Premiership-Championship, financial fundamentals


We’re in the last week of November and one point separates Celtic, Inverness and Dundee United at the top of the table, with Hamilton a point behind.  Dundee, who put on a credible performance yesterday, sit alongside seventh placed Kilmarnock, nine points of the pace.  That’s more than half the league within nine points of the top.

Remember the day Accies relegated Hibs, and we were told how the Championship would be vastly more competitive than the Premiership this season?  There’s a nine point gap at the top of the Championship, which is the least competitive senior league in Britain.

If you were an investor in a Championship team located anywhere outside Gorgie, you might be running the numbers this morning on what another season of lower league football is going to cost to fund.  With ever-diminishing income I know one club who could need £30m investment to get them through another 18 months of Championship football.

The chances of than kind of money materialising are zero, no matter if they flog their properties.  There will also be a structural deficit, even with Premiership football, of having a massive infrastructure to support, without European revenue, of around £10m per season.

If you are a football club in Scotland with a large infrastructure to operate, maintain, police and insure, you need significant and regular European income.  The cost of funding the job to overcome domestic and European competition (all of the latter would be seeded), runs into many tens of millions.

No one has even pretended they have a viable plan to overcome such obstacles.  Hope you can find the fun in financial fundamentals.

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  1. Tony



    You crack me up!


    Doesn’t the fact that a dud with a willy got the offside wrong not undermine your point about female officials?!?!




    Ehhhh? That’s what I was meaning, ones as bad as the other, only, the male was cheating, and the female ? Women are faster than men, naaaa, it’s jist not for m,e, leave them wi the wimin folk playing football, the guys are to fast for them, IMO.

  2. It’s looking incredibly grim for Sevco. As you say Paul, the fundamentals have never been there, but I think promotion this year might – just might – have allowed them to scrape by.



    No promotion and it’s curtains (again) I think.



    Having watched them on Saturday you can only marvel at what a complete and utter mess they are in. Old players of little or no sell-on value, a vastly overpaid management team, and a style of football which would have been considered a bit rough in the 1930s…

  3. From Twitter



    @Colin_Paterson_: Things going from bad to worse for Livingston this season. Deducted five points by the SPFL today relating to non-payment of tax.




  4. My prediction for what it’s worth is the gorgie Huns will win the championship.


    Hibs will beat the scumbags in the playoff and beat ross county to get promoted HH

  5. Grant Russell@STVGrant · 19m 19 minutes ago



    Neil Doncaster: “In the interests of sporting integrity and fairness to both sides, the game will be replayed.” http://bit.ly/1Fk4X8N



    Someone replied on twitter with this belter



    “Before reading the article I was ready for a Tynecastle replay “!!

  6. Leftie



    Even you’d have needed to stretch for that one!!!






    I’ve read stuff like that before. Usually written in and around the Reichstag in late April/early may 1945 as they awaited the unveiling of the fuhrer’s wonder weapon.



    This mob seem more Wonder Woman than wonder weapon. (With sincere apologies to Lynda Carter and – I would expect a la Judith Ralston – her many admirers on here!)



    HH jamesgang

  7. Monaghan1900,



    It’s at times like this that the true hilarity of the Sevco situation is brought home. “Tolerance and sanity”? Two attributes you would never in a month of Sundays applied to either the old or new clubs’ supporters.

  8. Struggling to remember the punishment the huns got for not paying tax,N.I and PAYE contributions………….



  9. TD



    Ya still crack me up!









    I opened the Community Chest!


    On a packed train, ya roaster!!!



    Right. Aff oot my little gorgeous Timlings!



    Transition meeting at the high school tonight for my wee girl going into S1 next year. I am officially old.



    HH jamesgang

  10. Ian black showing his true colours, Huns not to happy.


    As long as blackie gets paid he dosent care what happens at sevco, hehe nice one HH

  11. I think I read somewhere today that the HUNS had to have there books audited this Friday or theyr in soapy, not sure where a saw it, but that’s wut a guy said, Deloittes had to have them in this week, and ok them.

  12. TD 67



    Somebody on the Sevco share price site also asking if accounts should be released and an AGM called by Friday. 21 days minimum notice req’d, although 28 is the norm, so you might not be far off with your synopsis.




  13. Can anyone enlighten me as to exact location of CQN Corner. If you are standing with back to Stadium facing the SuperStore is it to left or right of Store.

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Outside the superstore. If you stand looking at the superstore it is to the right outside the pools office..

  15. nothing without fans on

    the long wait is over



    15:03 on 24 November, 2014



    Not got time to scroll back so apologies if already pointed out but ,while P67′s analysis is accurate, the Premiership simply shouldn’t be as competitive as it is.



    That competitiveness reflects more on our poor start to the league than all of the other factors put together , IMO.






    We’re on 29 points from 13 games. Over the previous five seasons our average points after 13 games has been 28.8.




  16. Thanks ghuys. I’ll make my first visit next Thursday to say Hi. I’ll look out for the 6ft 10 ghuy.

  17. * sipsini


    18:07 on 24 November, 2014



    Auld Hugh keevins not pulling the punches re…the huns on Saturday.


    Hope yer listening kevj :))





    I’ve noticed a difference in his comments since his ‘early retirement’, with him being quite scathing of many things related to the dead boys.

  18. tonydonnelly67



    17:51 on 24 November, 2014



    Anything to do with sevco is toxic and could lead to jail time,


    No respectable company will go near them HH

  19. Re Hugh Keevins,


    I was at a question and answer night and he was asked about McCoist,


    his answer was that he couldn’t manage you across the street,


    don’t think he has said anything like that on the radio

  20. Shortbread defending the Clive Dunns is far from unbelievable. They seem to have banned the word liquidation from either the sports or news departments

  21. Geordie Munro



    14:33 on 24 November, 2014



    Ive just seen the pics of Nicole Shirtswinger kissing Lewis Hamilton on the helmet that everyone has been going on about.



    I’m a little disappointed.






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