Politicians cannot help themselves look down on fans


After Celtic fans gathered around Trongate to celebrate the league win on Saturday, first minister Humza Yousaf, took to the media to say, “Clubs can do more, should do more – organise those celebrations, be involved in those celebrations.

“Perhaps they can reflect on what they can do for future years.”

What he is referring to is a fanzone.  An area with facilities, security, opening and closing times and a scheduled tidy-up process.  They exist all over the world, cities across Europe have wallowed in celebration at some local success.  In Glasgow, we are caught between an SNP council, which does not want to give an inch to Celtic, and an SNP first minister, who is happy to be critical of Celtic and Celtic fans, in an attempt to placate the other side of the city, even though he took no time to discover why there was no club organised event.

None of this is anti-Celtic, it is not personal, it is not prejudiced, it is just the result of inept politics and inept politicians.  The city and the country would do better if the Celtic fans on Trongate were in charge of both.

Just remembered Frankfurt celebrating last May!  That’s a city council that knows what it’s doing.

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  1. Lot of chatter this morning that Spurs will announce Ange next week.



    He goes. So be it. Wish him well as I’m sure it’s life changing money for the short time there (they are a fickle bunch).



    More concerned with what happens next at Celtic. Just keep Neil Lennon away from the showers :)



    We’re here and we’re always here csc




  2. Park Road 67 on



    Did you get a nice Celtic shirt for Saturday J ?



  3. BRRB



    Enjoy that sunshine in the city today. Spent my morning coffee watching a woodpecker feed its young.



    Not a euphemism.



    Fulham supporting gent/boss for us tickets to the pre-season games in DC. Fulham, Brentford, Chelsea and Villa I believe. It isn’t the hoops but should be a fun wee trip.

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    Park Road 67 12.20


    Aye, G. Shall be wearing it in the Vicky Bar on Saturday hoping for a ticket for game. Available if selected. 😉

  5. bigrailroadblues on



    Haven’t been in DC since the 80s. The humidity was hellish. 🥵

  6. Not getting involved in political pi**. Humza has suggested the council get their act together. Lets see.



    I know some people want labour back , but , my god, not with their Tory policies.






    Away tae work.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I actually did not know which political party controlled GCC.



    There you go.



    Can’t say my life is enriched by the knowledge that yellow, rather than red rosettes, rule that particular roost.



    If Humza the Celtic fan is discussing this with those in his own political party at GCC …



    .. while simultaneously playing the cheap politics game



    Fair enough for me.



    In an meritocratic world our fan zone should sail through.



    GCC don’t want the grief and can’t deal with the impact?



    Fine. Celtic want it AND can deal with it.



    Hurry up and get it done.

  8. Glasgow has hosted a number of European finals over the past few decades.


    On both occasions, I joined the fans in the bars, dedicated fan zones or similar.


    Sadly, similar plans have never been put in place for those fans who are income or council tax payers in this country.


    There’s something not quite right about that.



    Talk of managerial change is being ignored by me for now.

  9. Aipple,



    Previously I would have said the same but Sporting Director has links with Ange and the Evening Standard guy down here in London (who is well connected) is saying it publicly, not the biased MSM. Ange is non-commital publicly and he’ll be paid a fortune in the EPL for a side, although basket cases currently, are a big EPL team.



    I think he just might. I think our next boss is likely to be form within the Man City Group though.



    For the record, I hope he doesn’t.



    Taken a wee bit of a shine off the cup final.

  10. Garngad to Croy on

    The SNP’s words are irrelevant and their party is soon to be irrelevant as well. I have voted for them for the past 15 years, but I will no longer be doing so.

  11. I remember distinctly that Sevco had requested use of their own stadium for fan celebrations when they stopped our 10iar campaign. They were denied, on covid restriction grounds (restrictions which were completely lifted within 2 weeks) and this led directly to their George Square Celebrations and riot.



    The fans are alway in the wrong regardless of whether they were turned down for fan facilities or “failed” to provide them when they had been refused.



    This is not an anti-Celtic thing, well not all the time; it is a snobbish attitude towards football fans thing. And a bit of SNP erse-covering too. Their stance will play well with all outwith the Celtic community but, for a populist party with populist policies, I am not sure it is a vote winner. But, while they can weigh their majority rather than count it, this stance will remain.

  12. vinniethedog on

    The betting market for the spurs job is a worry


    Ange has gone from 25/1 to 7/4;fav..


    It is not hotter than hot but he’s obviously clear fav and I think it indicates that spurs want him and its now up to Ange…. he might turn it down….but my gut feeling is he’ll give it a bash …..or he genuinely not have made up his mind yet

  13. If you were Daniel Levy, who would you be offering the job to?



    1- Luis Enrique


    2. Graeme Potter


    3. Brendan R.


    4. Ange



    All things being equal, Ange is not top of that list unless his domestic achievements are given much more credibility than normal.



