bag the first goal. No need for us to be breathing out our ass as this is not the itensity of RM and their class.



    We win and go joint 2nd. Madrid hump RBL and the pressure piles on them for the next game.




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