    Personally, I would offer the job to Enrique, then BR who has substantial EPL experience and a good record of doing wonders within 1-2 seasons before tailing off. Potter is a good coach but his reputation is in the dirt after the Chelsea debacle so maybe Ange would be third choice.



    FIngers crossed.

  14. Think you’re right Vinniethedog,



    It will be down to Ange. I’m hoping he thinks another year with us won’t harm his chances. But I wouldn’t begrudge the obvious riches he has worked hard to get to over the years.



    It’s building a new team at Spurs after cashing in on Kane’s departure this summer. Of course their snobbish fans are already revolting, which means the ‘i told you so brigade won’t be long coming to the fore’.




  15. Some local councils actually help celebrations, miraculous as that may seem. Sheffield and Luton being two cases in point this past weekend. It’s time that local government in Scotland was properly funded to provide a range of civic functions properly rather than being left with no option but to listen to national politicians sucking the life and joy out of any occasion. Time for a governance rethink in this odd wee country.

  16. How is GCC & Celtic approaching the possibility of another outdoor party after the cup final ?



    Gallowgate? Celtic Park?



    Will they help or hinder us ?



    Or will they allow raging hun mouthpieces diminate the airwaves again come Sunday that a larg crowd has dropped litter.




  17. garygillespieshamstring on

    I hope Ange stays.


    If he doesn’t, he is going for the cash. His choice. He will be going to a club in a mess, but will be assured of a huge pay off when they sack him.



    I’ve enjoyed what he has brought, but I will not be watching him well for the future.

  18. garygillespieshamstring on

    Big Wavy



    Hinder us and bow to the hun mouthpieces would be my guess.

  19. It’ll be a sad day if Ange does leave to join Spurs. Imagine going from the passion of the Celtic support to the permanent whingefest that is Tottenham. Talk about culture shock. Their squad is garbage and needs a revamp. Kane might go but in that league even £100m doesn’t get you much…certainly won’t get them a replacement for Kane. Then there’s the interfering Levy factor. Could Ange cope with that?



    On the other hand, he finally gets a chance at the richest league in the world. A couple of years ago Spurs had the 8th-highest wage bill in Europe too. So there’s that. Plus the huge salary they’d give him.



    I hope he stays for at least another season but if he goes, he goes. We’ll move on.




    ‘a populist party with populist policies’



    Apologies if this comes across as nit picking but now I know a little about the history of populism aka The Pops/The People’s Party in the states it’s really begun to piss me off the way the word has been turned into an insult by anti-democratic elites (originally landowners in the southern states in the 1890s then later in 50s/60s by a new wave of academics who didn’t believe that the plebs had enough education to be trusted with power.)



    For example, FDR and New Deal – accused of being a populist.



    Martin Luther King – explicitly cited the pops as an inspiration as for a while they had threatened the duopoly of Dems/Reps by appealing along class lines (ie farm/factory workers of whatever colour) as opposed to race



    I can bore you with more info about them another time:-)

  21. The first thing that came to mind, when reading the title, was Braverman (incompetent and entitled (why not Johnson 🤔). I do not think Ange will leave now. If he does, fair enough, he’s not the guy I thought he was. I’m a neat freak and would particularly like us to clean up as we go, when playing in European cities. If we can organise a 60,000 tifo costing £many thousands, I think it would be easy enough.

  22. There’s been more than one article on CQN in the last day or two, quoting Ange on “a tricky next window” and “Ange’s goal next year”.



    Now that says to me he is staying.



    BUT, if he has been in discussions to leave us while spouting the above pish, I will be less than happy.



    Lets say, he will not go with my blessing.

  23. There’s been more than one article on CQN in the last day or two, quoting Ange on “a tricky next window” and “Ange’s goal next year”.



    Now that says to me he is staying.



    BUT, if he has been in discussions to leave us while spouting the above pish, I will be less than happy.



    Lets say, he will not go with my blessing……..

  24. Reports from England that spurs will make a move for Ange after the cup final are worrying. Think he’s away of that offers comes. I hope we’re quietly drawing up contingency plans.

  25. Philbhoy,



    Until he’s offered, he remains focused on the job at Celtic, and I’m sure he will. Only when (and if) he gets an offer from Spurs (seemingly next week) does the landscape change. I’m sure there’s a lot of agent Frank stuff going on about the art of the possible that doesn’t have Ange involved.



    Hope he stays. Will survive if he doesn’t.




  26. Talking of Trongate, looks like there is a fire beside Maggie May’s pub Albion St. Just got an alert from the Herald

  27. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Shipbank. With Big Jimmy and he thanks you all for your good wishes. The visit went well and his auld Da was sitting with his Celtic scarf tied on. 💚😂

  28. BIGRAILROADBLUES on 31ST MAY 2023 2:13 PM


    Good afternoon all from the Shipbank. With Big Jimmy and he thanks you all for your good wishes. The visit went well and his auld Da was sitting with his Celtic scarf tied on. 💚😂





    Enjoy your afternoon guys

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